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Does The U.S. President Need To Be Christian?

In February 2016, Pope Francis suggested that
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was “not Christian”. This was in response
to Trump’s anti immigration comments and ongoing threats to close the US border The
Pope’s allegation could be problematic for Trump, as all US presidents in recent history
have identified as Christians. So, does this matter? Does the US President need to be a
Christian? Well, legally no. Article Six of the US Constitution
prohibits any religious requirement for federal office. This was drafted in 1787, roughly
a decade after the founders had left the Anglican monarchy of England. There, all public officials
were required to swear allegiance to the Church. With the problems of religious favoritism
fresh in their minds, the founders sought to make political office open to all. Nonetheless,
seven states have since barred nonbelievers from holding public office. The founding fathers intentionally created
a nation based on free will, rather than religious doctrine. In fact, in a treaty with the Muslim
territory of Tripoli in 1797, the US confirmed that it is “not in any sense” grounded
in Christianity. But religion slowly made its way back into legal doctrine in the centuries
that followed, particularly during times of nationalist sentiment. For instance, during
the Civil War, the US added “in God we trust” to some of its coinage, and in 1908 congress
made the phrase mandatory. Religious rhetoric like “one nation under god” and “in
god we trust” was added to paper money and the pledge of allegiance in the 1950’s as
a way for the country to reaffirm its Christian identity at a time of growing communist threat.
This confirmed an already broad understanding of the US as a Christian nation. But even though federal law protects against
a church-run government, a 2016 Pew Research Survey showed that for more than half of all
Americans, it is important for the President to share their religious views. When it comes
to Republicans, this number increases to 64 percent Moreover, Democrats and Republicans
alike tend to view atheism unfavorably. In fact, only 6 percent of Americans said they
were more likely to vote for a non-religious presidential candidate. And, no living American has ever known a secular
President. Every US President in history has been a Christian, except for Thomas Jefferson
and Abraham Lincoln. Jefferson abandoned Christianity early in life, but continued to believe in
an unnamed higher power. This belief system was highly subversive at the time, and his
opponents called him an infidel and a “howling atheist”. By comparison, Lincoln mentioned
God frequently but never joined a church or officially labeled his faith though this is
contested among scholars today. But this trend is faltering. Studies from
Pew show that the United States is less religious than it was about a decade ago. In 2014, nearly
a quarter of the country reported no religious affiliation, compared to just 16 percent in
2007. However this does not imply that many Americans are abandoning their faith Rather,
it reflects the growing minority of people – particularly millennials – who don’t affiliate
with any organized religion. Perhaps this is why the 2016 presidential
election has seen little association between a candidate’s faith and their popularity.
Frontrunner Donald Trump identifies as a Christian, however he has been criticized for questionable
faith-related behavior, namely his inability to name Bible verses and his past support
of secular causes like abortion. Moreover, Trump’s democratic counterpart, Bernie Sanders,
is a non-practicing Jew. Yet, both are doing well in the polls. So in the end, maybe a
president doesn’t necessarily need to be Christian. But if they want to win an election,
they should think twice before abandoning religion altogether. So, you don’t actually have to be religious
to be president, but there ARE a number of qualifications you do have to possess. So,
just what does it take to actually run for president? Check this video
to find out. Thanks for watching TestTube
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  1. trecherous3
    trecherous3 May 5, 2017

    Stop with the fucking fighting. "Without religion it would be better" that and "Fuck athiests" this. Fucking grow up. Ya'll think you know the facts. Its ironic when athiests say "without religion there would be peace" and right now you aren't making peace, your trying taunt other religious groups so fuck off. Religious people, your the same. Your going against your own god, god wants peace and you guys fight athiests and force them in your religion like shut the fuck up. I bet ya one of the groups (athiest and religion) are gonna have SJW's and fucking nit-pick every word I say and try to give reasonings. Go fuck yourself! Stop trying nit-pick words!

  2. Parth Shukla
    Parth Shukla May 6, 2017

    no secular president yet. haaa what a nation

  3. * Juke Joint
    * Juke Joint May 13, 2017

    A lot of people were outraged when Kennedy was elected President because he was Catholic.

  4. Republic of New Antrim
    Republic of New Antrim May 27, 2017

    so far I looked on the constitution and it doesn't say anything about the president being Christian the reason why he isn't Christian is that his grandfather was German

  5. S Rakoski
    S Rakoski June 17, 2017

    Yeah pray to saints

  6. nesfan8
    nesfan8 June 25, 2017

    Same kind of question as Does US president need to be male ?

  7. ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique
    ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique June 25, 2017

    Bernie Sanders is a Jew? Wow, I didn't know that!

  8. Koal Born
    Koal Born June 26, 2017


  9. PlayBird
    PlayBird July 2, 2017

    isn't obama an muslim

  10. M L
    M L July 10, 2017

    0:13 the pope is stupid, there are different kinds of christianity
    baptist, methodist, etc.

  11. SquidCultist0 02
    SquidCultist0 02 July 11, 2017

    the more I learn about the US the less I like it. like the Christianity

  12. jens jensen
    jens jensen July 11, 2017

    Jewish and atheist is also ok

  13. Amanda Wagner
    Amanda Wagner August 1, 2017

    No.Religious Freedom so long as they are not radicalized or extremists of any religion.Then I don't care if your deity is the 4 winds because the deity is same.Just differently named.

  14. Alexander Edge
    Alexander Edge August 18, 2017

    In my books YES.

  15. The American Crusader
    The American Crusader September 14, 2017

    He doesn't have to be Christian, but he can't be an atheist. I'd rather have a Jew as President, cuz at least he acknowledges a higher power.

  16. FRISHR
    FRISHR September 27, 2017

    Long ago, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were both doing well in the poll. Then, everything changed when the Hillary Clinton attacked.

  17. American Not American't
    American Not American't October 16, 2017

    Yes because a Christian needs to be in charge of a Christian nation, no Jew or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist.

  18. Ali Labeeb Alkoka
    Ali Labeeb Alkoka October 21, 2017

    Yes the American President of the United States of America NEEDS to only be Christian.
    I am Muslim Arab. I firmly believe that only white Christian men should be the only people who should be able to serve as the President of the United States of America.
    It is honestly time to update the US Constitution to make these requirements.

  19. Mathew Pritchard
    Mathew Pritchard October 22, 2017

    It's not a christian nation, so no need for a christian president.

  20. FlyBoyZay FlyBoyZay
    FlyBoyZay FlyBoyZay October 22, 2017


  21. g w
    g w October 22, 2017

    America will be great again when a true Atheist president is elected. (Sadly, Trump is the first atheist fake president)

  22. Shift
    Shift October 25, 2017

    I thought Lincoln was protestant…….

  23. kevinthehouse #1
    kevinthehouse #1 November 4, 2017

    God, save us from a Muslim President.

  24. Brittany Coleman
    Brittany Coleman November 8, 2017

    Dreamvix brought me here 🙂

  25. Eason Chen
    Eason Chen November 9, 2017

    Imagine we get a buddhist Asian president lol

  26. James Sawires
    James Sawires November 9, 2017

    obama was muslim

  27. Will
    Will November 12, 2017

    I’m Jewish and I think Bernie Sanders is a crazy communist who will burn the country

  28. Adrian Salazar Ministries
    Adrian Salazar Ministries November 17, 2017

    We elected Obama. I don't think the President has to be Christian.

  29. אביאל טיקאס
    אביאל טיקאס November 17, 2017

    I think a U.S President shall not use religion as a way to attack democracy or impose their way of living to the others, but believing in God and beinf a President is not the real problem. The problem is when you use religious beliefs to make political movements, and disturb the free will of the people. Donald Trump is a shame for Christianity, he makes us look as bigot retards, and that is not true (there are religious bigot retards, but just because you are not an atheist does not mean you are one of those). God Bless America.

  30. Gosha
    Gosha November 19, 2017


  31. Mackenzie Bolton
    Mackenzie Bolton November 20, 2017

    I think that religion is a personal thing. Believe what you want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else and you don’t force it on anyone. So religion should definitely be separate from politics. Shouldn’t matter if the president is Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Buddist, etc. Religion should ALWAYS be kept out of politics. As long as no one is harmed, why does it matter what someone believes in?

  32. Alden
    Alden November 21, 2017

    Simly- no.

  33. Mercnenary ODST
    Mercnenary ODST November 21, 2017

    JFK was Catholic

  34. DinoGaming44
    DinoGaming44 November 24, 2017

    Lol the beginning of this video is so stupid. Of course Trump is Christian just because the pope said a comment doesn’t mean he’s not Christian. Doesn’t even make sense.

  35. Михаил
    Михаил November 25, 2017

    Can NowThis World stop making controversy videos?

  36. Bangbang Liu
    Bangbang Liu November 25, 2017

    I like bagels

  37. Shae Tallent
    Shae Tallent November 26, 2017

    I don't want to offend anybody with the phrase in God we trust!! So please give me your money ,I can get rid of it for you !!

  38. pus
    pus November 28, 2017

    First 35 seconds are enough.

  39. FX Vegan
    FX Vegan November 30, 2017

    That’s not true Obama was a weak Muslim leader.

  40. Very mad Villager
    Very mad Villager December 3, 2017

    No because Obama was a Muslim

  41. Ujjwal Sharma
    Ujjwal Sharma December 8, 2017

    So in short the only TRUE democracy is India. Don't trust me then search it on GOOGLE, that's all you can do.

  42. Willie L
    Willie L December 17, 2017

    How Islam destroyed the world

  43. Silver Lopez
    Silver Lopez December 21, 2017

    I honestly think it should because this country was founded on Christian and catholic values and that's why we became the best nation in the world from a fellow Mexican peep

  44. Akash Guha Thakurata
    Akash Guha Thakurata December 27, 2017

    Communist faith of athiesm is growing unfortunately.

  45. Samuel Curpas
    Samuel Curpas December 30, 2017

    "I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man. All the good from The Savior of the world is communicated to us through this Book." – Abraham Lincoln

  46. Agent Chicken
    Agent Chicken January 4, 2018

    Trump 2020

  47. DaddySauceKing
    DaddySauceKing January 7, 2018

    Candidates should have any religion they want. The 1st Amendment gives the Freedom of Religion, but there are people who don't deserve presidency, and those people are Flat Earthers, those people make me wish my dad had a condom.

    SHREDDER GAMES January 8, 2018

    So can Catholics be the president

  49. 1000 subs without any videos
    1000 subs without any videos January 11, 2018

    Just because trump doesnt take in immigrants doesnt mean he isnt christian. Hungary and Poland are the most christian countries in Europe, and we dont take in muslims

  50. William Olofsson
    William Olofsson January 24, 2018

    trump's a protestant, so the pope doesn't decide that.

  51. GenericTroll
    GenericTroll February 4, 2018

    If I were president I would prohibit religious people from being in politics

  52. William Olofsson
    William Olofsson February 16, 2018

    Trumps a Protestant, he does not follow the pope.

  53. Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody February 18, 2018

    soon, Muslim president will elected…Allahuakbar

  54. BelleBestDPEver Disney_Princesses
    BelleBestDPEver Disney_Princesses February 27, 2018

    May I ask, what kind of question is that? Of course the president needs to be Christian because this country was built in faith. What happened to "…one nation under God…" huh? By the way a lot of people don't realize that Christianity is a belief not religion.

  55. kaavish arbab
    kaavish arbab February 27, 2018

    Does America need to spend all of its income on Zionist agenda?

  56. Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix March 2, 2018

    Only if everyone was Buddhist the world would be a better place

  57. Darren Spohn
    Darren Spohn March 4, 2018

    The president does not need to be christian, they only need to convince the voters they are.

  58. luffydragneel56
    luffydragneel56 March 29, 2018

    No but being a Christian helps you get elected in a country full of Christians and

  59. Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor April 8, 2018

    that religious affiliation was taken out of context thats addressing Agnostics. Atheism on the other hand Overall, atheism is stagnant in the west and dying worldwide.

  60. Stephen Bailey
    Stephen Bailey April 11, 2018

    I absolutely believe that any president of the United States should be a Christian. The country was founded on Christian values not atheism or Islam. Therefore my answer is yes. I would defy anyone to reply to this and answer me which religion honors has piece on four different continents and looks out for Humanity, for peoples civil rights, and women's rights.That Doesn't behead people because of cartoons and aren't interested in a caliphate to take over the world?

  61. Evel Cruz
    Evel Cruz April 12, 2018

    The answer is simply YES!

  62. Subi_fan
    Subi_fan April 14, 2018

    Who cares ? America is run by jews, for jews.

  63. Şahin yaşar
    Şahin yaşar April 18, 2018

    dont be silly U.S. President must be impartial Because without that He or she may want to start a war

  64. CJ official
    CJ official April 18, 2018

    he is christian !!! dufaq are you talkin abouto

  65. David Robbins
    David Robbins May 3, 2018

    religious presidents =Not good. thank god I'm ATHEIST

  66. manoj purohit
    manoj purohit May 18, 2018

    i'm a indian and hindu and i say yes! i think this will bring the other religious populations back to there own country and then they will do something about its bad condition and people may raise a voice for increasing population

  67. damn right
    damn right May 29, 2018

    So what. U want Al Baghdadi lead us and bring caliphate to make American suffer? Christian president still better than Muslim fakeass president

  68. Rockaholic Angel
    Rockaholic Angel June 4, 2018

    No president is Christian HAHAHA

  69. Andrew Stirling
    Andrew Stirling June 4, 2018

    Things like “In God, we trust”, “one nation under God”, etc are just formalities. The United States is a secular nation, always has been, always will be.

  70. ClarksonsinUSA
    ClarksonsinUSA June 10, 2018

    The Pope is stupid…

    Being a Christian simply reflects the belief ,Jesus Christ is the Son of God!

  71. Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez June 21, 2018

    The USA was founded in Christianity

  72. True Tam
    True Tam June 27, 2018

    If the US declared Atheism, Israel won’t exist

  73. Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson July 2, 2018

    Yes because we are a Christian country. Read what the Talmud says about Goyim the decide if you want a Jew to rule you.
    Learn about Russia 1917

  74. Pierre M
    Pierre M July 16, 2018

    Most educated countries are now mostly atheists. It's time for an intelligent atheist president.

  75. Zent
    Zent July 25, 2018

    wasn’t Obama’s Islamic?

  76. Divinest Beats
    Divinest Beats July 27, 2018

    Obama wasn;t a christian. so why this video

  77. Divinest Beats
    Divinest Beats July 27, 2018

    biased athiest hostess. she hates christianity so much. u can see it on her face

  78. bajram tahiri
    bajram tahiri August 4, 2018

    NO he doesn’t need to be Christian

  79. micha05
    micha05 August 8, 2018

    That means Shapiro can run for president in 2024?

  80. William Olofsson
    William Olofsson September 5, 2018

    Who cares what the pope said, he isn't catholic.

  81. Jared Langley
    Jared Langley September 13, 2018

    What a stupid question. Also Catholics and Protestants aren't the same thing. The pope is a joke.

  82. Jared Langley
    Jared Langley September 13, 2018

    They must pole the wrong people…

  83. Moiz Ahmed
    Moiz Ahmed September 20, 2018

    It doesn't matter the president is Christian or not as long as he don't bring 'cough' the "Ten Commandments" from the Bible.

  84. Aionix
    Aionix September 22, 2018

    Nah you have to be an Jew to be president.

  85. Carrington Adkins
    Carrington Adkins October 16, 2018

    I actually attend church at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church where Abraham Lincoln and his family were members. There is a pew that was salvaged from a discard pile because it is the pew President Lincoln bought/donated during a time of church renovation.

    Rest of content may be true, but the Abraham Lincoln piece is unsubstantiated. Thanks.

  86. Dark Angel
    Dark Angel October 25, 2018

    No. I refuse to ever vote for a Christian again. They are all theocrats.

  87. john jr. - Lt. Col. Al F. Simmons
    john jr. - Lt. Col. Al F. Simmons October 31, 2018

    he needs to be a christian because if he isnt, republicans will have a panic attack

  88. Truthshallsetyoufree
    Truthshallsetyoufree November 7, 2018

    Any leader of a mostly Christian nation must be Christian…it's same of others… India has always elected Hindu prime minister…Islamic nations have always elected Muslim leaders….so only Christians should be leaders in Christian nations…

  89. FilthySalad
    FilthySalad January 3, 2019

    atheists are mentally unstable

  90. Morten Kjell Reitan
    Morten Kjell Reitan February 5, 2019

    Christianity is the only religion.

  91. Michael S
    Michael S April 6, 2019

    Well the only Roman Catholic president was killed, so there you go.

  92. Miss Trinidad and Tobago -
    Miss Trinidad and Tobago - April 9, 2019

    The Pope isn't Christian…

  93. Gia Pacella
    Gia Pacella April 20, 2019


  94. The Boss!
    The Boss! May 3, 2019

    No. Answer Barack Hussein Obama

    WHITE PERSON May 6, 2019

    Does a u.s. president have to be Christian?

  96. Sally Shoaf
    Sally Shoaf May 15, 2019

    Blocking people from office based on religion (or lack thereof) is against the 1st amendment wtf

  97. Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley June 2, 2019

    We came close to having a Jewish Vice President when Joseph Lieberman ran with Al Gore in 2000.🔯

  98. The true Lovely Lady
    The true Lovely Lady July 22, 2019

    He needs to have good morals

  99. The true Lovely Lady
    The true Lovely Lady July 22, 2019

    And good character

  100. Elinin Körü
    Elinin Körü August 1, 2019

    i wanna see a woman as president but not hillary

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