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Diplomats’ Texts Lay Out Trump Ukraine Scheme In Stark Detail | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Dark Rainbow
    Dark Rainbow November 7, 2019

    The evidence is so clear.

    The senate will ignore it all. Trump will remain our dictator.

  2. Joseph Manuel
    Joseph Manuel November 7, 2019

    miss Lindsey Yes we know those naughty p0T0s of you are still in Dough.nald's Oval Office desk drawer

  3. woody caballero
    woody caballero November 7, 2019

    Involving Pence you say? So Pence is guilty as well. Impeach them both. Hahaha

  4. Richard Caldwell
    Richard Caldwell November 7, 2019

    Ya know, Lindsey Graham just committed an impeachable offense by declaring that he wouldn't do his job as required by the Constitution.

  5. Richie Rich
    Richie Rich November 7, 2019

    Oh, republican can lie under oath, and just say they misspoke! Still haven't figured out who the filth of man is yet, peasants! But don't worry, your 1% masters have purchased your republicans and supreme court justices. Your Democracy is Dead and you are nothing more than hamburger for your 1% owners to use and abuse as they please! Why are you bothering peasants, everyone is grubbing for the pennies before there time comes to an end. Now get in your masters grinder, piggies need more money! You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  6. James Kent
    James Kent November 7, 2019

    u must have that mixed up n wrong

  7. Embryo
    Embryo November 7, 2019

    Rachel you stink.

  8. Carrie
    Carrie November 7, 2019

    Sondland , " I just want to go home, can I get a do over? I'll just go home and promise to Never ask for another Gov. job that I am NOT qualified. H E L P ME SOMEBODY, ANYBODY???? Oops to bad, so sad!! Mrs. S, Sorry your hubby's a jerk and was duped into the Crime of the Century!!!

  9. Bunchoffuckingbullshit
    Bunchoffuckingbullshit November 7, 2019

    Mercy me, Miss Lindsey is far too delicate a little flower to bear reading such nasty old documents.

  10. Richard Alexander
    Richard Alexander November 7, 2019

    Bribery and extortion are fine with the GOP, as long as republicans are the ones doing it.

  11. Will Storm
    Will Storm November 7, 2019

    Graham and those who are life members of team trump are looking at the rest of their lives without any hope of redemption from choosing to follow and support a con mob boss over their nation. Why on earth did they fall into the cult of a charismatic grifter knowingly? trump told everyone he bought and sold politicians but you gave Russia the win for nothing.

  12. quest 77051
    quest 77051 November 7, 2019

    so juliani is about to go to prison for trump like his other personal lawyer micheal cohen?

  13. quest 77051
    quest 77051 November 7, 2019

    so sondland decided to tell the truth so he won't go to prison lolol

  14. texasvice1
    texasvice1 November 7, 2019

    How much proof is needed? This document is the biggest smoking gun I've ever seen. They need to go forward and start impeachment. Take the Republicans that can't understand facts and send them back to their districts for removing them from office for being incompetent and having comprehension disabilities.

  15. PashyLove
    PashyLove November 7, 2019

    Even the MAGAts are fleeing.

  16. UC Vibes
    UC Vibes November 7, 2019

    The GOP in Kentucky wants to throw out the election results and install a GOP governor, now!

  17. Oddvard Myrnes
    Oddvard Myrnes November 7, 2019

    When is this women gonna tell you about what is going on in the society? When is she going to address rising house prices, student debt, health care cost, intuition cost and all the costs bogging down the people? I fear never. She has to abide to her masters and feed you info the people paying her masters to spread. She will do that as long as she is payed the way she is.

  18. Ozetwo
    Ozetwo November 7, 2019

    ……….the penalty for perjury is a great refresher of the memory apparently

  19. Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson November 7, 2019

    I wish I could get the Rachel Maddow Show every night on Utube. Because I don't have a TV. All I have is a phone, and I am disabled, stuck in bed most of my time. And Rachel Maddow is my favorite show. I want to hear facts, not a bunch of people giving opinions about facts. Rachel is the best.

  20. Marie Rose
    Marie Rose November 7, 2019

    Graham wants it in the open, at the same time Republicans keeping everything secret. Here is crazy making by narcissist: I am attacking you for the things I am doing.

  21. Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson November 7, 2019

    Trump is falling orders from Putin.

  22. Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson November 7, 2019

    It was a bribe, and Taylor needs to think about it, in Prison.

  23. hgordonf
    hgordonf November 7, 2019

    Rachel your show is so informative ! You are Woodward and Bernstein all wrapped into one !

  24. hgordonf
    hgordonf November 7, 2019


  25. sanecrazy1too
    sanecrazy1too November 7, 2019

    Gotta love the deep state.. Hey we need you to lie about Trump or we will come after you in 2024.. Fkn Hacks

  26. sanecrazy1too
    sanecrazy1too November 7, 2019

    Pretty obvious to people with a brain MSNBC is as corrupt as the Dems

  27. junito1957
    junito1957 November 7, 2019


  28. lydia woodard
    lydia woodard November 7, 2019

    go to a Trump rally get a free T-shirt, when the transcripts come out. Read the Transcripts See the Lies in Blk n Wht,

  29. A R T
    A R T November 7, 2019

    Offcourse it is MSNBC ANCHOR MADDOW with her deceiving and fake news program.

  30. Donovan
    Donovan November 7, 2019

    Gordon Sondland: Sudden memory recall occurred after receiving his "Perjury-cillin-phen Rx" medication. 😷💉🏥 Now he is worried about the side effects.

  31. Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen November 7, 2019

    Feelings are not evidence. As far as the evidence you presented, All I saw was document after document referring to investigating corruption and possible election meddling in 2016. Was Trump a " Political Rival" of Biden in 2016? I guess so, the Obama/Biden administration used British, Australian, Italian, and SMOM assets to spy on an American Citizen running for Office against their " Party". Is Creepy-Joe a political threat to Trump in 2020? No. Creepy-Joe has not gotten a single primary vote, to date,, his only political rivals are other Democrats, Gabbard, Pocohotas, Buttaplugg, Bernie Sandanista, all Democrats. If, and that's a REALLY BIG IF Biden Wins his Party Nomination despite the 60+ hours of him groping the children of his donors, he will still not be " a Rival", Trump has no rivals.

  32. Rose Marie Homeyer Bente
    Rose Marie Homeyer Bente November 7, 2019

    What a dufis. Money can’t buy you brains!

  33. C&B Jones
    C&B Jones November 7, 2019

    Lindsey Graham turns on a dime – he's the one that said that Trump was a fool and not fit for office from about 2:15

  34. Pam Timmins
    Pam Timmins November 7, 2019

    Great reporting Rachel…..graham can't handle the truth, go bury your head in the sand graham, it does not change the facts of trump's quid pro quo bribery towards Ukrainians fighting for their lives against trump's bff russia specifically putin….Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs! Vote girl wannabe lindsey graham out in 2020, he is too lazy and too stupid to be in the Senate or anywhere for that matter.

  35. Jim Dickson
    Jim Dickson November 7, 2019

    The longer they continue to deny the truth and deflect reality, the deeper their loss of credibility. Lindsay Graham – you have sold your soul and destroyed yourself. Trump really is clearing out the swamp after all because not many of these enablers will remain in the aftermath.

  36. mugogrog
    mugogrog November 7, 2019

    Make sure you vote.

  37. RLSDW74
    RLSDW74 November 7, 2019

    Graham and McConnell…got to go!

  38. Juanjose Negron
    Juanjose Negron November 7, 2019

    Does anyone else find this suspicious??? We wanted to hold private depositions so the Republicans could not alleged that any one of the witnesses testimony would not influence any other. Now they have the ability to argue that witnesses may have been/be tainted. This to prove it. All this guy has to do is change once again on the stand to discredit all testimony leaving the whistleblower as hearsay. Trump would grant pardon, justified by his current position. Loophole!!!! Perjury for the bigger game may be a viable play here, wouldn't put it past them. Every time a testimony is given in a close room there is a leak or reference to that testimony, creating an opening for this strategy and/or defense. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  39. Benje Graham
    Benje Graham November 7, 2019

    U know that rep will say sondlands not credible sinse he changed his story

  40. Juanjose Negron
    Juanjose Negron November 7, 2019

    Volodymyr Zelenskiy 

    Is definitely the whistleblower!!!!
    I so wish he is, I continue to imagine the look on trump's face as they present him last during the impeachment. "I'm 🤬'd"

  41. Sam Downer
    Sam Downer November 7, 2019

    Great to see the trump turds truniong on the fat assed pig!! Yeehaa!! happy days.

  42. Uyi Osa
    Uyi Osa November 7, 2019

    Hi Rachel, look no further. It was I who ordered the suspension of military aid to Ukraine !

  43. Christiane Carson
    Christiane Carson November 7, 2019

    A malfuctioning memory is a requirement in Trumpworld, eh??? Trump 'forgets' what he said the day after he said it, so I guess it's totally understandable! After alll Sondland's first testimony was such a long time ago… a whole 3 weeks ago, and his original texts and emails were from a whopping 3 months ago… Oooops… it could happen to anyone right??? I wonder if he remembers how to tie his own shoelaces? Of course, we must remember that KingTrump hires only the very best people! SMFH!!!

  44. wanda rinehart
    wanda rinehart November 7, 2019

    Where is GRAHAMS HEAD?

  45. joia b
    joia b November 7, 2019

    LOL! Sondland is going down too! This self destruction of Trump is making me so happy! He's digging his own grave and taking his guys down with him. In all seriousness, we need to get him OUT before he does more harm to people around the world. Rachel would you investigate the story of Jared Kushner's link to the murder of Saudi Journalist's death and the possibility of Trump being blackmailed to cover it up? Why did Trump pull our troops out of Syria (over a weekend so Congress couldn't stop him)? Was it to save Kushner? Turkey has audio evidence. Could you investigate? You're awesome!!

  46. Shaun Campbell
    Shaun Campbell November 7, 2019

    Trump will simply say, I don’t know what these guys are talking about. I’ve never met Gordon Sondland, he may have donated to my campaign but I’ve never really met him.

    Trump will distance himself just like he does whenever anybody makes him look bad.

  47. Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
    Leonard NII BOYE Mettle November 7, 2019

    Creepy 👮 Police Men looking for a Robinn is not my idea of occupation.

  48. Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
    Leonard NII BOYE Mettle November 7, 2019

    Remember the Pizza Stealing case?

  49. totalherenow
    totalherenow November 7, 2019

    Maddow, Earth 1, I love you for that!!! And all your reporting and explaining. You are the best, hands down.

  50. Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
    Leonard NII BOYE Mettle November 7, 2019

    I saw letters addressed to James Barnes there which made me think about the Judge saying; you can burn it, it's yours, you can burn it! Lou ! They came to the WRONG address!

  51. Leonard NII BOYE Mettle
    Leonard NII BOYE Mettle November 7, 2019

    I showed you where it was: the exist. Pipe of T788KAG (plot 268) get on with it.

  52. Shanelle Moses
    Shanelle Moses November 7, 2019

    A bunch of a white men who dont know what the eff they're doing. I know its God's plan for men to lead but our history proves men are not fit to run this country (not God's fault, we have choices). Its time to give women a chance to see what we can do. I'm sure we can do better than these nimrods

  53. Shanelle Moses
    Shanelle Moses November 7, 2019

    I hope they save the funds for those "read the transcripts" tshirts and they all will be out of a job soon.

  54. ChangelingDJ
    ChangelingDJ November 7, 2019

    And the shirts should say "Read the Memorandum"

  55. Madcat
    Madcat November 7, 2019

    ATTENTION CHRIS HAYES. Please redo your outro clip. You realize it sounds like you say "You can click, subscribe, just blow me"

    Articulation is the key here.

  56. Susan Tompkins
    Susan Tompkins November 7, 2019

    I am SICKENED by the REPUBLICANS they have ABSOLUTELY no BACKBONE they are MINIONS, they should ALL BE VOTED out of office. I'm sick and tired of POLITICS being the center of my life. Its TO MUCH, TRUMP has to GO. I DONT CARE HOW. I miss OBAMA, I felt safe when he was in office. Also was proud to be an AMERICAN, now I cringe on a daily basis whenever TRUMP opens his mouth. EMBARRASSING. Also what kind of FIRST LADY is MELANIA, WHAT DOES SHE STAND FOR? Bullying, really? Maybe start with her BIG MOUTH HUSBAND, this whole administration is A FRICKIN JOKE.

  57. Joakim Kanon
    Joakim Kanon November 7, 2019

    Throw Sondland in prison. The things he suddenly remembered is not something you forget in a few weeks. So stupid.

  58. Dan Schulte
    Dan Schulte November 7, 2019

    "I misremembered"

  59. Dan Schulte
    Dan Schulte November 7, 2019

    Trump adm is circling the drain, obviously.

  60. Gar Goil
    Gar Goil November 7, 2019

    Trump lost the 2020 election by nearly 3 million votes. Some, even Republicans, are projecting that he will lose the 2020 election by 10 million votes or more. They are confident that he will easily win the electoral college.
    Somehow, I feel that this was never the intent of the electoral college.
    America: You have a serious constitutional problem. It will not go away on its own. It will only fester until it kills you.

  61. speedoflite1
    speedoflite1 November 7, 2019

    The "deep state" — Trump, Pompeo, Giuliani, Lev, IGOR

  62. Darrell Powell
    Darrell Powell November 7, 2019


  63. Darrell Powell
    Darrell Powell November 7, 2019

    Rachel you assume too much, Trump's supports can read.
    Majority of them are "as thick as two short planks."
    " If brains were made from dynamite, they wouldn't have enough to part their hair"

  64. Darrell Powell
    Darrell Powell November 7, 2019

    These guy are Thick with a capital F

  65. Bo Ekman
    Bo Ekman November 7, 2019

    The lying Rachel Maddow is a shame to all lesbian women in the world! They are not as stupid as she is.

  66. Bo Ekman
    Bo Ekman November 7, 2019

    This is REAL quid pro quo:
    They are trying to hide the REAL background story of the Bidens:

  67. downallyourstreets
    downallyourstreets November 7, 2019

    9:41 – If Sondland wants to be cute, he should start now, to get his mojo on for prison. Bubba Joe and Enis like their boys cute, prison has it's deplorables too, and Sondland's boss did corner the Deliverance vote, Sondland will find himself in excellent company!

  68. raymond cepeda
    raymond cepeda November 7, 2019

    Lindsey Graham is a Buffoon..

  69. TheArozconpollo
    TheArozconpollo November 7, 2019

    Sondland, a hotel owner from Seattle, "Refreshed my recollections…" suddenly realizing he may be a guest in Trump's Graybar Hotel.

  70. buisyman
    buisyman November 7, 2019

    Reality doesn't care about how a so called diplomat "felt" about somethig someone else says the President said. I"m sorry, Raging Madcow, but we've read the transcript. There's nothing there.

    Sondlin has just admitted to lying while under oath. Jail time seems to be in order.

  71. Cadet Bonespurs
    Cadet Bonespurs November 7, 2019

    I’m sick

  72. David Dorsey
    David Dorsey November 7, 2019

    Sondland turned tail when other peoples testimony suddenly "refreshed his memory. I wouldn't buy a car from this creep.

  73. CarmineFragione
    CarmineFragione November 7, 2019

    Foreign Diplomats do not set Foreign Policy ,the President does. Their criticism only amounts to vitriol against Donald Trump, not evidence of any impeachable offense. Federal Law Codes require the President to investigate war zones for crimes and corruption before releasing mIlitary aid to those places, and so Ukraine is a CIVIL WAR zone, and ought not be getting Javelin Missiles , because it endangers National Security of Americans, because it threatens a World War with Russia.
    Ukraine is a CIVIL WAR ZONE. Slavic Ukrainians versus Russian Ukrainians, divided over economic deals with either Russia or the E.U. Government in Brussels, Belgium. So for Joe Biden to make an energy deal in the CIVIL WAR torn country is perpetrating ENDLESS WARS, as a foreign policy pursued by Obama , and Biden. If they did dirty deals, you cannot SHIELD the Bidens from DISCOVERY of their crimes and corruption in the midst of a CIVIL WAR that threatens to break out into a World War with Russia.
    So Donald Trump followed the Law to demand investigations and inquiry to what inflammatory deals Joe Biden did with Ukraine that brought both Putin and Obama to be giving each other dirty looks, and threatens the National Security. To this very day the hypocritical House Democrats are holding up another 250 Million in military aid to Ukraine, because the Law says they cannot approve military aid be sent to a war zone, if the President of the United States is not satisfied that crimes and corruption are not being resolved. So Joe Biden said "I DID NOTHING WRONG, BUT I PROMISE YOU I WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN". Sounds like "Double Speak".

  74. Frank Winkhorst
    Frank Winkhorst November 7, 2019

    Sondland remembered that perjury involves prison time.

  75. bones007able
    bones007able November 8, 2019

    Senate has come out in public and said they will acquit trump no matter what evidence is produced … why re-hash this over and over ….

  76. David Dorsey
    David Dorsey November 8, 2019

    Where is the FBI in all of this??

  77. Duff Duffington
    Duff Duffington November 8, 2019

    When Яepublicans can't make up asinine conspiracy theories to defend TЯump, they just resort to burying their heads in the sand.

  78. Scott Sena
    Scott Sena November 8, 2019

    Really have a hard time not thinking “slimy” when listening to Graham anymore. (He has no…anything.) An embarrassment on so many levels.

  79. Tfod Thog Tmfof
    Tfod Thog Tmfof November 8, 2019

    Would I get in trouble if I ordered a Clue game to be delivered to Lindsey Graham’s office? It is obvious that he needs to get a Clue, and it would be kinder to send him one than to offer to smack him with a clue by 4. Maybe if we all sent him a clue game he would figure it out. “It was Donald Trump, in the Oval Office with our tax dollars.”

  80. EMK - Mediapuck
    EMK - Mediapuck November 8, 2019

    'Sondland' is typical – not only behaves but also looks like an SS officer I remember all to well, way back. It seems history always offers her teachings – but we never really learn….

  81. Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto November 8, 2019

    Russian peopaganda installed communists as president in Both Ukraine and America. This needs to be stopped before it controls state, federal and judicial governments enough to make restoring a democracy in America questionable..

  82. Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto November 8, 2019

    Only TWO possibilities,
    1. Everyone else is a LIAR.
    2. Trump is a LIAR .

  83. Jason McElholum
    Jason McElholum November 8, 2019

    trump is incapable of anything other than dirty criminal conduct. An immoral, lying disgrace to humanity. Yet somehow the Republicans back him %100, until they too are caught out.

  84. Nelson Guzman
    Nelson Guzman November 8, 2019

    Worse $1,000,000.00 invested in history!

  85. Nelson H
    Nelson H November 9, 2019

    When I say read the transcripts I mean all including the … {ellipsis) which is the other information the WH doesn't want you to read just like the Mueller report, and AG Barr's bifurcated short reply to, a 400 pages plus report stating the obvious. Rachel Maddow lays the real goods. LEARN and weep!

  86. April Spilman
    April Spilman November 9, 2019

    A lost of a job and life; by Trump.# $$

  87. FUCK YOU
    FUCK YOU November 9, 2019

    Best President ever

  88. rob eberly
    rob eberly November 10, 2019

    Russia Russia Impeach!! Oh sorry, now it’s Ukraine Ukraine Impeach!! What’s next after this fails?

  89. Jeroen Romijn
    Jeroen Romijn November 10, 2019

    Mr Sondland is a traitor and Putin goon. He should be put in jail

  90. Annie
    Annie November 10, 2019

    If the Dems hadn't taken back the House in 2018, that transcript and Ukraine investigation wouldn't exist would it Miss Lindsey?

  91. Annie
    Annie November 10, 2019

    Sondland: wait a minute, I had a dream about what really happened and I was lead out in cuffs.

  92. Marja Tikkanen
    Marja Tikkanen November 11, 2019

    sure ms Lindsey You can have the LIER DRUMPF

  93. David Crabtree
    David Crabtree November 11, 2019

    Don the con is the master of conspiracy by confusion…always looking like uncoordinated coordinations.

    Don’t be fooled this appearance is all highly planned from the top.

    He works through intermediaries and distance so facts become unclear in any investigation. Technically able to claim never colluding “directly himself legally”.

    This is mob boss tactics also used by covert corrupt governments… like Russia and now the USA. Sad!

    So in Trumpian fashion, he is what he claims others to be… he is the epitome of the “deep state” shadow government

    Makes for great TV as we are all distracted by the flickering shadows on the proverbial wall nothing is really being accomplished for the American people…

  94. Gloria Clayton
    Gloria Clayton November 11, 2019

    Sondland thought that trump was going to stop peoples from testifying,And when that didn't happen they told on Sondland so Sondland had to tell the truth and change his story.But Sondland knew exactly what he was during but it didn't work.

  95. Gloria Clayton
    Gloria Clayton November 11, 2019

    Lock them up.

  96. V'GER Lightning
    V'GER Lightning November 11, 2019

    Beloved Hon. Adam Schiff, he is micro – waving his fat's, dairy aired huge hide.

  97. Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick November 11, 2019

    Marie Yavanovich was in Ukraine which is a sovereign nation.

  98. Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick November 11, 2019

    Investigate Donald Trump.

  99. Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick November 11, 2019

    Ukraine is a sovereign nation but needs military help. Javelin missiles will be protected until they have to be used.

  100. Larry Hudson
    Larry Hudson November 12, 2019

    so a dweeb hotel owner from Portland, OR donated a million bucks to Trumps ego party celebration and gets a job in Europe and a perk if carrying someone elses mail/messages , and a chance to bully a young newly elected President from our treaty pack. Must feel good to dish it out rather than being in the barrell in Portland. you sicken me

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