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Diplomacy play Turkey. Part 1 of 9

hello history games players it's Steve Payne here from history gamer calm continuing my series on how to get the most out of your country in diplomacy and today I am focusing on Turkey yes I would like to show you Turkish delight straight out of the opening and how to gobble up all of those supply centers around you without getting stuffed by the competition and that probably is enough food-related jokes for now so with Turkey you basically got three core opening ideas many sub variations where should I say many probably turkeys got the least amount of opening ideas on the whole board but essentially your decisions should be based as always should be based around those around you is Russia a good player is Austria a good player ever Italy can you influence Germany and bizarrely enough is England can you convince England to come over the top here finding this information out will help you decide between three core ideas number one is attack Russia now no matter which opening you're going to go for if you don't play that you are a turkey because that there's no other decent move with that piece and then the Russian attack would mean that you would send your arm in Smyrna to Armenia and of course you want the Black Sea if those three moves work then you're off to a flying start in sending your Russian foe back to his vodka early the second main idea which actually is the opening that most people plays much more flexible you go to Bulgaria you go to Constantinople and you still try for the Black Sea you may or may not get the Black Sea the thing that I like about this opening and this is how I play 90% of the time is especially if you're not sure about what's happening around you this keeps your options open you can still attack Russia you're probably going to come into conflict with Austria anyway it's at least in terms of who gets what in the Balkans down there and you can kind of wait and see and is any of these three players going to declare their intentions early and then you can adapt accordingly the final set of opening ideas focuses on where you're sure that Italy and Austria have got their act together from the outset and they're planning some kind of Lepanto against you which will involve either two Italian fleets or maybe a combination of Italian and Austrian fleets to convoy either directly into Smyrna or more often than not into the back door of Syria which is one of the only ways which you're gonna get knocked out early as turkey that's the thing about Turkey you once when the draw comes out and you realize that you've got Turkey perhaps two thoughts go through your minds first of all on the plus side you think yes I'm in it for the whole game it's the most likely thing is I'm not going to get knocked out so then the second thing occurs to you if especially if you play face-to-face like I do is well there's probably not going to be enough turns for me to actually win the game so this properly isn't going to be a win the reason is that as I'll explain is Turkey it takes a while to get going depending on which opening system you choose and regardless of which opening system you choose you're probably going to get caught up in this kind of area here where you'll find the resistance gets strong regardless of who's left plane


  1. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 1, 2019


  2. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 1, 2019

    No Sorry. Moving units to each others places would cause a standoff. I believe there is a variant called something like "The changing of the guard" which does allow this but not in the standard rules.

  3. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 1, 2019

    If you are playing Turkey chances are you'll be there at the end of the game. See my other vids for the other nations. Good luck with Austria – very tricky.

  4. MrKr0be
    MrKr0be June 1, 2019

    Were playing this in History Class. Looks like fun

  5. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 1, 2019

    @Malzariekk I'm guessing by 1905 you are looking solid and the others are looking over their shoulders with envy. In my Russian vid i talk about the juggernaut and how Russia can backstab Turkey, just reverse the logic and that might help. Good luck.

  6. Malzarie
    Malzarie June 1, 2019

    @HistoryGamerDotCom Thanks but yeah I already saw it it was awsome but in my games with turkey I most likely just get backstabed around 1905. (i play online)

  7. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 1, 2019

    @Malzariekk thanks, check out my why you shouldnt give up at diplomacy series as well if u havent seen it – its a whole game with me as turkey featuring a comback from the (almost) dead scenario.

  8. Malzarie
    Malzarie June 1, 2019

    Good job on the videos they helped me.

  9. Luke Wilson
    Luke Wilson June 1, 2019

    Great informative vids; keep it up

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