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Diplomacy open 2019 Finals – LO

so we totally dealing with oh geez the phoenicians on this debate we're talking about too many things that happening in the world the first the state identity and national identity is getting weaker people don't think that they don't define themselves by their flag and their country by other things I will tell you why the alternatives and a lot rows and a lot less inclusive than a nation-state exactly we are talking about the global power that now cooperation here that can actually shape and decide rules like environmental rules like human rights abuse like Texas regulation in a lot of our countries when even the politician and the people don't have the ability to ever say on what those rules are going to be both of those things are going to be actually my point and I think why they'll bear but first of all one point of a reputation that look now there is less chance of a over walk why because when other country is giving you a surprise you with a with your trade you dependent on one another and then everything is fine if you don't have any incentive call this is an extremely menu situation the world that history told us is wrong when when you have a big trip first of all it gives huge power to the stronger country the bigger the economy comes in and so it actually gives you a lot of incentive to acclaim to feel in other countries because if there is problem there it affects your country to what we're talking about well talk about Russia using its huge energy market in order to stop selling on something a lot more Texas to Ukraine you know to collapse it's a candidate economy because they were so intertwined that they came for a clear for them we're talking about Germany because they need no stream a that gives them a lot of money for Masha stopping helping a Europe because they saw when they don't want to angry Russia which are they independent up we are talking about the u.s. invading Iraq say if I think I in the Middle East just so the only crisis will say the same we think that we need specifically a big component in this that get a lot of money from those herbs in Dogville energy love it so huggy it made it more possible than I made us say a lot of those was actually happen we think there's more Wars and more elves came when there's so much economy in a small small guitar there's so much power those smaller but let's talk about a it actually lose of the ability of countries to decide the wrong world what we're talking about we're saying when you have such an international global game companies they don't really belong to any country and they walk everywhere their power is huge we have never seen something like that in the history of the world maybe the East India Company in England okay what are we talking about we're talking about countries who take oil and gas in the real Apes from Africa by force a lot of time we die economy with those country alter that I don't care about matter me me and they have the power to go against international pressure and the local governments just because they are so big they're so strong I don't even have a home card in their own parallel on the blind taking away the sovereignty of those countries just because they can we are talking about taking money from countries and pointing it to the west just because a lot of the profits are not going to the local come aka a local a it states or local people let's go to the pay people are shareholders in the US or in Europe well they already have a lot of money and just taking it away to the people who deserve it we are talking about those countries that you can't really stop because if they leave your country the unemployment is so big or the ability to stop all trade with your fixers it shock you so much that you can't that countries can't really say it changed the way they walk or walk against them we think completely lose their sovereignty and lose their money and stay cool because international come air companies that all they care about is maximizing them wealth all they care about is getting more and more to their investment have such a huge power but we're also talking about these stolen local rules we can see it everywhere we can see it on human rights violation with switch off the being open and because in Nike Oh McDonough oh em away in textile or a oil and so much power just build them with however they want and people are saying we're talking about open flagging markets even if when they are illegal pain drivers to get money even if they get tickets from the police just so they can flood the market and break the local businesses even if it's illegal in the state we're talking about a Facebook or Google taking away people's privacy and the ability to shape the words that people just take it away but when it gets what they completely want to talk about invalid we think that there are a one of the biggest problems that happened today of the of global warming happens because country can shape the rules International Cooperation can shape the world of third world country and maybe it's okay to a pollute as much as they want without the ability of the people to actually go against it this is ruining our world countries has different incentive countries wants to help their own people and want to help one another they be the horror a when you take away the power from the people who actually live in the country actually care about their future and their own economy and you give it to someone that this main like always been powerless above the sea to people who just wants money that a worldly come walks yes states the one that are keeping them in areas where the only jobs are the once you describe why are the nation states the one that are making it that you are stuck with what you're born with and there are some states who will over a we be cool even today when you have a lot of factory when you're ever also internationally a locals in Africa we don't see that they're likely getting a lot better we think when a Africa we be able to all when it countries it's the ability to shape their own rules in regulation because those countries because they don't go against such a big corporation they'll be to keep more money and keep more Texas and keep the environment will be a lot greater than today lastly let's talk about identity because they tell us but look now when people won't feel they're part of our country they don't feel that without the enemy or different from them look people still need color flag they need to have an identity to me to feel they are part of community we think that what's replacing countries is that what works we are talking about things up and Lotus inclusive like religion we're talking about like skin color we're talking about ethnicity we think that the reason that in places like the u.s. the KKK got so much power anti-immigrant are you Muslim get so much power in Europe the thing that why they eventually church has so much power over political life in America is because people don't feel them Americans they don't feel that even if you have another religion or another color or different you are a part of my country nationalism is something you can easily become you can become America you can be confident you can become German you can never become what you can may there's a lot of the middle that will never let you join it means that what's replacing the nationalism it's a kind of identity that maybe it's a lot easier to hate other people it a lot less regulated it's not quote that he is of a great checks and balances it is something that pleased or shakes or vaporize decide how we should act other people it makes a lot more hate it makes people are not want to willing to help other people we think they just make the world a worse place because of all of those please and please

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