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Diplomacy. Germany Full Game.

it's a history game accom playthrough with Germany that's diplomacy against the Hasbro Microprose a eyes and I'm opening with a standard blitzkrieg opening there I'm going to deny Russia Sweden I'm gonna try and grab Belgium but I'm gonna get stood out by France and so we'll get to start nice thing about playing the AIS is don't really matter who you upset they're no good anyway so you just go and attack the world and conversely the world will attack you so that's why I'm kind of playing in all directions simultaneously although actually in Munich they I'm just trying to keep the hordes at bay it's not very pleasant seeing three countries surrounding the one place or Russia's about two anyway but all I have to do is just make sure I get a build or preferably two I've got two in this case and it's going to be quite a nice game so let's not monkey around here let's get straight on with it and attack France England will follow shortly which is quite realistic I mean that would happen in a face-to-face game however I don't know how many times you'd see Russia immediately trying to get into Germany at the start of a game and I attacked England and France simultaneously for a nice couple of Units there or one unit sorry again oh yes I lost Belgium again that's okay it's not a problem so far no one nations really established itself though of course we will prevail as the Germans I'm just um halting England's resistance by merely marching around its land I'll try moves that I don't even think of work just in case like that attack on Edinburgh I'll just stay in Brest for the time being in case he tries to go back home forced out of the North Sea she's probably land in London so we're up to ten units and so far we've done really is just not get very far and yet we're still up to ten units just merrily attacking weaknesses in England and France what slow me down slightly is Russia and Austria attacking simultaneously because I have to keep units back home but that's not a problem as soon as England has been subdued we'll attempt to create some leoben's realm some living space around Germany France there and peculiarly you'll notice the endgame position has an uncanny resemblance to an England or even a French win in that it's natural for Germany to take out England and France and then you're looking for the few extra units you can go down into Austria but often Germany and Russia are mid-game enemies so he becomes natural to wants to take a few places from Russia and then you'll end up with that same scent Petersburg down through all of Germany all of France all of England winning line that you get if you're England or you'd get France and as France goes Italy's why of course but anyway I'm getting ahead of myself here at the moment we don't seem to be too bothered about Edinburgh I think that's gonna fall shortly instead we're getting our armies moving in France which is essential but sooner or later I'm going to have to put some attention eastwards to Russia because they are still on my borders now joined by Turkey I see hello to Turkey up in some piece Berg so another unis at the end of 1906 Francis on its dying embers and I fancy that this will be the breakout move where everything starts get up I still think Germany is one of the more difficult nations to play what's your experience with Germany please comment let me know how do you go about securing the win with Germany oh here we go into the Baltic Sea I think that spells the end for Russia they're all what's left of Russia Turkey's done very well to have three armies there I mean that's pretty tough to break down once again I've pushed a weaker nation around this time France and they've managed to sneak through my lines again so what keep going on about is trying to secure your lines and hilariously just about every game I've demonstrated I fail to do that and it's bye-bye England there thanks for the cucumber sandwiches and now what are we up to 14 that's your C France will Spain rather the whole Iberian part of Europe there is yet to fall so that's going to supply two and then we're looking at quite possibly two Russian provinces some Petersburg am also look a bit tasty there but it is a powerful sea of grey we're looking at here all I really need is a fleet in the middle of antique ocean so I can start convoy now there we go start convoying some units across to places like Portugal and Spain here they are the armies on the marsh pretty unstoppable now and I'm hovering ominously around some petersburg far too ominously it's going to fall I'm starting to feel like the Borg here and so it's only appropriate to say at this point I feel that resistance is futile tired so I'm gonna get Spain and Portugal this year I think I'll use all three units there can't be stopped and then a move from which everyone is successful supported into Portugal will kill the army that retreats into Portugal so that's two more and you can see this some grey line falling across the board now like you would for England with a blue set of blue dark blue forming from st. Petersburg down to Portugal it's almost unstoppable though it's some Turkey's done well Austria's sat around doing nothing although we've gone for the flashy convoy in and supporting very nice – and then just for a bit of amusement a little piece of Italy and Austria to finish off the job but key to this was getting rid of England so I didn't have to worry about my coast anymore and France because it then paves the way for a couple of cheaper units in Spain and Portugal but you can go through Austria as well as a mid-game idea so 20 units that's it for Germany I'm covering all of the nations in this series of playing the AIS please take a look on YouTube and please comment on youtube or back at the site history gamer comm we're going to more detail


  1. Joe Kleber
    Joe Kleber June 10, 2019


  2. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 10, 2019

    I'm afraid the game file has long gone.

  3. Carl Clausewitz
    Carl Clausewitz June 10, 2019

    I was just thinking, if the game is a file on your computer, then it should be possible to send it to people over skype.

  4. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 10, 2019

    Links have been removed for the time being. I don't know where to find a copy either now, I suggest ebay. Good luck.

  5. Xavier Barnes
    Xavier Barnes June 10, 2019

    Hey I just tried to follow through, but I can't seem to find the link anywhere (the one for the PC version). Thanks a bunch.

  6. Isaiah Grafe
    Isaiah Grafe June 10, 2019

    So, France thought I was going to attack him and ordered all of his guys back in France and made an agreement with Austria. Since I made no agression towards France and I actually gave him support and I can fight him with 5 guys. He's a rookie and he thought i was going to attack him. Do u think he'll trust me? btw I'm the good guy in this game so I want to stay that way too.

  7. Isaiah Grafe
    Isaiah Grafe June 10, 2019

    I could use some advice, I'm playing as Germany and I am in the lead with 13 pieces with Austria having 10 and France having 5; Everyone else has either 1 or 2 supply centers left. I have 10 on the Austria boarder that stretch across Russia. I had a good plan against Austria that would've had worked if France listened to me. I offered France Liverpool with 2 of my guys supporting, keep in mind he only had one piece there. Two Army were on the boarder of France and France was entirley open.

  8. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 10, 2019

    @WinDistrict Hi. Sorry about that. I've now added a link to this video, just click on "show more" in the info section of the video (just below the video) and click on the link, on the right hand side on my site there are links to all kinds of diplomacy versions, the pc version is at the top and the board game in the middle. let me know if you still have difficulty.

  9. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 10, 2019

    @cataphracts123 that's nice. In my games they usually seek me out in packs and hunt me down! :-O Best to hide in the shadows if you are the favourite me thinks.

  10. psionicChaos
    psionicChaos June 10, 2019

    @HistoryGamerDotCom A little bit of both ^^.

  11. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom June 10, 2019

    @Gerstein1 Are we back to that old multiplayer adage where you have to say "oh no I'm not doing well at all" to disguise the fact that you are pleased with your position? Or the other one where you hang around in 2nd place leaving the heat on the player in pole position, then pounce right at the end. (My favourite move of recent years).

  12. psionicChaos
    psionicChaos June 10, 2019

    Ironically enough, the less secure you are, the more likely it is you'll win. My experience anyway.

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