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Diplomacy. Austria Full Game.

we are taking on the Microprose a is at diplomacy playing austria-hungary now austria-hungary is a tricky nation to play in a proper game of diplomacy but against this lot you actually know Italy's not going to attack you on the first move so you can take some liberties and try and go for a three-unit gain and there we have a three unit gain in the winter of 1901 so the next question is where do we head off next and well I just feel like playing all-out war really against everybody and seeing if I can get away with it I have to say on this particular occasion the a is played incredibly badly whereas they usually just play badly and I've played other games as Austria where Russia does the crack sing of attempting to win Galicia and often winning it and then he and I having a em or it and I having a to-and-fro battle over the Battle of Galicia until one of us has a numerical superiority also what can happen with this ai's France can often go Italy's way and in this occasion at least it looks like they might be heading for out I can't record they did all they didn't I don't think they did but anyway it didn't really matter because I plowed into him before he had a chance to figure out what's going on you so we're into Italy here just polishing off Rome so a bit of that turkeys been particularly disappointing not really done anything and perhaps this is the slightly slower stage of the game where you've got to emerge from your safe little shell as Austria and start to find some more supply centers obviously I'm taking the Mickey that up there in Munich and a couple of more armies pop into view actually one of the things that might be interesting to challenge yourself with this interface is can you win with Austria building a ton of fleets let's just see a ton of Austrian fleets so much about 12 now that's all fine and dandy but that's the beautiful thing about diplomacy is actually getting the wind stepping over the line to those 18 it can be quite a big achievement to move from 16 to 18 or even 17 to 18 in some respects Austria has a an advantage in that way because the other nations tend to form lines of resistance where it's difficult for them to cross England from some petersburg in the north down to spain portugal in the south for example he's looking to win with those gains but with Austria you have a choice of where you go a little bit more I mean it hasn't really happened here but Austrians often attack into Russia turkey obviously being a target area for Ostrow because if it's one then finally Austria has a corner of the bald from which to defend and one less border to worry about so we're gaining units a fairly rapid rate here I think I might have gone for a fleet at this stage no no point with all of these videos that I'm producing these playthroughs they're deliberately fast so you can see the colors change which are things a beautiful theme into the winning color but of course you can pause it at any time if you want to look at the position and figure out what you would have done have I made an inferior move in your opinion or perhaps a brilliant one even who knows how we go into Russia that's been more typical and is pleasing to see the map turning red with the blood of my enemies how many France got his act together it could cause a few problems down south as I don't have any fleets this is very sad there seems to switched off right this is looking like the final move to me actually this positions quite interesting if you compare it with a real game where okay probably Russia wouldn't be quite so dispersed around the map and his four or five units would be slightly more coordinated than this but in this game I am assured of a victory because I know they're not going to combine but if they will real players they could combine and tables could be overturned one idea I touched upon in the openings videos it's this use of Jinnah series kind of rule one or two units from no-hoper nations where another nation says okay look I'm gonna let you live to the end of the game if you now just help me succeed and that's the deal and you're gonna have to trust them on that and for somebody who's competitive and doesn't want to go out the game it's a pretty sweet deal because they get to keep their one Supply Center they're not gonna expect gains out of this or will they if the person offering the support actually lets them keep a home supply center there's always the chance you might double up one to two or go from two to three and hence the game starts up again so there's always the outside chance but overall you act as a auxilary for another nation and then they try and stop the winning nation I think I'm just going for a couple of games and shoring up the defenses and then let's finish this one off please feel free to look at the other videos in this series the Italian and Turkish ones are of some interest because they're unusual positions and more diplomacy at history gamer calm


  1. 12345Sization
    12345Sization July 30, 2019

    where i can dounland this game

  2. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom July 30, 2019

    @newper Its chronic, but then again the challenge becomes how quickly (in real time) can you give this puny effort a pasting. This can be a lot of fun with that in mind.

  3. newper
    newper July 30, 2019

    That really looks like some bad AI there.

  4. RedJelloIsGood
    RedJelloIsGood July 30, 2019

    Where is that game?

  5. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom July 30, 2019

    @TheAnonimoItaliano I have one just search for italy full game or check out my channel under diplomacy videos.

  6. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom July 30, 2019

    @TheAnonimoItaliano Its the microprose version distributed via hasbro. its a late 90s game. plenty available on ebay etc

  7. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom July 30, 2019

    @cataphracts123 thanks for sharing that. It does happen in practise and it does work, but I guess you have to pick your Janissary targets carefuly – ie. those that look like they have an attitude of cooperation.

  8. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom July 30, 2019

    thanks. It was a good idea and I'm always looking for new content ideas. Any more ideas please let me know.

  9. can123dothat
    can123dothat July 30, 2019

    wow you actually did what i said 🙂 this is so awesome 😀 good job!!

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