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Diplomacy: A Game of Chairs – 1901

hello and welcome to something a little bit different today we’ll be playing a board game by the name of diplomacy it’s all about tactics and intrigue the world of 1902 Europe joining me today in the world of Russia it’s Jess Jess with the unpronounceable surname as Lina of Germany it’s Kaiser Liam we’re gonna be killing each other scene as France it’s our resident vampire my Minister Patrick super busy if I got crazy tom Patrick as Queen of England its Georgia and finally the man who started it all by getting shot in the head it’s Archduke Franz Chris I shall be taking the role leader person of Turkey don’t I look dashing okay so let’s get started and for these these guys have never played this game before but I’ve explained the rules to them I’ll probably make a different video at some other point Expendables which you’ve probably already seen 1901 Europe is quit in the beginnings of war I’m presuming no no Europe is fine everything is everything is hunky-dory nobody is angry at anybody everything’s about to go incredibly tense okay with anybody like to make diplomacy before our first we Patrick defaults would like diplomacy who would you like to talk to so if you’re gonna get to Berlin you think you can do after we have to know could you have to stop Alex you have to break these you know no but that that’s the point now the whole point is we completely fucking destroy Liam then we if we are against so if I take if I start with Munich get the room and then get killed so I let you go through Kiel to Berlin Munich and then you let me have it afterwards the main the main problem that Russia in Turkey usually have is that they both try go from Black Sea and then they move give us back and that’s just a waste of turn well I don’t want that to happen so would you like to go through mania and I’ll go to the backseat and then oh well you go where are you taking this play are you bring you out into this thing yeah so do you want to go to the Black Sea and I’ll just I’m good what’s your deal with floods how are you feeling towards floods I want to break them so you going to France via Germany well I was considering sending my fleet over and if you if you send your fleet via the Adriatic and I send my flick over in a couple of turns it’ll be it’ll be a few years you know it will take a while but I reckon that we can we can get them if you if you if you talk to England at all cuz England is usually I’m usually a good a lion attacking Florence I don’t know how I’m Georgie would feel about if you if you’d let me have Bulgaria I’ll give you a commitment actually what anyone’s gonna do in the next couple times I failed I can’t give you Bulgaria I’ll just talk to her and find out why she’s I leave you I’ll make you a deal I will let you take belt in me if we make an alliance okay this is what we discussed is still on but he fee if he double-crosses even me or you then we swap and we go with Liam okay nice no I got a second choice Serbian but me yeah Oh ballgame in Greece seems fair with me but in return for that I want confirmation of what you’ve got server and Romania you’ll then buckle off once I don’t want two armies on my borders I’ll be honest I’ll let you have them once I got there please leave hug I’m going to Germany okay hi I’m considering heading for Italy is that I’ve already arranged with your chest be safe okay I’m going with you to be safe so I think it’s the environment is here except your peace offering and then bye-bye unfortunately I’m gonna need to take your roof well if we hadn’t alike all that you may prove it okay then it won’t be a problem I’m getting to the rule in order to keep up my so sure I’d within you but as my planning as my plan originally wants to get the key out and then go back and take England so in that case I can sure why sure we do you like to discuss what you’re doing what you play I don’t mean to intrude on your butt what are you kind of to do if some petersburg do would you like any advice for that I don’t think that’s a very good do Jay I want this place what will you give me a mix then yeah what nothing that’s not that’s not part of the rules of the game yes it is what did the president front face say to you his plan doesn’t revolve around you here involves more around messing up up here so you’re safe from him for the meantime okay well but the meantime I don’t have anything to do with you I’m gonna move borders armies here to keep up the appearance is that I’m gonna be attacking you but I’m gonna be more focused in the north with taking lease you don’t know what they’ve been discussing position to attack you just said you’re going to attack me well I am madam microphone okay so diplomacy is finished finally and we’re getting on with moves so everyone moves at once so everyone feel your boobs okay so we’ll start in with our resident vampire as France awesome okay Oh Sebastopol okay so because I’m turning for Gary at Smyrna hold budapest to serbia vienna to Budapest and Liverpool to Wales okay everyone finish yeah okay on to the full okay it’s my five minute for like a minute of moving piece it was really disappointing everyone did exactly as I was expecting and say okay you’re the Patrick’s outburst you may be soon tell you that I know that Australian hanged area planning March for me I know that England is playing March on me hmm I know that France might be playing March on me but would rather have me as an ally that was quick don’t worry I almost know that I was like to propose you yes if austro-hungarian do choose to try and attack me would you be willing to take some in the Budapest you see I’m gonna let you in on a secret they’re not attacking you this turn this turn they’re moving their armies here right now that is far more threat to me than it is to you if they turn around and start attacking you I may consider attacking them in the rear however I’ll make no promises especially consuming that there have two armies on my borders but if they do choose to attack you’ll be beneficial in that that you can take for the pasture at risk austro-hungarian I’m gonna make a place for me yeah so I would like to make the gentleman’s agreement mm-hmm in fact me you will come to my assistance and return I will give you access to Trieste I can shake it anyone else’s hands was it basically are you going to attack me yes I said Sebastopol okay well my usual tactic is a car are you going to move into the back I think that as as as you can do it last time are you going to move into the Black Sea this year or are you just going to stay there forever because I thought that’s not a great move I understand he was in for me do you have an agreement with him where is it where’s whether where he is attacked by Australia I I would support you in that agreement if you agree that if austro-hungarian attacked me you will attack also and Gaelic name is Greek to it if they attack me if they don’t attack me that’s fine is there an attack Liam that’s fine he attack you that’s argue as moving away from my role as Turkey and into my role as like referee what are you what are you trying to capture mr. Horan in Denmark so you’re going to new armies have you got a plan of where you gonna put them makes true that that’s not something already in there that’ll block your plans just that won’t do okay good I’m back to Turkey and actually enjoy snoring your bones in the field of battle okay so after that turn at diplomacy later or move okay is everything okay we’re gonna go in reverse order this time so Georgia okay so you have at the end of the fall you have one space you want to make a mark Chris Romania Serbia will be supporting now specially you double-crossed me I was well surprised that you didn’t it’s kind of but in my plans but that’s fine okay Bulgaria’s is holding constantinople to be to Yugi and it’s kind of curious how you know she does the austere garin’s party directed that magician holiday via state Asia mistake Monsieur Vidya it’s French a vampire Vampir not vapir is bugging D into the room and Marseille into that Gascony do I get to have you gone to Munich you gotta do my thing don’t know yes


  1. Chris H-H
    Chris H-H April 7, 2014

    I don't know how much more work this would create but it might be an idea to put a little icon in the corner to display who is talking to each other when you are having diplomacy, just to make it obvious who is who.  

  2. Henry Hiffleton
    Henry Hiffleton February 7, 2017

    wow, old video

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