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Did Citizens United Ruling Kill The Soul Of The Democratic Party? – The Ring Of Fire

There’s no question that the Supreme Court’s
ruling in the Citizens United case that essentially allowed for unlimited corporate money into
our federal election system has been one of the worst Supreme Court decisions this millennia,
but here’s something that I don’t think a lot of people have thought about. That decision obviously was handed down in
2010 and it hurt the Democratic party more than it hurt the Republican party. Now here me out on this. Before Citizens United all of us involved
in the progressive media always talked about how the money in politics influenced and corrupted
the Republican party. The time John Boehner back in the late ’90s
handed out checks from the tobacco industry on the house floor to Republican members right
before the house was about to take a vote on tobacco legislation. Corrupting. That Halliburton money that fueled George
W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s election, the Enron money. Corrupting, lead to the Iraq War. Republicans always did this. They always let the money influence them and
that’s what happened all the way back in the ’80s and ’70s with the Republican party. But for the Democrats during most of that
time, they were still pretty liberal. You know, we got the Affordable Care Act right
after Citizens United was decided up by the Supreme Court but it was already in motion
before that. After that Citizens United ruling came down
something changed within the Democratic party. They were no longer content to take these
small money donations from people, they wanted the big money. They wanted the big fish, and that’s when
the party changed from a Liberal Democratic party to a middle of the road center-left/center-right
Corporatist Democratic party. Don’t believe me? Think about this. Before Citizens United was decided, who were
the top two donors to the Democratic party? Labor unions and trial lawyers. Two groups who every day go out there and
fight for the rights of the middle class and the harmed, the injured parties. They both fought against corporations. They were the two biggest funders of the Democratic
party. Since Citizens United, you know who the biggest
funders of the Democratic party are now? The finance industry, the communications industry,
it’s big telecoms, and the health care industry. That includes big pharma and health insurers. Trial lawyers, unions, they’re now numbers
six and seven on the top donors for the Democratic party. That shows you where the party’s loyalty lies. It no longer lies with consumers, with workers,
with injured parties who have a grievance against corporations who destroyed their lives. No, their loyalty is to Wall Street. Their loyalty it to AT&T and companies that
illegally spy on us with government contracts. Their loyalty is with the health care industry. Not with the people anymore. The numbers prove it. The timing proves it. The Democratic party lost its soul when the
Supreme Court handed down that Citizens United ruling, and that ruling hurt the Democrats
far more than it hurt Republicans. Republicans just kept doing business as usual. It’s the Democrats that took a sharp corporatist
turn when that ruling was finalized.


  1. Johnson Brunerer
    Johnson Brunerer December 10, 2016

    Corporations ARE people

  2. _myth5 media
    _myth5 media December 10, 2016

    So basically Democrats and Republicans compete against each other for positions of power only to do the same thing..




  3. Alan W
    Alan W December 10, 2016

    If Corporates are people and money is free speech I should be able to pay to fuck a corporate.

  4. Douglas Kelban
    Douglas Kelban December 10, 2016

    They were weak and corporatist whores on the take long before Citizens United

  5. katakisLives
    katakisLives December 10, 2016

    Basically the Republican party had no soul already so they lost nothing when Citizens United came into effect! its a funny name citizens united considering its guiding concerns have nothing to do with citizens.

  6. Stephanie
    Stephanie December 10, 2016

    Of course it hurt the Democratic Party more. DUH. That was the whole point of the Supreme Court intervening, and handing down their ruling.

  7. bigraviolees
    bigraviolees December 10, 2016

    Bernie shows if you aren't a whore you can stand up to corruption

  8. ImDemonWolf
    ImDemonWolf December 10, 2016

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  9. ImDemonWolf
    ImDemonWolf December 10, 2016

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  10. Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson December 10, 2016

    The democrats were taking money from Wall Street way before Citizens United….

  11. Hezekiah Ramirez
    Hezekiah Ramirez December 11, 2016

    I don't know, they were pretty bad before CU. That made it worse, no doubt, but the corporatization of the Democratic Party started long before that. Look at the Clinton administration. And the Obama administration pre-Citizens United. I think the party lost its way years ago. And everyone knows when you run a Republican against a Republican-lite the Republican usually wins. It's simple. The Republicans get the GOP base. The Dems don't. Then the Dems lose the Dem base and voila, no more Democrats in office.

  12. Edward Craven
    Edward Craven December 11, 2016

    Who ever heard of a corporation being an individual. I have always thought an individual was the product of a man and woman sexual encounter therefore having a birth certificate to state this. A corporation is as most corporations a multi-national entity that doesn't have a certain countries best interest when it makes donations to a political party. Corporations have only one thing in their interest and that's making as much money as it can by the degradation of others

  13. Tom Paine
    Tom Paine December 11, 2016

    Yes, exactly. Need to stand up to the DUOPOLY, need to shut off the corporate owned MainStreamMedia… and OCCUPY THE MEDIA… We need to build and support alternative media. We need to OCCUPY THE MEDIA! * POST YOUR OWN RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ALTERNATIVE MEDIA (Big or Small)

  14. echo-echo
    echo-echo December 11, 2016

    what year was citizens united legislated?

  15. Dutch999
    Dutch999 December 12, 2016

    Citizens United was about Hillary Clinton. You should give more background about this case.

  16. Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman January 4, 2017

    Democrats push up business costs l so consumers pay more

  17. Ken Bugbee
    Ken Bugbee January 24, 2018

    I like the fake back drop , it fits with your fake criteria !!!

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