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Democrats Now Have Two 2020 Frontrunners | Deadline | MSNBC

picking political news this hour a brand new poll shows that the Democratic primary contest has officially been upended by last week's debate performance from Senator Carla Harris the Quinnipiac poll released just this afternoon shows Harris in the statistical tie with Joe Biden the two Democrats now or the Democratic Party now has two frontrunners two candidates ahead of the rest of the pack and both of them in a promising sign for the Democrats clearly trigger the president here's that poll that puts Carla Harris at 20% just behind Joe Biden is at 22 but that is within the margin of error rounding out the rest of the top-tier Elizabeth Warren at 14% Bernie Sanders at 13% mayor Pete Budaj done at 4% this poll seeming to show a trend with CNN's latest poll that shows Biden's slumping a bit down 10 points since May and Carla Harris surging up 9 for his part the president is channeling some political jitters in a bizarre sit-down with Tucker Carlson and a particularly unhinged set of tweets this morning including this one about the Democratic field president tweeting has quote as most people are aware according to the polls I won every debate including the three with crooked Hillary Clinton despite the fact that in the first debate they modulated the sound on me and got caught modulating I missed that this crew looks somewhat easier than crooked but you never know question mark weeks the punctuation was accurate that tweet coming as Twitter started to percolate with reaction to this bizarre exchange with Tucker Carlson you come to where we are now Asaka or tokyo and the cities are clean there's no graffiti no one going a bathroom on the street you don't see just very different from our city yep some of us in some of our cities but in New York City San Francisco Los Angeles they've got a major problem with its various with filth why is that it's a phenomena that started two years ago it's disgraceful I'm that I may be and I'm looking at it very seriously we're doing some other things you probably noticed like some of the very important things that we're doing now but we're looking at it very seriously because you can't do that you can't have what's happening where police officers are getting sick just by walking the beat I mean they're getting actually very sick where people are getting sick where the people living there a living in hell too and you have people that work in those cities they work in office buildings and to get into the building they have to walk through a scene that nobody would have believed possible three years ago and this is the liberal establishment this is what I'm fighting losing it or some say maybe making a play for the base the base of what I'm not sure the clean Patrol that in the state of the race is where we start today with some of our favorite reporters and friends with us on set current Jean Pierre senior advisor from former RNC Chairman Michael Steele who may or may not have been giggling during that first of all if it started two years ago the subject was self what I mean well you know what we're doing a lot of things that are basically comprised of the things that we're doing many people say that some of the things we're doing are things we're doing yesterday we started with this little anecdote from the trip or Peter Baker asked him about whether or not he's still shares like the values of Western liberalism you know like democracy and freedom and a free press and he said you know what basically the Western cities and now I am NOT for coverage of people's ignorance but there is something wrong with him yeah I bet Michael Savion yeah it's complete and total out of touch with anything close to reality if you think Western liberalism is the West Coast of liberals in the land is in the West Coast this this interview was was laughable and even the president I have to give him I have to give some credence with Tucker Asif what do you want to do about it is like people living on the streets so it just again plays to this this narrative you mentioned the basic plays to this idea this reinforcement Lee the idea of us versus them what cut you know starting the conversation with well you were just in Osaka and in Tokyo and the streets were clean and the people weren't there's no graffiti we we have an issue with you know folks who who live in on the streets and and in cities battle with that every single day and a lot of folks just because you know do it because that's what they want to do that's they want to live that's their lifestyle so it was the gamut they're people there for a lot of varieties I'm exhausted talking around so yesterday he mixed up Western liberalism liberal elites living in LA in that interview he talked about filth being an epidemic that began two years ago when he was elected what is that of me the reality is is that Donald Trump has always just been a fellow retiree who watches Fox News right he's not so much play he golf's and he shouts at the TV and with Tucker Carlson specifically sells on Fox News is this image of liberal cities and cities in general because that's not where the Republican base is as hell holes full of criminals and in poverty and sort of you know disturbing hell and garbage and people peeing everywhere like that's what he's selling because in their minds they want red America we do this to be this pristine Wonderland where Donald Trump has suddenly snapped his fingers and made America great again it's what they're selling and it's very white and there's no brown people in know immigrants so I mean that's what Tucker Carlson sells and Donald Trump is his chief customer well I guess where I would posit perhaps if they're still his friends at Fox is it with Kamala Harris moving into frontrunner status they may want to rethink this because if you look at that debate performance from last Thursday night he's gonna be one and done with answers like that when if she ends up being the Democrat that that Democrats land on many many many months from that right and she showed that she can prosecute the case and she knows how to prosecute very well and there's a lot to prosecute with Donald Trump you know it's it's it's bizarre talking about Donald Trump because he just doesn't make sense and there is a little bit there's a deeper dive into it yes there's Fox News absolutely I think joy laid it really well they're playing to a certain base they they're really playing the other ISM game and it's incredibly dangerous and that's what we've seen from Donald Trump the last three years and that's what he's going to take into 2020 which is like brown brown and black people are bad they live in filth they they commit crimes and you know this is how they live and all of us are just fine but you don't want them to get into your space so if you don't want to get them into your space so make sure you you know elect Donald Trump me that's the whole message that they're packaging and unfortunately it's hurting the policies that they're putting out there is hurting so many people including his own voters yeah I guess there is there is something that we don't cut to the bone on and it's that and I've been obsessed with this since 2015 the asymmetry of the two sides so if we were on the other side we'd watch those tapes and say there's there's evidence of mental deterioration there's flagrant racism and let's slow that down and listen to it again I mean the the moves that the president and his family have already put on Camilla Harris they they knew she was gonna be in first place by the day they knew because they trotted out birtherism 2.0 before Quinnipiac came out at you talk today so the attacks and and again this is up to zip to y'all is that you the Democrats figure out how to respond to Donald Trump you know where I stand although for your bus whoever you like it is up to the donor eyes to decide how to combat this because that his voters are so conditioned to rambling nonsense that's right to flagrant spread of disinformation like Donald Jr tweeting out about the birtherism effort now against caught my hearts and and and it's just interesting to see the Democratic field reorder on a meritocracy while that is yet Republicans bathroom well it's high and low I mean the low is he is a racist I mean the question is he's talking about Japan which is people all of the same color versus cities that are diverse cities that he's never really experienced but the thing about the Western liberalism thing that gets me gone is like I don't expect him to know who John Locke is or John Stuart Mill or any of the icons of Western liberalism I expect him to stand up for the post Cold War order that we created which is a bastion of Western liberalism which is about freedom and democracy and letting people choose and instead he's siding with Vladimir's to unravel it this is this is our whole world and planet that we help create and he just is gonna be totally ignorant of it he doesn't care he doesn't believe in my idol still is there a limit though for I know how powerful and Joe and I started this conversation Thursday night for Republicans they see what we see they don't hit mute on Fox actually they listen to more of it and they hear and they see everything yeah but what they do is they they watch it they take it in and they say I don't care the Supreme Court that's right and if he wins the second term someone positive to me today he can appoint six seats I mean is this a deal with the devil that it doesn't matter that he gets absolutely that and has been that for 15 years it has been that since the last appointment of George Bush to the Supreme Court and that is stuck in the crop of grass roots Republicans across the country for all this time and in every presidential cycle they have they have focused on that the base has focused on that issue when there when the top candidates have not including the presidential candidate they've given lip service to it they've made promises about it but Donald Trump is the first to have ever delivered so they're not going to break that bargain with him because to the very point courts of six potential appointments this president can make in a second term by the conclusion of his second term in toto and that is a reordering of everything from the judiciary to the way government functions but you put your finger on the key thing Democrats and I quite say people in the media have failed to understand about Donald Trump he is not a traditional typical political player he is an asymmetrical player and everyone wants to engage with him as if he's playing the rules by the rules that set in place going back 75 years yeah and that is not the way he plays and it is not the way he will play you talk about prosecuting the case for common law Harris on Thursday against Joe Biden great prosecute that case all day long against Donald Trump and he will laugh you off the stage and win why because he knows the case you're going to prosecute is not going to resonate with the American people so you've got to come at it from a different perspective in it with a different angle and talk about it in a way that Donald Trump could get needled by he came after Carla Harris and flattered her for the size of her announcement crowd he said she had 20,000 people biggest crowd so far but I want it I want it and stick a pin on that because I can get me get you to spill by the end make that argument well I mean the thing is with Democrats Democrats do approach the world as people who want to govern and who as people who want consensus you know the search for consensus is part of what's crippling the Democratic response to Trump now because Nancy Pelosi thinks that the smart thing to do is to say how can we do a transportation bill with this guys we could do infrastructure and give him a great Eisenhower moment somehow that he'll come to the sort of the world of normal politics Donald Trump is not just a wackier Jeb Bush he is not a politician he's not he's not even approaching this for the from the point of view of being a president we just talked about this belief in kind of what America stands for he doesn't his family has always been about one thing making money for themselves troubles about one thing aggrandizing and enriching himself and he wants to be a part of this axis of autocracies where he and his friends like Kim jong-un and MBS in Saudi Arabia they make a lot of money and they have absolute power that's all he cares about and so if people think that somehow he's gonna carry the ball and carry the flag for Western democracy the way a former president would Republican or Democrat they're just mistaken and treating him as a normal president is a mistake and if Democrats do that they cannot beat him because remember he's selling two things yep he's saying to white Christian America this is your country I'm giving it back to you to hell with everybody else we're taking it from the brown people the black people the immigrants that aren't your immigrants it's not their country it's yours he's saying that to them . they don't care about anything else he's saying to those same white Christians we'll give you the courts and then no matter how many black people are brown people are the majority doesn't matter it won't matter if they're the majority it'll still be yours because our six or seven Supreme Court justices will hold this country for you and nobody else so what's your counter narrative to that if you know that then how do you politically reposition on the chat on the political chessboard to deal with that narrative that that's resonates because either one of two things are true you can't right or the people he's talking to which I've said for a long time go far beyond that 38% all right we've seen the polling we're educating white women have landed in the last election and we're forty nine percent of them landed in the last election right candidate right so so my point is those those are your realities that you you don't have an appropriate a political response and the people that you need to stand with you won't because they fundamentally at their core agree with what he said what you do is you do the math the the people who disagree with trumpism who do not want to have an F no national list you know Christian nationalist America are the majority but others or majority they don't vote that not enough of them vote what Barack Obama did it was genius about his campaign and both of us were more you much more for family than I did I was a small player but he went to those non the people who were on the sidelines and he said and you can even say that look the white poor take a lot of ELLs for Donald Trump being president they didn't put him in it was more affluent white Americans go to even white Americans who didn't vote and say what are you getting out of this he's taking your soybean farms and throw them in the garbage he's flushed your supply chain down the garbage heap right he's ruining our standing in the world but think about your own pocketbook come off the sidelines Democrats need to speak to non-voters there's a majority and here's one problem with the democratic process is that we the Democrats in the primaries do not have winner-take-all primaries they're all proportionate delegate primaries you've got 22 candidates but then you don't you don't consolidate around anybody and it can go all minute you're pretty consolidate around your to frontrunner and then Warren and Bernie alright Barry you mean well you they're sitting above 20% and Warren it's you don't think that Warren Sanders Budaj and Harris and Biden are your top tier okay but that's five people with the proportion in general yeah half no one's voting for many many many many happen would it happen for you with Hillary and and what's-his-name is that they're basically if you had a winner-take-all primaries it would have been over on Super Tuesday and you'd have consolidated around a candidate you wouldn't have weakened the main candidate at this time yes because Super Tuesday now has a very special California Super Tuesday but it will be the stuff let me just read this for our friends in the car this is a brand new Quinnipiac poll out this afternoon it shows Joe Biden still atop the polls still the democratic party's frontrunner but he has a co frontrunner her name is Senator Kamala Harris she comes in at 20 percent brand-new poll out today her debate performance last week reordering that Democratic primary at least for now Elizabeth Warren at 14% Bernie Sanders at 13% mayor Pete Budaj edge down at 4% I what your thoughts of this but I'm gonna give you a doubleheader among african-american voters Joe Biden still has 31% become Lee Harris 27% again probably outside the margin of error but very yeah that makes sense that makes sense because of the type of you know the type of hit the blow the two-by-four that she took to to Biden which makes a lot of sense that now it was it was purposeful so the thing that both of them need Biden and Kamala Harris is they both have to win South Carolina South Carolina is majority of that Democratic base of that primary is African American voters and you see that in that polling that it worked to some degree that she got their attention so you know we've been talking all the way up to the debates how things were going to shake up after the day we've been saying that yeah now we have a race a race is on and this is democracy like I I think I think the way that we have it set up is perfectly fine we don't need a winner-take-all it will all settle its itself out and and it's a long long long process I have to tell you the funniest thing that I saw in that polling is that Marian Williamson is is doing better with black voters than Pete Buddha gypsy our teacher realness zero he is policing it's the policia you know here's the shake I assumed what going in would people to judge start to rise the media obviously really loves people to judge I assume that his city of South Bend might have like one percent african-americans and maybe that was the challenge you have almost half of your population is african-american and you don't even have one person who comes out of that community and says no mayor Pete's been great for our community you don't have a Joe Biden what Biden was to Obama in the black it's a problem in a city that has that many black people in it you got no record to show black voters are want to know that you see that that's my question when I look at the polling real quick so what do you think is gonna happen with people to judge and he's at four percent with twenty five million dollars but he's at twenty five or four percent yeah certainly Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as they've watched up to the number two spot I hope they're the Harris campaign is prepared for the the fire that's going to come from beneath them and there's a lot to go after Kamala on and so which from the right of the left she's opened on race yes she was that that young girl who was bust you know many years ago to across town but I know a lot of Democrats are sitting there thinking well you were the prosecutors you know as a older woman who busted yet a lot of young black men to prison so that's going to be a very interesting conversation no that's coming but let me just let me just constantly bring this back to who the real competition will be however the Democratic primary ends up here's Donald Trump on busing something that they've done for a long period of time I mean you know there there aren't that many ways you're going to get people to schools you're all having this really smart really serious high-stakes debate about the history of segregation and busing Donald Trump thinks the busing issue is about a big yellow autumn contrarian on it because obviously I share our you know revolves me with it but I think his voters think yeah all these plenty headed elite liberals of sitting around the table laughing at him because he doesn't know what busing is and doesn't know what 1954 Brown versus Board of Education is yeah I get that I don't I mean you can take a bus you can take a train and they sympathize with him and they laugh at us for laughing and I think being you know what for the Democratic field right now the search has been defined not by them right Biden is the parallel to Trump he's the Nostalgia candidate on the Democratic side older white Nostalgia candidate Trump is the older white Nostalgia candidate who's in office and so finding out who's the alternative to that and how you actually win a base election if nostalgia is how you win a base election I don't know anything about lecture normally it's a change election the Democrats want you want to change election and so I just ask myself in figuring out who's the front-runner who is the biggest change from Donald Trump and who presents the opportunity for the real majority to function as a majority because they're moved but this has changed Kamala Harris is in the perfect position to be to Joe Biden what Barack Obama was to Hillary Clinton in 2008 once black voters see that she can defeat bite it if they see his armor crack suddenly he's not inevitable black voters aren't emotional they'll say oh you can't win oh you can't even face her they'll move off of him in on New York my earpiece kicked back in also know the difference between the primary fight in a general election fight so to that extent I think they will look to see ultimately who can defeat Trump yeah I don't necessarily think that we that the Democrats should be thinking about change as much as they should be thinking about transition as Donald Trump was a transition away from that change from Barack Obama transition away from what the Obama administration had meant for eight years I think Biden is in the best position to make the case that I'm the transition to the future and the rest of y'all I'm willing to hand this off to you you can be the future so he has not made that I just have to say this people aren't upset with Kamla Harris for going after Joe Biden but Joe Biden was unprepared the real last night she also telegraphed that attack a week earlier he had seven days like a woman I told you hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos


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    Charles ikeji July 4, 2019

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    This is why we have Trump "Steelism".

  5. Ezajur Rahman
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    Black sellouts in mainstream media

  7. A Pett
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    Bwahhhahahahaha! Won't be long now before lefties find out which one of their candidates will lose to Trump. 🤣🤣🤣

    It's going to be particularly hilarious to see Harris eviscerated by her own record.

    Why isn't MSNBC talking about Harris's background and career if she just tied with the frontrunner?

  8. Geoff Gersbach
    Geoff Gersbach July 4, 2019

    Is Trump saying the commencement of filth on the city streets coincided with him coming to power?

  9. boef b
    boef b July 4, 2019

    Sinds when is Mike steele a dem ? He embarrassed himself being a republican. His own party really did not like him. They used him to bash Obama ,then throw him out. I pity him He thought the Republicans were his friends 😂

  10. Donald Smith
    Donald Smith July 4, 2019

    YEAH, #1. Joe Biden who's SON Accepted Bribes From China and #2. Kamala Harris the FAKE Black Woman who was Never Bused Anywhere!!!

  11. spare change
    spare change July 4, 2019

    I'm voting Bernie. As should we all

  12. Erik Wright
    Erik Wright July 4, 2019

    Why do you always have to paint people that love in rural areas as racist backwards fools? I'm sure you have racists in urban areas as well as other political beliefs other than left leaning ideas.

  13. Mark Hoffman
    Mark Hoffman July 4, 2019

    tRump is running the risk of offending the crowd that doesn't wash their hands after relieving themselves, his base.

  14. Nat Uber
    Nat Uber July 4, 2019

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  16. kevdaag
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    SF's problems with homelessness and filth started two years ago? What a load of crap. It's been disgusting for years.

  17. Reinier van Ramshorst
    Reinier van Ramshorst July 4, 2019

    Hitler liked his cities clean too

  18. timothy riley
    timothy riley July 4, 2019

    Republicans have been serious about installing a Corporate Fascist state (with a bone thrown to Theocratic Christianity) for 30 years. I do believe they got their wish. Good luck prying them from the halls of power, Dems. You better bring more than sissy indignation or kiss your precious Liberal Democracy sayonara.

  19. TheOzzk
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  20. Ted M
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  21. Avi Gindratt
    Avi Gindratt July 4, 2019

    not sure what is so funny.. It's early but the sense of urgency is lacking here, not just with liberals/dems, but for the people in general. Biden seems to be imploding already, which is a good thing. Harris's post-debate bump in the polls might suggest she has a slight edge over trump in the general, but id still prefer warren or Sanders, as they have the best policies. That said, Warren's rhetorical style is at times insufferable, and it tends to obfuscate her points, which I think is an indication of her secret corporate sympathies – she does call herself a "capitalist." Bernie seems unable to talk to, or connect with, Black America for some reason, and without us he will lose. Although I will say Bernie has the best shot at Trump in the general. Trump is a malignant tumor to America imo.

  22. Dan
    Dan July 4, 2019

    I live in Japan, in Tokyo. There is a lot of homelessness, but they don't pee on the streets or beg , or do heroin..
    They take their shoes off when they go into their blue sheet tents.

    It is ignorant to assume that because Japan is majority "similar looking" that it doesn't have poverty and discrimination. You might not notice that Chinese and other Asian immigrants are not Japanese because you think they look the same, but they experience a lot of discrimination and crappy work conditions here. Also more than 1 out of every 10 kids born in Japan is mixed race now.

    Also.. It has some of the highest and fastest raising child poverty rates in the world. Like with the homelessness though, they don't let that turn into an excuse not to be nice people.

    I consider myself liberal. I do not think that it has anything to do with liberalism or conservatism. It is cultural, as simple as. London, New York, Paris etc have had dirt and people peeing on their streets for their entire existence. Unless something fundamentally changes within the people of a culture, nothing will ever change.

  23. Nestor Gonzalez
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  37. Patrick Skramstad
    Patrick Skramstad July 4, 2019

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  38. Andrew C
    Andrew C July 4, 2019


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