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Democrats Must Pay Reparations for Slavery – Hotep Jesus

the Joe Rogan experience if you had to like if you were speaking in front of Congress yeah and you were talking about reparations what would you have to say keep the conversation going open up the conversation and let's get more Minds involved don't shoot it down and Dems must pay you know I got the hashtag go and Dems must pay why Dems because it's a great start number one so you know when we had the debate with CJ Pearson he said you know in his rant you know he went off about God and he said if anything the damage should pay is the liberal rules because they had the KKK they had they own slavery they ran a slave trade Dada so as like well if that's the case then why don't we make them pay the other thing is you know if you're conservative and you know you're having this elect election race or whatever why don't you just take the wild card away from him you know from the left and say well yeah you know if there is a reparations conversation you know that was the Democrats I was the Dixiecrats that installed Black Codes in South Carolina they're the ones that that's an interesting conversation right when you say that yeah and like wait what yeah actually the Democrats are responsible yeah you had the thing called Black Codes and if you were considered black then you didn't have rights the funny thing is you could be technically African and be white white isn't a color it's a status Elon Musk what do you mean it's from Africa is he yep why I knew it he's not in Africa well he was born in Africa but he's not in Africa South African but so so when we do his uh 23andme what is this probably a Dutch or something all day it's actually something right Europe okay but there is white people that their lineage from historically is from Africa sure well I mean the Sephardic people that lived in northern Africa right mm-hmm yeah where it's considered more Middle East right right right you can see some of that absolutely but these people aren't the African right people come from Turkey right right well I'm from Kiev Russia mm-hmm no that's where they come from they they migrated into Africa that's not what he from right there bodies aren't even biologically conducive to that environment you know I'm not conducive to the New York environment wife who is exactly where why folks is running on the street when shorts and I'm just like oh I need a jacket but there's definitely a biological difference data we got it recognize for sure know where we came from yeah yeah yeah it's a lot to this conversation there's a lot of this conversation but it's so heavily weighted people don't want to be objective about it [Applause]


  1. mariusz nowak
    mariusz nowak June 27, 2019

    We aready paying while u sitting home

  2. The Cooper Tech Kid
    The Cooper Tech Kid June 27, 2019

    If America ever did pay reparations then the money would have to be taken from the tax payers and that would mean a lost in services for everyone. That includes hospitals and schools. It’s just stupid to think that this would fix anything. All that it would do is hurt the hard working American and that includes black Americans!!!

  3. i
    i June 27, 2019

    The middle east should pay reparations for slavery

  4. nic d
    nic d June 27, 2019


    JASAMDOBAR June 27, 2019


  6. Freddy Rojas
    Freddy Rojas June 27, 2019

    The only time he said something valid and historically accurate, about the dems being the slave owners.

  7. IntergalacticGorilla
    IntergalacticGorilla June 27, 2019

    The only people more bitter and salty than blacks are ARMENIANS 😂🤣

  8. j787023 1
    j787023 1 June 27, 2019

    What a piece of trash. Go ahead and blame someone else for your problems

  9. Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith June 27, 2019

    Try the veal! I'll be here all weekend folks.

  10. Sergei Belozorov
    Sergei Belozorov June 27, 2019

    "They come from Turkey… Kiev, Russia, that's where they come from…" What a moron!

  11. jay
    jay June 27, 2019

    if a white person would say all that…. pffff

  12. Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid
    Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid June 27, 2019

    End the conversations and fuck the democrats

  13. Michael c
    Michael c June 27, 2019

    Americans don't even bring the Redbox discs back and you think you can get that money out of our pockets? Good luck

  14. Shoutenkou
    Shoutenkou June 27, 2019

    What a fucking tool. Kiev Russia, lmao.

  15. Chris Manager
    Chris Manager June 27, 2019

    Where the fuck does Joe find these absolute morons? So many people come on here who are apparently very clever and influential people but just turn out to be snowflakes who formed an opinion based on one side of a story and never bothered to question it, critique all sources and use all other angles to form a more solid and educated opinion like a true academic and actual clever person would do. This man is a fucking form of amoeba at best

  16. Jack R
    Jack R June 27, 2019

    Ancestry. com says one of my ancestors was a Dutch slave trader. I’m screwed.

  17. Zachary Kemp
    Zachary Kemp June 27, 2019

    Instead of reparations, we should just keep doing affirmative action

  18. Ryan Worstell
    Ryan Worstell June 27, 2019

    When Italy pays reparations to every European descended person on Earth because of slavery in the Roman Empire.

    Get the fuck out of here. Grow up and get a job.

  19. PlayStation Exclusive
    PlayStation Exclusive June 27, 2019

    Well the ENGLISH slaved the Irish into a famin killing millions, by Black logic I'm owed millions for the death of my forefathers.

  20. The One Who Knocks
    The One Who Knocks June 27, 2019

    Want reparations?
    Give up U.S.citizenship.
    Fast boat to Liberia .

  21. Opal
    Opal June 27, 2019

    Dudes got some eyes…. bad juju eyes.

  22. Jay P
    Jay P June 27, 2019

    Fuck this fuck pussy

  23. Silas Beall
    Silas Beall June 27, 2019

    This guy can go fuck himself
    PS: I want reparations for the boat ride

  24. Bahaa Blast
    Bahaa Blast June 27, 2019

    Man if you want the democrats to pay you for their past sins of slavery then I should ask the Turks to pay for their past rule of my country Lebanon and what they did to my people. Anyways brother what's in the past is in the past, and honestly at this rate it won't stay there for long. I love black people and African people and all people who know respect but the point of this video is pointless. Digging in the past is a dangerous thing it's best to learn and never bring it up again. On the other hand if you want the 1% to pay more taxes, the elite ? The richer than rich I'm with you on that all the way. If you want a higher minimum wage then so is all the poor of America.

  25. Shane Bodendorf
    Shane Bodendorf June 27, 2019

    I keep seeing "he has crazy eyes" no lol he just crazy in general

  26. Jason Ramar
    Jason Ramar June 27, 2019

    I know that all the white people disliked

  27. healer81
    healer81 June 27, 2019

    Click bait title. Slavery in America was a rich white thing not political.

  28. Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson June 27, 2019

    Having idiots like this on his show ruins Joe's credibility

  29. Maniceureka
    Maniceureka June 27, 2019

    I think the best course of action is to realize that all races have blood on their hands, but you can't punish individuals for it. If you use tax money, you'll force Latino, Asian, Arab and Native American citizen to pay for it too. And what if you're biracial? You might be a descendant of both slaves and slavers.

    Use tax money and help the poor of all races and you'll realize that you'll cover a lot of blacks in the process. Obama probably don't feel like he needs reparation money just because he's black, and a poor white family living in a trailer probably can't afford to pay more taxes and get less for it.

  30. Juan Fontanez
    Juan Fontanez June 27, 2019

    Let’s talk about, it’s was the Dixie Democrats in the south that created the KKK, just saying…If your a person of color & your Democrats your Fucking idiot.

  31. Psychoace
    Psychoace June 27, 2019

    How about politicians must pay

  32. Bernd blabla
    Bernd blabla June 27, 2019

    Blacks lol

  33. Scorpion F150
    Scorpion F150 June 27, 2019

    Have to agree w/Burgess Owens…. Dems did it! Dems pay!

  34. The uggster
    The uggster June 27, 2019

    free gibs

  35. mixalis
    mixalis June 27, 2019

    Only people who deserved money, are those who were slaves, and paid by those who kept slaves !!! This bloke is moron !!!

  36. mark lloyd
    mark lloyd June 27, 2019

    That guy needs todo some research

  37. Juan Fontanez
    Juan Fontanez June 27, 2019

    The Democrats are just a offshoot of the rebels,who where pro slavery, it’s was the Republican Party that freed the slaves.

    JR will take this clip down eventually.

  38. RedEyed RyNo
    RedEyed RyNo June 27, 2019

    This guy's logic is just as crazy as his choice to change his name from Bryan Sharpe to Hotep Jesus.

  39. Akmal Ahmad
    Akmal Ahmad June 27, 2019

    Then when the economy tanked who does black people blame again? White people of course. Its so cute that black people think economy is gonna be fine when you pay billions of billions of dollar to agroup of people that u have no guarantee where the money is going or how is it gonna be spend on.

  40. Kosmičko dvorište
    Kosmičko dvorište June 27, 2019

    America is a circus, jesus

  41. tomasz
    tomasz June 27, 2019

    So you can't call black people born in USA americans?

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