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Democrats and Republicans react to 'send her back' chant at Trump rally

well I think president put millions of Americans in danger last night his rhetoric is endangering lots of people this is not just about threats to individual members of Congress but it is about creating a volatile environment in this country through violent rhetoric that puts anyone like Ilhan anyone who believes in the rights of all people in danger and they think that he has a responsibility for for that environment no I don't think it's racist to say was it racist to say love it or leave it I don't think a Somali refugee embracing Trump would not have been asked to go back if you're a race issue on everybody from Somali to go back because they're black or they're Muslim that's not what this is about to me what this is about to me is that these four congressmen in their own way have been incredibly provocative the first moment she was you know introduced to the Congress Khalid said we should impeach the MF did you see or hear Trump's rally last night it was it was despicable to stand and attack those four women and the way he did talking about them going back home the racist basic taunts that were and then and then when the crowd started yelling send them back send them back sending them back why has that ever happen over the last time you remember anything about George Wallace no I'm serious when does anything like that happen the present United States saying or doing something like that and so folks look I think what is done it's energized a whole new generation of people I'm counting on for my granddaughter who's a junior in college back east who's with me today all the way through the Millennials who are the most open the most best educated the people who in fact are the least prejudiced and who understand that we can do anything if we do things together the president did not name the individual he said if you do not like this country you can leave it the president talked about building on this economy making it stronger there's a clear difference in this and you watch I don't get to see the rally but I saw a clip the president didn't join in any chant like that and you ever going to claim the president having a battle over a socialist issue and the socialist Democrats that's one that he has taken up even in the State of the Union he promised that this country will never have socialism here and that's why he's fighting so hard and I think it's really wrong that you would even challenge this president when you look at the first lady is foreign born as well so I think the question is database speech but if there is no place for these presidents they said does the president have a responsibility to cut this out for those who are at the event and I was not I didn't see it but I did talk to some buddies there he said it was a small group off to the side what the president did the president not join in the president moved on he moved on about a speech about a country and the things that are building and right that's what the president did to invigorate abandon people that support him and he has not people and that's when I saw that that was the first thing I thought of this is not leadership this is using people as political pawns whether they be people he's scaring with his threatened rage that he doesn't call it through on or whether it is people who are in Congress that he doesn't agree with they are merrily to him political pawns I hope it's gonna make people step back and cause and I know that it excites those people that were at that route but for the rest of us it should horrify us because we all stand on the shoulders of the moments he's actually putting her in a threat situation he's putting her at risk if I were her I would you know immediately call the FBI and say what do I need for protection you think I need more protection and are there threats in turn to believe she's not going to get threats coming out like that that was on every TV station in our country this month

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