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Democrats 2020 Race & Vintage Domination: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

[Applause] tonight there's a lot of incoming fire so these guys I'm using RPGs try to push the Isis fighters further back you come to events like this because you already like the person I'm shopping for a candidate I feel like if your brick and mortar is dying you suck the first six funerals for the 50 victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings were held today five days after the attack police have only identified 30 bodies so far and say they've been working methodically to avoid mistakes that would make it harder to convict the killer but the delay is adding to family's grief as Islamic rituals generally call for burial within a day my concern around the 24-hour burial period is being the top of my mind and so I do want to learn lessons from this a woman claiming to be a descendant of two slaves has sued Harvard accusing it of profiting off their photos believed to be the earliest taken of American slaves tomorrow Lanier's lawsuit says she's the rightful owner of the daguerreotype commissioned by a professor in 1850 to sell his racist theories Harvard's declined to comment Radovan Karadzic the former Bosnian Serb leader convicted of war crimes including genocide for planning the massacre of more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys appealed his 40-year sentence from the UN only to get life not that it'll make a huge difference he's 73 years old Disney closed at 71 billion dollar deal to buy up the entertainment side of Fox giving the magical kingdom a take of 40 percent of global ticket sales for movies that can now mix in The Simpsons and the x-men and create a whole new world of potential Hollywood sequels back in 2017 the White House said the deal could be a quote great thing for jobs it's actually expected to lead to 3,000 people being laid off it's been more than a month since the battle started to retake the town of bagus from gun positions high above what remains of the Caliphate us-backed Kurdish and Arab militias known as the Syrian democratic forces or SDF have been raining down fire on Isis but in the battle to end the Islamic state this last portion is proving the hardest these guys are trying to take out the fighters with 50 caliber machine guns they've actually have to stop the heavy artillery bombardment because SDF soldiers are now getting so close but the final victory is now in sight the fact they've held out so long has surprised everyone the beams on FK sit under the wanna have me one into arena honey every judge that worked on a a bit of Polish are working on a for testing weekend avid bureau Ariake one accrued on good chip where the food greater is made a difficult i she there at nana FreeNAS an SDF commander he's been fighting the Islamic state for more than five years do you feel like this is the moment the that it's gonna be all over rusty anymore Allah kept and it's taking the vision system as Antonia made available when are you the meanest empty hollow stable table on in a shaky voice Yahoo and hematochezia boom erosion of economists a motoharu Jo Kang Jae camper that was when Alfonso marasco's Babu opposites are not on question our fiend is confident his forces are on the verge of history upon a Twitter the chatter hold it there it is what do you know about who's still inside and what kind of preparations they've made for this last stand I've been sending our username teriyaki Donna I want back to nothing Arabic no in Chile Omonia our dae-ho Ikeda and Santino container Ikeda anniversary knockin my mannequin son Matt Danny yogi toy guru got Holger to the big wall gonna Medici with Demi pshh hold on a dashi I've got a honey or an Adagio the SDF says that in the past few days they've managed to push Isis out of most of bagus into a tiny piece of land by the Iraqi border because you can hear the sniper rounds whistling past is a lot of there's a lot of gun fly still Isis is very close to this position this fighters in there yeah still they have a flag on top of the roof and they have weapons yes so they're hitting you with missiles too even now they're still fighters so there's a lot of incoming fire so these guys are using RPGs to push the Isis fighters for the back as we're hurried out of sniper alley we passed the area where Isis women and children were recently living and find remnants of what they left behind she knew have a sorry Luis – come come so wash it in the later Luis comes over she refused in a rare view from the air you get a sense of why this battle has taken so long even in recent days the fighters apparently still had fuel and the SDF had to try and avoid women and children stand inside this Isis video shows the intensity of the fight from inside this week they've recaptured most of these streets the SDF has had to move cautiously 60,000 people have streamed out during the siege so far by night the sky over bagus is lit up by explosions cha-cha-cha just to see the SDF along with US forces have been stepping up what do you think it's like to be inside right now welcome to the Machine initially shape Baskerville says that the children dr. Gachet oval at the hands of the shithead grounded should have the truth it's hard to believe anything could withstand this but for right now Isis is still clinging on to this very last corner of the counter senator hi I'm having with vice news I saw you her not a local guy I'm not a local guy but I wanted to know what it's like to do the questions like in this gag overs are the questions you get from the voters well the voters tend to ask about things like floods that you guys might think are boring they don't think they're boring because they could like lose their basement then I think maybe you guys should learn a few things from these kind of pseudo townhall meetings here because what's on people's mind is not always what's on the news challenge accepted senator we attended multiple events in Davenport Iowa to listen to what voters are actually asking about it wasn't a huge sample size but it was telling there in the back in the sweater I was like I think we do need security at the border I've always supported that but you have to be smart about it right and when he's proposing is the 7 billion 8 billion dollar wall right that is not the answer why did you ask that question in our congregation and we are what's known as a sanctuary congregation which means we are willing and able to take some Libyan protect them from authorities who was in danger of deportation good immigration status so we care a lot about immigration problems in Arizona but like do you come to events like this because you already like the person I'm shopping I'm shopping for a candidate I have no frontrunner at this time okay in a couple hours that we're gonna go see Cory Booker downtown so we'll see what he has to say all right I'm gonna go to the gentleman in the back yes sir I have a question about your ideas on prison reform in lieu of certain states trying to make weed a recreational drug how do you feel about nonviolent criminal offenders we have presidential candidates and Congress people and Senators and now talk about their marijuana use almost as if it's funny but meanwhile in 2017 we had more arrests for marijuana possession in this country than all the violent crime arrests combined and what happens to people who are arrested for marijuana first of all who gets arrested poor people and way disproportionately people of color so we need to start talking about what I call restorative justice in our system why'd you ask that question I know guys that have that type of stuff on their record went to school with them hung out with them you know my high school is just up the street I knew guys that you know we're selling in the parking lot you know because you know mom was working 17 jobs well that's an exaggeration but you get the point so you were you're at a Booker event is this is he your guy are you looking at other candidates what are you thinking um it's too early to decide I think he's a really good candidate I think he's a strong candidate we'll see how everything plays out if I were to go with someone currently I would go with Joe Biden you're the third separate I have today to tell me I'm going to events with candidates people are coming out of the events and saying what I like is Joe Biden why because Joe is tied to Obama I'm not saying that cory booker has no chance but if I were to pick someone right here right now this early in the race I would go with with Joe Biden I love being in Iowa I got to tell you why because you are the first in the nation caucus you take that responsibility so seriously you want to meet every candidate many times ask some questions directly and the truth is that is what our democracy was meant to be so now I will answer all your questions and I'll get up here so I can see your faces I wanted to ask you about your opinion on a woman's right to choose and reproductive rights I understand people have deeply held religious beliefs but those who are Christians among us one of the most important tenets of Christianity is that you come to your faith by free will there is nowhere in the Bible that tells you you must impose your faith on other people as a Christian it's early campaigns are still figuring out what voters are looking for it's not that people aren't worried about their flooded basements is that the people that I talk to seem more worried about beating President Trump next year raise your PIN mean it stands for impeach the already so this year which candidates have you seen Cory Booker Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten and then I saw Pete Buddha judge be a live stream you have any sort of frontrunner or a favorite at this point I do not last time I started out very idealistic and this year my strategy is going to be different we are going to I believe support the candidate that has the best chance of winning on a national scale yeah I don't know him he's a whack job there's no question about it but I really don't know him he I think he's doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful wife Kellyanne is a wonderful woman that was president trunk doubling down on his criticism of George Conway after calling Conway a stone-cold loser and husband from Hell during his morning Twitter calisthenics so let's dissect all that for those of you who don't speak inside the beltway and have been wisely tuning this story out mister Kellyanne as Trump puts it is George Conway he's a prominent DC lawyer who happens to be married to White House counselor and Trump's 2016 campaign manager Kellyanne Conway the Conway's have been married almost two decades and have four kids together they're both longtime conservatives but their marriage has become a proxy war for Trump defending Republicans and never Trump Republicans now it was George who actually introduced Kellyanne to Trump creating this bizarre DC love triangle but as the Trump administration began to do its thing George Conway became one of its most prominent Republican Twitter dissidents he's been attacking Trump publicly and making things weird for his wife almost the entire time she's worked at the White House this week it was his tweets questioning the president's mental health which Kellyanne brushed off as usual no I don't share those concerns and I was getting I have four kids and I was getting down to the house this morning before I got here so and talked to the president about substance so I may not be up to speed on all of them now an amazing show of discipline Trump had pretty much refrained from responding until those mental-health tweets then George told The Washington Post that the president's incompetence is maddening to watch and that the tweeting keeps him from screaming at Kellyanne about it the Conway's relationship used to represent a very normal part of DC to conservatives married with kids who seem to have made a good life for themselves in law and politics what these two have going on now could also be considered kind of normal for DC when so many people in a town work in politics people find love even amidst policy disagreements George Conway actually summed it up pretty nicely on Yahoo's goal buggery podcast if I had a nickel for everybody in Washington who disagree with their spouse about something happens in this town I wouldn't be on this podcast I've been probably on a beach somewhere what's not typical is for a couple this prominent to feud this publicly and for the President of the United States to pick a side now that routines been a hit on the DC party circuit sally quinn and DC journalists and the widow of famed Washington Post editor Ben Bradley knows that circuit well I asked her about the role Kellyanne plays in the DC social scene so everywhere she goes Donald Trump is persona non grata but she because of her closer to the president is invited everywhere I mean particularly by embassies and you know sort of official things hardly because a lot of the people in this administration don't go out it's social climbing is impossible in this administration because you start making out with one person and then suddenly they're gone but Kellyanne just keeps on truckin and she goes out everywhere everywhere look I'm not a marriage counselor and I don't know what goes on in the Conway home what I do know is there will be a lucrative book movie or pseudo reality TV deal waiting for mrs. Conway whenever she decides to leave the White House's current reality show and whichever side emerges from the battle for the GOP future at least one half of the Conway's can say they were on the winning team so while the beltway gossips giggle into their cheap Chardonnay mrs. and mr. Kellyanne Conway might end up with a champagne last so yeah I mean this is like every category of vintage you could ever imagine hoodies button-ups denim shorts flannels holy you name it they got it really damn it's a really dope Snoopy there's Nike grab this I like this I see a brand could not pay for that good of a look I love this I think it's got a great look it's really good it's secret a/c might have been a vibe it's not like everyone thinks for you just come through and you're like alright that's a really great polo and Tommy let's go and pay for it I'm done it's like no actually like this is all a bunch of Sean well the spoon and his business partners have spend hours at rag houses like this one digging for old clothes they're sourcing product for their world-famous vintage street wear company round two cameras aren't usually welcome here but we got a rare invitation to a treasure hunt the t-shirts your dad might have worn heater is it heat you just picked like a you know a doughnut it's in the donut oh that's that's you that's a good one that's fired this one's way this one's uh to stretch this is 1990 but yeah I mean this is between you know like what 150 and two or something like that like Stan yeah this is fine see this is like in our vintage store it's like this is just like kind of what people want knowing exactly which qualities makes an old t-shirt valuable requires experience and instant it's not cheap or easy either to even walk into this Rack house you have to be ready to spend all day here and drop a minimum of $500 do our prices I guess switchers here a teenage cool $30 25 25 great each of with 25 got me whatever you think is beyond Ramona okay today they left with two thousand dollars worth of what might seem like a random assortment of old teas but they're confident they'll make at least a 30% profit on each one thank you brother Shawn and the guys can anoint a t-shirt with value because they've been getting their hands dirty this way for a decade the first round to store was a 10 by 10 square foot storage unit in Richmond Virginia when they first got into vintage it was just to find rare clothes for themselves they soon realized they could turn their own personal taste into cash next they opened a 700 square foot brick-and-mortar and since then the brand has expanded a lot is this kind of like the round to block it's sweet yeah that's our little monopoly it's our village the round to village yeah usually people come to the main store first then they'll go hit up the vintage store then they'll go to the merch store last grab some like souvenirs and some merchandise like that it's a cool block you know it's a lot of fun so how many stores do you have now um okay so we have three here one in New York we're opening another one in New York and March I won't count yet two in South Beach one in Virginia seven and how many people to employ now I don't do payroll I don't know we might have like 50 employees though it's a little crazy at a time when the retail apocalypse is causing apparel stores to close at record rates Sean is opening more without a functioning website brick-and-mortar stores are dying everything is going online how do you think you've been able to kind of get field offices yeah well you're saying that in my mind I'm like is this true is this really happening I just don't believe it I feel like if your brick-and-mortar is dying you suck I think now consumers love to have a story they love to have something to talk about love to feel like a part of something when you go to a store to shop you leave with like ten stories what they are selling online is the in-store experience via YouTube welcome to the new store customers find out about the store from the show which is basically Pawn Stars for rare supreme Nike and of course vintage they've been filming themselves for six years now and the hour-long episodes have an impressive average watch time of 15 minutes it's this along with the brands combined 1.6 million Instagram followers that's created the height to sustain storefronts hype that has kids flying in from all across the globe I flew all the way from Sydney Australia any had time like 5 minutes time to have a chat with me it's crazy do you feel like you kind of know him because you've been following him online afterthought I've also been celebrity I'm from Mexico why are you shopping in round 2 Oh round 2 since very special to me because he captures that vintage feeling very well it's just such a good feeling that you don't get at a regular retail clothes I feel like these things have a history behind them and that's good people do well who earn this kind of nation area they're kind of vintage rocket what do you think of the elements that took it beyond that we opened in 2013 so that was like there wasn't many stores like ours and the stores you could go do that were you know ran by younger dudes everyone was an asshole so we saw that and we're like you know what we open let's just like be as nice as possible you have worn these shoes better than any other human on planet earth this is what I thought they would look like in 20 years I love it can you picture of them actually dude I'm so hype you killed it you're what's Rajee shawne's now a full-blown influenza last year Nike chose him to design his own sneaker which instantly sold out and there's another one on the way with yes it's vegan it's so sick I wish I had a clean pair like this honestly that's just to be a swoosh now thank you appreciate it thank you thank you how's business yummy for like I don't know just like a random number to throw out there will probably like upwards of like 10 million a year turns out the number is closer to 20 million Sean's easygoing disposition can make it seem like this was all a happy accident but new storefronts are coming in Chicago Houston and internationally and there are conversations happening about their YouTube show moving to a bigger platform you're gonna be recycling a hell of a lot of a lot of course we're selling a lot of used clothes [Applause] [Applause] you


  1. Chantay Berry
    Chantay Berry July 1, 2019

    Sometimes, I wonder about my party.

    The Democratic Party is suppose to be the party of inclusion and diversity. But are we?

    In my heart, I believe the party is about those things. However, when I hear my fellow progressive counterparts boasting Bernie Sanders, Pete and Yang.., I just wonder about the diversity and inclusion within the party.

    But this doesn’t mean I’m leaving the party.

    As an life long African American Democratic voter, some of my fellow non- minority progressive counterparts have bashed a few minority candidates (especially Booker and Harris).

    They are the only 2 African Americans that are candidates in the race. They may not be extremely progressive like Bernie and Yang. However, their values are way off from conservatism.

    They are Democrats/Progressives (just like Sanders) who believe everyone should have fair equal rights in this country.

    Too many social media bots on either YouTube, Facebook and/or Instagram target these two more than any other non-black liberal politicians. I’ve even encountered some folks attack President Obama.

    Overall, this country has become more divided than ever. It’s totally disgusting. Especially, within our own party.

    We don’t have to agree on ideology. However, we need to get on board with each other (especially who ever when the nomination) to restore civility and take back the White House.

    Let’s stop this BS and vote!

  2. Mikey The Crafter
    Mikey The Crafter July 1, 2019

    1:00 well your great great great great grandfather killed my great great great great grandfather I demand 100,000 dollors now you biggot lmao

  3. Cole O'Driscoll
    Cole O'Driscoll July 1, 2019

    LOL no mention of Bernie even though he’s one of the top contenders, if not the top contender.

  4. ryan holtzclaw
    ryan holtzclaw July 1, 2019

    Donald Trump will win in 2020.

  5. Ryan
    Ryan July 1, 2019

    Bernie will win

  6. Cognitive Dissonance Camp
    Cognitive Dissonance Camp July 1, 2019

    I grew up wearing vintage clothes and I never knew it till I was older. We wore most of our vintage garments to the barn while doing chores.

    BLUEGENE13 July 1, 2019

    those nostrils

  8. jackpettingill
    jackpettingill July 1, 2019

    Vice sucks now a business puts politics in the mix you start to suck no one cares you hate trump we all love him go back to your high end ground breaking documentaries no one cares your obsessive democratic views

  9. Jawad H
    Jawad H July 1, 2019

    Democrats are diging their own grave.
    Just usless people trying to get votes. Would know how to buil a chair from IKEA, but wants to run a country.

  10. Miles North
    Miles North July 1, 2019

    Democrats are
    the party of hate,
    contempt and

  11. N D
    N D July 1, 2019

    I don't have a political party affiliation, but I am really concerned with politicians fighting for power and control, Democrats have definitely lost it! They support open borders and that only brings great problems for everyone one.

  12. Amged Fraik
    Amged Fraik July 1, 2019

    Yeah don’t bring up Bernie Sanders the most popular politician and the only one who has a legit chance of beating trump.

  13. A Lil Kangaroo
    A Lil Kangaroo July 1, 2019

    Ewwwww President Beto ORourke 🥰😍😘🤩☺😊🤗🤗🤗🤓🤓🤓🙂🙂🙂😉😉😉

  14. John Zimmerman
    John Zimmerman July 1, 2019

    Creepy Joe's their hero.🤭🤪😜

  15. Kekronomicon K
    Kekronomicon K July 1, 2019


  16. Barry Stamper
    Barry Stamper July 1, 2019

    Disney is the devil

  17. 0poIE
    0poIE July 1, 2019

    One thing I learnt from my friend who travels when we had 1 week in Toronto together. You don't really need the nicest clothes to enjoy the world

  18. Activation Codes 🔥💚🔥
    Activation Codes 🔥💚🔥 July 1, 2019

    So much recycling of psyops and their aftermaths. Works great at keeping consciousness low and sheep distracted. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌 well done, you serve your master well.

  19. 11ll11l1ll111l1
    11ll11l1ll111l1 July 1, 2019

    13:39 she’s wrong! Plenty of bible script that say go into the world and share the Gospel. Many ppl may share it differently but the bible does say be a witness and share the Gospel.

  20. Kira Barsmith
    Kira Barsmith July 1, 2019

    Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden are corporate tools. Bernie is the most popular politician in the U.S., but the establishment Dems are hellbent on cheating him AGAIN. This country is incredibly corrupted, it's awful.

  21. Ci Wa
    Ci Wa July 1, 2019

    The ISIS coverage? Is this recycled footage? I feel like I just saw this same footage on a VICE news episode recently.

  22. ricky4mel
    ricky4mel July 1, 2019

    Ba Roberts wrote and sung the perfect song for isis

  23. ricky4mel
    ricky4mel July 1, 2019

    I'm against Islam but what these idiots do like in new Zealand is a disgrace ,

  24. Mason Dineen
    Mason Dineen July 1, 2019

    Vice is a one party news network obviously , only follow and help Democrats

  25. Luke
    Luke July 1, 2019

    BERNIE 2020! "Not me. US! They were all so fake sounding in the 1st few minutes. Bernie is sincere AND his rallies have more than EVERY single candidate mentioned COMBINED AND MULTIPLIED BY 2. Not too important, VICE? Millions of us are working on his historic campaign and it's ALWAYS incredibly obvious when Bernie is somehow not mentioned at all or is dismissed altogether. I remember the sudden change in 2016 with watching the news on TV; it switched to completely stop talking about Bernie in 1 fukin second! Bernie was breaking multiple records and speaking to entire stadiums completely full of people and all we saw on tv was trump's empty podium. It was then when I realized how much Bernie is our guy- even tho he and I have disagreements. This time around they can no longer scare millions of people with calling Bernie "socialist" and saying we cant pay for any of it- cuz he laid out his entire platform and where funding will be coming from in order to achieve our goals of creating a gov't that cares about the people 1st- not the rich and not the corporations.

  26. Stevonz1234
    Stevonz1234 July 1, 2019

    Where's my boi yang

  27. FutureScience2012
    FutureScience2012 July 1, 2019

    Trump 2020

  28. Tru1ne
    Tru1ne July 1, 2019

    Cory seems like a snake. He does not have the Black vote. I'm definitely not voting for him 🤷🏾‍♂️ his interview on the breakfast club rubbed me the wrong way. Not voting for Gillibrand either 🤮 We need better choices. Get rid of Trump 2020!!!!

    "Husband from hell". Trumps wife always looks disgusted and never wants him to touch her. 🤣🤢

  29. AeonG
    AeonG July 1, 2019


  30. fiendin281
    fiendin281 July 1, 2019

    Bunch of deplorables

  31. The Prestigious
    The Prestigious July 1, 2019

    Trump will win in 2020. His opponent will get crushed.

  32. BART 2
    BART 2 July 1, 2019


  33. Paul
    Paul July 1, 2019

    Trump 2020!


    imagine living in the year 2020 and still thinking democracy is not a fraud

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