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the caring professional educators I think we're gonna cut back three million in this room right now every what we have to say about these public school students and their families and communities should be important to elected officials who will make the decisions that we all have to live with that our students have to live with and that's why we kind of here together of this very special friend for a day of educators and in our responsibility to protect our students and the integrity of our professions Reverend is a movement that has spread across our great nation and we are marching this movement straight towards Election 2020 when we that will choose the next president of the United States of America first we talk to a lot of candidates this time the questions that you're going to hear will come directly from our networks these are annotators who have submitted their questions through our website on the given video or typing it in and asking what they want to hear saw public schools dot or anyone can go up there and say look Jerry's a swarm each can aid in this is important because we're teachers we know when to tell us something to put their pencils down right we are going to each of these candidates ten minutes let me tell you how it's going to go you will have if you Canada get one minute of an opening your mark anything they want to say rely on either a video or yeah what they want to be you're taking them right out of the website the candidates will have no more than three minutes to answer each question you can take a look in the corner under the screen we're going to put it up there I think when they start talking you'll see when it gets to zero and then if it counts down I don't want to let it cut off life so give me with God or buzz or you know like sold them that'll be fun but no no what we want to do because we're pillai is when it says zero we will start applauding politely polite way of us saying nobody gives more time than someone else maybe filling that candidate forums could learn how to be polite and we're going to show them have for us a lesson of 21 beginning to write a few right now may I introduce to you our first candidate who would like to be the next president of the United States he's very serious I see the clock Varya today I am wearing this race I promise day lastly the a a and he's all over this country before have occurred to the Mach luminous a to happen to the demand we take the national priorities in the country that instead of giving high streets to the villages and subsidies to the fossil fuel industry that we invest in the children of this country and the education tell you that at the curves of the dishes is reverberating all the country working people who are close to the host on now the baby and economy that works for all of us the maxilla 1% teachers thank you very much is going to be extra and we have teachers and support professionals higher education preschool and public service folks so we we are very interested in the question that came online so let me review what top but we're talking to you from the dad asked plans retracted and been social security in a minute here number who used to vote that was as a 10-point Republicans and some Democrats the custard and at a time we have twenty percent of senior citizens trying to get away I said the $14,000 a year when seniors a claim that never sufficient or pills and have any solution jury that does not seem like particularly good idea to me so what we did is I can call the defending Social Security caucus and we said that we will not allow behind the knees degrees of pain CPI that will be cutting Social Security is expanding Social Service I propose was called scrappy to the pack right now in America if you make about a hundred thirty thousand a year you theory and somebody who makes thirty policy now if a security passes of the first hundred thirty pounds of house that seems to be on sir so how people make two hundred fifty thousand law but the top one percent when he reads some sort of review which other subject he spends Social Security benefits for the movie Hum C's inspected the book it he sends the light years now all of you know that it was a little – lady body is that handsome in a war of against Liberty last holidays hungry and at the same time where the public is negative high priests to business they have open about cleaning Social Security and Medicare and maybe we ever believed to say to them and how is in a console security if you better exhale – to lily Shaw and Bible from his children not gonna come back cuz we're gonna fight for a many paths for all single-payer aside of meeting my most asked questions and they can ask for the like video our first member video question come from Ariel e in Hawaii probably going to anybody salaries to make teaching more attractive so them have less generated a nationwide then a soft but let me tell you America with a very important question and the truth is the innocence beyond teachers which I'll talk about in a moment the answer has everything to do with changing national priorities has everything to do with changing the culture of America something that we recognize that there is nothing more important than education in her we appreciate that education and learning is all about the human rights absolutely be learning for the anyway one to the day week about an America country in history it must go without saying we're gonna have the best public schools in my world that goes without saying that we are going to have teachers who received but respects and the realization that I think you deserve for doing some of the most a would work in America and it is that when we talk about teachers in years 2019 the Lahani proposal the proposal on education says that every teacher in America at least 60 and also another proposal live in a world of global impacts 45 million Americans including many teachers it is an abuse absurd that I have so many of people struggling with all the processes when I was assuming that we I need criticize the district oppose I'm criticized behavior proposal we try to save the amenities in the country and not this proposal if we could bear the cross on Wall Street to the delusion of friends about it we surely with a teacher in hell man how will you strengthen our country's public schools and an entire citizen about why privatization charter schools are not good for our children well for a full answer please go to my website and if you do but this is what you will find our proposal communication plan we end federal funding completely private PACS pay you money should be going to entertain houses an oppositely will treat visitors even our proposal put a moratorium on all the new consoles until we have a full and our proposal not only Turtles funding for kind of one proposal not only moves on aggressively to make for the classroom sizes that you've got to beat our legislation in another area raises to the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour our proposal moves aggressively to enemy priest segregation that we see it is told our proposal on the sense that real education Posen comes in the end of the school day we typically increase funding plan after the school progress we need to make school and in our country when kids leave school at the end of the school year that we retain what they have learned it is of the whole which is higher these summer programs proposal both fools and the distance education it is we have got an end of the disgrace of hanging on the highest rate of Heidelberg hobby anyone hungry immediately [Applause] Oh more than it to tell us anything you want us to know about you and wouldn't the captain give us to zero we're going to okay thank you very much madam president Thank You Lily for Harrison natural opportunity with you here today say how much I appreciate all the educators who are here and we help a that it remains as a soul Native Americans come true I couldn't even hear today whether the vision for the future for our country and in the Dupree percent even an American II the smartest that the monkeys that the bear is the most prosperous Asia Minor come here son of a father was a public school educator for 31 years and the huddle gonna be the smartest patient in the 21st century you Thank You Randy pointless and inserted the video maybe when I get one of your questions this is kind of our only in America honor to teach of this is where high school where you race against ethical retaining on release mitigation our souls on the parameters for decision unfortunately who would cease accusative this not have the equality councils and the president about confined to the Finnegan an emergency here and the audience so I'm one of those who's moonwalk and an intensely Center created this one is a second my brother and I my brother he says those are the years we didn't want the descendents and they have a resume of the public school districts of the state and that's why you know the permanency impact of running around in segregated school districts by high school probably 85% mexican-american but the challenge is that the challenges today we're still rapidly with so many issues that were happening at three years ago and even though our educators who tremendous job with their students you'll all see in every day in Vietnam that segregation what are we gonna do about recent release what am I gonna get over virgin education and education if you want to make sure that every child in the a is retained and education is hostile in an addition to in the investi and our educators in treating them with respect and having that meeting when they close out an improvement of intimidation and in addition of the best thing is nobody said it's an opportunity we also do things like tackle how easy segregation when Obama schools around Ricky rule called abundantly clear very healthy it was mostly the desegregate our countries so that we have students ability to go and insult additionally that uniformity and in addition to that schools are my voluntary buzzing so the reason the district was really devoted to different schools and then he invested bigger house a poisonous because it's all the times when ergative our houses their neighborhoods we have a good question for Timothy who's an authority teacher from Alaska he has down the last few years to be surprised across health insurance what are usually do to address that is right thank you very much for the question I believe that there's no reason in our country that anybody should ever go without health insurance because they have on the border to the United States Old Mexico whenever littles innocently consistent her tonight and she doesn't everybody just given up identity school raise my mom and then my mom raised when the brother he is a second parent my grandmother Hoover had enemies and I was just showing up reverse the reverse but when H and I'm gonna rehab pain when it's just anyone Jionni's to know is really common for Sicilian I Venice but hater from Illinois and he would like to know what would you do as president to remedy you or you are hungry but the out-of-pocket expenses the constable who Murray we need to change in a broom of our system I also believe the IVA fundamentally transform our miserably the new syllable of the parable days per incidence we need to end that the decision in between visible healthier and mental health care and as optical engineers you see the impact that in our health care system any shortcomings have on our students each and every day my initiation when I am altering that scene and in a community-based model services for the lady Nino year I believe that all of these things going together that all the details current identity we don't only resentence we get away the silos and nutrition our policy and in this company thank you secretary Castro it becomes some J's in Illinois [Applause] this one is how do you propose to allow professional entertainers participate it doesn't worry a about a true education reform but that inevitable politics that comes with it [Applause] [Applause] – Gupta luggages or to pretend it didn't happen save my DVD I remember every single day we hold a semester in Atlanta [Applause] remember all the Detroit of the moment I felt like really help the student understand understand core and then the registration when I was getting through or that I could say they needed other resources or they needed something else that I wasn't even here I came away with the minister's respect for the fact that the teaching takes till it's done who was there but we definitely another 2000 significance of the planet and the Native Americans have so much in him to inform an education policy already in the 90s when we reached out to the NEA and its engineers and the teachers across this country and in my villages that will continue to do that if I'm elected in the United States to make sure Commission's through testimony there were oil into the wooden boards that the engines for an education future thank you please you know the rule we're going to politely clap when we get down to theorem you will have one minute to give an opening statement and then we have three questions from our members and so you can share with us anything you'd like for three minutes and then if you go over which I know you want I know anyone I know you want but then we'll just start clapping I'm sorry so one minute go over your class you get clap all right you get a minute to give an opening statement folks look I'm my deceased wife as a teacher my present wife for 42 years Jill is still teaching and I taught in school I taught in law school I moved I was a substitute teacher and I came away with three things from all this experience number one is teaching is not what y'all do it's who you are but the thing though for real for real and you hold more than any other profession you hold the future this country in your hands no I'm not I'm not exaggerating it's a fact look folks all these children are our children they're all our children they're the kite strings that lift our national ambitions aloft and they're in your hands and we don't treat you with enough respect or dignity we don't pay you enough and I promise you if I am your president it will change on day one [Applause] upon our website we've let people like write their questions and video their questions we have a video question for you from Rudy one of our education support professionals in Pennsylvania is a vast difference in in ma the economic support that goes into us students of color especially an economically deprived areas I don't like to know how they help us out there and so how would you be more inclusive of students of color and economically deprived areas number one folks every one of our students has an incredible potential but most don't have the opportunity first thing I would do I would double double the funding for title one double – triple it from fifteen to forty five billion dollars a year and they'd have to do three things the district you got a 1 you have to focus on equalizing teachers pay number 2 you'd have to make sure that you're in a situation where you can bring into the school system all the people need you need for example suit school psychologists sociologists people who in fact you need in your toolkit to help you because we asked too much of you right now thirdly I would see to it that we rebuild the infrastructure of our schools the infrastructure of our schools are horrible I would devote of the infrastructure money a hundred billion dollars to redo the schools and particularly in those areas are economically deprived thirdly I would make sure that we understand that the moment child is born no matter what their color their race or their background they all have an equal shot and that's why we would start with universal pre-k before that going into know what I don't get but I don't get is what we're even arguing about this anymore all the data is in there's overwhelming evidence that it enhances every single community if we do it and the other thing I would do in those schools that are challenged in tough neighborhoods I would make a significant investment of another hundred billion dollars in those schools across the country in order for teachers in there to be able to get paid for mentoring be able to get paid for teaching other teachers bringing them along because folks we have to have you in the schools teaching teaching teaching you shouldn't be doing three jobs or two jobs [Applause] like I said I've been married a schoolteacher move anyway by the way the reason that reason I became a professor at University of Pennsylvania I was tired of the milk of a doctor and Joe Biden you know but in Italian change anyway look the other thing is folks we're in a position where we have the opportunity to fundamentally change in those schools we're talking about I would see to it that there also were challenging programs ap programs programs that are in allow every school district to challenge their students I'd have back to school programs was included in my initiative I would make sure that we're in a position that we let children in a position to be able to go beyond high school lastly twelve years is not enough anymore folks for anybody to live in the middle class and so I call for is anyone seeking a certificate or degree whether whatever the deal is included in Community College it is absolutely free and by the way we can easily afford it we just eliminate one of the 1.6 trillion dollars in tax cuts called stepped-up basis that means for folks who have a lot of money if they're about to cash in a capital gains to get by the truck their kid gets left the money guess eliminated it's only 17 billion dollars to pay for all of this we have we have a question that someone typed in June who's an art teacher in Massachusetts would like to know what role do you think educators should play in terms of crafting education policy local state and national and why you should craft the policy it's like asking saying we can rent an engineering operation let's go get a plumber let's go get a lawyer folks you're the ones that knowing first thing as present on States not a joke first thing I will do is make sure that the sector education not Betsy the boss it is a teacher number two folks and so the press doesn't get confused I promise I'm not I'm gonna point my wife okay press I can hear it now Biden says the point is going to sector education but why she should be a good one second thing is look you got to have wraparound gotta have it that's what I said you got a wraparound initiative here we have to bring the entire community in everything from the Boys and Girls Clubs of the YMCA's to the community development programs yeah bring everybody to expose children you know I really mean it what is the greatest thing you can do for a child is expose them to what they have the potential to do kids no I really mean it kids don't know if they've never been exposed I grew up I never know a banker or a lawyer a doctor under the family trip and other than the family physician but guess what well I got a little bit older and I got exposed I thought it was it all of a sudden realized hey the stuttering kid from Claremont I can do that I can do that kids don't know what they can do unless you expose them that's the second main eva's wraparound program the other thing is look with regard to education you in the classroom should be part of the agenda as to what you are going to teach you should have a say in know you should have a say in what you need to teach and I would begin again to put the school districts in the position where they can fund everything from look at the art programs have been cut look at the art program because look at the after-school program because look at the job training programs have been cut how many of you have shop in your school anymore how many of you have art programs in your school anymore how many of you are in that situation so teachers should have the to have an input and I think it should be regularized in terms of the school districts that's a local decision but I will put a lot of pressure to make sure teachers are in on deciding what the curricula is what you're going to teach because you know better you know the response to it and lastly folks the thing I have you have to do the most is we have to elevate teachers as the professionals they are my times on out it's all about it's all about being treated with dignity how many times you've been somewhere you're going through a line to be introduced to the guy says woman says by the way I'm an engineer so that's great I'm gonna teach you oh your teacher come on come on [Applause] you guys wait wait wait wait wait wait my bad my bad no don't go anyway don't go away don't go away don't go away because you have one more question [Applause] no tell anyone do not tell anyone what I did okay it's just between you and me teachers can keep missing I am so sorry I'm so nervous it's because I'm nervous one of these guys is gonna be the next president of the United States you know in Washington State how would you curb the soaring cost of post-secondary education how would you promote alternative post-secondary education such as trades or apprenticeships look you should be in a position in the high school curricula and every state has the capacity to do this now of while in high school learning to get credits for your community colleges or colleges or for trades that is within our wheelhouse right now I can't go into more detail it's 240 but anyway second thing is say look the second thing is we're in a situation where right now we can afford and I really mean it afford to in fact make available the opportunity for people to be able to pay for that paid for them this opportunity that's why I really mean it the idea of being able to go to a train that's why Barack and I tried very hard to exceedingly increase apprenticeship programs around the country we should be we should be inducing businesses to in fact have more apprenticeships and by the way I'm a labor guy from belt buckle the shoe sole laborer the only guys who do it right now and so we should be encouraging businesses they engage in what is in their interest the longer they keep an employee the greater the lure do they have and promote from within but the point is apprenticeships are available now you know there are over a hundred thousand jobs out there when I was vice president and the president asked me to do this study on unemployment unemployment that are going without being filled high tech jobs that are basically don't require anything more than a high school degree or a certificate but they're not being filled so we did we came up with that eight billion dollars to work with community colleges go out to the businesses and say what are your needs I won't go into the details but there's been Detroit all across the country what are your needs and then we said okay here's a little dude you bring whatever that need is for example there was one up and out kokum up and up in Michigan they're making photoholic shingles that they had people who didn't know how to run them a you know a foldable with machine on the floor it's what you did the person who could throw you know : no blast furnace can learn how to do that 10 so they brought the machinery in and they trained them on that machinery there was a conveyor belt average $48,000 a job from there to that now that turns out the corporation didn't do very well then but the point is there's a lot of these up in Rochester New York what's going on with the Community College up there and dealing well you all know that in dealing with Kodak having collapsed and there's a big big deal but so folks we can we put together it's an obligation of governance to put together people who in fact income neutral needs and that can be done not easily but it can be done well if you do it and look folks the other thing is that we're in a position now where we jill has my wife jill has an expression any country that out-educates us will out-compete us will out-compete us so folks we should be investing a great deal more money the cure research and raked in more money in training anyway thanks [Applause] for our next candidate please welcome Elizabeth Warren [Applause] ciserek you are correct it's also in our blood to tell people when to put their pencils down so here's how we'll do it one minute for an opening statement and then we have three questions for you unless I forget to ask the next question and so yes but that would never have happened of course and everybody can see that timer on the big screen and when it hits zero we're going to politely clap for you okay so so you have one minute to make an opening statement to this amazing good so first let me say hello any a how long teachers [Applause] workers bus drivers everybody who takes care of our children every day my name is Elizabeth Warren and I know what I wanted to do since I was in second grade and I've never wavered from it I wanted to be a public school teacher I used to wine my dollies up and teach them I want you all to know I was tough but there but the time I graduated from high school we didn't have money for a college application much less to send me off to college but it was the University of Houston $50 the semester a commuter college that was my chance I hung on and I became a special needs teacher I have left my dream I just want to say one thing Lily no no okay No I understand nice try though I think we have a loud of thousands and thousands of people have gone up to our strong public schools or website that's they've uploaded videos of themselves asking all of you questions good you're going to hear one of them now it's from Sarah an education support professional in Kentucky okay what can you do for the United States to ensure that all children are entitled to a fully funded public education a quality education for all I got a plan for that because I believe that if you want to get something done you really do need a plan for that so let me just give you some pieces of it it starts with a wealth tax that's a two cent tax on the top one-tenth of 1% of the great fortunes in this country people who have more than 50 million dollars in wealth we say it first 50 million that's cool but you're 50 million and first dollar pitch in two cents and two cents for every dollar after that here's what we can do with two cents we can provide universal child care for every baby in this country agency ratify universal pre-k for every three-year-old and four-year-old in this country the wages of every preschool teacher and every childcare worker to the professional levels they deserve invest in our infrastructure so we have good clean schools state-of-the-art for all of our kids the universal tuition free technical school community college and four-year college for everybody who wants to get an education [Applause] and there's more in that same tooth sense we can make all of these investments plus we can cancel student loan debt for ninety five percent of the people for me this is about our values this is about what we respect as a country are we a country that just wants to keep working better and better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top a country that says that top one-tenth of one percent seventy five thousand families they got to keep it all or a country that says you make it big good for you that's great we celebrated but pitch in two cents so every one of our kids that's our chance to make it there there is nothing in this country more important than the education of our children and I'll tell you this about public school teachers we recognize the worth of every human being we invest in the future and we never give up [Applause] couple of people wrote in their questions shy they didn't want to do they'll marry judy is a retired teacher from Washington hi Judy and she would like to know what would you espresso do to put an end to high-stakes testing so that our students and teachers have a fulfilling and dynamic education [Applause] so let me start with a commitment that I have already made publicly in fact long before I got to this stage today I will name someone to be Secretary of Education who has been a public school teacher [Applause] because here's how I see it I want someone in Washington who every time they think about standards and who's meeting water they're writing all the regulations if someone has actually seen a child light up if someone who's actually seen someone engaged and suddenly lift their head knowing something they hadn't known before someone who's seen a door open that's who I want for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos need not apply [Applause] if it is as I said it's about our values you know I was a special needs teacher special needs teachers understand this notion that it's all about testing that it's all about with somebody far off in the state capitol or far off in the national capital says here's what constitutes success and worse yet here's what constitutes failure no that's not what education is about education is what goes on in the classroom what a teacher has said as the goal and want to eat when it can't gets there it is a teacher who knows that we do not need high-stakes testing I think this goes to the fundamental question of respect for our teachers too many folks seem to have gotten the idea that teaching is kind of like you know working on an assembly line and we'll just test your widgets to see if they're coming out all right and if they are you must be a good teacher and if they don't meet the standards set somewhere else you must not be no that is not what teaching is all about teaching is about bringing out the best in our children it's about opening doors for our children it's about listening to our children it's about responding to our children it's about making the most of every minute we spend with our children that's not about testing it's about the educational experience and we need our teachers to be front and center in that [Applause] for your final question my final question yes your last question is from Brooke an elementary school teacher in Nebraska when and how will you as a leader make it possible for teachers to earn enough to support themselves on a teaching sound alone so this is at the heart of it you know this is partly about money but again it's about respect it's about recognizing every day the worth of what our teachers do here's the best place we can start to raise teacher pay and get more resources into our public schools and that is strengthen our teachers unions [Applause] [Applause] make it easier to join a union and give those unions more power when they come in to negotiate [Applause] because every teacher understands this it's what we do individually one child at a time but it's also what we do together that is our strength you know we live in an America where democracy is under assault time after time after time decisions made in Washington weren't great for the rich and the powerful think of the tax breaks they want think of the benefits they want think of the exceptions they want but for the rest of America it's just not working we have a chance to turn that around and that starts with our teachers our teachers showed us last year when they went on the frontlines in West Virginia for me in Arizona [Applause] it was a lesson not only and what teachers need to be able to survive it was a lesson in democracy we asked America state-by-state when teachers stood up what kind of a country do you want to have do want to have a country that just works better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top or do you want to have a country that works for all our kids well teachers are on the front lines fighting for all of our kids [Applause] I have plans to get more money into public education because I believe in public education but I understand this is about so much more than money this is about how we build a country going forward this is about the value of every single one of our children and this is about teachers what a teacher at the White House [Applause] ready for our next candidate please welcome Amy Klobuchar we're honored to hello everyone hello Minnesota delegation and I don't know if you are booked well okay now here are the rules yeah you're the rule yeah see this tiny way I love it you have one minute to tell us whatever you want to say yeah then we've got three questions you know that and if we go over we all love you with a round of applause so they weren't sure whether to start better not okay all right here we go Minnesota delegation will tell you this in Minnesota when I led the ticket we elected a teacher as governor of our state when we put in place a union member and leader as education commissioner in the state of Minnesota I am the daughter of a teacher who left Wisconsin to Minnesota why because they had strong teachers unions right she taught second grade until she was 70 years old I believe and that education is a right as I stand before you a Protestant education the granddaughter of an iron ore miner the daughter of a teacher and a newspaperman the first woman elected to the state of Minnesota to the US Senate and a candidate for president of United States that is what education is all about that is what it's about thank you right thanks right up we we have several questions like thousands of them that came up on our strong public schools word rep website and some folks are brave enough to videotape themselves we have one for you from JC an aspiring educator from Iowa and here's her video ok many of my peers who are interested in teaching have chosen other careers due to the escalating cost of college crippling student debt kind of profession where the salaries make it hard to pay off loans let alone get ahead what is your plan to attract and retain more educators in particular educators of color to this profession thank you everyone my first plan is to increase teacher pay that is what we have to do first when we have a situation where only 3% of the federal budget goes to education that is wrong and you can pay for it by many ways one of them is by changing the estate tax which helps the wealthiest the way they have an exemption on top of that I would encourage our states and this is a progress partnership plan I put out today encourage the states to do the same by rewarding them for investing in teachers the second thing you've got to do because so many of you are loaded down with student loans is to make that that program where you get to have your loans paid back right for the federal government to make it actually work because it's that work at all for our teachers and it should be working I think you need respect for our teachers I know this from watching my daughter who was in a school for a number of years it was nearly 90 percent free and reduced lunch I sent my daughter to public schools I was in the public schools and I saw what it was like when you didn't have that kind of respect and those resources for teachers so that is what I think we have to fully fund our education system now partly funded but fully funded we have to stand up for fully funding I DEA right and we have to fully fund our school infrastructure when I came out with an infrastructure plan yeah it's about highways and bridges and drains and everything but I made sure a front and center was funding our school infrastructure why because we have crumbling schools all over America because we have schools where we literally last year in Baltimore didn't even have heat so funding that school infrastructure has gotta be a major part of our plan for America we are not going to compete with the rest of the world if we don't invest in our schools if we don't invest in our teachers and if we don't invest in our kids that is how you recruit teachers you recruit teachers by making sure that you have the pay that you have a good job environment that you have infrastructure in schools that people want to work in that your fully funding your federal programs instead of just putting them on campaign brochures and then letting them go and you support schools by supporting our educators all over the country and that means good pay [Applause] this question is from Mary in Arizona she wrote in and she said how would you work across the aisle to ensure dreamers are given their opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning pay in-state tuition and given a pathway to citizenship exactly this is one of the saddest things right now is what's happening with our dreamers millions of kids came to this country through no fault of Ellen you know these kids they are in your schools nearly every school in America has one of these kids so what I think that we need to do is put them on a path to citizenship to make them secure in this country we tried just recently when the Trump administration by the way one of the first things I do when I came in is make sure we don't have any Commissioner like Betsy DeVos ever in this country again but what the Trump administration did is they've set us backwards when it comes to immigration and they actually tried to turn the tables and not do anything about the dreamers even when we came up with a bipartisan compromise to give them a path to citizenship they got punched us so what I would do in my first 100 days is to make sure that the dreamers are safe and secure in our country then I would make sure in addition to all those other things I talked about with education that we have a path to citizenship for the people of this country and that is comprehensive immigration reform because I truly believe in my heart that immigrants don't diminish America they are America and you are the ones you are the ones that are educating these kids you know what's happened as a result of your work right now we have sended me of our fortune 500 companies that are headed up by people that originally came from other countries 25% of our u.s. Nobel laureates were born in other countries many of these kids they start out with nothing they may not even know the language and they come to your school's their parents don't know English who educates them right you do you do and you have put them on this path where they are such a necessary part of our economy and our world so I want to thank you for that and I can bow to you right now based on my track record I will make sure that these kids are part of America that these kids aren't treated like second-class citizens and that you who educate them are rewarded for that work we have one more question this one comes from Jason he's an educator from Illinois and he would like to know what would you do as president to remedy the decaying infrastructure in so many of our country's public schools Thanks so what's happening right now is that this president he claimed on election night I don't know if any of you remember that night it was a pretty depressing evening but one of the things he said that that's putting it mildly he said that night that he wanted to invest in infrastructure in this country right he said it the night he wins the presidency why didn't really win it because he didn't get to the most votes and everyone else but he said that night he said that night he says that he wants to invest in infrastructure what has he done right no he called over the leaders in the Democratic Party speaker Pelosi calls him over to the White House claims he wants to do something they come back and he blows up the whole meeting he blows up everything there's been no investment any major change in investment in infrastructure that is why when I put this plan out that was foremost on my mind because I have seen these schools I saw the school set some of the schools my daughter was in I have seen the schools across this country I was in one recently in Nevada and saw when they have air conditioning that hardly works when it kidding up over a hundred degrees I've seen schools that have piping that's bad I've seen schools where kids can't even hardly go out and play because there was no place to play and yet I've seen schools like the public school that my daughter was in for high school which was I think about 60% free and reduced lunch somewhere around there or 60% kids of color they invested in that school and I saw how those kids felt and how those teachers felt when they went to work every day down those big hallways with modern equipment with modern computer equipment I was able to see the difference firsthand and when you live back like I have being a product of the public schools seeing your kid in the public schools you can't close your eyes to the need for infrastructure and the need to support our teachers and the need to have this be a major part of our platform going forward so I just want to end by thanking you for your work like I said I would not be here today without teachers my mom loved to teach her favorite thing she taught was the monarch butterfly unit where she dressed up all in the tunic and the tights with the antennas and a sign that said to Mexico or bust and she always wanted she went grocery shopping after it was not till she died that I found out why she went shopping a mom came up with her severely disabled son she said this is my son he had your mom in second grade when he graduated he got a job packing groceries and every year your mom would come back after she finished that day of releasing the butterfly in that outfit stand in his line and give him a big hug that is teachers that is where I come from that is where you come Thank You NEA let's get to work [Applause] [Applause] we are ready for our next candidate please welcome Beto O'Rourke [Applause] move away when I thought this so grateful to be with so many world-class educators here today in Texas and to my friends from Texas especially we are grateful for public service one of the neighborhoods that the great Sheila jackson-lee represents in Congress is Kashmir Gardens a neighborhood that has been hit by three five hundred year floods in just the last five years hurricane Harvey in 2017 was the worst of them we showed up to that neighborhood time after time and one year to the day we saw four of the five libraries still shut down we passed kashmira elementary and I said this has got to be a tough school but Keith downy the neighborhood president said this is the bright spot in the neighborhood every child that walks in knows that he or she is in the right place because they get to be with world-class public school educators I want to make sure that I have their back and show them the respect that they learn and that they deserve thank you all and you can stand or sit or whatever I'm comfortable yes and we have a great website in the same 32,000 tons because I love it strong public schools org we've invited all of our members to put up a video or ask a question on that site this is a video question you're going to see it right here from Alison in New York my students face a wide array of problems that are somewhat unique to role America they are at the vortex of the opioid crisis how will you ensure that in my students and in their community are hurt in Washington once you get there Allison thank you for the amazing question that you just asked in perhaps picking up on where I left off at cashmere gardens elementary those children of parents who are addicted to opioids who have lived through so much trauma and suffering which no child should have to experience when they walk in that classroom that teachers gonna do everything within her power within his power to make sure that that kid is whole not just providing world-class instruction but so often out of her own pocket paying for the supplies for that child paying for that meal if they're on free and reduced breakfast and lunches have not a warm meal for them to look forward to at the end of the day that teachers can provide that meal I've met teachers here in Texas who out of their own pocket will ensure when that child shows up day after day in the same pair of jeans the same t-shirt the same Jonas she buys him a new set of clothes knowing that his ability to learn is tied to his dignity and to his self-worth so those teachers who make sure that they're there for those kids who are struggling in households that are riven by addiction and opioid abuse I want to make sure that we've got their backs and that means holding the pharmaceutical corporations that have produced this devastation accountable for what they have done without justice or accountability we will continue to have impunity and the 70,000 drug overdose deaths that we saw last year will continue unabated in this country and now those parents they need long term treatments and recovery care they are not a problem for the criminal justice system let us not put them behind bars they are an opportunity for the public health system in this country I want to make sure that we've got their backs as well and then those teachers those educators struggling under these conditions providing that kind of wraparound care for every child entrusted with in their care I want to make sure that they can focus on that job that child in front of them and not have to work a second or a third job as so many do especially here in Texas that means the right to organize for every educator in every single state in this country that means a living wage so that you don't have to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet that means that we forgive 100 percent of your student loan debt if you're willing to dedicate your life to public service and it means that we invest in HBCUs and minority-serving institutions to ensure that the teachers and the educators in those classrooms look like the students in front of them for the question writing in this question is James a social studies teacher in California and James wants to know what have you done to support unions jace from California thank you for the question we've seen the devastation in our communities and in our states when unions are not allowed to organize it was just in Iowa over the fourth of July and learned from those great educators in Iowa that after 2017 when the state legislature stripped their rights to organize their ability to use the leverage of the value that they provide in public education no longer able to organize collectively for higher wages better working conditions and better delivery of care and instruction to children those teachers and educators are leaving Iowa Minnesota is seeing a bumper crop of physics teachers and chemistry teachers and kindergarten teachers paid for by the taxpayers of Iowa so as president I want to make sure that we guarantee the right to organize for every educator and public servant in every state in the Union including in Iowa and right here in Texas I want to make sure that I follow the lead that unions have set to guarantee that you can take time off to spend that with your family without penalty and paid that child care is affordable in every single part of this country without regard to your income or your zip code that we have pre-k universal in the United States of America because we know that's an investment that pays handsomely over the lifetime of the beneficiaries and the children and that health care is not a function of privilege or luck or circumstances but is a basic human right upon which every single child and woman and man in this country can depend so we will follow the lead these unions have set to make sure that instead of investing in corporations and special interests we're investing in people and communities and neighborhoods when we do that this economy in our country will truly work for every single one of us and every single one of our kids will see a future for themselves which means that this great democracy the United States of America will continue to have a future as the greatest country on the face of the planet I've been choked up since the last alap inauguration Hey okay all better we have a question from Cynthia a life science teacher from Washington she asked what is your stand on charter schools and vouchers and what are you going to do to make sure that public education funding is strictly used for public education great question Cynthia so Cynthia Amy and I are the parents of 12-year old boy Ulysses his sister Molly just turned 11 and Henry who is 8 years old and they all go to world-class dual language public schools in El Paso Texas getting an absolutely terrific education so I want to make clear in the way that we walk the talk that our belief is in public schools and public education in my administration I want to dramatically increase the funding for public education for example paying the full freight of a federal obligation for IDE a funding 20 billion dollars a year having a permanent fund for public education five hundred billion dollars that will be invested to alleviate and erase the disparity between minority majority schools and school districts and white majority schools and school districts in this country we're going to make sure that we invest in educator training so national certification our administration will pay for that for every educator who wants to avail themselves of that and we will ensure that we expand the master teacher program so that those who invested so much of their lives in service to this country through those children that they've served in those schools can also help to teach and mentor the next generation of educators and I will tell you this not only do I as a Democrat not only do you understand that not a single dime of our public tax dollars can go to vouchers and private schools in this country but when we were in small town in Texas Henrietta Texas listening to a Republican schoolteacher she told me Beto if you let Betsy DeVos take my public tax dollars turn them into vouchers and send them to a private school I will hunt you down I will find you and I will hold you accountable which tells me that Republican independent or Democrat we all believe in public schools there is a place for public nonprofit charter schools but private charter schools and voucher programs not a single dime and my administration will go to them we will fully fund public education and public educators and make sure that we have a world-class system of public education in the United States of America we are going to have your back [Applause] we are ready for our next candidate please welcome jay Inslee [Applause] I don't know I don't know who they told all the girls when you get one minute to make an opening statement tell us what you want then we have three questions for you and you get three minutes and just see that big old timer there is up there on the screen for everyone to see when your time is up and we're so polite that it's remote for your time we'll just go to clap for useful all right kids per night Thank You governor my name is jay inslee I'm governor of the state of Washington I am I am personally the product of educators and I am publicly the product of the educational community I am the son of Frank Inslee a biology teacher and coach at Garfield and self high school the brother of Frank ensley and the brother of Bonnie and Phil Yen Ian Eastwood at you and from them I have learned this they have touched so many thousands of lives I know what teachers and educators do in our state and I know this it is time to have a president where education is a family affair this is a family affair for me and that is why I'm proud to tell you this achievement that state of Washington I believe we need well compensated skilled teachers I'm proud to tell you that I'm a governor this year who got the biggest teacher pay increase in the United States thirty one percent we're going to make sure that happens families thank you very much up on our website strong public schools org we've invited people to ask questions that they want to hear the question of the answers from presidential candidates and some of them were brave enough to put it on video this is a video from Daniel from Georgia who submitted this my question is how do you see Smoots preparing students for the skills necessary in the 21st century with many of our schools were built before the advent of the internet how do you ensure that all students have access to high-speed Internet and classes to teach applicable skills to prepare them for 21st century careers Daniel I appreciate that question but I'm going to answer it a little differently the question about how to have the question was kind of access to technology I want to flip it a little bit because here's what I fundamentally believe you can have all the access to technology you can imagine but if you do not have a skilled resource educator to provide the relationship with people nothing good it happens okay now here's why I say that and I'm gonna get the Daniels question in a moment but I want to tell you a little story when I was running for governor in 2012 I walked out of an MCI u meeting and I met a guy named Pete O'Connel he was about a 73 year old guy and he asked me was frankenz ly your father I said yes and Pele told me a story he said that he was a junior in Garfield High School in Seattle in 1957 he was walking down the hallway and my father and he said he was thinking I'm gonna drop out I'm done I'm not coming back to school here this is not working out for me and he said my father came up behind him and put his hands on his shoulders gently turned around put him up against the lockers gently unsure and said Peale I've been watching you there's something going on in your life I don't know what it is but I want to help you because you're a smart kid you got some on the ball I think you can be a college student and this 73 year old man told me a little light bulb went off it was the first time somebody told him outside his mother that he had something on the ball and he went in and worked with my dad they figured out a way to take care of his mother's health care needs he went to graduate from Garfield High School and College became a union organizer we need skilled teachers in the classroom more than any single thing to see to it that those kind of things happen in the United States I fundamentally believe that and that's why I'm committed a compensation now technology here's how we get technology we have the federal government reversed the Trump tax cuts we take 20 million dollars away against away the oil and gas industry we put it in education by fully and finally fully funding title one and the IDE a measure so that you can pay teachers what you should so you can get access to technology so you can expand broadband access to rural communities so we can actually give students a step forward and when we do this and I think this is important we've got to start caring as much about the career aspirations of non college-bound students as those bound for college we need three are connected Washington we need apprenticeship programs we need technology so you can hear the machinist just as much as a physicist in this country governor Elizabeth is a Missouri higher education instructor and she wants to know how do we keep guns out of schools and make schools safe for children and staff we are across the nation heartsick that your students have to be under the shadow of fear coming to school we are heartsick that you have to dedicate yourself to helping your students through this anxiety when you should be helping them with their curriculum and I do think what we need is a president who has the ability to stand up on these issues of gun safety I'll start there and then I'll move on we need someone who will stand up to the NRA and I'll just tell you a little story in 1994 in 1994 I was a freshman congressman from a small town of Sela in a red Republican agricultural district in eastern Washington and there was a bill that came up that proposed to ban assault weapons I knew that if I voted to ban assault weapons I would lose my seat in this rural agricultural district I voted to ban assault weapons I lost my seat and I have never regretted that vote for one second that was the right vote then in the right [Applause] and now now having lost my seat I'm governor of the state of Washington we have passed thank you to the Washington State Education Association for that thank you very much and now we have passed three major gun safety legislation we have the NRA on the run in Washington State it is time to have them on the run and Washington DC and I won't be a president to make sure we do that but we know that is not the only issue now Donald Trump is wrong on this he says that the solution of this just give first grade teachers Glock pistols I went to the White House last February and told them you're just wrong that's an idiotic idea you need to quit tweeting so much and you need to listen to educators more on this subject you know what we need we need a functioning mental healthcare system so your students have mental healthcare in the United States we need more counselors to help students when they have domestic violence when they have homelessness when they're exposed to the problems of growing up and by the way when we do this when I say educator I mean educator I include as educators bus drivers cooks librarians custodians psychologists we have to make sure we wrap around these services around our kids [Applause] last question for you this one comes from Marcy she's a special education teacher in Kansas hmm her question is as it's a well researched fact that early education is a great investment how can you finance high quality public early education programs for every child [Applause] in 1989 I was a new legislator in Washington State Legislature and we came up with this then radical idea of getting three and four year old students having early childhood education so they can be ready for kindergarten so the kids could be ready for first grade at that time it was radical because it really was not a lot of nerve neurological information about the effectiveness of that and I voted for a thing called the children's initiative to finance that we did not pass that but now quarter a century later we know the neurological evidence that this is perhaps the single best investment of $1 taxpayer money in the United States we understand this now so now I'm pleased to tell you as governors state of Washington we have now not only achieved full-day kindergarten for every student but we've got 48,000 more students get an early child education another question the question is how do you finance that you finance that the new way the old way is the Donald Trump way where you give billions of dollars to the top 1% and you hope that that trickles down like pixie dust all the working people of the United States the way we financed it in the state of Washington is by taxing the people who should be taxed the big banks and the high tech companies so that that burden is not put on working people and now we new have moved forward to make rational decisions to repeal the Trump tax cuts to take back twenty billion dollars from the oil gas industry and put it into early childhood education that is how we get this job done now I want to leave the stage with a couple other comments what is about immigration in my state we believe in diversity when Donald Trump tried to threaten me saying if I have pro-immigrant policies he threatened me said we'll send refugees to my state I said send them we believe in diversity in the United States of America I'll close I'll close with this comment you have dedicated your professional lives to the generations who have come behind us and we now know we have a moral obligation to those generations a moral obligation to defeat the climate crisis I have dedicated the last two decades of my public life to defeating this climate crisis I have proposed a plan to make sure we put people to work in clean energy and I am the candidate who has seen this if I am given this high honor I will make defeating the climate crisis the number one priority of the United States good luck thanks a lot see the victory party we are ready for our next candidate please welcome Bill DeBlasio [Applause] welcome welcome real quick we're going to give you a minute to give an opening statement and then we're going to ask you three high-stakes standardized tests the answer is C on all of them in advance Erol yes and we see the tiny little clock we have here they can see it up there and when it gets down to zero we're very nice we're just gonna clap for you until you stop okay so please one minute welcome to the NBA Thank You Lily thank you everybody all right everyone I'm gonna be blunt with you I am angry about the state of public education in America I am angry about the fact that you are disrespected on a regular basis in this country despite doing such important work I am angry about the privatize errs I am sick and tired of these efforts to privatize a precious thing we need public education I know we're not supposed to be saying hate our teachers taught us not to I hate the privatizes I want to stop them I'm sick of a federal government that does not focus or invest an education and it doesn't have to be that way and every time in this country we talk about putting money into the things that matter they say there's not enough money I say there's plenty of money in this world there's plenty of money in this country it's just in the wrong hands we should be investing in our children in our educators that's what would work for this country that's what I intend to do as president [Applause] yeah it's a good job and on our on our website we've invited folks to submit questions from all over the country this is a video that one of our members uploaded this is from Stephanie in Ohio she has this video question I would like to ask the president unit what the future internet testing is going to look like I really wanted to focus on child based learning rather than just task force well here's the bottom line I'll tell you what we've done New York you know I have the biggest school system in America we have Thank You New York 1.1 million kids and what we have been doing every single year is getting away from high-stakes testing because it does not work this is the bottom line multiple measures need to be the future of this country and that needs to be led by the federal government because we have been doing things the wrong way instead of focusing on teaching and learning and supporting our educators with professional development this country created a system of high-stakes testing that took us in the wrong direction look here's what I say the federal government should be focused on funding our schools at the local level because our current system is not working our current system beit's in the inequalities in this country we need a federal government that finally takes responsibility for funding education the way it needs to be done in this country that's what I want to focus on get away from high-stakes testing get away from charter schools no federal funding for charter schools by the way too many Republicans but also too many Democrats have been cozy with the charter schools let's be blunt about it we need to hold our own party accountable too and no one should ask for your support or no one should be the Democratic nominee unless they're willing to stand up to Wall Street and the rich people behind the charter school movement once and for all and if we want to make sure that we get away from high-stakes testing we need a Secretary of Education who's going to be someone very very different I've got a radical idea I hope you're all ready for the next Secretary of Education should be an educator [Applause] I have named to schools Chancellor's in New York City largest school system in the country and I said when I did it there's no way in hell I'm naming anyone but a career educator to those roles and we did it and it made our schools better and it brought us closer to our educators and it creates cooperation with the Union that has to happen in Washington too if we do it right the right Secretary of Education moves us away from high-stakes testing away from charter schools and through a true federal commitment to traditional public education okay writing in to that website Christina a teacher from Minnesota asked that was that homage tribute of Minnesota that was Minnesota if you believe public education is the right and the foundation of our democracy how do you plan to support it after so many years of neglect public education is a right and is the foundation our democracy so I've got three ideas I think would change things one I'm going to put forward a plan to make the federal government truly responsible for funding public schools remember in a country where so much of the responsibility falls on localities that can not afford it particularly lower-income communities particularly communities of color bear the brunt of a system where there's no federal mandate there's no federal obligation to speak up it's not about how do we create the best education for our children that's not what is happening in this country today it's whatever happens locally with some federal assistance if you're lucky I believe in a system that says the education of our children is the national priority there needs to be an actual real federal commitment to funding from day one for every school district equally in the nation my kids went to public school I went to public school this is personal for me we're doing it the wrong way we're doing it backwards in America it doesn't have to be that way and we're starting too late so here's the second thing I say early child education we know the greatest opportunity to reach our kids is between birth and five years old but in many parts of this country full-day education doesn't start until a child's 6 we're doing it backwards we need not only full-day kindergarten we need full-day pre-k and I've done that in the biggest school system in the country full-day pre-k for every child for free right now in New York but why stop there America we should do the same for three-year-olds and I'm not just talking to talk I'm walking to walk in New York City today we have started 3k full-day high-quality early child education for three-year-olds 20,000 kids this September we'll be getting 3 K in New York City it will be a universal right soon I want a national plan for 3 K 4 4 K and from kindergarten every school in America and that will create enough jobs for 500,000 educators and we need them to move the city country forward lastly lastly I'm going to propose something that may sound really big but it's what we deserve in this country we should enshrine the notion that a quality education is an American right that every child must have the rights of quality education I believe we need a constitutional amendment to make clear that is the law of this land it is part of who we are as Americans a traditional public education of quality public education for every child in America [Applause] okay our next member is Trisha she's a teacher librarian from Illinois and she wants to know what's your comprehensive plan for funding public schools so that students receive the supports they need to thrive amen amen first is in the word thrive reminds me to make mention to the love of my life our first lady chirlane McCray in New York who has created the thrive initiative access to mental health for all and we announced a huge initiative for social-emotional learning in all our schools more social workers more guidance counselors that's what we're doing in New York and that's what we need to do all over this country I believe in investing in education and look there's certainly a lot of great candidates before you today good people good ideas the question is not just who wants to do it but who has done it the things I'm talking about I've done in New York in a tough place we invested constantly by the way we not only invest in our children we invest it in our educators every year that I've been mayor we've given a raise to the educators of New York and we should do the same for the educators of the United States of America and these investments pay off and this is what we have to do you know the 2020 election is a chance to change the entire discussion in America it is a chance to say to this country we've gotten it wrong on education but we could get it right but it has to be a federal responsibility it's a chance to say to our own party decide who we are as Democrats we should be on the side of educators not on the side of charter schools not on the side of big corporations not on the side of the elite we should be the party of working people and educators are working people so my vision is straightforward a federal government that finally takes responsibility for education this is the year well we could have that discussion in the right way in this country and I am telling you based on experience when I ran for mayor I said pre-k for every child for free was my number one priority it was not the issue that anyone thought was on the tip of the tongue of every voter it was not the issue they thought was the most popular but I said to people this is going to change the lives of our kids this is going to help families to get to work this is going to lift an economic burden this is going to allow every child to start at the same starting line isn't that what we believe in every child reaching their god-given potential it wasn't the big issue at the beginning but if you talk about it enough if you show it can be done if you inspire people enough it becomes an issue on everyone's mind and what should be on everyone's mind is a nation that invests in public education the right way it can be done as I said there's plenty of money it's just in the wrong hands it should be in the hands of our teachers our parents our students where we can frame the future this country and make this country greater than ever before thank you everyone thank you for all you do [Applause] we are ready for our next candidate please welcome Tim Ryan welcome to NEA this is up so we'll go over a few ground rules they've heard it like 17 times now so they can probably lip-sync it will do a Lily Vanilli one one minute to give an opening statement so you can see this little cute clock here they can see it up on the screen so that all you have to do if you if you go over we're very sweet and we're going to start clapping for you they're so nice and then we have three questions we'd like to give you three minutes to answer so welcome you can sit you can stand you can just be comfortable thank you one minute hi any a hello educators everyone's telling us how good things are and I just wonder why we all feel so bad while we wake up in the morning and got a knot in our stomach we turn on TV we see what's happening every day and the reality of it is for 40 years the systems in the United States have been broken our economic system has been broken the education system has been broken the health care system has been broken the food systems been broken the environmental systems been broken the criminal justice system's been broken and all of these issues make their way into your school and so today's discussion is about not how we reform education but how we transform education congressman we have a website where people can upload video questions or type them in we have a video question for you from Sandy in Pennsylvania if you get elected how would you help school districts with funding at the federal level we have many students who have socio-economic barriers to their learning and have food insecurity so I would like to know you're going to help us thank you obviously a great question I released a plan this week that puts fifty billion dollars back into title one and other programs to help local communities fund their schools and the school programming's that they need I support and have co-sponsored and it will push for a hundred billion dollars in infrastructure projects in schools all across the United States of America as you know better than anybody we have a twenty three billion dollar gap between the wealthiest school districts in the country and school districts that have high populations of poverty schools of color and I think it's imperative that we close that gap and make these investments I think we help these schools rebuild I think we help with infrastructure projects like broadband I think we help with playgrounds I help I think we help with school-based health clinics I think we make sure that every school has a makerspace so we can move ourselves into the 21st century these are the issues that are critically important I also have in our plan and my plan a loan forgiveness program for teachers and also an expanded tax credit for teachers who dig into their own pocket and pay a lot of money to keep the classroom going and I know this because my wife is a first grade school teacher I will say also we need an economic plan in the United States of America that rebuilds the middle class in the United States of America for too often we have not held the very people accountable who have run away with all the gold it's like the old country song you know you get the gold mine we get the shaft it's time for us to hold this broke in the economic system accountable they've convinced people in the United States that if we cut taxes for the top 1% that somehow that's going to build a school somehow that's going to be able to have us hire new teachers somehow that's going to pave a road or build a hospital or provide health care we're not just talking about education in this conference today we're talking about reshipping the priorities of the United States of America from the top 1% to the working-class people of this country and when I say thank you and when I say working-class I mean white black brown gay straight north-south er bin' rural all of us they've tried to divide us they've tried to divide us for 30 years who's black who's white who's brown who's gay who's straight who's a Democrat who's in the Union who's not in the Union it's time for us to unify this country Vicki is an educator from the great state of Hawaii and she wrote in on the website and wants to know your plan to address gun violence and stop the proliferation of school shootings that's a great question this is obviously very personal as my wife is a school teacher as I mentioned and right down the hall our five-year-old Brady goes to preschool and like all of you who also have kids in schools and you're obviously in schools all of the educators here this is an issue that we see too often and it's unique to the United States and so I support the universal background check I support making sure we get weapons of war off the streets of the United States of America I support what we call closing the Charleston loophole I support studying gun violence as a public health issue in the United States of America like it is but I also believe that we have to play offense and in my plan we have a program of wraparound services to make sure that we have a mental health counselor and every school in the United States of America that we can have a nurse in every school but here's what I think is most important 90% of the kids who come to a school and use a gun and kill students and other educators ninety percent of those kids come from that school and 73 percent of those kids have felt shamed or bullied or isolated in some way and I believe it's imperative for us to have social and emotional learning in every school so that we can so that we can make sure that all of these kids we can make sure that all of these kids are connected to each other to the teacher to the school which is why when Sandy Hook had their terrible tragedy they went off and they did an analysis of how can we prevent this from happening again in the United States and starlett Lewis a dear friend of mine who's one of the parents who lost the kid they put this analysis together and they came back with three recommendations one's mental health coverage to his gun control and three is social and emotional learning in the schools so help me God so help me God if we're going to transform our schools we have to start recognising that before we do anything before we start talking about tests we got to start talking about how we take care of our kids in our schools how do we address their trauma [Applause] it's so tempting that way I had great teachers so I follow the rules great teachers have a lot of kids as in followed the rules we have one more question for you and this one comes from Barbara she's a retired educator from the great state of Oregon and her question is what would you do as president to ensure retired educators pensions and benefits would be protected for their future first thing I would do is repeal the windfall elimination provision [Applause] the government offset provision I [Applause] probably should just sit down now because I don't know if it gets any better than the windfall elimination right but I will say that that is an essential issue that I've been dealing with for a long time representing Ohio it's critical to making sure Thank You Ohio we're an obnoxious Bunch but we really don't care do we [Applause] see what I'm saying but we also have to reform and fix Social Security after we do that and I have a plan that gets us the Social Security Security till 2100 I want to make sure that we give 12 or 13 million citizens in this country who get Social Security a pay raise I want to make sure that this system is solvent for our kids and our grandkids but the best way to help and I talked about the economy and growth and getting jobs to help support the local tax base so that we can get increased wages to teachers so you can all negotiate good contracts that can put more money into your retirements and to me that means we've got to double the size of the unions in the United States of America so that we can push this agenda so I just want to end I just want to end with a quick story about Mohammed Ali Mohammed Ali there's a great story of someone catching Muhammad Ali in Kentucky when he retired and he went up the Muhammad Ali and he said hey champ I saw you fight and you know champ had a little high-pitched voice he said yeah great great and they in the guy said yeah I saw you got knocked down in the third round and champ said wasn't my fight and kid said the guy said now I remember my dad took me to the fight and we saw you his great fight but you got knocked down in the third round and Ali said wasn't my fight I ain't never been knocked down champ said I'm either up or I'm getting up and I'm telling you that the American union movement has never knocked down we're either up or getting up teachers will never knock down area never public education is never knock down etc or get enough selection [Applause] you don't know what I'm hearing in this nice little earpiece here all right but they're going our last candidate is stuck in traffic our less can Willie ad-lib do something sit down sit down relax I won't be singing a song I know you're disappointed and then all of a sudden it is our next candidate is in the building we are ready for our final candidate please welcome Kamala Harris [Applause] oh thank you for what you do every day thank you you didn't get a new speeding tickets or anything like that here here are the girls and you know we're teachers we love ya we let me roll no educators and we know and we now have this is our version of pencils down so it will go like this see that tiny little that tiny little thing there and everybody can see it or even expect like it straight it is you guys have no idea how big the cities don't you know one minute to make any kind of eye on the lady breaks for a minute while I while I go this okay one minute to make any opening statement and hi hi senator and then we have three questions that I'll ask you that our members submitted and you get three minutes and when the clock winds down if you just keep going we're gonna love you so much that we're just gonna start clapping right we're just gonna start clapping and and so we would start and you can sit you can stand you can be comfortable one minute for your opening statement okay greetings everyone I want to just thank you for what you do every day our educators our educators you are raising our children there are two groups of people raising our children parents often with the assistance of grandparents and aunties and uncles and you and I thank you you are not paid your value which is why I am proposing what will be the first in the nation's history federal investment in closing the teacher pay gap but thinking of teachers also as our educators it's our bus drivers is our cafeteria workers it's our custodians and what we will do is close that gap on average is thirteen thousand five hundred dollars a year and we will close it by the federal investment in closing that gap it'll be a matching fund with the states because here's my belief that is a strong belief I believe you can judge a society based on how it treats its children and I believe there is no greater expression of love that a society can extend toward its children than to invest in their education and by extension their educators on our fabulous website strong public school stop board which I'm sure you're going to go look at the signature we've been fighting all of our three million members and really anyone in the public to upload a question upload a video or write question what we have for you is our first question and it is they moved it so fast I didn't get to see who it's from okay from Carlos Carlos in Colorado and video over here right yeah she's looking for a present will you promise to fully fund the individuals with Disabilities Act and ensure that all students especially students with high needs ensure that they have the opportunity in our schools yeah I'd yeah so I'm actually a co-sponsor of the idea in the United States Senate and when elected president hopefully with your great health I will sign it as one of my first acts of business you know let's look at how this plays out as you guys know there's a mandate that the federal government pay 40% of the special entities and the special needs of our children and they're not doing it they're doing about 15% it's falling it's actually immoral as far as I'm concerned because also the way that this really plays out and realizes that the states have to then try and make up the difference which they cannot which means that every day in America we have children whose IEP needs are not being met children who are placed in general education classrooms children who are falling through the class and through no fault of their own but because the system has failed them and because the federal government has not funded the states to meet the needs of those children it is immoral it is wrong and I will address it as one of the first orders of business because all of our children have a capacity have a capacity to soar but we have got to give them the tools that we know they need and that's what is most immoral about the situation we know that we have children with these needs we know that and we have a system in place for assessing that flawed though it may be it's there but once assessed we still are not meeting their needs it is wrong we are failing our children riding in on our website is Susan a retired teacher from Minnesota and she asked what questions will you ask when picking your Department of Education Secretary well I will tell you I will not be interested in grizzly bears [Applause] not my interests and I come from the Golden State but it left my shameless bucks to my California but I will say this in all seriousness that is one of probably the most important positions in the president's cabinet it is a position that is is it's charged with a duty to concern itself with the future of our nation to concern itself with the future of our children to concern itself with whether we are nurturing our children whether we are supporting them whether we are challenging them whether we are lifting them up and that's not what we currently have we all know that under a Harris administration I promise you that the person who is nominated will be someone who comes from public schools I also promise you that you will be at the table to help me make that decision and many of you know this issue of education and who our teachers are who our educators are it's personal me on so many levels many of you know the story my first-grade teacher at Thousand Oaks Elementary School in Berkeley California her name was mrs. Francis Wilson god rest her soul she my first grade teacher mrs. Wilson attended my law school graduation I would not be standing here if during the course of my life there were not those teachers who invested in me who convinced me I was special I wasn't particularly special but they told me I was and I believed them which is what you do for your students which puts us on a path to believing we can do anything and so we have got to have as the Secretary of Education someone who knows the power and the relevance and the importance of our public education system and our public teachers and I promise you putting somebody in that position will be one of the most important important acts that I can ever commit as president United States and I take it seriously I look forward to working with you to do it the right way [Applause] this is your final question let's make it multiple choice just okay [Applause] our last question comes from one of our higher education members Sally is a psychology professor she wants to know what will you do to ensure students are treated fairly by loan companies and future students won't have to carry the burden of crushing student debt so I'll tell you I mean in terms of my background when I was Attorney General of California where I ran the second largest department of justice in the United States second only to the United States Department of Justice I sued one of the biggest for-profit colleges it's called Corinthian and I took them out of business and the reason is and the reason is they were predatory in their practices as with so many who play in this field who are for profit in the way that they so-called do education their business model has clearly been to put profit over the education of their students and so what I saw with that for-profit college is they were engaged in predatory practices they were promising these students that with large amounts of payment and tuition and fees that they would get an education that would allow them to give them a job and a little in a life that would be productive and would be a living wage and that's not what happened so I could tell you one my priority is to go after the predatory folks who are in this space where servicing these loans who are giving these loans out it is also I am I am a proponent of debt-free college I believe we also need to have loan forgiveness from middle-class and working students I also believe that we have got to take seriously the ability of our students to refinance their student loan debt but we've got to get to the point of the question we've got to get the Predators out of this space and I've got a minute and 30 seconds left so I want to talk about another issue is and you know there I will tell you guys that there are so many issues whatever it is from climate crisis to national security that I always think of through the lens of a child and one of the other issues that directly impacts you its gun violence and what this nation and its leaders are not doing which is to not have the courage to pass smart gun safety laws in our country so that you – so that you have to perform drills without students and teach them about how they should hide in a closet in the event that there is the mass shooter roaming the hallways of your schools and then you know those children are distracted in terms of their ability to learn because people in the United States Congress have failed to have the courage [Applause] on day one I will give when elected the United States Congress 100 days to pull their act together on this and put a bill on my desk for signature and if they do not I will take executive action and put in place what will be the first not reactive universal background check requirement I will require that we check the licenses from gun dealers and I will ban the importation of assault weapons to our country done [Applause] I'm still just amazed and I still want to settle I want to you know I'm going to say it for like the next year and a half strong public schools org that's when someone says what's NEA doing about the next election you say I am a delegate to my union I was one of almost 10,000 people that got to personally hear what these candidates had to say about education and children and our profession public schools org say ask your question let me tell you another thing you're gonna find there you will find something that has all of the events of all of the candidates by the way we are not here at this early part of the of the campaign promoting a candidate we are promoting our agenda what we want for children for students for professionals for our communities for our families so we want you to show up at every single event you can get to there all over the country go up and go events what's around where I'm going and then you get a car full of people and you go to every event wearing a red red shirt or something that identifies you as a delegate as a leader of this association of this union that will be called upon to make the decision of which candidate we will ultimately at the right time decide to support we have so much to do and so little time but we are going to do it and we are going to do it together thank you all for your patience in making this event happen we are gonna take a quick break to get people back up on stage so we can finish our business and I think some of these cameras are gonna disappear so take a little stretch break don't go far we will be back in about five minutes so we'll see you in ten minutes [Applause]


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