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Democratic Party of Korea selects Moon Jae-in as its official presidential candidate

Korea will hold its presidential election
just 36 days from now. Today — the Democratic Party of Korea, which
has the largest number of seats in parliament,… is holding its final regional primary this
afternoon… to choose its presidential nominee. For more, we connect to our assembly correspondent
Park Ji-won. Ji-won, tells us more about what we can expect
today. Daniel. The fourth and final primary,… which covered
the Seoul metropolitan area, the port city of Incheon, Gangwon-do Province and Jeju-do
Island,… just finished,…and the Democratic Party has officially nominated Moon Jae-in
as its presidential candidate. About 15-thousand party members attended the
primary at an indoor baseball stadium in southern Seoul,… and former party leader Moon just
won nomination,… by securing more than 60-point-four percent of the vote in the region. He was followed by Seongnam City Mayber Lee
Jae-myung with 22 percent,… and Chungcheongnam-do Governor An Hee-jung, with 17-point-3 percent. All together, including three previous rounds
of the primary,… Moon has secured more than a simple majority,… which was the threshold
he had to beat to avoid a run-off. Moon got 57 percent in total, followed by
An with 21-point-5 percent,… and Seongnam Mayor Lee with 21-point-2 percent. In his acceptance speech, Moon vowed to end
the divisions in Korean society and embark on a new era of national integration. Meanwhile,… the People’s Party is scheduled
to hold the final round of its in-house primary tomorrow… and former party leader Ahn Cheol-soo
is widely expected to be the victor. That’s all I have for now, but I will bring
you more updates in our evening newscasts. Back to you, Daniel. Thank you, Jiwon, for that report.


  1. typhooonn
    typhooonn April 3, 2017

    THAAD will be in trash can after Moon becomes the president.

  2. BadaExplorer
    BadaExplorer April 6, 2017

    좃같은 반역자 빨갱이 씹새끼들 문죄인, 때중이 씹새끼들 !!!
    좃같은 문죄인, 때중이 씹새끼들 김정일의 좃, 불알 하고 똥꼬 잘빨아주었다 !!!
    빨갱이 좃같은 문죄인, 때중이 씹새끼들 정말 너무 존경스럽다 !!!
    그래서 빨갱이 문죄인, 때중이 씹새끼들 의 좃, 불알 하고 똥꼬한번 빨아보고싶다 !!!
    빨갱이 문죄인, 때중이 씹새끼들 의 똥꼬를 내좃으로 마구 쑤셔대고싶다 !!!
    좃같은 남조선 인민공화국의 빨갱이씹새끼들 모두 김정은의 좃, 불알 하고 똥꼬나 빨자!!!
    잘빨아보세 !!! 잘빨아보세 !!! 우리도한번 김정은의 좃, 불알 하고 똥꼬나 잘빨아보세 !!!

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