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Democrat tax plans will destroy the economy: Rep. Andy Biggs


  1. Propeller Head
    Propeller Head November 13, 2019

    How is this fraudulent impeachment even possible. This system is very flawed.

  2. Chatla Suresh
    Chatla Suresh November 13, 2019

    It be gun😳

  3. Red 2020
    Red 2020 November 13, 2019

    All the Dems want is to take working Americans tax dollars & Give it away to foreigners & Criminals !

  4. Based lvl 9000 Ultra Chad Boomer
    Based lvl 9000 Ultra Chad Boomer November 13, 2019

    From the USA…well said

  5. Brent Compton
    Brent Compton November 13, 2019

    Povertey for all wellfair for everyone

  6. d. nuzzio
    d. nuzzio November 13, 2019

    They want the market to trash out. I remember the night trump was elected. The SP electronic trade,had the futures at 1800 down 200 or more. By the am,it recovered and never looked back. All the libs bailed ! Should any of the dems get in, the SP will OPEN, not trade down to, 1400. No one will have a chance to get out as there will be no buyers! Best find a way to protect yourself before..maybe cheap near term put options come October.

  7. Kim Anh Tran
    Kim Anh Tran November 13, 2019

    Garbage Democracts have destroyed everything!! Period!! They are Commie!! Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer & the Four Squad Commie these Democrats are base on a Marxist platform, all of these Democrats like is Socialism!!  Radical Dems which is by the time. Democrats can’t hide any longer their socialism dream!! Democrats become a dictatorial Communist Government. We American loves Freedom and Freedom is not Free!! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 American can never except Communist in Our Government!!

  8. Rose Marie Leonard
    Rose Marie Leonard November 13, 2019

    Socialist is the road getting into the New World Order. They will let, big companies go back in China, Mexico etc

  9. Joel Sattler
    Joel Sattler November 13, 2019

    The economy has already been destroyed. It's just a matter of time.

  10. MrJorjohn
    MrJorjohn November 13, 2019

    Take this in. The Russia colusion hoax was a cover-up for uranium one dealing with Russia and the clinton foundation. The ukraine ordeal concerning quid quo pro is when Biden and family broadcast their involvement in such an act. This president is an excuse not to go after obvious corruption they prefer business as usual and Trump us in the way. This president gets their blame.

  11. They Are Clouds With No Rain
    They Are Clouds With No Rain November 13, 2019


  12. Joe
    Joe November 13, 2019

    Untill you add all these taxes that is when I quit my job and sign up on welfare that is where I will make more money that way

  13. Joe
    Joe November 13, 2019

    How did we get ourselves back to where we started all this taxation without representation

  14. HOWARD Rich
    HOWARD Rich November 13, 2019

    You people are falling for it! IT'S ABOUT COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF THE USA. They wrote it all down, how to, DIY communist revolution. They even say it. But your still hung up on, " Oh, how do they do that!" There are no more Democrats! They are now the socialist democratic communist party. Dont believe me, ask Berney. Hillary Clinton work for the communist party, she said so years ago. You news people keep reacting to the BS when the questions that should be answered. Is how much USA secrets did the commies of the Obama administration gave away!

  15. David Motyka
    David Motyka November 13, 2019

    America needs a balanced budget not more debt.

  16. happy cats
    happy cats November 13, 2019

    did the word amnesty just come out of that fools mouth ?

  17. Angela Vardamaskos
    Angela Vardamaskos November 13, 2019

    His a corrupt crook Schiff and all the democrats should be arrested and go to jail and fast

  18. musterseeds
    musterseeds November 13, 2019

    Shitshiff connection into Ukraine oil corruption.

  19. a. barker
    a. barker November 13, 2019

    And Trump's plan has added 2 trillion to the national debt.

    BROTHERS KEEPER November 13, 2019


  21. Gothic Dragon warrior Queen
    Gothic Dragon warrior Queen November 13, 2019

    Here comes another CIVIL WAR!!!🇺🇸🤬🗡🛡🏹🔫⚔🪓⚒💣💥

    RALEIGH WOOD November 13, 2019

    The democrats want total control of the people. This is a sad day for America today. It’s all about power that has Corrupted our very own government .

    RALEIGH WOOD November 13, 2019

    “They are not after me, they are after you, I am just in the way “ ~President Trump

  24. NRSUB
    NRSUB November 13, 2019

    Dems are still on the bills because they would be another feather in Trump's hat.

  25. justin rok
    justin rok November 13, 2019

    Name me one time in history that higher taxes killed the economy

  26. justin rok
    justin rok November 13, 2019

    Gop had more recession under them than the dems ever did

    DARRELL URBANK November 13, 2019

    Me personally I don't want to see a Democrat in office! I want to this country HUMMING ALONG

  28. justin rok
    justin rok November 13, 2019

    Higher taxes in the past was good for the nation we didnt have income inequality we had the best middle class and roads

  29. will ty
    will ty November 13, 2019

    Last time I checked the great depression and great recession happened under Republicans. It's the Republicans that destroys the economy not the dems. And history shows the economy does better under Democrats that's a fact

  30. justin rok
    justin rok November 13, 2019

    We had 90 percent tax rates on the rich from 1945-1980s we did well for many years and growth was above 4 percent for years under the jfk and johnson and truman era

  31. justin rok
    justin rok November 13, 2019

    He doesnt want to talk about how the gop and trump destoryed our budget deficit in 2 years and the debt is higher under trump

  32. justin rok
    justin rok November 13, 2019

    Economy has always done better with the dems look back at history 40 out of the last 50 recession happened under the gop not the dems

  33. justin rok
    justin rok November 13, 2019

    How is giving 2 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich going to help our debt deficit and our poor and middle class we need roads and bridges

  34. IM4 My COUNTRY
    IM4 My COUNTRY November 13, 2019


  35. Candise Ehlers
    Candise Ehlers November 13, 2019

    Well, duh.

  36. G W
    G W November 13, 2019

    What do you mean the Dems have no first hand fact witnesses!!! Schiff is a first hand witness. He inserted himself directly into the mess!

  37. Nyle Adamson
    Nyle Adamson November 13, 2019

    Is it possible to let the government shut down and allow public donations to keep the party alive?

  38. Ziphron Elliot
    Ziphron Elliot November 13, 2019


  39. Pop D
    Pop D November 13, 2019

    Schiff has lied how many times? Yet the general had poorly remembered something he ate or some S^t and is now bankrupt and facing potential prison time…

  40. Isoa Golea
    Isoa Golea November 13, 2019


  41. Doug Green
    Doug Green November 13, 2019

    The democrat party do ZERO for America !

  42. Hoa Dang
    Hoa Dang November 13, 2019

    Adam schiff is an animal, he has nothing to do but harming this country by get money from tax payers !

  43. Mike M
    Mike M November 13, 2019

    if Warren won the stock market would drop the first day the same way it went up the first day when Trump won

  44. Hoa Dang
    Hoa Dang November 13, 2019

    There is no doubt God sent President Trump to save us from an almost totally corrupt condition of our government.

  45. Joe James
    Joe James November 13, 2019

    Taylor is a leftist moron and should be fired for his actions no more no less.

  46. Joe James
    Joe James November 13, 2019

    I hope Shifty swallows his tongue in his sleep and never wakes up.

  47. Pickax Mining
    Pickax Mining November 14, 2019

    You know what is in plain sight? Schiff has lost his mind and his game is over!😜

  48. Bruce Anderson
    Bruce Anderson November 14, 2019

    I do not recall voting for Taylor's input to correct Pres Trump.

  49. Bruce Anderson
    Bruce Anderson November 14, 2019

    The impeachment is working. It is a cover-up operation to hide the criminal activity of the Biden’s. The money laundering of US tax dollars, through other countries like the Ukraine and Romania, has been going on for a long time. The impeachment is a distraction to keep the heat off the criminals. If you can keep the good guys busy, the bad guys go free!

  50. KC Seslar
    KC Seslar November 14, 2019

    So if Schiff fails at this impeachment bs does that mean he can be hung for treason?? Just curious??

  51. Muzzy337
    Muzzy337 November 14, 2019

    The left is insane. They DON'T care about America. Wake up and vote them out. TRUMP 2020.

  52. CottageGarden SMITH
    CottageGarden SMITH November 14, 2019


  53. jack meoff
    jack meoff November 14, 2019

    Shiftey Schiff is a none liar and must be held accountable for his CRIMES against our president and country. He also has dual citizenship in Israel and United States. Isn't that illegal for a Congress man to have dual citizenship. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  54. jeffrey luciana
    jeffrey luciana November 14, 2019

    $32 trillion for "medicare-for-all" and no? tax hike on the middle class? C'mon, I wasn't born yesterday

  55. Rusky Petrovsky
    Rusky Petrovsky November 14, 2019

    Any taxes against the wealthy or Companies Drives there businesses overseas. my own opinion.,

  56. sina mumuta
    sina mumuta November 14, 2019

    The very dangerous violence and hatred control the Soro money that these representatives crook owe him they tried everything to entertain him and imperishef the Country and PRESIDENT Trump to the people who loves him but most of all the criminal activist money control are the one who designed.

  57. Fred Bogdon
    Fred Bogdon November 14, 2019

    When the dems are saying they will punish corporations, what they're talking about is punishing your 401k and employers matching funds. The rich have already stashed their wealth into 501c s to hide it from the tax men. Clintons, gates,Bloomberg, steyer……

  58. Childof aKing
    Childof aKing November 14, 2019

    Time to jump into the Hunter has become the HUNTED…. time to make the BREAD!

  59. Eric D
    Eric D November 14, 2019

    Go Biggs or go home!

  60. Moss Stirling
    Moss Stirling November 14, 2019


  61. chue Her
    chue Her November 14, 2019

    Please Recall all your Dems representatives they all useless!

  62. Marilyn Shealy
    Marilyn Shealy November 14, 2019

    I don't even think there is a real whistle blower, i think Adam has made this person up. Time will tell, he claims he doesn't even know who it is. What a circus.

  63. Walker Nicholas Barr
    Walker Nicholas Barr November 14, 2019

    AZ will be red 2020 I’m fed up with Californians and liberals whom know nothing about national security. I have nothing against Mexico but the drugs and felons coming over needs to stop.

  64. God is Faithful
    God is Faithful November 14, 2019

    EVERYONE! Please PRAY to God in the name of Jesus Christ for the MIGRANT PEOPLE, especially the children and older people, who are caged and locked by donald trump and others. Pray that God sends his angels to minister to these people and that he sets them FREE. May God deliver these migrants and guide them to a safe place to live. In Jesus name. Amen

    Also, PRAY that God DEFEATS and BRINGS DOWN donald trump and removes him and replaces him with a Godly leader who will lead the U.S. with wisdom, justice and compassion.


  65. Sandy Mihal
    Sandy Mihal November 14, 2019

    The Republicans have already destroyed the economy.

  66. mongo revera
    mongo revera November 14, 2019

    it is obvious that the government, have no power over the Democrats, it seems like everyone is scared of these Democrats.we the voters must find a way, to kick this small corrupted group of Democrat out of the way. and stop these kangaroo courts, all over the country. and make our law strong again. and get this Gestapo out of the way.

  67. Randy Polizzi
    Randy Polizzi November 14, 2019

    Change Ryan’s diaper and send him back to economics class

  68. WRath
    WRath November 14, 2019

    The real problem for Taylor is not that the President spoke or acted outside of their established foreign policy. The real roots of this issue that need to be addressed is the chain of command and a lack of consequences for insubordination.
    Taylor's problem is that he and the other arrogant non elected State department officials think that either they or the prior administration make the policies. They do not! WE THE PEOPLE did not elect them. The President sets the policy and if the State Dept. employees can't get behind the President then they should resign their jobs or transfer to some other job.
    These left over permanent employees may not be able to be fired; word has it nearly impossible to fire, but perhaps the Trump administration could simply transfer them to other departments and select replacements from other departments that are more in line with the Trump administration It would be better for national security and help end the leaks.

  69. Betelhem H
    Betelhem H November 14, 2019

    The current Dem tax plan probably will not work but there's a good chance that it will not matter who takes over from Trump I think his "great" economy may quite possibly be a farce. There's a good chance that if anyone else that's not a Trump loyalist is put in charge of some of these departments and they do an audit on the numbers reported the U.S. may be in a crisis. Anyone paying attention if the economy is so great for every not in the top percent then why is it that wages aren't raising nearly enough if at all. Why is it that most of those jobs Trump is trumpeting are in fact part time jobs and the numbers aren't reflecting the people that have given up on looking for employment? Health insurance premiums are still out pacing peoples ability to pay them. Housing market is ballooning again. Oh and of course let's not forget the import taxes on China goods.

  70. karen willison
    karen willison November 14, 2019

    Give Schiff pink slip walking papers for starters before Nov 21st government funding. Downsize this group that is doing absolutely ZERO for America. Ukraine more important than arming American citizens. B.S. Wake up. Build that WALL>

  71. freelandsm1
    freelandsm1 November 14, 2019

    Maria needs voice lessons…..

  72. David W
    David W November 14, 2019

    anybody need a ambassador job will be an open soon

  73. Roberto Speerz
    Roberto Speerz November 14, 2019

    If Schiff Bypasses the Ukraine Corruption involving Obama Biden Biden Clinton … Then Address it in The Senate Hearings….!!!!

  74. Zoila Austin
    Zoila Austin November 14, 2019

    what ever happened we need to vote to president trump he’s doing good job 👍👍🇺🇸

  75. Julianne Dreamwand
    Julianne Dreamwand November 14, 2019

    Rep. Andy Biggs, love your name, please fight for us Mr. Biggs, we love you!

  76. Ryan Rhoades
    Ryan Rhoades November 14, 2019

    Warren isn't a typical Dem and neither is any Dem running! Raising taxes like they want will ruin the market's

    SCOTT SMITH November 14, 2019

    Oh the Horror! Liberals are Parasites. Reject All new taxes that take away our hard earned dollars to fund unethical Social Democratic corruption and identity politics! Pass immigration legislation to end all immigration.
    Inspired by John Mark

  78. Michael Carr
    Michael Carr November 14, 2019

    Schiff has reached a level of insanity over President Trump. I think he can no longer be relied on for logical and critical thinking.

  79. shelia newell
    shelia newell November 14, 2019

    Democrats made a huge mistake with letting a confessed liar to lead their witch hunt Schiff is a liar and a traitor, 2 years ago he lied about having evidence and recently lied on national tv, Pelosi is too stupid or old to see the harm he is causing . Trump will win in 2020 and after the DOJ report comes out, a lot of democrats will be implicated in Russian hoax.

  80. Cameron Kerr Bôcher
    Cameron Kerr Bôcher November 14, 2019

    You cannot use the range of affects to economy of previous (D) or (R) administrations with either Warren or Sanders. The US has never had a socialist government nor has anyone held the highest office preached such authoritarian communist ideas as either. Either of these 2 candidates undoubtedly will result in the financial collapse of the US, a communist style attempt to disarm the people, and an all out civil war. It will then become apparent to even the drooling morons from the left that there are elements within the government that have already compromised their loyalty to the Republic in favor of the most to gain from such a series of events, the communist Chinese. 2020 is a make or break moment for this country and the liberty it was founded upon and possibly the last election the American people will have a voice in should the Republic fall. It certainly is not a prudent time to be apathetic towards politics and the direction some promise to take us.

  81. rick oddon
    rick oddon November 14, 2019

    Dems promising what they can't deliver, just hoping for votes from the poor and will not give them anything

  82. Tuyet Pham
    Tuyet Pham November 14, 2019

    The DEMOCRAT Congress impeach President cost American taxpayers,now need to stop pay Democrat Congress request them reimbust money to tax payers

  83. Judith Rhice
    Judith Rhice November 14, 2019

    Can everybody not see that Adam Schiff is Crazy.

  84. manic mechanic
    manic mechanic November 15, 2019

    They all need to be taken out back and shot like the dogs they are.

  85. Gina Mariposa
    Gina Mariposa November 15, 2019

    I'm concerned about the word "emasculate" being used as a pejorative as to action on the economy. It means to make it effeminate, soft, weak. I believe this is not a correct application for "emasculate". Perhaps the speaker means "macerate"? "Macerate" means to "waste away, to grow thin".

  86. averageamerican protrump
    averageamerican protrump November 15, 2019

    You can include Ryan pain in the group of s*** heads they don't understand economy to invest with him you got to be a dumbass frankly his investors are in pain

  87. Doug Aschenbrenner
    Doug Aschenbrenner November 15, 2019

    You've gotta be kidding there's no repercussion for these people that have clearly violated their oaths to faithfully serve for our nation. We all know what happens to someone in the military for violating their oath to the USA, but no one's above the law, right?

  88. Geo George
    Geo George November 15, 2019

    Another setup. The whistlblowhard would have gone to his boss, not Schiff. If this can be found to be a conspiracy to conspire between Sxhiff and blowhard: treason, sedition should not be overlooked.

  89. Chas Burns
    Chas Burns November 15, 2019

    Trump needs to shut the government down again.

  90. Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes November 15, 2019

    All these extra ⭐

  91. Henry Carmichael
    Henry Carmichael November 15, 2019

    They don't even recognize that all these taxes failed in Europe.

  92. Rena Star
    Rena Star November 15, 2019

    Taxing us for breathing. They should be cut of oxygene these evil bastards.

  93. Roy 1776
    Roy 1776 November 15, 2019

    He gets away with it because he's a Democrat and the Democrats are lost in their love for other people's money.

  94. Judith Elledge
    Judith Elledge November 15, 2019

    Soap opera nothing else. Trump save us from these LUNATICS. TRUMP 2020

  95. Carole Miller
    Carole Miller November 15, 2019

    I heard TAYLOR , NOTHING!

  96. Ben Griego
    Ben Griego November 15, 2019


  97. Rafael Quinones
    Rafael Quinones November 15, 2019

    Thanks for the laughs…but Really…the Dems need a new angle🙄

  98. Rafael Quinones
    Rafael Quinones November 15, 2019

    They are just BEGGING to be hanged!

  99. hair-tu fucwit chu
    hair-tu fucwit chu November 16, 2019

    If a dem wins you might see a war on our soil. You think Americans gonna hold up the entire globe ?I think not. People should stop paying tax at all if a demorat wins. We have the power but no balls.

  100. This Machine Kills Fascists
    This Machine Kills Fascists November 17, 2019

    70% of Americans report economic distress. Farm bankruptcies reached an all-time high. Americans are in $14,000,000,000,000 debt. Time for an end to trickle down.

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