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[Applause] it's a pleasure to be here well I'm a brand consultant and a politician my name is Khalil ah ah they normally tell you politicians life so everything I see here I'll try to keep true so a scholar once said that this was in 16th century that give me the control of the tunes of a civilization and I will dictate that civilizations laws now everybody would read that statement as maybe a folklore or something but as of then for Klaus dictated what a civilization was known for so what are the four clause in our own time things like Facebook Twitter I don't calls on brand names what popular blogs they actually have become the four claws of our own generations so if I want you to think differently all I need to do is hijack the four claws you believe in and you would think differently so I'll start with everything you know about politics is alike and that is on which I would hinge my conversation today I would attempt to unveil the Iron Curtain which we call politics in Nigeria so my topic is democracy lot of the votes now you'll add zoom you'd assume that everything about democracy is of course a representative government representing people yes that's what democracy is supposed to do what is that what really happens is that what really goes on is that what really in the most populous nation a black nation in the world is not known for anything politically well would attempt to answer that okay anyway the truth about politics is that we have a youth population that's above 60% of the voting population but yet we scramble for positions as peers as you know small small sometimes even as low as ballot box runners I'd like to add that as a job and an occupation in Nigerian politics because it is constant and it occurs in all our elections but that is what the most populous generation has been reduced to and they haven't been reduced to that because they have may be filled in their education they are filled in any other endeavor like say music or book right speech right writing or anything else the truth is we are that because as much as would not like to believe it we are politically illiterate I am sorry what is the truth you want to know why let me take you back to when you were growing up imagine you were five and you wanted still open you know watch that free right movie then they start movies until the end assume we say 11 you'd want to pick up on that movie and then your parents say go to bed and you ask why because I'm your father or because I'm your mother now that is wrong because what that has done from beginning is stop you from thinking as an individual so instead of telling the child why they should go to bed which is you need to go to sleep because you need to go you need sleep too you know so that your body function fully tomorrow which I'll tell them go to bed because I'm your father which has built an entire civilization or an entire civilization or an entire generation based on just following orders so in the end what will have politically I'm sorry to call it slavery because that's is exactly what happens someone would tell you unless it like last elections total vote for a small party do you know why yeah wish to your boot who gave you that idea if you ever see of boots why do they now spend money buying boots that's funny right but we believe that so I'd like to tell you what politics really is most people assume politics is one big word or politicians are some kind of you know very special people who are different you know like a Latina politician whose works you know has plenty P is multiple sometimes you come to an event I have to change your clothes like five times because you're a politician that's not true politics actually is the ability to make you believe that you do something because you want to do it but you are actually doing it because I want you to do it that's politics and that is real power you see politics has power but the use of power is exerting influence so if I'm able to exert influence on let's say someone here and I want everybody now to think I'm so smart so I'll just use big words and you know I'll just talk to you guys you already have to your mind he's using big words oh wow man or more these guys Oxford cooked meanwhile I probably don't even have a first degree and that is me exactly an influence on you making you believe what actually isn't there but because of the way your mind as they say what the I see and the ears hear the mind believes and that's what happens in politics so we need to understand so we to understand that this is how politics is the truth is politics is not such a bad game culture is not such a bad game the problem with politics is the players not the game so I'll give you an example we all love let's say football let me speak for guys we all lost a football even when your favorite team is losing against one or our team and I'm a NASCAR fan so I know what it is to lose I actually feel it a lot you don't need to make fun of my team right now but I know what it needs to do and I find my team losing most oh not sometimes yeah a lot of times but does that make me hate football no it doesn't but we have mistook the game young people don't want to be young and people with capacity don't want to be involved in politics because they assume that politics is bad it's not politics as bad is the players that are bad so if you want Nigeria to transcend to a Singapore Dubai which we all love or Canada which we all find ourselves going to we must change our players if not politics in Nigeria would remain the same and nothing would change so we need to get involved in the game you know another lady tell you I'm sure no offense ooh but to nygean orientation agencies and you know if you're anybody you tell you Guam would Guam would grant vote all of a sudden once this gets it to election yet the music from January's Guam would gram for gram for gram boot but come on watching is not the only thing politics of us right why don't they tell you run for office why don't they tell you join a political party so you can't dictate the primaries that actually brings out the candidates they don't know what it tells you that and they know ID don't tell you that so that you continue to think that politics is a mystical game or truth is it's just the game of strategy so anyway I'll speak with others I'll I'd like to show you guys in the labs that's chart Styles up there I'll try to explain it you see in the presidential elections we had almost the 64 63% viewing of people that came out to vote wonderful right Wow so many ideas came out too good but when you now look at something like the governor toriel the numbers dropped to about 54% you now get to Senate House of Reps known by jobs again a little bit to about let's see 40% but when you get to local government chairman and councillors do you know that this number drops to almost 12 or 14 percent of our electoral base what is happening let me tell you the truth they will tell you a president is important wrong if a president also important to America function with somebody on top I didn't call his name it won't so the weight governance is governors the tributary what must happen is that it must flow from the first point of contact which is your local bomb a chairman or your council actually it must flow from there to your look of event chairman to your state a person is the house of assembly you have no business calling mr. president name we really don't yes we are like the president but there's such a long line when he transforma is not working this is not working before you even get to governor I'm not saying you can't hold governor accountable what I'm saying is that there's so much distance that we need to understand that these elections are far more important to our own development than the election of the president and that is where we miss it now generation thinks is impossible to judge is good just to just vote for president and neglect every other thing so the truth is why does this happen you want to know the real truth you are taught to think that way if you think or thought any other way you will actually be stepping outside the box or like I'd love to step out of this circle and I'm trapped inside here so you'll be stepping out of the box I want to step out the box what will happen will be your generation will now be able to our generation will now be able to aspire for power will be able to be part of political parties will be great people in governance let me tell you one little secret and now does die but a little bit and talk about myself I saw from 2008 I was a personal assistant to the minister of Women Affairs I was at I think about 28 at the time I took that job I served in it and I resigned I started to care about my country instead complain on social media then I realized complaining wasn't enough I got into politics by 2013 I was sitting down a National Executive Council of a political party now that's the highest decision-making body and that time we didn't have 140 political parties we had a few for a Nigerian to be about 83 at the time at 82 had time to sit down on such a high position that was defeat why didn't get there because I wanted to get there I got there because I believed I wanted to change things and I found out you can't complain about the machine but you become a part of the machine you cannot change the machine and by 2019 I had run for Senate and I will continue to do more just to make sure my country is important to me do you know why I find some things hypocritical like you see maybe New Zealand's p.m. do a prime minister do something and in Africa like Wow but when you hear someone like me Bakula lies ready for Senate like our bros why not start our council oh no that's funny actually funny so you find that we are taught to think the way we do we also do not hold government accountable especially when let's see you are related to the person I don't want to mention where you work for the person that was now and is they do you hold them accountable but when we don't hold our governments accountable and when I say government I don't mean going to the highest order I'm sure if I asked him I've asked you here to name their local government chairman and I start here by time before I get here I don't think I have six names and I think in this whole room out have 12 news that's bad that is very very bad and as much as we think that's normal we are all guilty of where Nigeria stands to be we are all guilty nobody is separate can we repair this in our generation maybe but we can ensure that the next generation doesn't live the way we live so we now under sometimes we just see the candidate just appear from somewhere does it is the guy running for president and is the other guy running for president two guys in the room these guys running here these guys running here and then depart our starts this one this party for 42 years they've not done anything this party this one small money in the last one this one who chose those candidates for you let me tell you you chose those can't destroy the same people that have been in the same power block choosing candidates for us since 1966 the same set of people that choosing candidates for it till today do you want to know why when I tell you join a political party I beg are they going to be do they have money set say so ash come abhi carry things for them what what what does they are to me Oh what does he add to you let me explain that's why when some people turn 18 in some countries they give them 1 million dollars but you choose your country to remain weight is because you don't want to part speak as long as you do not participate you are away from everything so the three real points of democracy are you can run for office you can hold those in office accountable be part of a political party and most essentially you vote Nigeria's greatest strength Nigeria's greatest strength is its people not oil not agriculture and nothing else I hope today to change the idea of our politics thank you very much

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