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  1. Mahesh Agrahari
    Mahesh Agrahari July 8, 2019

    we Indians are neglected but we are very happy with our democratic achievement taking every religions 40 religions, with 1400 languages. still we live like Indian and in democratic way justice for all. still western media , agencies rank us 48 globally. each western countries are just holding 1 , 2 religions and so languages. and rank themselves most democratic country. how procedures are followed . but no worry enjoy we are happy

  2. Marcus Versace
    Marcus Versace July 8, 2019

    Unfortunate as an Australian I see the USA is not a full democracy with no independaent electral commission setting seats on congress or the senate that evenly reflect the true demograhy of the US population its destined to be unrepresentative along with entrenched donations from large corporations or interest groups that sway existing politicians to do their bidding. e.g the NRA I have been to the USA three times, when asked by americans there what I thought of the US, I always replied I regarded the US as a sudo democracy, In need of reform – President Trump and an inert Congress not exercising its authority to challenge an incompetent and treasonous president is an example

  3. xman577
    xman577 July 8, 2019

    freedom of speech under attack in our country

    MIRINDA July 8, 2019

    Unbelievable betrayal to democracy in Spain against all Catalans and their right to have a say on their own country. I picked wounded people to the hospital on October the 1st and saw the Spanish Foreign Affairs minister denying images of Spanish police brutality and repression. Catalonia is a resilient people and we'll work it out until we are respected as human beings and as citizens of Europe.

  5. Vilma Betancourt
    Vilma Betancourt July 8, 2019

    Revenge of the "deplorables"….the US electoral college system has worked for centuries, those who don't agree with the system are free to move to countries where they don't have a voice or a choice. The USA is the best country on earth. As much as I am against what Donald Trump is offering to illegal aliens, I must admit that he's turned around a sinking ship. So does that make me a "deplorable"? It's a badge I'd wear with honor and distinction. #MAGA all the way to the bank!

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