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  1. Akil Nassir
    Akil Nassir July 8, 2019

    Media won't discuss the core issues of country lynching of innocent citizens jobs, farmers, hick in petroleum products etc. Discussing the personal things of citizens. Blady godi media.

  2. kumar jeevan
    kumar jeevan July 8, 2019

    to all muslims before interpreting hindus through people like ilyas,zakir naik..please go through vedas ,upanishads,purans and interpret it..there is no where it is said worshiping idols is not prohibited in hinduism..there is no stright mandate in hinduism to not to worship idols ..though who say we know hinduism well havent gone through boks of body has a 100% knowledge of hindus ..

  3. majeed ahmed
    majeed ahmed July 8, 2019

    Nusrat Jahan Allah k pass dar hai andhar nahi
    Tum Jo aaj Kar rahi hai iska badla Allah tum say zaroor la ga ek din dakh Lana [email protected]

  4. Arjun Raxx Max
    Arjun Raxx Max July 8, 2019

    MC….. BC… 😁

  5. Ameera's Vision
    Ameera's Vision July 8, 2019

    Sir ilyas ap inn jahil media se bat nhi kery, there is no any benefit to talk these non Muslims who don't have any knowledge….

  6. Shaikhlayakali Ali
    Shaikhlayakali Ali July 8, 2019

    Ishrat Jupiter is a name that is happy for her when she got married to a Hindu, if she is a Muslim, then she becomes a Hindu, then it is my request to the maulana people why you should go to such people in Debate.

  7. Indian
    Indian July 8, 2019

    Muslims worship the black stone in mecca & bang their head. They shave their head,throw stones on their kaaba,swim in zam zam & carry that water to their home.

  8. yusuf jamadar
    yusuf jamadar July 8, 2019

    nusrat jahan wah wah secular ji rahi han madarchodo jine do hame kya ma chodaye o.. but but jab zara ne bollywood quit kiya tab tum madarchod kyun bhokne lag gaye 🤔🤔matlab o secular life nahi ji sakte oske ke piche kyun pade ho hijdo.. o bollywood quit kare o oski marzi nallo tumara sirf sirf ek target muslim aur koch nahi tum bhosdiwalo kya hame support karoge tum bhosdiwalo ke dilon me sirf nafrat bhari hai 🖕🖕🖕note i m abusing only those jo log moblynching karte hain aur asifa ke rapist ko support karte hain aur jo hijde politics ke dalle roz rape karte hain.. rapist madarchodo moblynching madarchod

  9. Indian
    Indian July 8, 2019

    We will enjoy all the rights in a democracy & we don't care about the filthy Mullahs.

  10. One World One World
    One World One World July 8, 2019

    Media is educated fool's, ilyas bhai smile takes the cake,

  11. Cooling Solutions
    Cooling Solutions July 8, 2019

    You are RIGHT Elias Bhai,these fellows Must need of TRUE Education,otherwise these illerate fellows will collapse the pillars of India thus Modi,RSS,Rekha,all BJP,Doing…

  12. Zuber Khan
    Zuber Khan July 8, 2019

    Hind hamesa ladta hi hae Muslim se

  13. I love Islam
    I love Islam July 8, 2019

    Nusrat Jahan tum badnasib Aurat ho tumne khudse apni Zindagi barbad kar li tum badnasib ho

    AZAM IQBAL July 8, 2019

    Illayas bhai these idiots who are friends of sayateen and they are controlled by sayateen … they willingly never understand until they see hell fire as allah says in Quran. ,,and we will do the work of Allah swt on path of prophet Muhammad pluh .. till our life’s end inshallahtala laakuwataillahbillah

  15. Yasir Jutt Yasir
    Yasir Jutt Yasir July 8, 2019


  16. Ruknuddin Shaikh
    Ruknuddin Shaikh July 8, 2019

    Tum log kehte ho islam talvar ki nok p aage badhraha hai agar aesa hota toh hum logo ne 800saal hindustan p raaj kiya hai agar islam talvar ki nok p aage badhta toh aaj hindustan me ek hindu bhi zinda nhi rehta

  17. Peer Zulfiqar AUR Sajjad Nomani
    Peer Zulfiqar AUR Sajjad Nomani July 8, 2019

    Allah Musalmano Ki Jaan aur Maal aur imaan Ki Hifazat Farma Ameen summa Ameen 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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