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David Pakman vs Robin Koerner: Should Liberals Vote for Ron Paul?

robin corners founder and publisher of
watching america dot com he writes for the huffington post and also started the
blue republican movement which is asking democrats and independents to register
republican for one year to support ron paul in the primaries uh… thanks for joining us right if you really believe it i wanna dig into this because idon’t
know whether i agree with your not that this is a good idea first of all i guess
we should get out on the table are you independent of weather it makes sense as strategy for democrats
and independents you are a ron paul supporter right you like ron paul beyond it and now i have a mumbles voter
identity trust myself with that although i don’t buy it would say as
someone who actually supported obama the uh… i think even if i have a
wonderful way to wrong before i actually don’t see any good reason why
a democrat would not want to try and influence the republican uh… nominations you uh… mitchell
wrongful winds but obviously battles of the best-looking yeah we’ll tell me why
because i have five mike tyson will get to that we can look at it point by point
but why is it what is your sense of why a democrat would would want ron paul to
win the republican nomination and maybe the presidency i don’t know if
you go even that fire well ought personally i’m going up by
and v arm i think you you’re the idea of the read
about the movement is to go that far armed the reason if you think back to the massive you know up swell of support for obama all but one of the reasons well at the
time the the reasons were ever many but forgot the lyrics was the fact that americans will killing
innocent people in countries that don’t retinas and and that we have in the economist
regime that was taking down in short of the basic protections of the bill of
rights and i will start crying is a little bit
but if you remember we will talk about how the burden and he’s maybe contracts and such like and then we have offered the uh… the
presidency upon and all i was hoping this uh… that
these issues that are important to me and i
think too many dresses uh… yet basic s over talking human rights of
a lot eleven yaniv basic more basic issues i think the best on that these will be dealt with someone in the bombing
ministration but now we see again in my opinion that obama is not even bush lied
he’s burst blocks so earlier for example we have extension
of the giraffe there was still uh… starting was in
firearms work phone which we’re not threatened on and we have primary battle about his
own their arm that makes bush look like dynamics of
this at this time it so goldman sachs and uh… the boys at j_p_ morgan cited you’re not
you know i’m wrong person and any of those things i don’t know that the
cronyism we see now makes what bush did look like child’s play but the thing is
to to go to this idea of invading nations which are no threat to us like ron paul i was against the invasion of iraq but i
think the fact that the idea that it’s a means to an end doesn’t really play that well with me
nor with a lot of other progressives i talked to in other words the reasons ron
paul was against going into iraq are because of an extreme right wing
isolation isolationism ideal which i think that even if it gets us to
the same conclusion on iraq is not going to put some way he is not
going to be in agreement with me on many other
issues that relate to trade import export other issues are
it’s hard for me to imagine that that’s the reason because he’s the antiwar
republican for progressive to support him what is is one reason i mean it’s it’s as important but no more important
than a civil rights and give it a fact that we need to reestablish that the
better writes in this country undeniably second hold on a second
though ron paul is anti civil rights back he
says it violated the constitution and reduced individual liberty he says it
did not even help at all to improve racial harmony it’s hard to find people
on the left to believe that robin but do you know that do you know why he said that do you know
what it was specifically about civil rights act that the other oval he says it violated the constitution but what should have been do you know in inning what what his op main concern about that
legislation what’s but tell me well as far as i can see from what he
said about it and i would urge hors d’oeuvres europe appears listeners to your question in your car what locals as about civil speed but in
the context army is the money i think he’s most by
about civil rights candidate we have an option to bible now his concerns uh… but advice is not to make the
obvious connection the one at the main reason for that is
precisely because he is the constitution which is you know that chunk of role in which american civil rights are
protected but yeah i mean that’s obviously needs to be set local is very much uh… against any kind of discrimination body uh… the state what he’d is less concerned with nice
agents filed last time that i cannot speak right is that once you start telling people what they have to do with their private
property you’ve conceded a principle of but when you have given about the
government that should not have it might be quite benign if you can see
that principle to say uh… if you won’t be easy if you have to let
people of best any color uh… incumbents your business invited
services equally which of course is a goal that we agree on and i think you have to be and often persons are not think that’s a
good bet yeah i think this is the brand and also this is the rand paul argument
that he got into with racial matter was it not my brother i’m believe and i don’t have
to go back to home coz i don’t know what i think it or not local and i’m not one
statement but i i thought you know what what what the decision to convict all the things
that used by the best of luck i think they spent is a government overstepping its bounds
into private life issue he was very clear about uh… legislation that limits unable actually prohibits any kind of
discrimination by government uh… so i mean yet that this is the
thing about mobile what happens often hears his conclusion gets quincy without the broad principles that he is
applying to get that i totally understand that and again i’m
not trying to get into the discussion of my personal opinion whether i like ron
paul are not my argument is i’d just don’t really
agree with the age of your idea that this is somebody progressives could even
have any remote chance of getting behind uh… by switching to to the republican
party over a year let me give you just one other example just that there was
something else out here uh… he’s a booster of the constitution
party ok which has a christian reconstructions platform he occasionally
appears that event sponsored by the john birch society which is the
segregationist right wing organization that’s closely aligned with the
religious right not noted that my personal opinion
notwithstanding i can’t imagine any progressives are
going to get behind if you are saying and therefore one
borges off the religious right i would say that that you just won’t let you know i think
that i’m not saying that what i’m saying is i can’t imagine progressive switching
party to support a guy that is against the civil rights act at a for
a number of reasons which you mentioned in which i did thingy these companies more prone to civil
rights than anybody else we got out i think if you know if you have
genuinely interested in civil rights yet about the fact that will not not masses
of blacks but not masses of whites for drug offenses just take one example whichever candidate is dealing with that
meaning if you were actually make it on and on civil rights iming that’s right
because i would just say everybody garrisons one eugene videos
about everybody running right now and let’s come back and talk about it is
that the bills that were right started in japan they have spoken to run
and i’m not saying ron paul is of the religious right but i’m saying again
your argument that progress is an independent should support him no they’re not going on now the ones i
know we’re going to get behind anyone who appears at events sponsored by the john birch society it’s not individually none of these
things are pushing them over the edge it’s just taken altogether you see what i’m saying he’s anti social
security regarding site i would say you have to look at a glance back home in
his voting record in his actions in the book was case said that he is and if you’re going to denied all of that based on the all the
people who supported i mean if we got a judge politicians by the people at the
fringes to like bits of m_s_a_’s then you have to go home because we
combine trying not to let you know rock i wish we had more time run and what i
think i have my position is on this is progresses and independence wants a
support someone that has no chance of winning i think there’s other people
they would support before ron paul our one st after i had i’ve got a bad weather and lost article
huffington post was just called mobile can win and it was a kind of you start looking
at the difficult phase changes in different nations on the air mass transitions biomedical who will win but obviously uh… you know if your saying that you can ability stuff
mappoint mesle again is nine point even having a discussion is that undercut none of the discussion is
worthwhile under saying he won’t win that that is my take will see what
happens we will see what happens but i i i i one of the buying knowledge
or what they do that or not but i i i am not work but i i i i do you know i
thought that obama millbrae bike bonzo right before the
break before god told michelle bachman that the hurricane was bhai spending he
told me ron paul wasn’t going to win well you know you reason to get one
politically because the rest of them as you just inquire nightmare if you look
at a point by robin turner founder and publisher of
watching america dot com check out his rating on huffington post maybe you’ll become a blue republican
email me if you like or don’t like this idea david david packard dot com thanks
robin but you don’t hear ok take care


  1. M. Weber
    M. Weber November 12, 2012

    Divine Knowledge? Who needs divine knowledge to know that Ron Paul had no chance of winning. He needs a reality check.

  2. Jake Goldberg
    Jake Goldberg July 29, 2014

    dumb british people! AMERICA IS NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!

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