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Dash News – ChainLocks Activated! Instantly Re-Spendable Payments! + Supervisor Election Results!

in this week's episode we have some big activations happening on the dash Network let's check out on the results of a big election and also there's a little bit of a flip inning happening there's a lot more where that's coming from so don't go anywhere hi everyone welcome to the dash news recap my name is Heidi and this video is dedicated to keeping you up to date on all of the recent – news highlights links to all of these news stories can be found down below in the video description so let's get started it's been a super productive week for – especially with its developments so let's go ahead and take a look at what's been happening this week the last two sports or multi-phased forks of – version 0.14 were activated which introduces to evolutionary features the first new llm queue based instant send which enables – transactions to be both instantly confirmed and instantly able to be resent and second chain locks was activated which protects the network against 51 percent mining attacks by leveraging llm cues and the masternode network these upgrades give – a significant advantage over other coins even Bitcoin for being extremely secure and easily spendable – investment foundation elects supervisors and charts new course for cryptocurrency funding the – investment foundation was created to enable the – network to take ownership in projects that invest in rather than only a grant style system with the dow treasury but still be decentralized overseeing the day-to-day operations and directors will be the six supervisors who are elected each year however since two supervisors had to be appointed at the creation of the DI F only four supervisors were elected this year and they are Amanda Johnson Michael Lewis Jan Heinrich Meyer and – abdel Kareem – transactions and active addresses surpass litecoin in gradual flipping – with 30,000 189 transactions has surpassed the 24-hour transaction the count of light coin with twenty six thousand eight hundred and thirty transactions while the flip has only occurred for a few days the disparity has been building for months additionally dashes median transaction fees have remained low less than one cent compared to the median transaction fee of light coin which is around two point one cents or over thirty times higher additionally dashes active address count remains high at one hundred and seven thousand three hundred and eighteen active addresses in the last 24 hours compared to sixty-six thousand and seven for light coin plus – is more decentralized than light coin with the top ten – addresses control six percent of the coin supply versus ten percent for light coin and the top 1,000 addresses four – containing twenty nine percent of the supply compared to sixty four point and 1% for light coin the discrepancy brings attention to the recent innovations that dash is achieving that catalyzes wider adoption such as lmq based instant send and chain locks we're just gonna keep the good news rolling and now we're gonna look at which services and platforms have begun to integrate – lately D coin a top 30 cryptocurrency exchange on coin market cap and based out of Singapore with global services integrated – on July 3rd – will be paired with us DT and D coins website lists that the maker and taker fees are point 2 percent of the transaction amount D coin also has single withdrawal minimum amounts and their associated fees for each coin that they list but dashes withdrawal amounts and fees are not yet listed lastly we have to finish up with some recent media highlights that feature – if you haven't watched these yet I highly recommend that you do this week's – podcast number 111 features Elizabeth Roebuck – core group chief product owner this week the guys welcome back Liz to discuss recent developments on the – code one of the top things she has been working on is the value proposition of the – platform and how to position it in the market against other blockchain and non blockchain platforms they also went into discussing the consumer demand importance of lmq based instant send that enables transaction confirmations in seconds that also becomes instantly refundable and chain locks making the network significantly more secure against 51% attacks liz also talks about how – platform functions as a distributed cloud database as a service or a blockchain as a service and contrast it with aetherium where instead of users having to learn solidity they can simply use languages that they already know make sure to tune in and get this valuable knowledge thanks for watching this episode of the – news recap I hope that you found this video to be informative and as always I look forward to reading your comments down below don't forget to Like share and subscribe to this channel to get more – goodness like this bye for now but as always stay Dashie


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    Dash News July 12, 2019

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    Dash Network Developments of the Week:

    🚩 00:51 Dash Activates ChainLocks –

    🚩 01:31 Dash Investment Foundation Elects Supervisors


    🚩 02:11 Dash Transactions & Active Addresses Surpass Litecoin –

    Dash Integrations of the Week:

    🚩 03:36 Dcoin Exchange Lists Dash –

    Dash Media of the Week:

    🚩 04:18 Elizabeth Robuck Dash Core Group Chief Product Owner –

  2. Yves Nicollier
    Yves Nicollier July 12, 2019

    Pretty amazing

  3. Habanero95
    Habanero95 July 12, 2019

    Finally the great ChainLocks announcement thanks for that. But these Litecoin comparisons are no longer fine for me… You have to convince with more great work and not with making something else bad especially Litecoin because i like both equally so you hurt my feelings! 😂😂😂

  4. W. Hat
    W. Hat July 12, 2019

    love Dash. Great news Heidi.

  5. Andrea -
    Andrea - July 12, 2019

    One of the best crypto currencies on the market, so undervalued right now! Heidi's news always welcome

  6. LeroyHeeneyWine
    LeroyHeeneyWine July 12, 2019

    Another week goes by and DASH just keeps looking better – both on it's own and relative to other projects.Thanks, Heidi, and all others making it happen!

  7. 123abc
    123abc July 12, 2019


  8. deulav remotsuk
    deulav remotsuk July 12, 2019

    Thanks for the quick update. I was gone two weeks, lots happening!

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