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Cubans head to polls to vote on new constitution

now to Cuba where voters are deciding if the Constitution should change Hansol Vela is the only South Florida reporter in Havana he explains what would happen if that measure is approved this is a constitutional overhaul Cubans have not seen since 1976 and today they’re being asked to vote yes or no early this morning Cuba’s president Miguel Diaz canal waiting his turn to vote Diaz canal has been leading the vote yes campaign the state-run propaganda machine to convince Cubans to vote in favor of the referendum really rich it’s a constitution that broadens our rights he says but Cuba remains a one-party socialist system with a centrally planned economy here’s what changes for the first time Cuba recognizes the market in private business it limits presidential terms to two each five years and the president has to be under sixty to serve the role of prime minister is introduced and on legal rights the new version includes habeas corpus and the right to a lawyer after being arrested the Cuban government has been highly criticized for not giving the opposition any public space to dissent those who post have resorted to using social media to show their disapproval in eastern Cuba several dissidents are set to have been detained and yesterday here in Havana two dissidents took to the streets to show their disapproval back at polling stations we talked to align Rodriguez who told me he voted yes just another way to support the revolution he says well though I’m hot so fella local 10 News Havana

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