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Corn dogs, rollercoasters and politics: The spectacle of the Iowa state Fair

-If you’ve ever been
to a state fair, you know roughly
what to expect. -Have a good day at the fair.
-There’s livestock, rides. And the food comes on a stick. -I want ketchup. -But every four years
at the Iowa State Fair, there’s a different
sort of attraction. ♪ Oh, say, does that
star-spangled ♪ -That’s because the road
to the White House runs straight through
the Des Moines fairgrounds. -All of our veterans
who are here. -Every candidate gets 20 minutes
to make their case to voters. -Just let us thank you
for your service. -The story of this state
is the story of America. -You have a private health
insurance plan that is strong and solid
that you want to hold on to, you should be able
to hold on to that. -This year, with more
than 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls
in the mix, the media presence
and the size of the crowds have become spectacles, as well. -Watch out.
We have a baby on the left. Baby on the left, please. -I got to get there.
-Here we go. -The jungle gyms.
Okay. -But Iowans don’t just
come here to listen. They come with questions.
-Ken has a great question. His wife has Alzheimer’s. And he’s a caregiver,
and he’s not reimbursed. -And those informal exchanges can sometimes
get candidates in trouble. -Reparations for people,
my friend. We can raise taxes —
Of course they are. Everything corporations earn
ultimately goes to people. -In 2011, these comments
from Mitt Romney dogged him for the rest of his campaign. To succeed at the fair,
you have to come off as authentic and unscripted. And there are unwritten rules
to be mindful of. For starters, dress casual. Fred Thompson wore these
fancy loafers here in 2007. -Slip-up like
wearing Gucci loafers. -And he never heard
the end of it. And have fun
but maybe not too much fun. When President Obama
visited in 2012, the Secret Service shut down
the beer tent for hours. The owner later said it cost him
thousands of dollars. Never one to heed the rules, then-candidate Donald Trump
arrived by helicopter in 2015. -Does anybody want
to take a ride? -And then he refused
to go to the soapbox, but he still drew a crowd. The President hasn’t made
an appearance this year, but his name is in the air. -If you were just to flip
on the cable news, why would you think that Donald
Trump’s our president today? Why would you think that Donald
Trump won Iowa by nine points? -These candidates have already
spent months campaigning in Iowa, and the caucus
is still six months away. But what happens at the fair
can leave a lasting impression.


  1. Ratsothegreat
    Ratsothegreat August 13, 2019


  2. Laurier
    Laurier August 13, 2019

    China / Biden – 2020 .

  3. Laurier
    Laurier August 13, 2019

    LOL, Yang wants us to flip on cable news,
    he's funny.

  4. Klondike Blame
    Klondike Blame August 13, 2019

    I prefer the Washington State Fair. No Liberal BS being shoved down your throat. Just deep fried chocolate covered bacon.

  5. Jim & Corinne Forever
    Jim & Corinne Forever August 13, 2019

    Cornballs and corn dogs

  6. Mark Benson
    Mark Benson August 13, 2019

    Fredo Cuomo… I live it

  7. Linda Minton
    Linda Minton August 13, 2019

    Decent people can't even take their families to the fair without having to endure the pathetic pandering politicians. Do democrats really think Americans want an anti American president?

  8. Charles Baker
    Charles Baker August 13, 2019

    Is this Fredo approved ?

  9. Jon Baird
    Jon Baird August 13, 2019

    Remember when the Iowa State Fair was about more than a 2 party political mud slinging contest? F**k democrats f**k republicans I just want someone to sit next to on the ferris wheel.

  10. Christopher A.
    Christopher A. August 13, 2019

    @1:42 Oh, please. Those Dad shoe horsebit loafers were too bougie?

    Looks like his wife bought them from the Sears discount rack.

  11. tatical1975
    tatical1975 August 13, 2019

    Thank God I dont live in Iowa!!! To have these socialist bitches in my town!!!!!

  12. john smith
    john smith August 13, 2019

    MAGA BABY!!!!! MAGA 2020!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  13. Atom5k
    Atom5k August 13, 2019

    "Corporations are people my friend" πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  14. ctwatcher
    ctwatcher August 13, 2019

    Corn is deadly, Dr. says stop eating it!

  15. Pissed off Paula
    Pissed off Paula August 13, 2019

    Bernie Sanders 2020

  16. Jermail Peterson
    Jermail Peterson August 13, 2019

    Trump is going to win for the white Aryan race!!!!

  17. AWretchLikeThee
    AWretchLikeThee August 13, 2019

    Liberals can suck this big fat corn dog right here.

  18. Efrain Ortiz
    Efrain Ortiz August 13, 2019

    Is this Afredo camate pofavo. Wait.. This is the wrong place

  19. Seven Eighty
    Seven Eighty August 13, 2019

    Bring that fair to California. Then the country will see how California has the highest GDP in America.

  20. Nate Dunn
    Nate Dunn August 13, 2019

    How convenient for WP to complete cover every democratic candidate but Bernie Sanders!!!

  21. NPC #9943
    NPC #9943 August 13, 2019

    When Corey Booker speaks, I get a warm feeling of

  22. MoneyGod vG
    MoneyGod vG August 13, 2019

    A president that came from lonely Iowa is she even gonna relate to anybody in a big city but I guess she'll be helping the farmers the ones that keep half of America running

  23. Chris P
    Chris P August 13, 2019

    The most important inmate in America is dead and you idiots are ignoring it for this crap??? πŸ–•

  24. American Paisa
    American Paisa August 13, 2019

    It’s more like a Leftist Clown Show.

  25. William Baker
    William Baker August 13, 2019

    The fair patron's should have told them all to """" off.
    We're here to have fun not consider politics.

  26. cuntpuncher
    cuntpuncher August 13, 2019

    So basically the "politics" are just another carnie attraction…

  27. Rebecca Lessley
    Rebecca Lessley August 13, 2019

    Julian Castro 2020

  28. Blud Clot
    Blud Clot August 13, 2019


  29. RastaRyaNurse
    RastaRyaNurse August 13, 2019

    20:1 I like the odds for trump !

  30. Kelly McShane
    Kelly McShane August 13, 2019

    Dang dirty liberals. Corn dogs and lemonade.. Sounds like a hoot.

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