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Congress Prioritizes Protecting President Donald Trump Impeachment Witnesses | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Raw for Reel
    Raw for Reel October 16, 2019

    Trump 2020.

  2. chow tt
    chow tt October 16, 2019

    Obama is whistle blower one and Two

  3. Jane B
    Jane B October 16, 2019

    Brave WOMEN!

  4. Tim M XP-Utilities
    Tim M XP-Utilities October 16, 2019

    Trump should be impeached for his hateful and anti-American racism.

    Kick him out for his racist white supremacist hate. Jail him for his crimes against the constitution.

    Get the Trump crime family off the national stage, and teach critical thinking to the next generation so they know better than to elect a crook to the highest seat in government.

    Democracy takes a critically thinking electorate. Make critical thinking the new black.

  5. suzanne adamson
    suzanne adamson October 16, 2019

    Don't let them Epstein the whistleblower.

  6. G W
    G W October 16, 2019

    Congress needs to protect a CIA horn blower from the Republicans is completely laughable on the surface when you consider that every whistle blower during the Obama Admin got jail time. Too bad Trump released the transcripts and we'll never see the the CIA Whistle Blowers wearing their standard issue spook shadows. The whistle blowers laws are in place so that a whistle blower can be identified and protected. Otherwise we have anonymous whistle blowers. MSNBC is all lies.

  7. Eddie P
    Eddie P October 16, 2019

    Doesn't all this seem kinda fake ?

  8. A Warrior of Christ
    A Warrior of Christ October 16, 2019

    What are they looking for – they don't have to go as far as the big orange bird, he released the freaking transcript on himself! These nincompoops, are dumber than a box of hair, and are the stupidest bird brain idiots!

  9. Nemesis
    Nemesis October 16, 2019

    Trump is a disgusting little pig who expects a medal every time he takes a dump.

  10. Tal Moore
    Tal Moore October 16, 2019

    The White House has become a front for organized crime.

  11. Kate Gainer
    Kate Gainer October 16, 2019

    Trump is so corrupt he needs to be impeached and taken out of office

  12. Annie Tsosie
    Annie Tsosie October 16, 2019

    The Democrat's Congress are doing the impeachment behind closed doors from the Republicans and the American people is so wrong..They do not want to follow the old rules..They just want to do everything their ways of the impeachment..They are hiding something that we American people don't know about.. It's the witch Hunt of the Halloween!!
    Pelosi is ready to fly off with her wicked broom..Lol!

  13. Chris 3.1416
    Chris 3.1416 October 16, 2019

    This is what keeps Democrats and the media up at night. There were almost 100,000 people that wanted to attend Trump's rally a few days ago. Even the flies were avoiding anything near Biden and his son. If this impeachment doesn't take place soon , it's Good Night Gracie, hello another 4 years. Where is Rachel she always gives it to us straight? I heard she is in a deep state of depression all the time. I hope Trump is not the cause.

  14. S.79 Dishaw
    S.79 Dishaw October 16, 2019

    What is Trumps crime???? I'll wait!! Why does the whistleblower matter, the transcript was released.

  15. M P
    M P October 16, 2019


  16. JOY Lesile
    JOY Lesile October 16, 2019

    They are not to say who is the whistleblower. It's better off like that protect that person for having courage to do it . Sure they are hiding alot under the rug.

  17. M P
    M P October 16, 2019


  18. The Philosopher of Culture
    The Philosopher of Culture October 16, 2019

    Typical Democrat talk "We first have to do an investigation". Like there is not enough proof for Article 25 or Impeachment. The Democrats should start a procedure of Removal, or Impeachment, with EACH impeachable offence, not continue ad nauseam to collect data about data. Trump should served with AN AVALANCHE of Removal Requests and Impeachment Procedures, not just one. Trumpists can fight and defend against one, and they do. But they owuld not be able to do that against an avalanche. There is so much data and so much testimony out there, they could and should have started months ago, and they would have if they would have been like Republicans. Republicans act, Democrats talk. That is why Republicans are not afraid of Democrats.

  19. Alicia no
    Alicia no October 16, 2019

    Congress should focus on protecting the people and our democracy, not a man.

  20. Joe alonzo
    Joe alonzo October 16, 2019

    Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), are using the same tacit they used in 2017 to silence then-chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) with a phony ethics investigation. They are having witnesses testify in a deposition, rather than in public or by transcription, which invokes ethics rules that prevent members from sharing any details publicly. Democrats then leak selective bits of testimony — and any Republicans who dare respond risk an ethics investigation that will silence them and damage them politically.

  21. Carla Diaz
    Carla Diaz October 16, 2019

    Sick of your Fake News

  22. Joe alonzo
    Joe alonzo October 16, 2019

    The phony “whistleblower” scandal surrounding President Trump supposedly strong-arming Ukraine to look into Joe Biden’s corruption just keeps getting dumber and dumber and dumber. Case in point…If you want to gauge just how desperately stupid a Trump scandal is, there are three tried and true methods: 1) Turn on CNNLOL. 2) Is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) appearing on State of the Union with former journalist Jake Tapper to scream about having the goods to impeach? 3) Is the disgraced Carl Bernstein appearing on Reliable Sources with Brian “Tater” Stelter to scream about Worse than Watergate?

  23. Elaine Mickley
    Elaine Mickley October 16, 2019

    It is Epstein all over again…the whistle blower's life is in danger…AND Jim Jordan wants to publicize the WB's name…Jordan is an evil man!!!

  24. Scott Klein
    Scott Klein October 16, 2019

    Is Rep Nunes getting to hear all these closed door hearings? If so the White House knows everything.

  25. mirkono
    mirkono October 16, 2019

    At this point, if you still support Trump, you haven't just lost touch with reality, you've also lost touch with humanity. You are a cultural, intellectual, social and political dead-loss and beyond redemption, and while the rest of us may be required to share a country with you, we are under no obligation to treat you with anything other than contempt. (Copied from another post – thanks).

  26. 9TheMajor
    9TheMajor October 16, 2019

    "Sheroes". This is the first time I ever heard the term for female heroes.

  27. Sunshyne07 Fl
    Sunshyne07 Fl October 16, 2019

    We already know the whistleblower leakers was sue Gordon and Bolton

  28. James Johnson
    James Johnson October 16, 2019

    I smell another "suicide" coming, Barr none!

  29. Chuck Castiglione
    Chuck Castiglione October 16, 2019

    More #FAKENEWS fabricated by MSNBC. A full crock of crap with nothing but the same old same from the Left-Leaning MEDIA. Some day these idiots will be gone for good and we will have an adult media. In the meantime consider the current MSM nothing but un-America BS.

  30. El Loco
    El Loco October 16, 2019

    Not a bad idea … you don't want your key witnesses being epstein-ed.

  31. Kevin Tewey
    Kevin Tewey October 16, 2019

    Exactly at the same time as the Democratic debate
    main stream media :
    “look over here”
    ( instead of Elizabeth Warren and everyone being Beaten by Bernie)

  32. Ashton Mitch
    Ashton Mitch October 16, 2019

    You are all brain washed zombies this impeachment is a distraction so they can follow through with there new world order it's already happening right in front of our eyes there is no left there is no right it's called a ONE world government for a reason WAKE UP PEOPLE

  33. sonnyandcandy
    sonnyandcandy October 16, 2019

    🇺🇸🇺🇸VOTE TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸
    President Trump's accomplishments.

  34. J. Tueur
    J. Tueur October 16, 2019

    Romans 1:18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness

  35. Stefan Doelfs
    Stefan Doelfs October 16, 2019

    If Mr. Trump would not be such a danger for the entire World, i only could roll on the floor laughing on him!!

  36. Cheerio Smith
    Cheerio Smith October 16, 2019

    This is not a bleeping story. Too many traitors are leaking to the media. Period. End of story!

  37. Cheerio Smith
    Cheerio Smith October 16, 2019

    Whistleblower needs to be unmasked. They are a dem hack with extreme bias against the president

  38. Rocky Slay
    Rocky Slay October 16, 2019

    I assume there is a law protecting a whistleblower. Doesn't it include that you can not ask for the identity??? It's absurd Trump can ask the world to expose a whistleblower. That should be enough to lock him up. When Trump wanted to know the identity he actually confessed he was guilty. Simple as that. Impeachment is too easy, he needs to be locked up.

  39. john hill
    john hill October 16, 2019

    Don the Con is doing his own Witch Hunt.

  40. Paul Greenberg
    Paul Greenberg October 16, 2019

    I wish I could tell them to NOT use the term "witch hunt"…

  41. Rob Wwhit
    Rob Wwhit October 16, 2019

    Call Joe…30330…or that Indian lady….ha

  42. the last wild one
    the last wild one October 16, 2019


  43. Mike Kruger
    Mike Kruger October 16, 2019

    SHEROES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. the last wild one
    the last wild one October 16, 2019


  45. Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller October 16, 2019

    where does the orange skin come from?

  46. Terrence LaMont Bellows
    Terrence LaMont Bellows October 16, 2019

    Its obviously KellyAnne

  47. Carlos Soria Jr
    Carlos Soria Jr October 16, 2019


  48. Clarissa Park
    Clarissa Park October 16, 2019


  49. Alan G.
    Alan G. October 16, 2019

    Wow. So, the crime, itself, isn't bad enough. Now, this administration is going to blatantly insult everyone's intelligence by launching an internal investigation to find out what transpired with Trump's call to Ukraine. It's like Hitler opening an internal investigation to find out what happened to six million Jews.

  50. marco polo
    marco polo October 16, 2019

    I just started watching. I am disappointed that this is not a video with Rachel Maddow as the banner says. When will Ari start rapping?? It's so professional. (BTW Ari. You are too old to be doing that.)

  51. Paul von Hartmann
    Paul von Hartmann October 16, 2019

    Free #RealityWinner!

  52. Thomas Tamir
    Thomas Tamir October 16, 2019

    You should be saying the socialists are protecting an alleged whistleblower. Soros's son in law is not the most honest commie in the swamp.

  53. lucia delarocha
    lucia delarocha October 16, 2019

    The White OutHouse Dump for the Trump.

  54. veronicajade20
    veronicajade20 October 16, 2019

    If they think Trump is looking for ANY kind of scapegoat they should turn on him and PROTECT themselves. Loyalty is supposed to be a two way street. Idiots.

  55. marco polo
    marco polo October 16, 2019

    She-roes?????????? What a ridiculous person.

  56. veronicajade20
    veronicajade20 October 16, 2019

    Isn’t it OBSTRUCTION for that b$stard Trump to be seeking out the whistleblower?!? Omg this corrupt piece of garbage never stops doing illegal crap in public! My God.

  57. Cue 1st Amend
    Cue 1st Amend October 16, 2019

    That violent video shown at a Trump property is frightening and terrorizing. The buck stops with the President.

  58. Cue 1st Amend
    Cue 1st Amend October 16, 2019

    Stop interrupting to reframe everything Ari. It breaks up everyone's concentration!

  59. Christine Gower
    Christine Gower October 16, 2019

    There IS NO witness … It's a total fabrication …a fantasy …it's all Alice in Wonderland stuff !!

  60. B N
    B N October 16, 2019

    Did I hear the congress woman say "Sheros"referring to a female "Hero" ??

  61. terry hall
    terry hall October 16, 2019

    ​Trump is a criminal he is killing the democrats 😂😂😂

  62. terry hall
    terry hall October 16, 2019


  63. terry hall
    terry hall October 16, 2019

    ​Trump and the patriots are unstoppable! God bless you sir!

  64. Theo Fulk
    Theo Fulk October 16, 2019

    The evil DEMS pulled the whistleblower tactic to SIDESTEP THE RIGHT OF ANY PERSON IN OUR COUNTRY TO FACE THEIR ACCUSER ! They are being manipulated by George Soros ! They needed the capacity to ACCUSE, BUT NO ONE HAS THE COURAGE TO JUST TELL TRUTH?

  65. Michael Goodwin
    Michael Goodwin October 16, 2019


  66. The How To Grow Show
    The How To Grow Show October 16, 2019

    How did they know about crowdstrike 2 years ago?

  67. kvdgadj
    kvdgadj October 16, 2019

    All Republicans in congress who are protecting Trump should be fired.

  68. The How To Grow Show
    The How To Grow Show October 16, 2019

    We have it all! Q

  69. The How To Grow Show
    The How To Grow Show October 16, 2019

    These people are stupid! Q

  70. mrfoamposite
    mrfoamposite October 16, 2019

    Ya know, more importantly than anything else, are the shady loopholes and the shifty procedures that are offered to the rich and powerful. Obviously the court system is set up to tear down the defenseless meanwhile protecting people of power, even after clear cut criminal activities. If I don't show up to traffic court my license is suspended in 3 days. WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES FOR NON COMPLIANCE AND WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG TO TAKE EFFECT?!!

  71. The How To Grow Show
    The How To Grow Show October 16, 2019

    Nothing can stop what is coming – nothing. Q

  72. The How To Grow Show
    The How To Grow Show October 16, 2019

    Not just a 4 year election – complete dismantling of the deep state…Q

  73. Ellen Eilbracht
    Ellen Eilbracht October 16, 2019

    The deep state is within the president's administration. How strange!

  74. Bertil Sigfrid
    Bertil Sigfrid October 16, 2019

    Impeachment is a smoke screen to hide real crimes.
    If you do not see this you are sleeping.

  75. Bryan A
    Bryan A October 16, 2019

    The Democrats are ALL talk, if they really do want to impeach Donald Trump then why WHY is Nancy Pelosi refusing to put the impeachment inquiry to a VOTE?

    It is time to put up or shut up…

  76. Margo
    Margo October 16, 2019

    Ari, stop interrupting your guests. I want to hear what they have to say and not, alas, what you have to say. I know that as a moderator you like to talk, but there's time for that too. Just stop interrupting, please.

  77. Icare
    Icare October 16, 2019

    Trump and his administration is a bunch of low life thugs along w/the swamp!

  78. V The G
    V The G October 16, 2019

    Stop calling him president Because truly he is a presiain’t.

  79. leonidus66
    leonidus66 October 16, 2019

    I failed my mission in '16. Others have tried and failed.

  80. leonidus66
    leonidus66 October 16, 2019

    The end is near. Get ready for mad max and walking dead in overdrive

  81. Alexis Assadi
    Alexis Assadi October 16, 2019

    The White House needs to find someone to blame. Rudy is looking like a good candidate.

  82. Goliath Steinbeisser
    Goliath Steinbeisser October 16, 2019

    Not a native speaker here, but the female form of hero is heroine, is it not? Pointing to the 'He' in hero would firmly and exclusively associate heroism with masculinity. Great job.

  83. Wild Wood Eccentrics
    Wild Wood Eccentrics October 16, 2019

    Yea …elect the hero avanatti and maxine watters….that should do it…get those pesky Americans out of office….

  84. Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider October 16, 2019

    This headline for this post is decieving ! Congress is and includes the Senate, and the HOUSE of Representatives.
    The Republicans in the service of MOSCOW MITCH currently control the Senate !

  85. Kathleen Gallagher
    Kathleen Gallagher October 16, 2019

    ARI SHD listen more.

  86. Anthony Supplee
    Anthony Supplee October 16, 2019

    Trump has Made America the strongest Economically In History! And he wanted corruption investigated? We need to get him out of office!

  87. Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa October 16, 2019

    Not enough votes Nutty Nancy. DNC Swamp is chaos.

  88. James G
    James G October 16, 2019

    Trump 2020 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  89. Carlo Jones
    Carlo Jones October 16, 2019

    🦃🤯🦃🤑🦃☠Time to look again
    At our "lock em up" friend
    Jailbird mikey Flynn

  90. Howard Mcgoldrick
    Howard Mcgoldrick October 16, 2019

    Hey look,it's another activists pretending to be a journalist.You have already wasted $50 million on the collusion dillusion to target you're political opponents.Now you want to use a phone call (that we have read) to expand you're crusade to abolish the Republican party.Democrats know they cannot defeat the president so they take a witness that went DIRECTLY TO SCHIFF and are too scared to hold a vote or allow the American people to see the meetings in the capital buildings basement.SHAMEFUL and you will pay at the ballot box.

  91. Steven McDowell
    Steven McDowell October 16, 2019

    The orange cloned demon is a illegitimate president ,who is lawless,corrupt,a pathological liar,who slanders,makes false accusations,causes division and strife,and betrays the USA,the American people and foreign allies while making friends with foreign adversary countries in order to help him cheat to win presidential elections for him and the republicans.(Remove him asap,before he totally destroys the USA constitution and democracy).

  92. Scott Groves
    Scott Groves October 16, 2019

    #ConDon All the President's Men

  93. Mary J
    Mary J October 16, 2019

    i want to touch her necklace.

  94. GET RAD
    GET RAD October 16, 2019

    i agree with rep speier's assertion of WH actions & motivations, but the term "witch hunt" is cartoon language post-trump, & should be avoided by anyone seeking to be taken seriously

  95. 김신쥬
    김신쥬 October 16, 2019

    The whistleblowers need to stay anonymous for THEIR PROTECTION! PERIOD!

  96. Astrobrant2
    Astrobrant2 October 16, 2019

    4:08 Speier said, "heroes and sheroes". Geez, I hope she's just being "cutesy". I would hope that none of our Congressional representatives would be dumb enough to think that the "he-" in "heroes" has anything to do with gender! That's as stupid as people thinking the term "black hole" has anything to do with race.

  97. Thomas De Lello
    Thomas De Lello October 16, 2019

    The recent house referendum to censure Adam Schiff has Nancy Pelosi reading the writing on the wall because she knows that if there are enough cold feet in her tanative majority that the whole impeachment gambit will crash and burn… and they will have nothing left but their obstinance…

  98. Barry Sutton
    Barry Sutton October 16, 2019

    After the debate last night, all the candidates got a participation trophy

  99. joe ingraffia
    joe ingraffia October 16, 2019

    Deep State propaganda, The Whistleblower is a CIA spy, Trader. You people are idiots

  100. maggie craigie
    maggie craigie October 16, 2019

    Yeah what about Julian assigns he wasn’t even the whistleblower he just released the information why has America hadindicted him.

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