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  1. Jansoliny Mora
    Jansoliny Mora May 27, 2019

    AMLO el pj bailando jajajajaja pinche anciano decrépito con aires de dictador mira este video y de paso chinga a Benito juárez y a todo tu maldito gobierno masón puto!!!!

  2. Lancer Moon
    Lancer Moon May 27, 2019

    Who can make a 2019 version of it?
    Please make it ..I'm waiting…

  3. Corey Bingham
    Corey Bingham May 27, 2019

    Still their best music video.

  4. ПолЯ&АлЯ .
    ПолЯ&АлЯ . May 27, 2019


  5. Mrs Addams
    Mrs Addams May 27, 2019

    Make a new one for 2020 please

  6. Debbie Dire
    Debbie Dire May 27, 2019

    U made this video, Coldplay? Ive always loved the song, gave me a certain feeling. But now this video mirrors my mind of the entirety of stresses in my mind. Why is any of it so. And to realize when ur so helpless, more than u ever been.

  7. legolas1601
    legolas1601 May 27, 2019

    I miss this Coldplay

  8. John Kubik
    John Kubik May 27, 2019

    i always keep coming back to this video

  9. Rob Hernandez
    Rob Hernandez May 27, 2019


  10. Emil Erpel
    Emil Erpel May 27, 2019


  11. juanito banana
    juanito banana May 27, 2019

    Jajajaja se partio la madre castro

  12. Barrett Larson
    Barrett Larson May 27, 2019

    This is the most rock n roll thing Coldplay's ever done

  13. S A D - E G G
    S A D - E G G May 27, 2019

    back when coldplay didn't pander to the masses

  14. xyoungbl0oudx
    xyoungbl0oudx May 27, 2019

    is that hugo chávez?

  15. Guillermo Mendoza
    Guillermo Mendoza May 27, 2019


  16. Aniruddh Chandratre
    Aniruddh Chandratre May 27, 2019

    We can run out of words but not the characters.

  17. Azkher :v
    Azkher :v May 27, 2019


  18. Đình Dũng Vũ
    Đình Dũng Vũ May 27, 2019

    The video seems hilarious at first but actually it has a very deep and dark meaning…
    also: 2018 UPDATE PLEASE PARLOPHONE!!!!!

  19. Jonan Gorman
    Jonan Gorman May 27, 2019

    beautiful mv

  20. Emilio Quiogue
    Emilio Quiogue May 27, 2019

    they should make a version of this against Trump

  21. cbutterflies 88011
    cbutterflies 88011 May 27, 2019

    Needs a 2017 update with Trump and his cabinet members

  22. Matt P.
    Matt P. May 27, 2019

    The better version IMO, very poignant.

  23. Leon Ch
    Leon Ch May 27, 2019

    W-T-F? 😂

  24. Germán Pulvett
    Germán Pulvett May 27, 2019

    Todo iba bien hasta que salió Chávez

  25. lakoper 22
    lakoper 22 May 27, 2019


  26. Salma Benz
    Salma Benz May 27, 2019

    And situation become worst than ever

  27. Erwin Schrödinger
    Erwin Schrödinger May 27, 2019

    This video needs a 2017 reissue with Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Brexit, Venezuela, Peña Nieto, etc.

  28. Ahmed Rafi Omar
    Ahmed Rafi Omar May 27, 2019

    Faces change. Politics don't.

  29. Ian Calvillo
    Ian Calvillo May 27, 2019

    Wow this video is so powerful

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