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Can Huawei successfully sue the US government? | Tech Wash

Several years into
the US’s fight with Huawei, the Chinese
telecoms equipment manufacturer is fighting back. This week, Huawei
announced it is suing the US government
over the government’s ban on Huawei equipment being sold
to its agencies or contractors. Washington says
the equipment could be used by Beijing for spying. But Huawei says the ban
is unconstitutional, as it singles it out for
punishment without there having been a trial. So could Huawei win? Precedent suggests not. Last year, a judge here
dismissed a very similar case brought by the Russian
company Kaspersky Lab, arguing that the
US was justified in seeking to protect its
own national interest. If that’s the case, why is
Huawei bringing this at all? One explanation is that
it is simply seeking to embarrass the US government. If this case gets beyond
a motion to dismiss, it could demand all kinds of
documents and even deposition from US officials. That could cause
a major headache for the American
intelligence services. But if that is its strategy,
it’s not without risk. If the case does get that
far, the American government will be able to demand the
same of Huawei, including any sensitive information it
might hold about its links with the Chinese government. I don’t expect the
case to get very far. But if it does,
expect fireworks.


  1. Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
    Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen March 8, 2019

    No one can,t sue the warmonger they are above the law.

    LOVE SIMPLETON March 8, 2019

    Nonsense. Huawei wants market access to the US and trust and co-operation with the American government. Aside from that the lawsuit could potentially be a good marketing campaign.

  3. Jan Weber
    Jan Weber March 8, 2019

    Huawai stealing the technology all the world! Terrible Chinese people! First let people from Xinjiang get out from Chinese camps! Don’t be Zombies! Mombies😡

  4. nizicike
    nizicike March 8, 2019

    No much chance to win a sue to US gov,but will give US a lesson

  5. Bushangels
    Bushangels March 9, 2019

    Its not important whether huawei wins or not. Huawei's goal is to show the world that the ban is totally politically driven. This will help Huawei gain sympathy and more customers in other countries. Huawei has nothing to lose in the US.

  6. aaron gao
    aaron gao March 9, 2019

    using the newest folded Mate X cellphone to read the suing file。。。。 “stealing your technology ? Idiot, you donot have this 5G foldable cellphone now. ”

  7. michael douglas
    michael douglas March 9, 2019


  8. Kooisoon Yin
    Kooisoon Yin March 9, 2019

    When HUAWEI sues the US government,more countries will be exposed than the US.government eavesdrops on state secrets,and more countries will be dissatisfied with the US .

  9. fireson23
    fireson23 March 9, 2019

    The US's NSA has already hacked into Huawei several times trying to find sensitive information and it didn't find anything. It's funny how it is the US who complains about the Chinese hacking into the US private and government institutions and yet their intelligence agencies do it too to other countries.

  10. yado
    yado March 10, 2019

    views of unfavorable news to Huawei is very high and favorable news to Huawei is almost none.
    What did the media and Youtube do?

  11. Glux Odin
    Glux Odin March 16, 2019

    That's quite funny.

  12. Bear CD
    Bear CD March 23, 2019

    No matter the result, Huawei has already won. All those call global medias' attention and free advertisement of Huawei.

  13. Lakes J
    Lakes J March 27, 2019

    Well thanks to Trump, now everyone knows Huawei, lol

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