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Caller on Republican Racism

interiors and and this was your first
beastie what’s up and had a car and it had a similar reaction to that had
andean marching you know coming your show them agree with them like david and he called and talked about um… no disproportionately anyway here’s my
racism coming from the progressive left side uh… latency racism he says discussions
breaks might offend anyone recreate that but i thought that they
wanted a programming going here you go away hewitt the interpretation or political without that wicked said you’ve got
great contributed by a month ago they fall over february following dynamite
karen i heard that because no it’s not my definition of racism epa rapidly set that you can go but i
said is that iran is using race answer why not racism he’s using he’s appealing to recess he’s using
recent unopened can bunny let me have a comment your unique are you really
trying to split here something about this time unite anywhere no director of everything i mean you can
the topic to avoid the happy about that because she is a bigger except and what
you’re going bibica turn it off because the pope obvious it lately what’s your it here and the it gary make a perfect i’m not gonna teach
might white cake to be if you are bad or not by pick out the cake tell the truth
you know about the democrat than a k_k_k_ an op-ed welfare story i’m not
talking about well sure the democratic party is the party and i love the k_k_k_
and racism in slavery for most of the history of america him you’re not helping anton thank you get embarrassing adn then repeating inappropriate that i
have to think he did the people that letters so let me get this thing and are
you suggesting to me have identified ok manometer put on hold for second ’cause
you’ve you’ve seen committed not to let me finish a sentence on bob put you back on the air similar
to finish a sentence are you suggesting that by my calling out the ronnie
campaign for their dog whistle racism and the date and the the george herbert
walker bush campaign for the willie horton dog whistle racism
and for the ronald reagan campaign give ronald reagan is for speech in
philadelphia mississippi dar tamas states rights is the town’s only famous
for one thing that three civil rights workers were murdered their the by
calling out republican racist yeah hot and i’ll call racist uh… if they’re calling out that i
republican racism that i am embarrassing what the white race an embarrassing u_n_ two lawyers i think that pop into your account of
i’ll offer had up on people let that that kind of interesting you hang up and
listen if you don’t get to make you know your thoughts look like the bit you get that
professional then i understand your opinion of me
endless i’m i’m trying to understand what you’re saying that i won’t talk
about that when he played it it it completely it s peter i mean i hope you know that
the jury people know and even democrats i mean depicted need to get between you and uh… okay
most equal no water can be shown on the right to play with you might be people
know wat and two people are you suggesting that what he told me oh is
that there is no racism in america has been selling racism in the republican
party is that what you’re saying dot but that they want their vision giving they could get hamdan okay downward even kaka people and may i
don’t think that all of that one but i think he the paper i’ve got to get into that issue about the top of her thing you know there at
the back of her being native american i don’t care if he you that do it the
answer to this dinner if that was wrong and he admitted it what that at the life
but i had heard the rumblings about that we can get the true story anymore anyway
it you get you could get thrown out of it pipetted up that propaganda that fine
after work but you got a very good at n c u collins attracts elizabeth or an
israeli attorney i’d put it that way i five or by penelope headache uh… at that but by a pierre chemically
that you know if you hang out with a lot of
them black people are you down with them and
you’re really trying to tell me that by mine calling out the republican party
for their use of race to win elections that that somehow an embarrassment to
the white racists he can’t you talk about it and would you please answer my
question now if you went to my question is did
you talk all the time about rape but that and the guy that probably berry daniel
and will you answer my question are you trying useful because ok we’re done with
the conversation then this is this is going in circles it’s really its release


  1. Derrick Blanton
    Derrick Blanton July 26, 2012

    That woman was an idiot. Not worth watching this video.

  2. k3v1n47
    k3v1n47 July 26, 2012

    Anne….shut the fuck up.

  3. PartyWithJordan
    PartyWithJordan July 26, 2012

    Thom spent 5 minutes politely asking her what point she was trying to make and she STILL couldn't piece together a sentence to explain what argument she was trying to make…

  4. Jaxeed
    Jaxeed July 26, 2012

    Some are so crude they like to call such a derangement syndrome, and I can see why – she sounds nutts. She clearly seemed deathly affraid of actually engaging Thom in conversation or discussion, so she must be aware he is no intellectual push over. Perhaps a conservative in recovery showing a final act of defiance, or she just wanted bragging rights for having called in to give him "a piece of her mind" – unaware or just not caring she merely sounded foolish rambling on like that.

  5. Ivy Shoots
    Ivy Shoots July 26, 2012

    1:13 "Thom, the Famous Misdirector of Everything!" You need a black cape and a top hat.

  6. Ted & Lyn
    Ted & Lyn July 26, 2012

    She is clearly uncomfortable with the topic of race. Why is anyone's guess.

  7. CmdrSloanne
    CmdrSloanne July 26, 2012

    That lady is clearly an uneducated dumb ass.this is the kind of people Fox "News" has brain dead zombies..Clearly she's a racists calling other people racists.

  8. 1p6t1gms
    1p6t1gms July 26, 2012

    I really think these people would gladly waltz over to the confederated states be it the year 1861.
    Thom she new that she was wrong in this call to you and refused to give you information to show this. I think she wanted to complain about you and that was her point in calling. Keep up the good work.

  9. bobby diablo
    bobby diablo July 26, 2012

    Ann sounded like she was a radio "hit man." She wasn't interested in having a conversation but just to attack. Someone acting from a pointed script. Especially, when she got in the Elizabeth Warren tirade " I don't want to talk about her " and then proceeds right into attacking Warren.

  10. ahardknocklife
    ahardknocklife July 26, 2012

    All are deceived that actually believe that him or anyone else on tv or in the media actually cares. It's all a lie mixed with small truths. Racism should have been gone a long time ago, but it isn't. People are hurt, families destroyed, etc. The fact of the matter is that people have been mistreated, used, and abused and nobody has done anything about it but talk… Open your eyes!

  11. qosound
    qosound July 26, 2012

    Thom may get emotional and take a topic to its extreme sometimes. Less often than most pundits. However, I find him to be very informative and well spoken. This lady was not even finishing her own sentences, and Thom gave her plenty of time to make almost no sense.

  12. oolong2
    oolong2 July 26, 2012

    Wow I didn't know Sarah Palin had a racist cousin. Apparently the incoherent gene runs in the family.

  13. RepublicansAreNazis
    RepublicansAreNazis July 26, 2012

    this woman keeps babbling alot of stupidity! then she brings her kids, into the conversation . And keep babbling something about being white. what an idiot !!! i would have done the very same thing, Mike Malloy would have done, hung up on the bitch !!! i hate reichwingers & i hate talking to them !!!

  14. The Sounds of the Suburbs
    The Sounds of the Suburbs July 26, 2012

    Anglo-Saxon has nothing to do with race. Anglo-Saxon meaning a common heritage of English-speaking people! Duh! Americans come across as so uncultured. Has anyone heard of the Anglosphere?

  15. TKDMike58
    TKDMike58 July 26, 2012

    GOP = KKK

  16. hwilmore
    hwilmore July 26, 2012

    Wow can you say a dumbed down caller…..Definitely a dolt

  17. John Smith
    John Smith July 27, 2012

    Typical of a republican. Don't let the liberal finish a sentence because she does not want to hear the truth.

  18. John Smith
    John Smith July 27, 2012

    They learn this from watching too much Fox news.

  19. Strutinan
    Strutinan July 27, 2012

    I have been calling assholes like this "reichwingnuts" for years now…and every time they open their mouths they just prove the term more apt.

  20. DRpokeme
    DRpokeme July 27, 2012

    she makes Stupid look Good…..

  21. RepublicansAreNazis
    RepublicansAreNazis July 27, 2012

    Strutinan,Same here like a few minutes ago this fool is telling me that it's, impossible for Republicans. To be Nazis. He said because they was Socialist. What a idiot !!! I have told him to Google Nazi. There he will find in Wikipedia that Nazis, stood To the right politically. It's Both funny & very sad at the same time. That Reichwingers always try to change the truth. To fix there childish Reichwinger agenda.That's why I hate talking to them! Always lies & no truth

  22. judyleasugar97
    judyleasugar97 July 27, 2012

    She sounds stoned.

  23. CO2Junkie
    CO2Junkie July 28, 2012

    "Do you hang out with a lot of black people? Are you down with that?" LOL!

    Many, if not most of the Dixie-crats became Republicans. I know this. I live in Dixie.

  24. redscarabstudios
    redscarabstudios August 3, 2012

    Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! I knew this was "Ann" before I even started the video. She is the insane and ill informed independent minded populace that scares the living crap out of all of us.

    Thom was sooooo nice and considerate with her, I was blown away by him keeping his cool.

  25. David Abraham
    David Abraham August 28, 2012

    Its called the "Southern Strategy", Anne. Look it up.

  26. Rawrlor
    Rawrlor January 1, 2013

    She didn't answer one question.

  27. waterhead001
    waterhead001 January 21, 2013

    I honestly don't know what her point is?

  28. waterhead001
    waterhead001 January 21, 2013

    They are fascists. George Bush's Grandfather was a Nazi sympathizer and supporter. The Republican party in the 1930's loved Moussolini and were soft on Hitler. That attitude is alive and well today. It's not impossible, keep telling the truth!!

  29. RepublicansAreNazis
    RepublicansAreNazis January 21, 2013

    Waterhead001,thank you! The truth is like fucking holy water!

  30. RepublicansAreNazis
    RepublicansAreNazis January 21, 2013

    can't believe that bitch said! "If I was a black person listening, I would be angry."she couldn't handle the truth from a black person!

  31. RepublicansAreNazis
    RepublicansAreNazis January 21, 2013

    She's very delusional, about the true facts, about blacks hating the GOP!

  32. carultch
    carultch February 17, 2013

    The KKK was a Dixiecrat group.

  33. TKDMike58
    TKDMike58 February 17, 2013

    OK dumbass….lets stay in the 21st century….how many Dems drag black people behind their pick-ups? How many Dems attend KKK rallies? ALL GOP are not racist but ALL RACISTS ARE GOP – PERIOD

  34. RepublicansAreNazis
    RepublicansAreNazis February 17, 2013

    Racist hate to be called out on there game! So sad every time a Republican always have to go back 150+ years to Lincoln just to hid there racism they do today! The biggest lie they told was Dr.King was a republican! A proven lie!!!

  35. MrSixinfrog
    MrSixinfrog February 17, 2013

    Alveda King, founder of the faith-based group King for America. In the Sept. 14, 2008, video, she says: "I just want to share with you a little bit about my family and my history. My uncle Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his lifetime was a Republican, as was my father, his brother, Rev. A. D. King, and my grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King Sr." (from a article in "Austin American Statemans – PolitiFact Texas" 1/7/11)

  36. MrSixinfrog
    MrSixinfrog February 17, 2013

    "I am not about to suggest that Republicans are more racist than Democrats. There are plenty of Democrats who say and do racist things. (Some of them go on to be vice president.) In some ways, Democratic racism is more problematic (than what we saw in that video) because it is harder to recognize." David J. Dunn, PhD ~ from a article in the Huff Post Politics, "Get them out!" 2/17/13. There is racism everywhere, in many groups, including the Democratic Party, but you know that, don't you!

  37. Socialism on Roids
    Socialism on Roids February 17, 2013

    The GOP is the party of amnesia. They conveniently forget their pandering to white resentment through the use of Kevin Phillips' Southern Strategy just as they conveniently forget George W. Bush was a president who doubled the federal debt when they rail against Obama, just as they conveniently forget that their inaction caused the last few economic crisis' in our nation either because they were the cause of them or due to their blatant inaction.

  38. Socialism on Roids
    Socialism on Roids February 17, 2013

    Barry Goldwater, a Conservative Republican, ran as the pro-segregation, States Rights candidate in 1964. He carried 6 Southern States.

  39. TKDMike58
    TKDMike58 February 17, 2013

    I am an ODDS guy (why I go to vegas alot) IF YOU MEET a RACISTS DOUCHEBAg….is he GOP or DEM??….and you KNOW THE ANSWER. GOP = KKK, thats how it is today…..period

  40. MrSixinfrog
    MrSixinfrog February 17, 2013

    I've done a little gambling myself in my day, win some, lose some, so what? I've met plenty of registered liberal Democrats who are racist to various degree. The bottom line is, racism doesn't belong to any one political party, and there are racist in all groups and organizations. Some racist even pretend they're not prejudice, and try to use reverse psychology for their own personal issues, which is what I'm convinced you are doing. You racist mikey?

  41. mshifflet47
    mshifflet47 February 18, 2013

    This is the absolute dumbest. Only a complete moron would believe this
    And by the way democrats were opposed to freeing slaves and that's historical fact. You can cry and you can lie but the truth is the truth.

  42. msjulicious
    msjulicious August 23, 2014

    She's a terrible listener

  43. D W
    D W August 24, 2017

    Oh. "my white kids" that's the key statement … she is a RACIST!

  44. D W
    D W August 24, 2017

    This lady is MENTALLY ILL.

  45. jfsfrnd
    jfsfrnd January 8, 2018

    How come Conservatives talk over everyone and can't have a normal conversation with anyone? She is making this her own talk show. So after grandstanding and being rude she can brag that Thom Hartman hung up on her.

  46. Allen Greene
    Allen Greene January 12, 2018

    Victoria Jackson's sister.

  47. Scotty Cameron
    Scotty Cameron February 28, 2018

    She's a Rude Caller.

  48. Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor March 28, 2018


  49. Sharon Formation
    Sharon Formation April 8, 2018

    Denying racism IS racism!

    Calling out people for their racism doesn't make one racist!

  50. bakari Fuller
    bakari Fuller November 5, 2018

    Anne has real problems and had children that will have real problems. This will never end o well. Thank you for calling out the Republican party Thom

  51. w41duvernay
    w41duvernay January 25, 2019

    ANN, …what is your point? I'n surprised Thom let her go on rambling for that long.

  52. Chet Simmons
    Chet Simmons February 21, 2019

    What the hell is she talking about. "If I were black" WTF is she talking about? Now she's speaking for black people…really? And were the problem? This is what happens when racist behaviour gets called out. Rather than condem it they will deflect and deflect and then deflect some more in a nonsensicle circular barrage of pure BS.

  53. helpful merman.
    helpful merman. April 14, 2019

    Both parties are nuts.

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