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BREAKING: Judge Who Just Ruled Trump Has To Surrender Financial Information Is A Full Blown Demo

his Monday night program, top talker, constitutional expert, and bestselling author Mark Levin
suggested that if he were in charge of the GOP when it wins back the House in 2020, he
would subpoena all of the financial records of all judges sitting on the D.C. Circuit. Why? Because it is in the public’s interest to
know whether these judges had financial conflicts of interest when issuing their rulings. fter all, Levin noted, that’s why Democrats
in the House are demanding eight years’ worth of POTUS Donald Trump’s tax returns
and financial records; to see if he is making executive decisions in ways that would boost
his business interests (which he has turned over to his children while he’s president,
by the way). Levin’s instincts serve him well. Must have something to do with being in Washington
for a number of years as a Justice Department chief of staff during the Reagan administration. Sure enough, the federal judge who ruled (in
a remarkably short time) that the president and head of the Executive Branch should indeed
be forced to turn over his financial records to the Legislative Branch was an avid donor
to the president who appointed him to the federal bench: Barack Obama. Andrew Surabian
TWITTED Oh look, the Federal Judge who just ruled
that President Trump must turn over his financial records to Congressional Dems, also just so
happens to be an Obama-Biden donor. I’m sure one has nothing to do with the other
though. Nothing to see here folks! As The New York Times reported Monday:
President Trump’s accounting firm must turn over his financial records to Congress, a
Federal District Court judge ruled on Monday, rejecting his legal team’s argument that
lawmakers had no legitimate power to subpoena the files. But Mr. Trump vowed that his legal team would
appeal rather than permit the firm, Mazars USA, to comply with the subpoena and the ruling,
so the legal fight is far from over. The ruling by the judge, Amit P. Mehta of
the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, was an early judicial test of
the president’s vow to systematically stonewall “all” subpoenas by House Democrats, stymieing
their ability to perform oversight of Mr. Trump and the executive branch after winning
control of the chamber in last year’s midterm elections. Now we know where Mehta’s decision comes
from. Talk about a major conflict of interest. No doubt the president will appeal this decision,
and he should. He’s not just a ‘normal’ American citizen,
he’s the head of a co-equal branch of government and as such, should not be subjected to any
political witch hunts by members of the opposition party. POTUS has to do this in order to protect not
just his own privacy, but the presidency itself from further lunatic Democrats. What’s more, the Democrats don’t need
the president’s returns and financial information to ‘conduct oversight.’ Congressional committees don’t conduct criminal
investigations, and besides, if there were something amiss regarding the president’s
financial dealings and business interactions, the IRS or federal prosecutors would have
found them by now and charged him. And didn’t Robert Mueller just finish an
investigation into all of this? As for Mehta, at 47 and with a lifetime appointment
to the federal bench, he isn’t going anywhere (unless Congress miraculously regains its
sense of obligation and begins impeaching judges for bad conduct someday soon). So he’ll just have to be rendered moot by
POTUS Trump’s continued appointments of constitutionalists to the federal bench. God Bless. Please take a moment and consider sharing
this with your friends and family. Thank you, we appreciate it!

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  1. Samurai Bushido
    Samurai Bushido May 23, 2019

    F that judge!

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