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Boris Johnson's first speech as party leader- BBC News


  1. Creative Creeper
    Creative Creeper July 25, 2019


  2. Lotfi el-Malek
    Lotfi el-Malek July 25, 2019

    dangerous personas

  3. Lola Who
    Lola Who July 25, 2019

    This is the end of civilisation !

  4. Gary Pendleton
    Gary Pendleton July 25, 2019

    Defeat Jeremy corbyn! In your face BBC 🖕

  5. asad ali
    asad ali July 25, 2019

    stupid man now pm of great Britain 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Ken Windrum
    Ken Windrum July 25, 2019

    Trump give him some Tips how to fix Brexit as he wants the UK help him wipe Iran off the map… His playboy days are over so get to work Boris an make the UK great again…      From Santa….

  7. Truth Peace
    Truth Peace July 25, 2019

    He's like a cross between Donald trump and Jimmy Saville in the looks department. 🙄

  8. Gldn chrst
    Gldn chrst July 25, 2019

    CNN : Russia interfered with British elections

  9. littleTNUM2
    littleTNUM2 July 25, 2019

    what a dick

  10. politico storic
    politico storic July 25, 2019

    Seems like a decent guy, Canadian here.

    Sounds like The Empire in revenge of the sith, DO IT DO IT

  11. las vegg
    las vegg July 25, 2019

    British wants come back like before get control of weak countries in middle east and asia . Its not possible because putin has token British place in middle east also in some part of the world . The second reason middle east got lesson how bad crimes British did in Iraq and some other countries .

    Just speech while Putin have a coffee and laugh 😊

  12. Hasan Ittafak
    Hasan Ittafak July 25, 2019

    This guy is the another Xerox copies of # Donald trupm.. ( Controversial personality and act like children)

  13. Edward Nankunda
    Edward Nankunda July 25, 2019

    He can speak and read. This is Donald Trump 2.0

  14. Peter Zhang
    Peter Zhang July 25, 2019

    nice hairstyle today!

  15. gary bennell
    gary bennell July 25, 2019

    What a load of rambling bullshit!

  16. Unknown bilinmeyen
    Unknown bilinmeyen July 25, 2019


  17. 01834 Qc
    01834 Qc July 25, 2019

    Poor british nationals, no voting rights to choose the prime minister, no voting rights to choose their king, no voting rights to choose the upper house! poor british

  18. Thboyz6214 OG
    Thboyz6214 OG July 25, 2019


  19. Brigedo Bridge 1963 Buster Edwards
    Brigedo Bridge 1963 Buster Edwards July 25, 2019

    Oh Yes the morning after fantastic party !! And today I'm feeling very very optimistic , good times are coming , change is now coming for the future of this incredible country , here comes the right man who's totally dedicated to putting the UK Not only back on the map , but back to the top of world standings , 2020 is round the corner , for the British Isles that means our modern day 60S 😃😃😃

  20. Clive Green
    Clive Green July 25, 2019

    I am so out of it. To be fair, I have lived in China for the past 12 years. But this news came as a real shock.
    How on earth can Boris Johnson be the UK’s new prime minister? It is beyond bizarre.

    Seriously, I feel as if I have somehow side-slipped into an alterate reality. What is happening to Britain?

  21. horrid henry
    horrid henry July 25, 2019

    Same old promises zzzzzzzzz yawn Don't get to excited people the torys know their existence is on the line they don't want to leave the EU it's all about u turn and the survival of their jobs and keeping their extortionate exspences ONLY TRUST THE BREXIT PARTY

  22. Реверсивная речь
    Реверсивная речь July 25, 2019


  23. Moses Serukwaya
    Moses Serukwaya July 25, 2019

    Countries select someone in times of particular crises , somebody suitable for such situations Winston Churchill with his words of SWEAT, BLOOD AND TEARS defined him to the end let's hope that Boris Johnson's words of UNDAUNTED, ENERGY will forever define himself and as the man who executed a successful Brexit as Winston Churchill is defined by WW2, so is Boris Johnson will forever be defined by BREXIT

  24. Mark Gable
    Mark Gable July 25, 2019

    You've got to watch the YT clip of Boris In the "Room 101" sketch with Paul Merton. The bit where they smoked cigars in smoking jackets seated on lounge chairs.. …

    Hilarious. !!!

  25. Randy Fiore
    Randy Fiore July 25, 2019

    Cheers to the UK

  26. D RolyPolyMan
    D RolyPolyMan July 25, 2019

    Finally! Congratulations UK! You finally elected your version of Donald Trump. He looks like Trumps younger brother and has the same messy hair. Bravo!
    Hopefully he’ll be as efficient and effective as Trump and not get blocked by liberals at every turn. I like his positive and energetic message!

  27. Rameshen. K I Love It.
    Rameshen. K I Love It. July 25, 2019

    World Earth need more purity in to the all country, remove plastic polut, issued orders ,right it now, by the by My Hearty Congratulate you and your opinion… Tz…

  28. M# Y
    M# Y July 25, 2019

    We’re fucked!!!

  29. PSYCHIC LJ 🔮🌎🌟
    PSYCHIC LJ 🔮🌎🌟 July 25, 2019


  30. PhilOffHisTree
    PhilOffHisTree July 25, 2019

    this is the first time in history we have had 2 priministers in a row that were never voted for by the public

  31. Mick Taylor
    Mick Taylor July 25, 2019

    Maddest day ever. The day the uk elected a complete loon as pm. A man who cannot or just will not tell the truth or answer a question. Truly a day that will go down in history as epically regrettable, just utterly bewildering how we got too this.

  32. Vintage Recall
    Vintage Recall July 25, 2019


  33. Tommy B.
    Tommy B. July 25, 2019

    is this a comedy show or something, or perhaps he should be more serious about taking care about british people, he thinks brexit is a joke mmm let's see how he will do , my opinion probably nothing good

  34. Md Islam
    Md Islam July 25, 2019

    God save the England not queen anymore. If boris can be prime minister and run the country in my opinion any fisherman can be the president of united kingdom.what a brainless guy he is.

  35. Sam Vince
    Sam Vince July 25, 2019

    5:58 BBC unable to spell challenge.

  36. Paul John
    Paul John July 25, 2019

    Hopefully the civil servants can butt out and let him get on with the jobs in hand.

  37. Trini Reader
    Trini Reader July 25, 2019

    Here's Churchill compassionate

  38. Lapin Logic
    Lapin Logic July 25, 2019

    lets hope the conservatives start doing some British "Conserving" instead of being Labour light "Progressing" our heritage to extinction but slower than Corbyn

  39. bobby bansal
    bobby bansal July 25, 2019

    well done Boris remain Blessed in Jesus

  40. EnglishRose
    EnglishRose July 25, 2019

    I am so hyped. Bring on Boris. Don't be afraid to be a true Conservative! Don't water yourself down for the MSM

  41. Matty darkish
    Matty darkish July 25, 2019

    / amount of days Borris has in office

  42. Yeah, you’re right.
    Yeah, you’re right. July 25, 2019

    Damn it, he’s got the same hair dresser as Donald Trump.

  43. CoralieDID
    CoralieDID July 25, 2019

    'defeat' Jeremy corbyn? He's the only one who wants to look after the people in the country, and Boris just cares about money and himself

  44. Amir Fahim
    Amir Fahim July 25, 2019

    Congrats u k Trump 💪💪

  45. Kaity Dunston
    Kaity Dunston July 25, 2019

    The scene is set by J. Hunt for joint UK & US invasion on the waterway of Persian Gulf, all the BS Hunt was saying aimed at deceiving the world, they prepared all the fronts for going against EU and having greater influence with US. Everyone has to be on top alert level and not allow that the conniving UK's politicians drag US into a joint invasion just like last time they did with simpleton Bush to invade Iraq and then their terrorist making machines worked to destroy what ever left of Iraq.

  46. Rumblefish
    Rumblefish July 25, 2019


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