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Board Game. Diplomacy.

now tacoma c is one of those games where there aren't that many bits and pieces it's just a classic in its own light you simply have a map of pre post World War one Europe and you move armies and fleets around what you get with the game is a set of rules and a set of armies and fleets these bullet type ones being armies fleets obvious but for each of the seven nations in the game I'm also pleased to say that I have in my possession the 1978 games and variants for diplomacy which are wholeheartedly recommend you get hold of if you get into this game because apart from extra walls you also get extra Maps this one covers all of the Napoleonic era and a number of other variants and this map covers 1939 the outbreak of world war ii the rule book itself is you could read it as a book just for your enjoyment if you like it's laid out in the old style where I don't think things are particularly clear but you read a bit you make up your own rules on it you entertain yourselves with your friends with variations on diplomacy also at the back of the book there is a compilation of simple variants which are quite good fun to play I mean examples of those which I've played a number of times now is the President Woodrow Wilson variation where all of your diplomacy is actually carried out in public not in secret that can be quite amusing and then the other one I quite like playing is diplomacy innings where you just play the first full year for each country and then you move on to the next country and then the next in the next so in the evening you get to play all seven countries and you add up your total score for the evening that's quite a pleasant form of diplomacy okay here we have the map board laid out for the start of a game and I won't want to show you is in this latest seventies or stroked early 80s version the game the pieces are slightly different in that the ships look like that but in the earlier 70s versions the ship so much plainer I actually prefer the earlier seventies version there I'm now going to give you a quick overview of the rules you've got armies and fleets the armies and fleets can both move up to one body of land or body of water at a time fleets obviously have to stick to coastlines or water everybody writes their orders down at the same time so you don't know what other people are going to do and that's the point that you discuss what you're going to do with people and then you probably get a bit of a nasty shock when they actually tell you their real moves when working out the moves England's goes first in fact you consult this chart here and you can read that there for yourselves but it's going to give you the gist of diplomacy by showing you here that's if an army was were ordered into there and an opposing army ordered into there when if that was all that happened when the commands are executed they both going with a force of one and therefore they go back to where they came if somebody else joins in and supports their army to their it goes in with a force of two itself and the supporting army that went in with a force of one that doesn't work that's a very quick overview of diplomacy basically the fun of the game is you never quite know what's going to happen but you've just got to try and react the best you can to what does happen anyway many more games are being reviewed at history game accom thanks for watching


  1. Moist Canadian
    Moist Canadian May 23, 2019

    Love this game. Picked it up on vacation in Ottawa.

  2. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom May 23, 2019

    Ha Ha. True. HEALTH WARNING. Once you start you might get hooked!

  3. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom May 23, 2019

    You are in luck! The game is huge esp. in America. You can play online as well google "play diplomacy". Enjoy.

  4. Corey Blake
    Corey Blake May 23, 2019

    this game sounds great. must never have hit big in America (or at least my family) as this is the first time i have heard of it. cant wait to pick it up and give it a play!

  5. 40yard4and25
    40yard4and25 May 23, 2019

    In the 1990's I had a pirate copy named Geheim Diplomacy (Тайная Дипломатия). It was made completely from cardboard paper.

  6. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom May 23, 2019

    I would pay that. The board alone is worth $20 to me, but it's up to you.

  7. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom May 23, 2019

    Apart from ebay no. It's been out of print a long time. Anyone else know? Please comment.

  8. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom May 23, 2019

    @OneWhoTrotsLikeAFox Yes Russia looks good, but sometimes 2 moves into the game you begin to wish you were some other nation!

  9. SDM
    SDM May 23, 2019

    @HistoryGamerDotCom Thanks, but I was hoping for anti-AI play. Is this available online at all? Or is there a PC version of this game?

  10. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom May 23, 2019

    @TheQuino19 Play diplomacy com is the best place I've found (apart from my youtube tournament of course ! (*ahem*))

  11. SDM
    SDM May 23, 2019

    Hey, any idea if this game is available online at all?

  12. HistoryGamerDotCom
    HistoryGamerDotCom May 23, 2019

    @IndependentGeorge76 he he – I wondered how long it would take for someone to spot that.

  13. IndependentGeorge76
    IndependentGeorge76 May 23, 2019

    "pre-post war I europe" lol

    great video, seen a few of yours and as a novice, excellent stuff

  14. Wires and Words
    Wires and Words May 23, 2019


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