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"Blockchain governance" | Nathan Kaiser (Cardano Foundation) | UNCHAIN Convention 2019 Berlin

next weekend Navin Kaiser Kodama foundation one of our generous sponsors he will talk about blockchain governance on and off chain looking forward to your talk thanks a lot thanks a lot all right yeah it's gonna that works I press one okay great okay I'm not gonna do a thing here hi everybody it's uh thanks a lot for having me here it's it's my first time in Berlin since about ten years so I'm quite excited I have the artists all thing when I have presentations like this it's like all these organizers they seem to cooperate and always put me on the last spot on the last afternoon and then it's really up to me to wake everybody up and which usually works usually works so here we go I think that's about it people are coming back yeah you back there you can also take a seat I don't do repeated presentations I always choose a new topic so this is pretty off the path in that sense I got a couple of notes and the idea is also to make this a bit interactive so I'm going to talk about have some thoughts and on and off chain blockchain governments and and then it's really please ask me questions by the way this is not is we need to change this awfully big head it shouldn't be that big yeah and Cardano there's no age in Cardinal but so but please tend to ask questions this is not a sales pitch for Kedah no not at all but rather I'm interested personally interested in in blockchain governance and I think you should be as well because we do see that this is sort of one of the several unsolved issues so let's talk about governance and and let's first talk about Unchained governance okay what is on chain governance it's you know who votes how when where and who can vote you know spoof of word proof of stake different stakeholders that's not interesting I'm gonna speak in the first five seconds I'm gonna already switch over and say Unchained governance is really nothing else than the outcome of off chain governance and off chain governs becomes much more interesting because it's like wait who are the people behind the blockchain or around the blockchain who are the stakeholders and when we get to off chain governance we very quickly so we say people so what does that mean people so people that's actually you that's actually the boys and the girls who buy tokens who run nodes who co2 who develop apps and so on so it's actually us so really off chain governance is really about us and how we want to deal with a blockchain and when we say want to deal what does that mean so it's really about values about what you want what do I want what do I think you should want or what do I think you should not get or what do I think I should get so it's also about money it's about identity it's about trust so often there is this trustless we all know that's not the idea the idea is it's trusted and so Trust it's not trust in technology it's trust that the people behind the technology took the right decision said I agree with these decisions that's governance so I did that at my last presentation I got these things and then when I'm done I just throw them in there yeah they don't fly very far so when you read books or or articles about blockchain governance and arguably while this was a very empty field of study two years ago it slowly builds up it slowly builds up very quickly come to Lessing's code is law okay code is law that's 15 years old now that's not a blockchain thing that's 15 years old you very quickly come to and hear Berlina I think we have this thriving force of all code versus law no oh my god you know do we is it the techies versus the government is there this binary sort of decision I'm protec I'm against the government I'm Pro code I'm against regulation no that's not it that's not blockchain governance it's much more complicated than that it's really a lot of stakeholders involved and arguably let's talk about regulation I'm a lawyer by training I didn't present myself but you can probably google me there's a lot of regulation but it's regulation really holding us back listen to these two speak to two days of talk nobody said like oh my god if we only had this and that law or oh if we didn't have decent and specific prohibition we will all be thriving there's always details so we talked about I think there was Joe or John from DK YC talked about kyc regulation yeah that's tricky business yeah we don't like it the way it is yes it's outdated yes taking do it better but actually we're providing a solution and this is you know this is an iterative process where we say taking get it better and it will even eventually we'll know it's like a lot of things Tech will eventually get better the lawyers learned or legislators learned and the regulator's learn so I'm not worried about that it's not tech versus government either it's going well further no yeah okay so it's actually again really about people and people and then okay so people people people people it's how we as a community and they've within a block chen degang community is the users between them it's it's the enthusiasts is those who bought or invested whether there is an investment or not it's the developers the core developers it's those who came in later those who were there early how they actually want to organize themselves so it's the question of how a community wants to have its rules between themselves hmm and why do we care about that you care about this because of yourself because you want to be happy so now it gets really fast you know happiness but that's what it is justice you want to wake up in the morning you want a coat for that product project where you feel happy and fulfilling where you feel there's a fulfillment to work for the project or were you happy that you may have bought coin X for X Y and now it's much less so much more maybe yes there was not tomorrow it's done but you want a half of sense of belonging to all these other people who are working on the same project so it's about community blockchain governance is community governance why does this matter so Park heat is there's a couple of my team here for heat is here he's the one who made that head so big in the karana with no age but that that was a joke there's also other people there from IO HK we got we got people from the Colorado Foundation we got people so why does this matter let's use examples but he told me and you need an example it's like prep or something like that okay point reason example point thanks well you know what I'm gonna use an old one it's easier it's like all in in crypto I think times 7 to years 14 years ago there was the doll so let's use the town everybody here half of you were probably involved in some way or the other let's use the DAO so what was the tau really about was it about code versus law was it about tech versus some sort of arbitration that didn't exist no in the end it was the whole town thing was really about different people with different opinions I think we should do this and you think you have a different opinion you should you think you should do that and that's what it was no it was different people having different opinions the tech didn't arguably didn't even matter you can fork or not fork or four twice so whatever it was just I had a different opinion than you did and that was what the DA was about and did it matter oh yeah of course no because back no it's because of you because you had invested and you thought it would not be the right thing for you and maybe some people were less self-interested I thought I didn't invest but I think no because of values values values can be money or or or emotional values back to emotion happiness you remember I thought it was fuzzy but if you put all your life savings into the Dow and it was gone babe fuzzy there is no fuzziness about that yeah so a different example the Prachi I'm just taking a newer project Algar and which you know is a great effort and it's a one of the more recent efforts and how they're gonna distribute this and that and toker and then you know on again on chain on chain governance and when you read on this you can see people having opinions before it even happens and rightly so because we care we care yeah so sometimes have troubles reading my own notes yeah right so what do we want what do we want that's actually the question and here is my point or two points actually I think I should have made that early Bucky Dino the point is that the question of how you organize a group of people community is an old question and people have been thinking about this for a long time and I don't wanna go back you know 5000 years but I do want to go back 3,000 years at least and yep and so what's 3,000 years ago the Greeks know the Greeks democracy votes so we are thinking in the crypto industry and in our scene we are thinking about the same questions should you be able to vote yeah should you not be able to vote because you're disadvantaged or holding or staking you stake more you vote more those are the same questions so we need to be aware in our dear in this that it's not just the tech it's not just the law it's not just the finance guys and I'm gonna cite mark burner core who's over there who was the one person in these two days who said philosophers so what we actually need is philosophers we need social science scientists social sciences we don't just need the lawyers I'm a lawyer no I'm one of these typical crypto lawyers that hang out at the conferences and there's others and we don't need we need the lawyers of course you need the lawyers yeah you need the techies you need the finance guys Jeff but we also need philosophers we need people who think about people yeah that's that's something and I was gonna say my original draft here I was gonna say this conference like every other conference lacks the social scientists what's your big class of social sciences that were often lacking economists but okay you had sin here so you kind of kudos to the organizers I thought it was fantastic you had in the columnist on board we need more of these people on these conferences and please maybe next time in Berlin I'd be happy to come back next year let's find the philosopher yeah just gonna go from the Greeks quake obviously after the Greeks more stuff happened no the Romans this is a bit Western thinking we can do the the Asian thinking – and then Montesquieu and and Montesquieu was talking about separation of powers and you're all like oh my god these lawyers are talking about separation of powers now is is he and saying to bother the crypto industry with a notion that's 300 years old no that's exactly what you can read on all the crypto blogs every day separation of power who votes for what how do we do a fork and not to afford how do we do holder's users developers enter and third-party applications that's actually separation of power who decides on how to me happy how to make me happy or how to make you happy this Patel one is one of the main writings of Montesquieu so the spirit of laws is it fuzzy again it becomes laws matter because they are about people and I'm not talking the regulatory laws so ok we're seeing all that I'm talking the laws of crypto the record how is the blockchain govern it's about people it's about the spirit and that's what we we need to recognize that it's not a tech problem it's not a legal problem it's a people problem ok well this one is done so I can do at the same time ok I'm gonna do a couple I'm almost there I think time wise as well I'm gonna cite a lot which is one of the crypto cryptography guys in in in Berlin that I met earlier today and he said a blockchain takes a village and I was like oh my god can I cite you a blockchain takes a village no and and you you know what that means it means it takes a lot of people it takes schools and nurses and education and policemen and firemen and I think that's something it's none of us can say we just need more and better tech now it takes a village blockchain takes a village this is almost the end of the speech one more thing I had to do a little bit of advertisement I'm allowed to do so in about card ah no I'm not gonna go into details but we did this card this really cool card and a lot of it is network effect and we're talking we're talking how can we expand the network and so on and this is one attempt one of many a valid one IOH kt2 programming thanks io HK tangent at the cards thanks tension and we had the foundation made it possible everybody in here can get a card and you just pick him up at the entrance and I think we got 50 cards so we kind of didn't take enough so if you still didn't get the card then you can still give me one more second then then you can actually just leave your name it will mail your won all right and then last one and I have never time to actually have a sip of this roof of sip proof of sit this is the chin and from over there satoshi spirits thanks not Satoshi spirits it's a really great chin thanks a lot I know it's QA it's all yours we have some time for some questions please come in front and use the mic and us our favorite questionnaire so you're talking about Montesquieu would you think that in this case with the blockchain era is it more the hops and locks or is it more Montesquieu that actually Rousseau says is more like a socialism and what do you think like where would you put the blockchain era in the philosophy where hops are the very dark when you read Leviathan hops at this dark view or an arguably dark view on on the we would call it a regulator or the government and so actually I don't see it in that sense i I don't have as a lawyer and part of the legal system or the judiciary system am I you know the biggest enemy is your best end I mean that's always the government that's a lawyer if you get sued by the government or you sue the government that's the best no that's the true batch of Honor so I don't see it in a in a in a Hobson's sort of like Leviathan kind of you I I think it's again it's more about stakeholders this is a very modern world I think the Greeks didn't call them stakeholders I trust and so now I don't I don't see this as a black-and-white I think we're all helping each other to move this forward yeah you can get pushy questions to my question yes yes really yeah please please tell us about the card what is it oh okay okay okay again so I'm only the and the chairperson of the Cardinal foundation I'm like and not the tech guy I stopped programming basic when I was like 14 you to have these headaches 81 you remember that the black thing that you could really no tap on it's like yeah one kilogram one kilobyte yeah and then I have enough yeah so what the car does is it comes with an app it has a NFC chip and so you can securely store Krypton it different cars obviously do different crypto so this is not multi vallah this is not multi multi crypto this is the ADA version there is a Bitcoin version and so on and basically it allows you you have a private key somewhere and this is not hackable in that sense because it's secured the way it's that the chip is secured and then you can actually give this somebody in transfer the private key separately and you can keep this or or I keep it as storage at home and then with the private key I can then transfer the the crypto asset or value so it's a embodiment it's one of that's why I say and there's other people in the room who do similar projects and this is only one step and we're only at the beginning one step to make user friendliness it's an issue though I mean I could talk totally different story user interfaces no I mean like what is holding all this up Oh user interfaces is definitely holding all of us up no I mean not not not the regulators yeah not the Germans are not European Union and not even the SEC user interface is one of the issues please yeah question useful let's say to the merchants or shops let's say they have a card – card would they be able to pay in crypto directly and then just use that enough see do you have some system like that you're going to introduce right no so it's actually both so there's the idea of linking that system that the tangent system with a POS no so you're obviously would have the POS set up to read the card with the NFC and then the cold storage becomes kind of usable within a POS setting POS meaning physical breaking mortar store yeah but you know the truth is ask the guys from tangent or ask me okay okay and then the real answer is it's so early do we really know no of course we don't know no it's like it's up to you guys that the hackers the techies the commercial people to come up with new stuff because I I don't know you know people just put forward stuff and then we keep build no in an early presentation I said it's like Lego if you only have like five LEGO pieces you're not gonna build a castle or a Ferrari out of Lego so we're all of you guys think girls you're building LEGO pieces who are building LEGO pieces so with more pieces we can do more stuff yeah okay thank you so much thanks all thanks a lot [Applause]


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    John Doe July 14, 2019

    That guy is clearly drunk or on drugs. None of what he says make sense.

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    shera ghag July 14, 2019

    🤔💭Millennials generation slowly moving towords getting blocked , now it's up to the people to choose the right boxes to build the block to fit most amount of people in the world. (More the better for everyone)

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    TheRealStagaRoach July 14, 2019

    Cardano 🌙🌙🌝🚀🚀🚀🚀

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    Lion TV & More July 14, 2019

    Cardano is the future

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