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Biden Goes Hillary 2016 On Foreign Policy

so Joe Biden speaking to CNN here and he continues to copy Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 campaign watch you have made a big point of saying the threat here with the current administration is abroad what exactly bothers you abroad what bothers me abroad is look the idea that we can go to loan with no alliances for the next 20 or 30 years is a disaster how are we gonna deal with stateless terrorism without doing what I've been able to do with the president put together coalition's of 50 60 nations to take it on I come out of a generation where we were trying to be the policemen of the world we can't go in every place we need allies he is absolutely dissing now he's embracing thugs he's embracing Kim jong-un who is a thug he's embracing Putin who is a who is a flat dictator he's embracing people who in fact and he stiff-armed in our friends he's threatening NATO to pull out of NATO he I mean come on he says he's gotten NATO to give in more money for their defense because of his tactics oh come on man and by the way the idea that NATO think limit for this way if he wins re-election I promise you will be no NATO in four years so with North Korea the idea of reaching out President Obama Vice President Biden wanted to do more than that the Republicans used to whack you on the head you can't be nice to people who are our enemies hasn't this president done what you wanted to do by reaching out to Kim he did the exact opposite he gave Kim everything that he won a legitimacy he gave Kimmie ended our relationship as a practical matter with South Korea and Japan as a united front and let China off the hook he put us in a position where we say by the way I love the man I know what he's doing he had done a thing yet another thing Kim jong-un and what have we done we've suspended exercises all right let's go through this every single part of that was obnoxiously terrible and a recipe to lose an election so he's complaining at the end there he brings up they stopped our exercises you know talking about the United States likes to do provocative and offensive military games and military exercises right by North Korea's border so in other words we like to constantly provoke them and poke them and remind them like hey just so you know at any time if we really wanted to we could take your ass out there's nothing that makes the world less stable than that you basically have like a child dictator constantly being reminded by the world's sole superpower who all the time topples governments basically have them being reminded you could be on borrowed time so just so you know we might fucking take you out who us no big deal bro we're just doing wargames on your fucking border imagine any other nation imagine Iran Russia whoever you fill in the blank doing war games on the Mexican border like the border between Mexico and the United States just doing military drills and doing fake invasions and shit and flying planes how would we feel we'd be like oh that's cool they're just they're just doing exercises that's it they're just doing exercises no we'd be like woah this is a fucking act of war this is a provocation what are you crazy get the fuck out of here what are you doing but us doing it to North Korea to him that's called Tuesday it's like what do you mean yeah of course we're threatening you know countries that didn't attack us and we're doing it on races what do you mean he's called he's attacking Trump biggest trunk um stop those exercises by the way I don't even know if he actually did he said he was going to but it could be like all the other things Trump says and then doesn't go we're gonna get out of Afghanistan and they were sold on Afghanistan oh we're gonna get a Syrian they were still in Syria so I have no idea if he actually stopped them but by the way if he did good good that makes the world a more safe place you fucking jackass North Korea is not going to attack us you make it more likely that there is an attack by if you keep doing fucking military exercises on their border joe biden acts under the assumption that we run the world and we can do whatever the fuck we want we can violate international left and international law left and right in you know like you could fuck off that's how Joe Biden acts you got popular Joe you think that's what it is okay then he says you know Oh if Trump selected there will be no more NATO do you think a single mother in Milwaukee this is gonna resonate with her you know I mean we should be talking about infrastructure here in this country we should be talking about raising wages we should be talking about cutting the price of medicine in half we should be talking about Medicare for all getting everybody covered we should be talking about legalizing marijuana and releasing our nonviolent drug offenders Joe Biden is fear-mongering over the end of NATO Joe I got bad news for you there's a decent chance of majority of the country doesn't even know what the fuck NATO is and then we got the worst of the worst man he says um he's fear-mongering about if Trump continues down this path will have quote no alliances so let me decode that from Washington DC speak for you because what he's saying is Donald Trump is an isolationist and that's not a good thing because we need to be engaged around the world so we need to be the policemen of the world we need to deal with the 50 or 60 nations that we worked with previously to end terrorism so in other words the fear-mongering is all that Donnie he's to non-interventionist I'm telling you man it's like he looked at Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and said nailed it nailed it it was going that direction let's complain about how Donald Trump doesn't want to attack Syria that'll work and finally he talks about this president man he's embracing thugs and dictators that's crazy you were the vice president what do you think happened with Barack Obama in Saudi Arabia what do you think happened they went in there and Barack Obama said hey you you better stop what you're doing in Yemen no you rolled over for them you said oh oh are you committing a genocide here have more weapons and more money oh is that you Netanyahu did you just do Operation protective edge where you took out 80% civilians including five hundred children well that's okay take a break and reload and we'll give you more weapons but the Trump is a bad guy because he's friends with thugs and dictators so were you you charlatan you fraud you conman friends with thugs and dictators notice he only picks out the ones who are the official state enemies like Oh Putin and kim jeong-hoon terrible do you have anything to say about our continued alliance with Saudi Arabia and how Trump gave them weapons and gave them money do you have anything to say about you know our relationship with Israel you want talk about a thug you don't think that yahoos a thug he's a thug ish as they get he just jacks with land whenever he wants to doesn't matter that it's not his or do you have nothing to say about that trade he has nothing to say about them why cuz he says our friends our and our allies we're moving further away from them well we need to if you want to do the second part of what you said which is stop embracing thugs and dictators so he's I'm telling you man he stuck in the 1990s there's no escape for him and finally he says he gave kim jeong-hoon legitimacy yeah but that's exactly what the Republicans said about you when you and Obama did the nuclear agreement with Iran and the Republicans were totally full of shit then you were right then and now you're just copying their bullshit except you're doing it with North Korea gave them legitimacy I Got News for you he runs a country gave him legitimacy he literally runs a country pretty sure that's legit whether or not you want to recognize it whether or not you want to realize it you might want to shove your head in the sand it's – nah I don't see it I don't see it but that's pretty goddamn legitimate gave them legitimacy they they recycle the Republican arguments and use them even though they're Democrats what does that say about the Joe Biden's core what core is there nothing you're fucking you know pantomiming is up there I work pantomiming your pantomiming arguments that you used to hear and acting like they're serious know the Republicans were assholes when you guys were in the White House and now you're trying to be an asshole too and you're trying to out hawk Donald Trump and by the way that was full of lies so there was one point where he said Trump effectively ended our relationship with South Korea what are you talking about they they love what we're doing with North Korea right now of all of Donald Trump's stuff on foreign policy the one bright spot is North Korea and by the way that is on fucking fragile ground I mean that is on thin ice baby that any minute Kim Jong Un's so much as sneezes in the wrong direction and that shit can crumble so what you should be doing is resisting from the left and what you should be saying is okay no we need even more negotiation and even more diplomacy and let's iron out a deal right now let's get a deal right now that's the resisting you should be doing but no you're resisting from the right you're saying it ends our relationship with South Korea when South Korean president moon loves this shit the Korean public South Korean public they're ecstatic that Trump just walked on North Korean soil for the first time that brings us away from war they live within the constant fear of war and finally we're moving towards peace and your ass is out there like well hold on now I don't know about all this peace stuff you're giving him legitimacy Oh terrible Hillary Clinton 2.0 recycled right-wing garbage trying to out Hawk Trump of all the stuff to attack Trump on when it comes to foreign policy we're still in Iraq we still in Afghanistan we're still in Syria we're still doing drone strikes in eight different countries we have a shadow war going on in Africa we have neocon John Bolton and Mike Pompeo throwing darts at a fucking map and saying invade their – and your ass is like ah I don't know about this I don't think you're doing enough war sir


  1. Carwin Byington
    Carwin Byington July 10, 2019

    Just watched this clip and it TOTALLY supports everything Kyle's been saying:

  2. Rafael Melo
    Rafael Melo July 10, 2019

    US Alliances are fore me just code word for puppet states.
    NATO doesn't make sense anymore since the end of the soviet union, and should be ended.

  3. SkyTech RTS
    SkyTech RTS July 10, 2019

    Biden you fucking dumbass, you FAILED to do anything against "Stateless terrorism" because INVADING STATES DOES NOT STOP TERRORISM!


    Quit invading nations, that'll lower the amount terrorism by cutting their recruitment. And don't even get me started on North Korea, that was one of the few things Trump did "right"

    First off: THE NORTH KOREANS ARE ALREADY LEGITIMATE, THEY RULE A COUNTRY OF 25 million people and are allied with China

    Second: We're the ones provoking them by doing military maneuvers on their fucking border, imagine mexico pulling that shit near Texas or California.


    I'm tired of this bullshit support for open and brazen imperialism, stupid ass comments like this are why more uneducated people are supporting Trump, STOP.

  4. John Johnson
    John Johnson July 10, 2019

    Why does Joe Biden's mouth look like CGI?

  5. Ariana Negron
    Ariana Negron July 10, 2019


  6. Koen van Amerongen
    Koen van Amerongen July 10, 2019


    Exclamation mark!

  7. Opal Mari
    Opal Mari July 10, 2019

    NATO – ..


    (I know they protect human rights, and I think NATO was in charge of making the Geneva convention but I’m not positive)

    Edit: oh piss I was wrong on the A, T, and N… now I’m practically Ben Carson talking about Oreos

  8. Gregory Rogalsky
    Gregory Rogalsky July 10, 2019

    Biden makes a great case for Trump in 2020.

  9. Matt Ray
    Matt Ray July 10, 2019

    I wish Biden was right that Trump would pull out of NATO. If that were true, I'd support Trump. NATO is a cold war relic ostensibly for dealing with a Soviet Union that hasn't existed in over 27 years and only serves to antagonize a Russian Federation we could EASILY get along with, eliminates US sovereignty and drags us into wars we could and should easily avoid, including for non-NATO countries. Much like Truman used the UN to drag us into Korea without Congressional authorization.

  10. Mia Lovely
    Mia Lovely July 10, 2019

    Joe Biden is under the impression that the only thing wrong with Hillary Clinton’s campaign was that she didn’t have a penis.

    Ugh I HATE men like Joe. He’s such a fucking closeted sexist. At least Trump is honest and upfront about his bigotry. So we know where he stands. It’s fake assholes like Biden that I really cannot stand.

  11. kevin raymond
    kevin raymond July 10, 2019

    HI Kyle, I mostly agree but I do think NATO is an important institution worth saving.

  12. Jeffrey Van Tassel
    Jeffrey Van Tassel July 10, 2019

    Bernie or bust.

  13. Illjay
    Illjay July 10, 2019

    CNN: "Trump says…"

    Me, raging: "Do you even fact check his bullshit, you so called 'journalists'? You are goddamn useless. Why do you have a job?"

  14. Jen Dark Energy 384400
    Jen Dark Energy 384400 July 10, 2019

    Get these psychopaths out of power. Both sides. Now. They are all playing dangerous games and all they literally do is lie. Urgh, I wish everyone would just wake the fuck up to this! Human civilization is on the brink of collapse with these nut jobs running things. GET THEM OUT!

  15. Donald Ganley
    Donald Ganley July 10, 2019

    I think we should give Joe Biden, Liz Warren and Kamala a chance. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad going back in time and re-living the Obama years for eight more years. We should even repeat the Great Bernie Rollover along the way. Ending the wars and going to the doctor are not all that they’re cracked up to be anyway. Or, I suppose, we could try Tulsi.

  16. Cloud 9.1
    Cloud 9.1 July 10, 2019

    What an adorable pair!! (barf)

  17. samlerf
    samlerf July 10, 2019

    Spread the word! Joe is shit!

  18. Ralius
    Ralius July 10, 2019

    3:33 hahaha 'mericans telling someone like russians to "get the fuck out of here"… not smart hahaha few months later if that ever happened there would be no USA… you should chose your words carefully…. much like your bitch of a president when talking to slavs.

  19. RGB LED
    RGB LED July 10, 2019

    Majority of NYT readers like him. I recently gathered this from the comments in a NYT article on busing desegregation and Biden's resistance to it. Says a lot about that outlet and its ideology it pushes

  20. Aconite
    Aconite July 10, 2019

    I've been feeling icky watching your commentary on Biden, and I've just finally realised what it is! He makes me cringe; it's like a dumb people cringe compilation every time I see him!

  21. tabz47
    tabz47 July 10, 2019

    Would have been nice for you to address the NATO point but you just said who cares.

  22. Konstantin Koch
    Konstantin Koch July 10, 2019

    not that i like biden, but doesnt he mean not to alienate allies like europe? just saying

  23. David Westwater
    David Westwater July 10, 2019

    South korea wanted all this they aprove trump

  24. jose juarez
    jose juarez July 10, 2019

    Biden needs to be segregated from us affairs

  25. Cheydinal
    Cheydinal July 10, 2019

    77% of Americans want NATO to be maintained

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