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Bernie Sanders for 2020 U.S. President — Spoken Word

Yesterday, I ran for president,
went up against the petulance of candidates whose one defense
was to segregate and build a fence. They disregard the common sense
that global warming will dispense all of the creatures in silence,
so they can keep their money. I hoped they’d see the relevance
of acting in benevolence, with overwhelming evidence
that times are changing. So, instead of rearranging
their words in deranging phrases, confusing minds like mazes,
my goal is take the stages and make the changes
that humanity desperately needs: Eliminating the greeds of governments
and easing the grip of stubbornness that suppressed the will of those distressed
because of displacement and overwhelming states of poverty
is how I run my candidacy for the next person of authority
that will lead this nation into an era of prosperity
and bring a sense of clarity as to why we are all here. Let me be clear
that this poetry is for Bernie,
a man who wants the world to see that his decree
is nothing more that a message of love. I’ve had enough
of these sentences spewed by spin doctors in crude fashion.
Let the passion of these lines fill your minds and hearts
so that we may start to fix the problems that we created. I am exasperated
by the ignorance of our “first world nation”– a society whose relation to others
is cloaked in hidden agendas and umbrella corporations
that lure the countries of the world with a promised carrot
that dangles just out of reach. Before I complete this speech,
let me preach about the coming wave and ripples that we have made
as we stand together and fight for a truer understanding of liberty. I believe that we, the people, have the power
to change the current hour of humankind. Throughout the past, our eyes have been masked
by the lies of those in charge, but now we charge forward
toward a future that respects equanimity rather than the insanity
of those whose fingers can push a button and end our planet. Dammit, let us stop voting for puppets
and noisy trumpets that don’t actually say a thing
as they mock and jeer, making unclear statements
as a foundation of their driving force and filibustering. When will you hear the ring
and pick up the phone? For it is your soul on the other line
asking you to find a deeper truth before time runs out. And once you find it,
help lead the youth into a brighter tomorrow,
one filled with less sorrow, where we can stop borrowing ideas
that were never actually solutions, but rather agendas made
through clever elocutions and sneaky institutions
that turned our heads away from what really matters
and directed our attention toward libel splattered across the pages
of media bought by those same companies who created the problem we are diverted from. Let us work toward renewables
instead of perpetuating the pollutions that are the foundation of an unstable
table for our economy. Sure, they brought us here,
but where the powers that be want us to go
is into a downward spiral that knows no depth,
for when breath is sold in a can, can people truly breathe? I see no plan
and believe me I’ve looked for one that spans across the globe,
one I hoped would reveal a real sustainable future. Alas, the masses who form mobs
of ignorant slobs that look out only for themselves
don’t want to try it, as they consume a diet
of genetically modified foods and programmed television
that limits their vision of reality. I apologize for such stress
as I’ve digressed into a tirade of brutality,
when really what we need is to understand the totality
and impact of each and every choice, and each and every voice,
so that when we finally break the shackles of ignorance
we can rejoice in the knowing
that we were there when the world changed
from despair into delight. Over night this can happen.
So, until then, I’ll keep rappin’ for my homey, Bernie Sanders,
while the others pander for votes
with their millions that could have been used
to save the earth or give birth
to a new era of hope and love for all its civilians
as we recognize our connection and upon greater reflection
make the conscious decision to live in harmony. Who will you vote for?
For me my nominee
is my main man, Bernie. Vote. Represent.


  1. horst weiter
    horst weiter April 16, 2016

    well done thanks

  2. JourneyHolm
    JourneyHolm April 16, 2016

    Thank you for watching and showing your support! Please share this video to spread the love, power, and momentum for Bernie.

  3. Christopher Timm
    Christopher Timm April 17, 2016

    Awesome job brother! Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Christopher Timm
    Christopher Timm April 17, 2016

    Awesome job brother! Keep up the excellent work!

  5. Qourell Chi
    Qourell Chi April 27, 2016

    You are awesome!!!! You go Mr.Holm!! Spread that power and love for Mr. Bernie!

  6. Rachman Cantrell
    Rachman Cantrell July 21, 2016

    Bernie is still in the race and he is the only candidate who can beat Trump! This is a new message I just sent to all the super delegates using the link at the bottom of the page! Try it!
    "Dear Super Delegates,
    I have been a loyal Democrat for over fifty years. Never before has your participation in an election been as consequential as the one coming up in July. You have some very serious decisions to make. The choice is to vote for Bernie and open the doors to allow millions of new enthusiastic people into the Democratic party or vote for Hillary and close those doors, resulting in a deminished and dying party with many long term Democrats leaving. She is disliked by the majority of people, she has lied to congress and could face indictment for that and the unethical work of her foundation. Trump will use that and more to win a national election if she is the nominee. The great majority of Bernie supporters will never vote for her. Fairness is an important value to Americans. We don't mind people getting rich but we do mind when the decks are stacked against us! Bernie is working for the people and has our trust. He is also the only candidate that can surely beat Trump. Please vote for him at the convention.
    Thank you,
    A concerned citizen"

    Use the link below to send to all super delegates. Copy my message, modify or write your own. It only takes about fifteen minutes to send to all delegates state by state but leave your zip code blank in the form. This may be our last chance to get Bernie in the White House!

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