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Bernie Sanders Challenges Democratic Establishment

Third Way Democrats and particularly the leaders of the think tank Third Way seem to be warming up to Elizabeth Warren and in fact the VP and co-founder of Third Way his name is Matt Bennett said quote the exception is senator Bernie Sanders were open to everybody except for him now interestingly enough Bernie Sanders has challenged Democrats specifically establishment Democrats third way Democrats who consistently or constantly call for unity but then go out of their way to smear someone like Bernie Sanders and so I want you to take a look at his challenge and then we'll discuss what the likelihood is of this even happening take a look absolutely I will do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump and if that candidate turns out to be a lot more conservative than me somebody like a Joe Biden was somebody else I will knock my brains out to see that he or she is elected because I wanted to feat Donald Trump so I'm asking this corporate wing of the Democratic Party ax a Wall Street funded group called third way if I win the nomination are you gonna be there with me or you're gonna go over to done we will reach out to them during the show see if I can get you an answer mmm they're not gonna want to answer that yeah because I understand who Third Way is they are funded largely by Wall Street and all corporate interests and so they don't want Elizabeth Warren's plans in the first place even though they're now pretending that they like her just so that they could ding up Bernie Sanders they've been fighting against Elizabeth Warren for as long as they've existed and she's been around again it was we told you earlier in the show 2013 they wrote an article saying she'd be disastrous right and but for them Bernie Sanders is just absolutely unacceptable because they think Elizabeth Warren's rise might hurt Bernie Sanders they think maybe we can get through to Elizabeth Warren whether they're right or wrong about that is immaterial right but they know with Bernie Sanders he's a rock and they're not gonna move that rock and they know it for sure no one's been able to move that wrong yeah I mean you look at video on the House floor on the Senate floor dating decades back and he's been fighting the same thing yeah you know there was some speculation earlier on as to whether the rock was gonna run for president turns out he has his name is Bernie Sanders so now every corporation every Wall Street banker knows he would not going to be able to persuade Bernie Sanders to school screw over the average American worker on behalf of the donors this is not gonna happen you you know it I know it and they know it most importantly but these are the same guys who always screamed about unity you have to support Joe Manchin as he D regulates the banks when Joe Biden D regulating the banks with the Clintons you have to support right now all of a sudden we will never support Bernie Sanders Oh interesting so you like those tax cuts that Trump gave you so all that empty talk about resistance and fighting against Trump and unifying with Democrats you never meant any of it did you so I love that challenge Bernie Sanders did and my guess is they're gonna want to hide and run because they don't want to admit yes they would betray the Democratic Party no they never were Democrats in the first place it was just a front group to get within the Democratic Party and corrupt it so that the Democrats would be neutered and never fight against the banks so they don't want to give up the game so they can't say that they would be vote for Trump and at the same time you know they gonna vote for Bernie Sanders in fact they'll turn around and probably give money against Bernie Sanders even if it's not the Trump what will they do they'll find independent like Howard Schultz and they'll bring it back up and go take votes away from the Democrats so the Trump can win I guarantee you that's what Third Way does if Bernie Sanders is running hey but they could prove us wrong they could say they could make a pledge right now and saying not only will we support Bernie Sanders we will be happy to run millions of dollars of ads in favor of Bernie Sanders and against Donald Trump will you say that you know they're never gonna say that because the whole point of the group was a trick in the first place it was a Trojan horse inside the Democratic Party and just keep in mind that they will go out of their way to a accomplish the exact opposite of what the American public wants so when it comes to Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax right polling indicates that it's very popular I want to go to graphic 11 real quick morning consult did a survey and they found that 61% of all voters favored her 2% wealth tax on households worth at least fifty million dollars among Democrats that number of course is a little higher at 74% so while Third Way continues to push for the tax cuts and for the favors to these you know these Wall Street executives the fact of the matter is the vast majority of the American public is not in favor of it this is why Donald Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy did not pull well even among Republicans yeah one more thing about that is political wrote about it they said at least one of warns lightning-rod proposals as popular referring to the one that I just read you Chris well we mean at least one of her proposals almost every proposal that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have polls incredibly well now I can find you a couple that don't so prisoners voting from inside prison might not pull that well but Medicare for all is a seventy percent the original green New Deal poll out of that eighty-one percent increasing taxes on the rich pulls at eighty two percent that's why I'm surprised this numbers and hiring there's something wrong with that poll I'd imagine that that taxing people above million fifty million dollars would pull even better okay but I love that for political and the establishment that's a lightning rod I mean real Americans are really worried about a two percent tax on people making over fifty million dollars lightning-rod what a controversial opinion preposterous


  1. The Young Turks
    The Young Turks July 1, 2019

    Bernie Sanders called out the Democratic establishment. Leave a comment below!

  2. Cap'n Crunch
    Cap'n Crunch July 1, 2019

    " The Third Way " I remember Bill Clinton saying something about ( a third way ) during the 1990s. Along with " the age of big government is over " the ( crime bill ) and all that other Republican lite nonsense ! Corporate Democrats Suck !

  3. Cap'n Crunch
    Cap'n Crunch July 1, 2019

    I say if " the third way " does not " take the pledge ( along with all other Democrats ) Bernie should walk out of the convention should it become necessary.

  4. Matt
    Matt July 1, 2019

    Damn those pesky third way bros

  5. Stanton Island
    Stanton Island July 1, 2019

    Lets say that you want to increase taxes by 5% on the top 1%. If your in the top 1% by world standards(basically owning $780,000 of everything you own), donate that 5% to the poor or quit being a hypocrite.

  6. Ken Kunz
    Ken Kunz July 1, 2019

    Bill Daley is a leader in Third Way…that should tell you everything.

  7. joe chaz
    joe chaz July 1, 2019

    I’m Bernie or bust I must vote my beliefs I don’t believe in this lesser of two evils shit remember 40% of the USA population does not vote why take a guess you dumb Aholes

  8. Gregg Hill
    Gregg Hill July 1, 2019

    Compare the way Sanders has dealt with Trump's actions with the way Warren has. No wonder centrist Democrats prefer her, other than as a way to split the progressive vote.

  9. Matthew D Steffee
    Matthew D Steffee July 1, 2019

    Unity? Bernie isn't even a Democrat. He has made that VERY clear…

  10. Joab Johnstone
    Joab Johnstone July 1, 2019

    They hate Medicare for all because that's there biggest donors..

  11. KeKway Blaze
    KeKway Blaze July 1, 2019

    What the hell is a "centrist" anyway.. Someone who can't make up their damm mind, one day they are a Democrat the next day they are a Republican.. That is what I think of every time I hear that term "centrist".

  12. Kaffekaffe Kaffe
    Kaffekaffe Kaffe July 1, 2019

    Bernie 2020 🔥

  13. Keith Wood
    Keith Wood July 1, 2019

    If third way is supporting a candidate then vote for someone else, third way guys are just republicunts in disguise…

  14. Commercial Communication
    Commercial Communication July 1, 2019

    Wall Street knows Elizabeth Warren supported Hillary Clinton in 2016… they are not worried about her.

  15. Sam Fuentes
    Sam Fuentes July 1, 2019



  16. Robert Heisler
    Robert Heisler July 1, 2019

    Everybody is laughing at you!!!

  17. kaiser sosay
    kaiser sosay July 1, 2019


  18. memory lane
    memory lane July 1, 2019

    Do you libs think you can go more than 5 minutes without calling someone a racist.

  19. Mona Moore
    Mona Moore July 1, 2019

    Wall street support all candidates except Bernie Sanders which mean if everyone against you that's mean you're "right" and you threaten them

  20. Big violees
    Big violees July 1, 2019

    The stigma of socialism scares morons propaganda warps small minds and the greedy exploit it

    CHRISTOPHER Deon SCAGGS July 1, 2019

    They actually want to cause the same division that occurred between Clinton and Bernie supporters to happen again with Warren supporters against Bernie Sanders. The problem with that tactic is those of us who are for Warren are already in the Bernie camp and vice versa. Either one of them as president would be a better America.

  22. BunnySlippers
    BunnySlippers July 1, 2019

    I see the trolls are busy in the comments with their lies and misinformation. Don't fall for it, people.

  23. E. Bell
    E. Bell July 1, 2019

    BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE, 2020, I might even donate to the dems again

  24. Maxwell Montgomery
    Maxwell Montgomery July 1, 2019

    Trump's approval rate among Republicans is 90%. Bernie needs to shut the hell up. The election, once again, will come down to how deep Bernie wants to draw the wedge into his own party… I mean… the party he pretends to be in when he runs for President…..

  25. Kaido Sulong
    Kaido Sulong July 1, 2019

    It's 2% on total wealth starting at 50 mil., not on an income of 50 mil.

  26. Mirquella Santos
    Mirquella Santos July 1, 2019

    Bernie is perverted old man who knew and saw how young blacks were harmed, jailed and targeted still did nothing. When black leaders visited him he just ignored them cause he only cared about whites and their problems. NEVER BERNIE…..

  27. allen evans
    allen evans July 1, 2019

    I don’t understand why Sanders just don’t tell the corporations what they wanna hear. Once he get in office he do what he wants.

  28. Marina Tonkonogy
    Marina Tonkonogy July 1, 2019

    Don't worry.The "Third Way" will convert Warren into their candidate in no time and she will happily do everything they want her to do. She'll be the Trojan horse who'd make a major assault on the progressive movement and you are making it happen by continuing to present her as "progressive".

  29. traydevon
    traydevon July 1, 2019

    Every time you fixate on Warren in a Sanders video, you suck that much more.

  30. Kerstin Boerner
    Kerstin Boerner July 1, 2019

    There is so much wrong with American politics. Gerrymandering, electoral college, the whole registration process and now that!? Just looking at all that from outside i would asume that you are not living in a democrazy. You're all getting played by Performers.

  31. zak girard
    zak girard July 1, 2019

    Bernie’s starting it again. The martyr complex. People aren’t obligated to support him. If those damn fools want to support Trump that's their problem. This is Bernie's problem with his rhetoric.

  32. KillerBebe
    KillerBebe July 1, 2019

    It may be better to lose in 2020 so we can have a more united party in 2024, unless it is Sanders that wins. He will fix the DNC and kick out the corporate money.

  33. Puppet Master
    Puppet Master July 1, 2019

    Warren is a trojan horse

  34. Blew
    Blew July 1, 2019

    Third Way = a combination of centrist Democrats and Republicans. That's why they're the third way.

    Bernie or bust.

  35. Black dolophin
    Black dolophin July 1, 2019

    he should tell them to eat his ass

  36. Robert Jones
    Robert Jones July 1, 2019

    I'm generally not one to preach about my beliefs But the irony is just too great with you all keep calling him a rock. In my belief Bernie Sanders is born in the month of Earth or as we call it a rock baby so indeed he is a rock an Essence in mind and in body.

  37. Thore Karlsson
    Thore Karlsson July 1, 2019

    Bernie sanders needs to talk to the cooperation on how they will make better whit his politic.
    I dont mean that they will make millions .. no Bernie needs to talk to the Cooperation on how they employees will be better with hes politic, and the cooperation will make beter on that to.
    that's how Scandinavian politic works

  38. Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith July 1, 2019

    I’m planning on upping my donations to Bernie every pay check for the last year of the campaign. We can buy elections too. Who’s with me?!

  39. Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith July 1, 2019

    Remember the “unity tour” Bernie and Perez went on after 2016? Knew it was just for show, but still went to chant “Bernie” through Perez’s speech with the crowd. He didn’t get the not so subtle hint obviously.

  40. Ali Krc
    Ali Krc July 1, 2019

    Yo Ana is looking so fine

  41. News Now News News
    News Now News News July 1, 2019

    🇺🇸anyone but bernie🇺🇸

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