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Benjamin Fulford The educated brainwashed & American power diplomacy Eng sub

I had thought
“There’s something wrong with the Western civilization”
Waging war, destructing environment
“I’m to lead meaningless life” I came to Japan
I thought I may be able to find some answer I went to (Jochi) Sophia University, the university of Jesuit
I didn’t belong to the Society of Jesus though It is the remainder of Roman Empire I am a descendant of Celt in Canada
Running away from Romans, we got to Canada And after all, I was brainwashed in the University In the study, they teach you various things
The higher your academic background is,
the more you are conformed With continuous input of the same data,
before someone knows,
you have the same way of thinking It’s cleverly well-made When I realized, I was the one of the brainwashed
I originally thought
“the earth is in wrong way, I have to do something”
But I lost the mind at some point Japanese baby boomers
They raised such heated riots & they tried so hard
But before you know it, they have become
corporate employees in blue suits
and they commute in overcrowded trains The hippie generation is the same
Before you know it, they’ve become yuppies
They just consume,,,
They seem to be fattened (in a cage)
They all are the brainwashed generations In the economic growth era of Japan
In “All middle class era”
Why was Japan in prosperous time like that? It was because of bureaucratic superstructure
which is now harshly blamed To become a bureaucrat, you have to pass the exam
And anybody can take the exam Anybody who hangs tough, he or she will get promoted
It’s the system the person can get to the top of the Pyramid Of course, there are negative points to be blamed
However, realistically, it’s a good system Then, the disparity in Japan was the smallest
among advanced countries
The gap of the wages between presidents of companies
& their employees with no title was the smallest It really was a good society And there was economic planning
As a nation, as nationals, they had future vision
“Get ahead of West”
They had ambition. They had purpose “Let’s make it!”
They had strong intentions But why did they change themselves to such
melancholic & directionless?
I finally figured out through about 25 years research I started my career as a journalist at around Plaza Accord
It’s about when many of you were born Plaza Accord was the milestone that
US started to order Japan
“Do as we say about economy” There was imposition of artificial “strong yen”
by Plaza Accord, Financial Big Bang & others
I wondered why Japan obeyed their orders
while Germany vehemently opposed to them In 1985, US foreign policy changed
Before that, being in cold war, US was afraid of communism
So, if Japan went along with US in UN votes,
they didn’t intervene Japan about domestic issues Around the time when Papa Bush, George Bush senior
was CIA Director & vice president, US foreign diplomacy
against Japan fundamentally changed
It was in 1985 I inform you
The local Yakuza here, Inagawa-kai
In its Head Quarter, the picture of Papa Bush is displayed
How come? I want you to think why JAL 123 was shot down by missile
(Japan Air Line 123: crashed into mountain in 1985)
500 people were killed by America They changed their negotiating posture
“Please buy more orange”
“Please buy more beef” to
“Give us money! or we get you”
Vicious intimidation diplomacy It never be out in public
Behind closed doors, by the force, by the intimidation
they deprive money from Japan Before the change,
US was so afraid of Japan’s trade surplus with US
The trade surplus then was less than 1/10 of
what we have now Why did they stop themselves from being scared?
They decided Not to return the money Japanese people work so hard
Working extra hours, they make cars & ship them to US Then, Japan gets papers
US: “We’ll return the money someday”
But they are Never going to return This is the US diplomacy against Japan now I couldn’t find it for a long time
When I wrote about Japan, I couldn’t help
but see through the eyes of a “Foreigner” What I witnessed here in Japan were
misappropriation, corruption, scandals


  1. nuvolenelcielo
    nuvolenelcielo January 15, 2012

    @ThirdEye2222 you're delusional. he's just talking about politics, diplomacy, military and economy behind the scene manipulation, not about american people. you're the one who brings hate and compares how good people from different countries are… you're either a lunatic or you get paid to write this stuff.

  2. hey man
    hey man January 17, 2012

    @ThirdEye2222 Your the biggest dumbfuck in the entire universe. In fact you think on nation state level and your a peice of shit low class fuck…. You will never awaken to conspiracies of the world government which controlled every single nation state on the planet earth for 2 thousand + years and your just playing into their dogma they entrapped to you. YOU HAVE LEARNED NOTHING you ignorant non-awakened sheep

  3. Chauncy Gardener
    Chauncy Gardener January 31, 2012

    Bush41 and the same GE that was allowed to build radar systems and other electronics for Nazi Germany, licensed, designed, commissioned and sited Fukushima's reactors. Westinghouse designed and oversaw some also.

  4. Uberaoshi
    Uberaoshi January 31, 2012

    Ben Bulford is the brainwashed shithead.

  5. Uberaoshi
    Uberaoshi January 31, 2012

    @howardtlewisiiiify Westinhouse made stuff for the nazis.
    GEs radars and electronics for Nazi Germany, were they made in GE's Europe division, Hitler did capture/conquer a lot of European lands so they could've been forced.
    I am aware of Ford's Brazilian factories were exporting vehicles and shit to nazi Germany.

  6. Uberaoshi
    Uberaoshi January 31, 2012

    @originallove911 LOL

  7. Chauncy Gardener
    Chauncy Gardener January 31, 2012

    True, the labor could have been forced in the GE plants built for Nazi Germany. At the close of the WWII, a U.S.Senate investigating committee discovered square city blocks of devistation, but GE and GM factories left intact except for a few broken windows. this is indicitive of intentional preservation of these facilities. GM and Ford and GE had all invested in Germany.
    Please tell me, why do you call Ben Fulford 'the brainwashed shithead'? His view point is unique in its scope and info.

  8. yosyama tany
    yosyama tany February 1, 2012

    in the US, subtitles removed

  9. shitty bill
    shitty bill February 25, 2012

    @highontruth i think your name should be high on crack. because only a crackhead wouldnt believe something that can be backed by facts and put in front of a judge in a national courthouse.

  10. Alzion
    Alzion March 1, 2012

    Benjamin Fulofshit, how can you believe his lying eyes and gestures

  11. Workingamateur
    Workingamateur March 1, 2012

    @adam3176 Hi, please take a look at below
    Benjamin Fulford VS POCO凸凹BAND (Lesson 1 America) 1/2 Eng sub
    No problem at all!

  12. gettheleadoutasshole
    gettheleadoutasshole April 18, 2012

    LOL man, what a deluded moron who has obviously forgotten to take his meds again. Come on Fulford, get back into the institution and seek professional help. Clearly this is just a script.

  13. Felix Burke
    Felix Burke April 18, 2012

    You obviously don't LISTEN. We know what Fulford means when he refers to the US, he knows it's not the people. Obviously this is an excerpt from a longer monologue which covers that anyway. People think that just because Fulford is a nice sort of guy "a teddy bear" he hasn't a clue, they are wrong, he is an extremely astute person who knows his stuff.

  14. Stikku
    Stikku May 21, 2012

    this guy is a fucking conspiracy nut. His claims that JAL-123 was shot down by Americans (at least, as far as the subtitles say) are completely unfounded.

    I wonder if it is just a poor translation, cause if not – this guy shouldn't be a public speaker on any regard.

  15. Dannunaki
    Dannunaki July 11, 2012

    I don't know if Fulford watches any of these videos or pays attention to them, but this in my opinion looks like HAARP in action in JAPAN.

    ufo (anomaly)(naunebu) japan volcano sakurajima 03.07.2011.wmv

  16. yamashisho
    yamashisho October 8, 2012


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