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Ben Ray Lujan: Democrats Not Looking For Television Spectacle On Impeachment | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. James Oxford
    James Oxford June 5, 2019

    excuses, excuses, excuses…

  2. SenorSteel
    SenorSteel June 5, 2019

    Ineptitude and Centrist Democrats. Name a more iconic duo. Democrats can't even finish the easy layup.

  3. Rob Bird
    Rob Bird June 5, 2019

    Lujan should added to the list of Democratic incumbents that need to be replaced with more ethical Democrats.

  4. Grim Reefer
    Grim Reefer June 5, 2019

    Traitorous Repugnant Unstable Mental Psychopathy

  5. Puppets & Traitors
    Puppets & Traitors June 5, 2019

    Pelosi remove her!

  6. P J
    P J June 5, 2019

    I like spectacles like during Roman times when miscreants were thrown to the lions or fights to the death. Lets bring these back just for Trumpie & his cronies & sycophants!

  7. grantog123
    grantog123 June 5, 2019

    No endorsement to impeach, is enabling corruption. Democrats are trapped by a system the Republicans built and break routinely to further their self interest. It's sad to watch, same cycle happens in interpersonal victimization.

    People only follow the law when it is easier to follow the break it. Now you can only win if you disregard the rules. #FuckYouIGotMine

  8. basvssc
    basvssc June 5, 2019

    Chumps a criminal plain and simple!! No way around it, period!!!
    The worst president in American history!!!
    That is fact!!

  9. Bela W
    Bela W June 5, 2019

    Hey. The public has been lied to. The public needs to be educated because very few are actually reading this report.

  10. Richard Darlington
    Richard Darlington June 5, 2019

    Wow! Talk about an empty shirt. This guy is completely useless. NEXT!

  11. Alessia C*****
    Alessia C***** June 5, 2019

    I would love to see Barr & trump impeached but I believe Pelosi knows what she’s doing, she’s very smart at what she does.
    First thing should be Barr being impeached and disbarred.

  12. Stifled Voice
    Stifled Voice June 5, 2019

    trump is threatening to take a big ol' dump of tariffs in the business world's punch bowl, and if he does manage to break the economy like one of his casinos, the guys holding the leashes of the GOP will rip trump apart first and leave nothing for the Dems

  13. Alessia C*****
    Alessia C***** June 5, 2019

    Barr has already proven to us all that he coverups for one person and one person only, and it’s not the American people.

  14. Raging Monk
    Raging Monk June 5, 2019

    Because Mueller (R) did not / was not allowed, to make a conclusion. The Trump Criminal Investigations will have to proceed in the House before an Impeachment inquiry can be made. If Dems draw a conclusion without speaking to the witness's and going through the underlying evidence. It will will have the appearance of being a railroad and not impartial.
    We do need to pick up the pace a bit though.

  15. She's my President
    She's my President June 5, 2019

    MSNBCannibals know that impeachment reveals they dont care about THE COUNTRY .. Actually Americans know MSNBCannibals dont care about the country and WE know that MSNBCannibals rig the voting machines .. If they try this BS in 2020 they are going to be taken out by Special forces because They are now casing MSNBCannibal Death CULT MSNBCannibals are a strategic threat to THE USA

  16. Alex P
    Alex P June 5, 2019

    America: Televised hearings or treason never happened… topic Chuck is the Maggie Haberman of MSNBC. They both feign outrage while promoting the traitor in the WH.

  17. common sense
    common sense June 5, 2019

    Another corporate tool talking about the tools of Congress.Just admit the Democratic Party corporate donors want Trump in power. They want to make sure they all keep their tax breaks and freedom to poison the environment , swindle bank customers, and let their dimwitted shareholders pay the fines.

  18. umbrella0110
    umbrella0110 June 5, 2019

    NM, it is time to replace this Rep.

  19. BVKaronte
    BVKaronte June 5, 2019

    What Congress is showing is that there is a different set of standards for Americans, those who are in politics are above the law and the rest of us MUST comply or face the consequences…Welcome to the land of the Freedom for rich crooks. Congress should be putting Hicks and everybody else who does not comply in jail PERIOD!

  20. Lily Jade
    Lily Jade June 5, 2019

    We the People still want Impeachment of the criminal trump now!

  21. Ziljan Vega
    Ziljan Vega June 5, 2019

    A television spectacle is precisely what Trump fears and likely what is needed to turn opinion fully against Trump. The people want to know that the Congress is holding Trump in check, and dithering isn't nearly enough.

  22. Jed I. Knight
    Jed I. Knight June 5, 2019

    New Mexico better vote this guy out of office. Get a dem with bigger balls. Jesus.

  23. Jed I. Knight
    Jed I. Knight June 5, 2019

    Wtf are these guys “overseeing” if people aren’t answering sopenas….

  24. Gregory Coté
    Gregory Coté June 5, 2019

    So basically holding AG Barr in contempt doesn't actually do anything. And yet they keep repeating that the contempt charge is a "tool" they are using. It's not doing ANYTHING and Barr is still doing the same thing, Trump is still doing the same thing, and the Democrats aren't actually doing a dman thing that matters. Insane.

  25. dee jay
    dee jay June 5, 2019


  26. A O
    A O June 5, 2019

    This guy is getting his time in the national news… all talk no action! Impeach Barr & Mnuchin, then give immediate jail time for everybody that denies subpoenas!

  27. Junior Harry
    Junior Harry June 5, 2019

    Hi Chuck.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Chuck.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chuck.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.
    Hi Ben Ray.👋.
    Exceptional job, Ben Ray.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    👉👉Proceed Ben Ray. Get back to work, Ben Ray.👍.

  28. Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN
    Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN June 5, 2019

    I myself have started reading the Mueller report and so far a lot of it has been shocking to read. I strongly recommend that everyone take some time out a little bit each day every through the report since it will open up your eyes and see for yourself the cover up going on by Trump and his criminal cronies.

  29. Tal Moore
    Tal Moore June 5, 2019

    These Democrats are weak cowards who are going to let Trump destroy the country.

  30. Tal Moore
    Tal Moore June 5, 2019

    Nancy Pelosi's strategy to make it not look political does ITSELF look political!

  31. Richie Rich
    Richie Rich June 5, 2019

    (Remember $mile and keep repeating The B.S. Line.)
    Look I'm all in for impeachment, but I love my job! It gets me two big houses, really
    overpriced cars, clothes and everything. It makes me feel so much better than both,
    The Smiths & The Jones. Plus the greatest benefit of all for ME, is everyday I am in
    Washington; I have a line of paid lobbyists outside my office door, with suitcases of
    money! Now the only question left is, how much is your soul worth.

  32. Erica Jenkins
    Erica Jenkins June 5, 2019

    The democrats are idiots and I won’t be voting for them anymore. Period

  33. pablo rama
    pablo rama July 14, 2019

    Lujan needs to worry more about saving the nation than trying to win Udall’s Senate seat

  34. Cori Andrew
    Cori Andrew July 14, 2019

    This guy lies like CNN and is a joke to the people of New Mexico. He and is team are corrupt here in New Mexico… and was only voted because he’s a democrat… people here don’t know any better and only vote democrat because they are unaware of the facts.

    LUCY LOVE October 10, 2019

    Romney.sons Kerry son ..Biden son .Pelosi son are all on the Board of Directors for . Energy. Companies doing business in the Ukraine…… Remember Pelosi brother-in law company was set to get a 737 million loan . This company employed less than 50 people The company got 535 million then filed Bankruptcy……Nothing to see here folks These are up standing people…….Unbelievably Corrupt.

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