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Barron Trump: Donald Trump’s youngest son and the first boy of America who lives in the white house

Everyone has gotten quite an earful about
the Trump family over the last year. The discussion has been centered around Donald, Melania,
Ivanka and even Don Jr. and Eric to a certain extent. But one of the Trump kids you never
hear about is young Barron Trump. At ten years of age, this young fellow has been kept away
from a lot of the spotlight that’s been on his entire family. With lots of extreme
feelings one way or the other (you either love him or you hate him) toward his dad,
it’s a lot for a boy of his age to handle. But regardless of what the world thinks about
it, Barron is the son of the President of the United States, who also happens to be
a multi-billionaire. What is life like when you are the son of such a wealthy person?
Furthermore, how do you deal with so much of what is said and done about your family
when you’re just ten years old? Fortunately, there’s some information about young Barron
and his amazing lifestyle of privilege and now, great responsibility. While sister Ivanka
continues to help steer her father’s political ship and brothers Don Jr. and Eric run the
operations of the massive Trump empire, what exactly is there for this ten year old boy
to keep him busy? Well, here are 15 things that just may shock you about young Barron! Bilingual. Barron’s ancestry is very European. He gets
his German and Scottish ancestry from his father and Slovenian ancestry from his mother.
It is reported that Barron speaks both English and Slovene fluently. When he was at the young
age of three, his mother Melania stated that he was fluently speaking English and Slovene,
as well as French! It’s unknown how much use he gets in the French language, but the
fact that the youngest Trump child was such a talented linguist at such a young age speaks
volumes! With a huge emphasis on language, his ability to speak multiple languages is
probably also very helpful with his studies at his ultra-expensive Manhattan prep school.
It also kind of makes you wonder if he and Melania have their own communication about
Donald even when he’s in the same room! His Own Floor. Some kids have to share a bedroom, while others
get their own bedroom. Some kids are even fortunate enough to have their own playroom.
Young Barron Trump has always had so much more, being treated almost as an only child,
considering the massive age difference between he and his siblings. This young gentleman
has his own floor at the amazingly high rent Trump Tower! Apparently, this floor of his
own has not only a bedroom, but his own living room as well. Who knows what all this floor
has to offer, as the Trump family tries to keep information about Barron and Melania’s
private life as private as possible. But it is very clear that he has had no shortage
of space and luxuries while at home. Anything he gets at the White House will pale compared
to his lavish lifestyle at Trump Tower. Attends The Columbia Grammar And Preparatory
School. Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School has
been open longer than the country in which it resides! Open as a school since 1764, it
has quite the list of famous alumni, including Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick!
The school pretty much offers the best education money can buy and at the high price of over
$37,000 per year, it had better. Donald and Melania are so happy with the school and how
adjusted he is to it that moving to Washington D.C. immediately is not an option for young
Barron. Who knows what will happen in future school years, but for now, he’s staying
put at Columbia where he is doing very well. Rubbed Down With Caviar After His Bath. Melania Trump, mother of young Barron had
her own line of skincare products that has now apparently vanished. One particularly
interesting product is a caviar moisturizer that she used to rub all over Barron after
his bath. It’s unclear if he still has this routine now that he’s nearly 11 years old,
but this was the case just a few years ago. This caviar infused moisturizer is no longer
available for purchase (or at least that’s how it seems) and honestly seems a little
wild. Caviar is after-all considered one of the most expensive culinary treats a person
can have. It makes sense too, doesn’t it? I mean, who hasn’t rubbed caviar all over
their skin every night after their bath? Regardless, I suppose it’s just the normal nightly activity
when you’re the son of a billionaire. Much Like His Father. According to his mother, Barron is just like
his father. She has referred to him as very smart, but also very opinionated. Apparently,
Barron knows what he wants, how and when he wants it. He has his own tastes as well. Young
Barron loves airplanes, but apparently prefers clean, white sheets on his bed. Melania calls
him a mini Donald and I suppose that’s for good reason. Donald has always been an “eye
on the prize” kind of person. Even when no one else saw his vision, he saw a clear
path and wasn’t afraid to do whatever was necessary to achieve the vision. Barron has
these same qualities and with his father by his side and older brothers with the same
instincts, he’ll be very successful in his own right. Enjoys Golf. Golf has long been regarded as the sport of
gentlemen. Many far reaching decisions with a great impact upon the world have been made
on a golf course. We all know that Donald is an avid golfer and owns several golf courses
of his own. Barron also enjoys the sport and is reportedly pretty good. Donald has indicated
that Barron is a natural athlete and quite good at tennis as well as baseball. He spends
a fair amount of time golfing with his father and has been photographed many times playing.
With an entire floor of his own in Trump Tower, it’s pretty safe to say that there is plenty
of room for Barron to work on his short game. He ought to be pretty good, as he’s been
playing since he was just three! Wears A Suit Every Day. Barron’s mother has made it clear that he
isn’t a “sweatpants kid.” To the other end of that spectrum though, Barron prefers
to wear a suit everyday, portraying a kind of Richie Rich vibe to his personality. The
uniform at his school, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School is pretty strict and I
suppose Barron has gotten used to his wardrobe to a point where it is just more comfortable.
It is also evident that he is a very manicured young man and always looks stylish and clean
cut. When you’re the youngest son of the most well known billionaire on the planet
and newly elected President of the United States, wearing a suit each day is pretty
natural. It also doesn’t help that his mother, a former supermodel wouldn’t be caught dead
putting him in sweats. Unimpressed. Barron is growing up, and it seems that he’s
a little too cool for all the political hype surrounding his father. He is after all, the
youngest child (and presumably the last) of a man that is a constant focus of attention.
His life has always been something a little different than everyone else’s. He has been
seen and photographed yawning during big speeches by his father and even reportedly rolling
his eyes once or twice (we can probably give him the benefit of the doubt on that one).
Barron has also been noticeably absent from several major political events for his father.
For a kid that wants to be just like his father, you’d think this would be right up his alley.
Maybe the political life just doesn’t interest him much. Enjoys Playing Alone. brothers and sisters, Barron is pretty much
being raised like an only child. He has friends and plays with others, but honestly likes
playing alone just as much. In typical Trump fashion, he enjoys building structures with
his Lego blocks. Maybe he will be as much of a real estate mogul as his father. We already
know that he is reportedly more like his father than any of his other brothers and sisters.
Barron is perfectly content to play alone in his luxury floor in Trump Tower. He’s
also very detail oriented and was even allowed to color and draw on the walls of his rooms.
Melania and Donald are happy to let him be creative and express himself, but truthfully,
he is very structured and regimented. Looks Much Older. Barron is only ten years old, but looks much
older than his age. Part of this is because of his height. He is pretty tall and arguably
one of the tallest kids in his age group at school. Another reason that Barron looks so
much older than his age is likely the way he dresses and keeps himself. Notice that
his hair is never messy and always combed in a particular style that is usually worn
by much older boys and men. Barron’s wardrobe, as discussed before is also not typical for
a ten year old boy. When he rocks the suit, with his flawless skin and combed hair, it
is hard not to look at Barron and think of him as a teenager. As he does actually age,
we can all look forward to seeing how he handles adolescence. First Boy In The White House In Over 50 Years! It’s hard to believe, but any kid living
in the White House since the Kennedy administration has been a girl! Not since John F. Kennedy
Jr., has a boy called the White House home. Barron is the first since then, but it’s
still unclear what his residency will look like. Living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will
be something of a step down for Barron, who will likely have less space available to him.
We see that he’s not that interested in all the political pomp and circumstance surrounding
his father’s new job, so like a typical ten year old, he may be a little bummed about
leaving Trump Tower. It’s doubtful that we’ll see any pictures of him playing in
the Oval while his dad works as we did with JFK Jr. . He’s a Big Hit in Japan. Apparently, folks in Japan think Barron is
both adorable and worthy of fame all on his own. Not long after Donald was elected President,
Japanese manga artists began creating a characterization of young Barron. Manga is a form of Japanese
comic book art that is wildly popular both in Japan and in many places in the world.
This fascination with Barron has essentially made him something of a celebrity in Japan.
Whether Barron is aware of this fact or not is unknown, but I would imagine it’s a pretty
cool addition to his young ten year old ego (how many pre-teens get to say they are a
comic book sensation?). None of Japan’s fascination with Barron would indicate an
approval of his father, but that is a whole other story. He’s Expensive To Protect. It is reported that the cost of protecting
Barron and others in the family living in New York will run about a million dollars
a day! The accounting on this isn’t itemized and it’s not really clear if that’s just
for Barron and Melania, or if it includes the cost of protecting the President himself
as well. But considering that for the time being, Barron will continue to live at the
top of Trump Tower in the middle of downtown Manhattan, makes it even more difficult to
protect him. The costs associated with this are even higher than if he was in the White
House. Rumors have circulated about how this protection will work, but it’s pretty safe
to say that it’s no easy task, even for the Secret Service. Bashed On Twitter. Regardless of how his dad handles himself
on Twitter, young Barron has not done anything to deserve a social media punch. Unfortunately,
he has already started off as the butt of a joke by a Saturday Night Live writer. In
a move that was really below the belt, SNL writer Katie Rich Tweeted a joke that was
considered in poor taste. Saturday Night Live has pulled no punches against Donald Trump,
but they responded immediately by indefinitely suspending Rich from the show. She deleted
the Tweet and has even issued an apology. First kids are generally given a pass by most
out of respect. Usually, the younger they are, the more of a pass they get. It seems
as though even SNL respects this long standing tradition and acted accordingly. No Hand Holding. Barron is not a little boy anymore. He’s
nearly 11 years old and his adolescent rebellion may be starting to show just a bit. It has
got to be rough having to start out this process with everyone watching you, but this is the
path his father has chosen. In the inaugural parade, Donald, Melania and Barron were walking
in the parade when quite obviously when Melania reaches to hold Barron’s hand, he quickly
snatches it away. This isn’t really unlike behavior any pre-teen boy may show toward
his mother, but the difference is that millions of people watched it, making it somewhat more
noticeable. The only thing this really shows us is that Barron is a normal boy that doesn’t
feel the need to hold his mommy’s hand anymore. Nothing wrong with that, Barron!


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    The Obama girls weren't off limites. Neither was the Carter's daughter. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  98. Orane
    Orane June 15, 2019

    Sorry to bust the fake bubble. The Orange Man (Trump) is not even a billionaire, let alone a multi-billionaire. He says that because it's what he wants people to believe, but he is not worth even a fraction he claims to be worth. Tax returns will prove it. Why wasn't Barron at the State dinner? Special Needs?

  99. Edith Woods
    Edith Woods June 22, 2019

    hey this not cool he's a child you wrong for this

  100. Jane Smith
    Jane Smith July 4, 2019

    BARRON TRUMP is tall, handsome, HIGH IQ, multi-lingual, and a WONDERFUL boy!

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