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AU warns that travel curbs to DRC will disturb Ebola policies

African Union is warning against curbing travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo that's despite the risks posed by the second deadliest Ebola outbreak on record the African Union says travel restrictions will impede health officials ability to effectively control the virus they bola outbreak in eastern Congo began a year ago it's killed more than 1,700 people out of more than 2,500 cases yesterday the World Health Organization said they were currently no cases outside Congo but several cases were recorded in Uganda last month including two deaths heyyou health officials noted that tens of thousands of people cross from Congo into Uganda on market days present the possibility of the disease spreading that is high as we speak there is no Ebola disease outbreak in Uganda but the mass movement of people suggest that it can happen any time what we need to do is to intensify that's the scenario I just described earlier which is to make sure that the two governments are speaking to each other and the World Health Organization this week declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern a rare designation only used for the gravest epidemics in response the African Union now plans to deploy members of its African voluntary health cops to Congo but it's warned against cabin travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo want to be sure that the international community and member states in Africa do not impose any restrictions on travel to anyone going into or coming outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo by doing such actions it would impede ability to effectively control the virus so it's a strong call to action that we cannot and should not attempt to impose anything or do anything that effect the if normal functioning both in movement of people or trade with the Democratic Republic of Congo the World Health Organization is urged countries to keep transport routes and borders open but increased surveillance at all their points of entry soldiers and ponies in the tiers they would enforce the hand-washing and FIFA checks now that the deadly Ebola outbreak has been declared an international health emergency

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