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Ark Survival Evolved PS4 Tribe Management Tips – How To Set Up Tribe Governance – ARK Tribe Tips

you always can on guys in this video I'm gonna be showing you how to set up tribe governance in Oxon Louisville on the ps4 so stay tuned it's business cold when Iran is lasted far too long if you want to host your own Arc server then I recommend renting one from that Trudeau they're also the official server provider for wild card go to jacob recom ford slash nightrod or to rent your own Arc server and help out the channel in the process yo what's going on guys I'm gene Corey from the car a cartel server and same up tribe governance can really help you customize how you want your tribe to be run so let's actually get in to the tribe governance menu now the tribe governance menu has changed from the last video that I did on this actually this I think well a couple months ago but as you see as you can see you know they've updated interface and all that sort of stuff it took me a while to find the governance menu to see that it was like right here you go to your tribe log using options and then just go over here and go to the right and then press X then you can access your governance so as you can see we have a few different options in here we have creature ownership here you can get creatures that are tribe I don't personally own tribe ridden personally owned personally right now and we're gonna go through all the different options to let you know what they do so this is Dino ownership it says creature on the ship but you know it means dinos along Daniel's in this game what I'd like for creatures to be on this so yeah I guess they favor better title so personally owned tribe ridden is what is currently set on and that means that when someone tames a dino they will actually own that Dino their name will appear under that Dino and then other people in the tribe can also write that dine on so currently I don't think any of these have been tamed since we did that option unfortunately so I can't show you how that works but that's how it works you got a little work break and now let's get we get back into the governor's so tribe armed is the default that means you know if anyone in the tribe teams it the whole tribe can use it I should stop coming out of this menu there's really no need for that personally on personally written means that if you tame a dino only the person who actually changed that diner will be able to ride the diner so the only person owning a person who owns the diner will be able to write it so you may want to do that if you've got a really really large tribe and people keep on taking other people's dials and that sort of stuff but I think personally own tribe breeding is pretty good because then you can see who's dino is who's and everyone can write it in need of an emergency taming settings basically coincides with what we were talking about before honestly if you're gonna go personally own tribe ridden you need to do personally personal taming as well that's actually update that I didn't do that at the time when I changed this so that's my bad so basically if you do tribe came in and then anyone who tames a dino it will be the tribes Dino so even if you have this sets of personally all tribe ridden if this is a set of personal 10 min then it's not really gonna make a difference now if you do personal 10 min then you'll see who has tamed each dino and then you can use a person ulong tribe rhythm thing or maybe person your own personal rhythm now structure ownership if you do this well there are a few options there tribe bond which is you know if someone puts a structure down anyway then it's owned by the tribe if not no yeah that's the best way is it otherwise that if month tribe owned admin demolish means if anyone puts down its structure then it's fallen by the tribe but only admins can't demolish things this really slow down productivity in my opinion because it means that people who are building they're not able to demolish their own structures if they make a mistake or something but it could also protect you against someone just coming into your tribe and destroying all your structures but to be honest you should have use good tribe rankings to prevent that happening in the first place and you should be vetting people that you're letting into your tribe but that can do that for you if you want a little bit more protection personally owned tribe snap and admin demolish means that all structures are personally owned but you can snap it to tribe structures so any member of the tribe structures or any tribe structures you'll be able to build off of that and only admins can demolish any structures personally own personal snap is basically like being in another tribe but obviously you're still in the same tribe but you cannot build next to I think you could probably build next to your tribe structures but you can't snap to their structures you can only snap to your own structure so that's the way that works and also your building will say you know built by this person or owned by this person so that's how that works we might do personal and I'm not sure I'm not sure we might actually do person your own personal snap hmm yeah let's do that let's do that then we can see who's built what no but then some people might not be able to get into other people's things so you'll see if you do personally own personal snap people will be able to snap to their own structures and their own personal structures actually we might want to be personally on tribe snap but we don't want placement on tribe snap admin demolish see that's annoying I wish they had personally owned and tribe snap without admin munch because if two people are working together then I want them to be able to build off each other's structures so we're going to leave as tribe on for now but let's actually change that so we can go into looks and pinkles now looks and ping codes if you want there to be personalized looks and personalized pink codes then you're going to need to put down some personal owned structures so what you want to do beforehand I think I've got a video on this already but obviously you know quickly you want to set this to personal armed tribe snap and then you want to put down the structure get the people who are going to use their personal calls to put down those structures and then you wouldn't change this to personal looks and pinkos now try blocks and pinkles means that anyone in the tribe can open your rule any structure basically any structure but they have to rank to open it doesn't matter there's a pink hold on it it won't stop them from opening up cuz they're on there in your tribe if you new personal looks and ping codes then people will be able to pin called their own structures and it may automatically look it as well I'm not 100% sure you may be able to lock tribe members out without adding a pin code but I haven't actually tested that myself now I'm claiming creatures this is very very important if you're running a tribe you really want to set this to something that you're smart now you can have any tribe member can unclaimed that is what it says on the tin any tribe member can unclaimed your creatures now this may present a problem if you're recruiting a bunch of new people it may be able to come in to your base or ever and still go Daniel's unclaimed them leave the tribe claim them and bring them to their own truck you really don't want that only admins can unclaimed these exactly wait says only admins in the tribe can unclean but personally I've got my rank set up that only certain ranks can unclaimed so I can leave it as any trip any tribe member can unclean and then allow the people who are certain ranks to unclaimed their own Daniels and I've only let people in my tribe who are patrons so I know I can trust them because it's like why are you gonna support my channel and pledge a certain amount per month if you're gonna betray me and try and destroy my tribe but this doesn't make sense so I'm assuming most people are gonna be cool so yeah that is how you set up tribe governance on the ps4 in Ark survival evolved I hope this video helps you guys out I highly suggest you check out the rest of my tribe management videos if you want some more help on managing your tribe and getting it set up the right way for you if you got any questions or any videos that you'd like me to make please leave those in the comments section down below thanks for watching and liking and subscribing I'll see you guys in the next Park survival evolved tutorial thanks for watching like I always escaping Prison Break Michael Scofield under you if you want less grinding and more fun from your arc experience then come and drain the cadre cartel pvp server today use the link in the description to join the server or go to jaycara dot-com forward slash apply and follow the instructions this is a boosted PvP server so you don't have to grind for days to have an hour of fun like the official rates all the rates and more information about the rules and the stats on the server is available at J forward slash parkour play and in my discord server we welcome mature players who don't cry when pvp happens on a pvp server there will be no salty squeakers allow so if that's you don't even bother registering or trying to come on the server now also monthly reward packages for patrons who help support the server you can see all the available packages on the patreon page so please help support the server by becoming a patron at forward slash jake our array I'll be helping patrons also to grow their YouTube channel so if you've got a youtube channel and you want to play arc on your channel you wanna make some videos you want to grow your channel of that sort of stuff then consider becoming a patreon as an investment in your future as you can make that back tenfold if you listen to my advice and grow your channel now I will not be giving out women's & gigas and that sort of stuff to the patrons to ensure that we keep the server balanced I don't want people to have all p daniels and be able to pay to win so that's something that i've fought about so again use the link in the description and follow the 3 steps to join the server or go to Jay kata recom a forward slash arc apply I look forward to seeing you guys there let's survive together with less grind and more fun it's been a cold when her and it's lost too far too long so orders if I share with you


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    Grind LESS and have MORE FUN on the Cartere Cartel ARK server! Follow the instructions here to join:

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    Northern Frost July 8, 2019

    If I put personally owned and personally ridden, will they still be able to do the command follow?

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    kobinyo July 8, 2019

    How can i change the setting that my friend doesn't need to be max.250m of me?

  4. NarrowAscent
    NarrowAscent July 8, 2019

    Question: What access lvl is needed for tribe mates to be able to upload tames into the transmitter? I can't seem to get any of my rank groups to be able to upload dinos without giving them Full admin access. There has to be a way. Game can't expet everyone in tribe to have to be admin to do this. I need to have some of my more veteren members be able to upload both their tames and other tames without me having to make them admins. Just don't know how. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for video btw.

  5. Brian Castillo
    Brian Castillo July 8, 2019

    If I put personal Dinos ride can I still ride the dinos that I buy with ings ???

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    Denver 4Life July 8, 2019

    How do I give my admins permission to change these settings?

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    what is the discord?

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