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“Andrew Jackson and The Assassination Attempt” by The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson

oh hello I am James Yasko director of education and interpretation at The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson the day was january 30, 1835
Jackson was leaving the East Portico of the Capitol building following the funeral
South Carolina congressman Warren Davis part of his entourage included congressmen David Crockett out from behind a pillar popped a house painter Englishman by birth, name
Richard Lawerence Lawernce took a pistol and fired at Andrew Jackson and the gun misfired he then took a second pistol out and fired and that gun misfired also Lawrence took off
running Jackson who at this point was 67 – 68 years old took off running and started beating Lawrence with his cane now who was this Richard Lawrence and why did he try to kill Andrew Jackson the first reported
presidential assassination attempt in American history as mentioned previously
Richard Lawrence was English house painter some experts in thought that
perhaps his exposure to the chemicals in early 19th century paint led to some mental issues which might explain
the situation Lawrence believed that he was King Richard
the third because Jackson was in the process of
shutting down the National Bank the Second Bank of the United States. He was
not getting the money owed to him rightfully as the king of England. So he started harboring ill will against Jackson study his movements a couple
years prior to that he begin growing a mustache obvious sign of mental disturbance and buying expensive flamboyant clothing which he
would change three or four times today schoolchildren in the areas begin
calling in King Richard which he enjoyed greatly even though he didn’t understand that
they were mocking him on the day of the assassination attempt january thirtieth 1835 Lawrence was
seen his paint shop reading a book when all of a sudden he shut the book
stood up and said I’ll be damned if I don’t do it, and that’s when he hid behind the pillar where was the secret service
you might ask keep in mind the secret service did not
begin in official functions until 1901 Richard Lawrence prosecuted for
the attempted murder of Andrew Jackson by a lawyer that you perhaps have heard
of Francis Scott Key the jury deliberated for less than five
minutes before returning a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity and Lawrence spent the rest of his days in
mental institutions passing away June of 1861 and that is the story of the first
assassination attempt in American history have a great day


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