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ANC vs EFF: the young activists shaking up politics in South Africa | BBC Trending


  1. Peter Almeida
    Peter Almeida June 2, 2019

    South Africa a country without a future

  2. Simon West
    Simon West June 2, 2019

    They are the Nigel Farages of SA

  3. Einstein Ojogan
    Einstein Ojogan June 2, 2019

    The EFF lady is so charismatic "she is still a work in progress, I don't give up" "I had to insist and insist and insist"… "it was discouraging but it was in that discouragement that I was encouraged even more". I wish Nigeria had politicians like her. All the same I think EFF has to tone down a bit, though they have a good manifesto but the perception of their methods is an issue.

  4. blinky1892
    blinky1892 June 2, 2019

    BBC wasn't really interested in what they had to say, if you look at the way they skipped over their dialogue

  5. thembi zondo
    thembi zondo June 2, 2019

    **Europeans should return the gold mines to the Government , for the resources of the country are not a private person possession but of the country!!

  6. itloads
    itloads June 2, 2019

    Industrial and urban jobs – not farming! Look at South Korea, Singapore, Japan! Desk jobs not backbreaking labour!

  7. Shaheed Petersen
    Shaheed Petersen June 2, 2019

    no character. fuckoll.

  8. Muzi Ngwenya-Trending News only posted
    Muzi Ngwenya-Trending News only posted June 2, 2019

    People talk about the ANC badly because they claim Apartheid was the best thing that ever happened for S.A. Well blame the ANC, EFF all you want but fact is these are revolutionary parties and are they to ensure whites dont ever get power again to rule hence resulting in Apartheid. Therefore i personally hate DA because its just a reminder of what whites did before 1994 since its a party mainly dominated by the white people

  9. Brian J
    Brian J June 2, 2019

    I love this sister. Much love from the USA

  10. Mcallester Percy
    Mcallester Percy June 2, 2019

    Yeah Iam in favour of the eff although change cannot be implemented on a larger scale we have to start small then progress. Unemployment

  11. T Reed
    T Reed June 2, 2019

    All africans have to do is stop listening to white people & come together the game will be over. AFRICANS stop asking for what's already yours you know that's yo land all of AFRICA not just south AFRICA all of AFRICA is ours when we stop asking we will receive because we gone take back

  12. Rachel Golem
    Rachel Golem June 2, 2019

    Greetings from the Zionist Empire. Israel is just like South Africa except Israel has a larger economy, with only 1/6th the people, 1/50th the land, 1/25th the homicide rate, and 1/100th of the HIV infection rate. We are hoping for an EFF takeover so we look even better.

  13. NoFapNovember. Dun
    NoFapNovember. Dun June 2, 2019

    ANC should rig the election like how ZANU Pf in Zimbabwe did last year for it to win

  14. Neg Ste. Lucie
    Neg Ste. Lucie June 2, 2019

    Alexandra needs a new name…an African name!

  15. Faith &Hope
    Faith &Hope June 2, 2019

    Next is EFF!!  For the people!!

  16. George Smart
    George Smart June 2, 2019

    BBC neads to die!
    BBC is communist!

  17. Lovely Rebel
    Lovely Rebel June 2, 2019

    The fact they have to fight for the right of Africans, indigenous, Real Africans in their own country in 2019 is a shame. White supremacy won’t subside without radical action. However, nothing will ever equate to the vile and evil acts colonizing whites have committed against Africans worldwide.

  18. Liz Kimani
    Liz Kimani June 2, 2019

    You know what divide and rule is my people…the white man is still playing you guys…poleni sana…

  19. C G
    C G June 2, 2019

    My comments are, Africa will never United until there back nail to the wall. We as black people need to open our eyes and know ourselves. Ignorant PEOPLE'S cannot desided what they want, if they don't know there History. But many are cal,l few are chosen.

  20. Zola Peterson
    Zola Peterson June 2, 2019

    ayathanda noma uwuthandi EFF ayandiwo am From P.E

  21. drattler1946
    drattler1946 June 2, 2019

    Another brand of ignorant Communist and as usual they are the darling of the Media. Using racism and seizure of private property they will help accelerate the collapse of S A, they will be eating each other to survive unfortunately other people will go down with them. Good Luck COMRAD ??

  22. A Awadh
    A Awadh June 2, 2019

    Great future leaders of South Africa

  23. Ismael Freytes
    Ismael Freytes June 2, 2019

    south africa is the next venezuela and will be a nightmare

  24. realperson.dll
    realperson.dll June 2, 2019

    Wakanda 😂

  25. Havel G
    Havel G June 2, 2019

    One piece of advice to black people in SA, take a look at the apartheid criminals, they all stood as one people and stick together. If Black people in SA could stick together just for 60 days, most of the problem would be resolved. You can't get out of the problem you faced by dividing yourself with this party, that party and those parties. The white people will forever own the banks, medicine, education, and all the resources of the land while you all disintegrate into different political parties, Stop the division and come together, even if it mean to punch each other in the mouth during a debate and then shake hands and make up but you must stop the division among yourselves. The white people stick together to keep you down, time for black people to come together for the benefit of all blacks, Remember that white people hate you all, start love yourself as blacks and come together or else apartheid will return and the second time around you will not have a chance.

  26. Havel G
    Havel G June 2, 2019

    This vote counting process needs to be changed, the results from a national election should not take days for the people to know the results, come on SA, you can do much better, try set an example for other nation on the continent to follow.

  27. Karen Painter
    Karen Painter June 2, 2019

    There is absolutely no future in this country for the white minority, judging by the mass exodus of white people, soon there will be no body else to blaim except for your precious communist leaders, who don't give 2 shits about the well being of the black population in general. Wake up black youth before you land up like your granny's unable to afford a loaf of bread #CryTheBelovedCountry Zimbabwe is your future if you carry on this path, learn from their mistakes

  28. Bokang Johannes
    Bokang Johannes June 2, 2019

    EFF #Asijiki

  29. Aphendule Pakade
    Aphendule Pakade June 2, 2019

    I want to see the full debate 🙁

  30. windsor prodehl
    windsor prodehl June 2, 2019

    British Liberal media scum.!

  31. Savagebootybuilder
    Savagebootybuilder June 2, 2019

    Viva EFF

  32. Quraysh القريش
    Quraysh القريش June 2, 2019

    Game over: for the White Mafia and Zionist Cabal

  33. Porter Maxwell
    Porter Maxwell June 2, 2019

    The EFF and the ANC are both communist parties; the EFF is just a bit more extreme than the ANC.

  34. Andrew Wedge
    Andrew Wedge June 2, 2019

    And that’s why South African politics are horrible

  35. Nasdaq trader
    Nasdaq trader June 2, 2019

    The EFF is a radical Marxist racist organization, you don't believe me?

    Google economic freedom fighters original website

  36. Shawn Harvey
    Shawn Harvey June 2, 2019

    I’m African-American I don’t live in South Africa but if I did I would love to vote for EFF I would love to see the government give the land back and the wealth of the country to the original people the black majority, It’s your land brothers and sisters take it back that’s what God and the ancestors want you to do.

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