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An Open Letter to President Trump and Members of the United States Congress on Gun Violence

I’m Father Michael Sheeran, the president
of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. This is an open letter to President Trump and the members of Congress. Our grief and solemn prayers
are with the victims, the families, the friends of our sisters and brothers in Parkland, Florida. Ours is a national tragedy. Yet we have hope because we have watched in admiration and awe as the poised articulate young survivors of the Parkland massacre have beseeched adults to fix this plague of gun violence in
America. It is not lost on us that none of them were even born when the
Columbine High killings in Littleton, Colorado claimed 13 lives. And yet the
shootings have gone on and on. We adults have repeatedly failed to fix this singularly American phenomenon. Now we must listen to our youth. We must not cruelly disparage them in this time of trauma and grief and anger. As Pope Francis has said, “Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you. Do not be afraid to dream of great things.” Ending the horrific mass killings in our schools and streets is a great thing we are all called to do. Now we urge you, as President and Members of Congress, to listen and to fix this indeed.


  1. J P
    J P August 21, 2018

    You will not disarm Americans. Maybe youre too old to understand.

  2. Keltlady
    Keltlady December 27, 2018

    The Jesuits murdered 100million indigenous North Americans. HOW DARE YOU !!!! TRAITOR !!!

  3. That 70's feel gb . Sound
    That 70's feel gb . Sound January 6, 2019

    Invest in your people and your greatness will come back to you . You will be honored by everyone and that will make America Great Again. The people that you forget about and let die. Get them when they are young show them you care . for me it is to late don"t do the same to them generation after generation help them and in return you will have more gratefull fighters and tax payers that will praise you and adore you . Remember there are alot of human beings watching you injoying yourselves as they die for no reason . Don't forget where it came from . gary b . ☆ ~ (MULDEW)

  4. Confused Loser
    Confused Loser February 6, 2019

    Are these people stupid or sociopathic? They seem to teeter somewhere in between. Why do they call themselves Catholics yet pander endlessly to liberals? Their oath says they wish to wage endless war against liberals, protestants, etc…

  5. auck1969
    auck1969 February 6, 2019

    Lies all lies. Men like you disgust me. You are all liers and false prophets. You will never disarm Americans. All one has to do is read the Jesuit Oath and one understands your true evil intentions. All these false flag shootings designed to disarm Americans. How dumb do you think people are? Jesus Christ is going to deal with men like you harshly if you don't repent. Death to the New World Order Human Filth!!!

  6. Brother Carlton
    Brother Carlton April 6, 2019

    Banning guns will not fix anything but it will create a black market for criminals to hold hostage Americans at the point of a gun because criminals will always have access to guns and they will move into "gun free zones" to commit their treacherous murder. The right to keep and bear arms is a Second Amendment right granted to every American citizen for the protection of their family, for hunting and for general self-defense when deadly force is needed to keep attackers away. This includes a tyrannical/dictatorship type government who can best achieve their agenda and goals with disarmed citizens. NOTE: Many of the so called killings on campuses and around the nation have not been proven. They've been created to foist upon the average American the terrible idea that guns are the problem rather than the criminal who did the killing/murder. We must punish the criminal who murders and not the innocents who own guns for the protection of themselves and their loved ones. All dictatorship are agreed on this one point and that is gun control works and allows the ruthless dictatorship to continue his murder and ungodly rule. This is the history of Communism, Naziism and Fascism as seen in Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and many others.

  7. My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message
    My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message June 17, 2019

    that "indeed" at the end was weird

  8. Stacy The Patriot
    Stacy The Patriot June 25, 2019


  9. Paul
    Paul July 24, 2019

    These jesuit are absolutely disgusting organisation they have muderd tortured blackmailed .they was used by the Vatican to snuff out the protestant reformation .the Catholic Church was identified as the anti christ on earth .the jesuits are the military wing of the rc church .Please reaserch into them youll be shocked .I cannot belive what they have gotten away with its a disgrace ..type in albert rivera on yt !

  10. Paul
    Paul July 24, 2019

    Columbine was a hoax been proven !!!

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