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hello YouTube one of the most desirable wishes that most of the population of our planet has is to get a local politicians kidnapped by aliens I have to tell you that a case like that actually took place in Russia and the gentleman who was kidnapped was quite outspoken about it his name is Kira sunny television in Jena and he was the president of the Republic of Kalmykia in the Russian Federation from 1993 to 2010 he's a very intelligent person he was also and still is the president of the international governing body for the game of chess since 1995 World Chess Federation I believe that's what it's called now kalmykia is land that borders the Caspian Sea and not the best situated area in terms of wealth in Russia but also kanika is the only Buddhist a region in Europe and it's populated by about 300,000 people who are mostly descendants of the Golden Horde the warriors of the mongol hunts who never came home after invading Russia centuries ago it's a very interesting land in the old times it was the Great Silk Way that was there and you had ancients Killians hounds are mods and other warriors including Amazon's who were roaming to the steps and the ancient civilization of the Harz who build towns there a very interesting land but here's what happened to chaos on a loom Jeana so like I said he claims to be kidnapped by extraterrestrials and his story started in September of 1997 when he was in Moscow one day actually on September 18th of 1997 dead a kiss on Elim Zenith came home after a busy day of work and he came to his Moscow apartment the next day he was about to return to a leased capital of Kalmykia so that evening he read a book watch television and went to bed he closed his eyes and then he heard the balcony door open somebody called him he lubes enough came to the balcony and observed that now there was a wide and transparent pipe attached to the balcony a grown man could easily walk in engine of observed humanoids in yellow spacesuits they looked just like men he mentioned like human beings so he started communicating with them later he mentioned that a lot of times reporters and others asked in Gino how was that he communicated with the extraterrestrials or aliens he said that he never uttered a word whatever voices he heard were in his head Eugenia says that he was given a space suit and he just thought that there wasn't enough air and at the same time he mentioned that the extra-terrestrial pointed to his chest meaning why don't you adjust here a little bit pushing this device and that's what olympian of did and of course more oxygen he received more oxygen what's more is most interesting mentioned Ilyumzhinov is that it appeared to him that the extraterrestrials did not really see him or pay attention to him he still doesn't understand why he was kidnapped he wasn't really taken around the huge spaceship in a mission of mentioned that the spaceship was really huge and one of the cabins he said was as big as a football field and portholes were all over he was told that the extraterrestrials had to take samples from one of the planets so the ship landed and took away some kind of equipment in a mission of ask aliens why is it that they don't want to communicate with mankind or humankind to television and why is it they don't want to let as Earthlings you know that they exist and why not is it that they would not communicate with the people of the earth the extraterrestrials told him that the people of the earth or Earthlings are not ready to such for such a meeting and then in amgen I remember that he asked them to bring him back to earth as soon as possible because he was busy he had work to do after all he was on a business trip to Moscow at the time imogen have added on a number of occasions that he himself would not have believed in the reality of what had taken place had there not been witnesses and there were three witnesses one of them was his driver the other one was a minister from kalmykia and an assistant taking to Elim zenith in the morning at the designated hour to take him to the airport they came inside the apartment they found out that the balcony was open and the president of Kalmykia was absent from the apartment of course they became quite worried and were wondering if maybe there's some evildoers came inside the apartment and maybe kidnapped Kirsan Ilyumzhinov after all he lived at the very top floor so they started calling all his acquaintances asking if they knew where the president of Kalmykia would be and then all three of them gathered in the kitchen trying to figure out how to raise alarms who to go to after all it's not a joke the president of the sovereign Republic has disappeared what was seemed strange to them is that his telephone and all the things where they should be and at that time case an illusion wa illam Zenith came out from the bedroom he looked at their eyes and saw amazement mentioned Ilyumzhinov and he told them guys it's time to fry eggs we eat it's time to go to the airport were in a hurry and they asked him where were you well they heard the answer I flew on the saucer with extraterrestrials so they were offended come on we're asking you seriously and then they started surmising I should say what was going on after all they were inside the apartment for one hour when Illume german was absent they looked into every room at that time they couldn't find him and then all of a sudden even geminal comes from the bedroom which they checked out everywhere thoroughly so for a number of months his workers were quite in shock and then for a number of days recalled illusion of he walked about thinking why is it that the extraterrestrials took me with them and he was actually mad at himself that he did not ask them any questions but maybe they are right maybe it's not time yet for extraterrestrials or aliens to meet with the present civilization on earth so that's his story and this is the politician who came back what's interesting is that UFOs do come to at least the capitol of Kalmykia on a number of occasions and that was the case for example in 2011 and he was asked about this about the UFO cases that took place that year but he said that they didn't come to him now the president of Kalmykia our loss at the time did not really care about any extraterrestrial representatives coming to Earth in 2011 the people who live in arista observed very unusual phenomena there were two concentric rings over the city and they were radiant glowing rings the inner part of the pairing would move about as the clock hands would and the other one would move out in the different direction I'm sure there were visits of UFOs to kanika through the centuries it's a very interesting land and when you visit Russia don't forget to come because you will see a very unusual land and its people who are practicing Buddhists and actually a place of history and that's what happened to Kherson illusion off and his experiences with the extraterrestrials the only interesting point I want to mention is that another Russian politician at the time kept demanding that along shineth be investigated because it could be that he gave away secrets of the Russian Federation to the Exeter Astral's but nothing happened and I am sure in the future other politicians will be kidnapped and maybe that's what the people of the earth would welcome but this politician came back and he wasn't shy about his experiences and actually he talked about them so all I can say is kudos to him thank you


    WE ARE LEGION July 1, 2019


  2. Alan Malcheski
    Alan Malcheski July 1, 2019

    I have talked to my neighbors who say that there is one neighbor who has claimed that aliens landed on his property and at other times he suspected that aliens tried to abduct him. I've never met him. I have tried to avoid thinking about the paranormal, and be normal, but i am not normal, and I'm not going to be normal. The neighbors say that everyone thinks the one neighbor was imagining things. But other neighbors have told stories about voices in their house that they could not find the source. Today is rained for hours. This area gets an average of 9 inches of rain and snow (precipitation) per year. More rain is predicted this week, and it rained yesterday. I was tempted to drive to a local tourist attraction called the crack in the ground (not to be confused with the Hole in the Ground) but i didn't go. The setting sun cast a red glow in the sky over in that direction. These things seem to be my calling. They call to me. It is ironic that you joke about the citizens wanting the politicians to be abducted. The neighbor that says "they" tried to abduct him is not well liked in this town. I will see what i can find out tomorrow. Good video.

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