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5 Ways To Stop the Government From SPYING on YOU

they're watching for years many people have believed the government is watching the people a little more closely than it should then Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks came along today we know the government can and has spied on his people what is the Internet in social media or drones and phone line these are five ways the government can spy on you and five ways you can combat it so strap on that tinfoil hat hit that subscribe button and prepare to learn some tricks for keeping the government out of your business on the Internet a lot of people still don't get just how vulnerable they are on the Internet the government thanks you after all when you're surfing around and clicking on things you probably aren't paying attention to whether the site is really all that secure or not surely Microsoft and Google are protecting you from the watchful eyes of the government right wrong in fact these large companies often have agreements with various government agencies to ensure easier access to personal information should they want to check in on you that's right the government likely knows all about your secret my little pony fetish tour VPN and encryption short of totally avoiding the internet altogether there's no way to be 100 percent safe from government snooping but you can make it a lot harder first experts say to stop using those browsers and email services from the mainstream companies try using something like tour or hush mail these services hide your identity and where you are while you're surfing making a call whether using a landline cell phone or through a service like Skype big brother can track and listen in landlines can be tapped as we all know from the movies cell phones all harder to tap directly do require towers to operate this means there is a record of the time location and number you called every time you make a call what about Skype well it is leave this service is actually quite vulnerable to interception by the government add in an admission by a former security expert that your webcam can be hacked and Skype is potentially a government suit rated at friends closed the back doors so how can you make a call and reduce the chance the government is listening in or tracking you there are options no we're not saying talking code to your friends and family instead try an internet phone app like silent circle or red phone these apps use what is known as end-to-end encryption this means that the company never has access to any of your art encrypted information so what well that's a big deal should the government ever demand they hand over any of their call information what they'll end up getting is a pile of heavily encrypted gibberish nothing more drones for years we've read and watched news stories about the increasing military use of drones whether sitting car up in the sky watching potential targets or snuffing out enemies with onboard weaponry we saw their potential then it turned out the US border agencies started to use them a few years ago this quickly spread to the point where the ATF DEA and even local police forces were receiving government funding for their own fleets of drones for many people the saw city authorities can just look in on you from above is a disturbing scenario anti-drone guns it's bad enough we have to deal with the pervert neighbor watching us in the backyard on his drone but now the government – despite what you might think you can't just shoot them out of the air with this gun apparently there are laws against that however there is another way the drone defender from Battelle is a gun attachment you can buy that will disable the GPS and radio signals going to that drone flying over your property it's not available for civilian use yet but we imagine it's only a matter of time until you have men in black coming to your house to ask for their drone back that smartphone however if you're worried about the government watching you and knowing your whereabouts when your smartphone is the real problem as I mentioned already since your phone uses cell towers it is constantly leaving a record of where you are by which towers it is accessing additionally your phone can be tracked by GPS meaning someone could know where you are within several meters of accuracy finally and most disturbingly Edward Snowden admitted that some government agencies have ability to turn on your camera in your phone they could be watching you right now tape and battery not willing to toss the smartphone quite yet okay there are some fixes ranging from easy to one that requires a little more dedication first if you're worried about that camera watching you simply put a piece of masking tape over the top second shutting off your phone will cut its links to any cell phone tower or even GPS system theoretically this should stop your phone from leaving an electronic footprint feeling extra paranoid well before you strap on the tinfoil hat be sure to remove the battery from your phone it's the only way to be 100% sure social media the growth and use of social media over the last decade has been incredible it's hard to think of life before it you can share selfies no one really wants to see and change your status in the hopes your followers will comment oh wait what's this you just gotta like disturbingly it's probably from the government they really like us all using social media because it provides them with pictures they can collect for their facial recognition database and messages they can scan for keywords to let them know if you are a security threat that said we bet the NSA really does think that one millionth pic of your baby is super cute just stop the way we combat the government spying on social media is incredibly hard because it requires you to just stop the problem is you've likely bought into the whole idea of social media and become addicted to it how could you possibly function without it well you actually can and there are quite a few people who have posted stories to prove it think of it like trying to stop smoking only instead of reducing your chance of getting cancer heart disease you're reducing your chances that a file will be created are you in some dark government facility yeh well it's a good bet the government knows you're here so while we wait for that knock on the door from the men in the suits why not enjoy some conspiracy related videos we have a lot on here to offer at the richest which is good because they might not have internet where you're going be sure to subscribe and hopefully we'll see you next time so bye


  1. TheRichest
    TheRichest July 12, 2019

    Thanks for watching! Please hit that Subscribe button πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Auset Ausar44
    Auset Ausar44 July 12, 2019


  3. The Bloomer
    The Bloomer July 12, 2019

    >thinking Tor is safe, when it was developed by the Navy


  4. bambi candie
    bambi candie July 12, 2019

    all apps tell you they access your camerq mic, download you give em thwm go ahead

  5. Rat king
    Rat king July 12, 2019

    Government watching this video: shit. We need extra hacking websites!

  6. LonerPhoenix
    LonerPhoenix July 12, 2019

    Wtf? some of these steps has no solution. and i thought it was 5 ways not several more.

  7. ujqw
    ujqw July 12, 2019

    1. Blow up your phone

  8. Fire Dude
    Fire Dude July 12, 2019

    Im gonna use a VPN so no one can know my location

  9. AΕ™t.x
    AΕ™t.x July 12, 2019

    I think they will be watching me for looking at this.

  10. J Pol
    J Pol July 12, 2019

    Nice tips but nothing can stop government spying, even in every room. If this isn't already being done as well, cameras will be installed in parts of your computer you won't suspect, so putting tape over the VISIBLE camera only won't help much. The saddest part of government spying so much on their own people is that this information is then simply scooped up by enemy countries making their own people twice as vulnerable to lack of privacy as well as easy destruction. Karma always comes back.
    Also, if any organization at all tells you that your data is confidential and/or protected, this is your signal that the organization hasn't got a clue about how vulnerable and unprotected it is. Any computer in the world can be easily hacked into, including government computers and Microsoft itself, which actually designs back doors to ensure that no matter how many ways you take to protect yourself, there is still virtually no protection.

  11. Travis Root
    Travis Root July 12, 2019

    Sure, the websites hide your identity and location, but there is still an IP address.

  12. Power Killer
    Power Killer July 12, 2019

    I recommend using ProtonMail for encrypted and private emails

  13. Nico Aya
    Nico Aya July 12, 2019

    Let's stop the government. I am available

  14. blue hat
    blue hat July 12, 2019

    What about permission in android 6 is really safe

  15. Alien
    Alien July 12, 2019

    You better watch out you better not cry you better not pout I’m telling you why the government is coming to town he see’s you when your sleeping they know when your awake they know if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake.

  16. Alien
    Alien July 12, 2019

    I need a iphone X no camera lol

  17. Alien
    Alien July 12, 2019

    I need a I phone x no camera lol

  18. gillotte
    gillotte July 12, 2019

    For all these ways the "government" is going to spy on you the much more likely person spying on you with these things are actually other people and corporations. o.o Yeah government might spy on you, I'll give you that but the odds are much higher that it'll be some creep, scammer, or corporation.

  19. Kosmos77
    Kosmos77 July 12, 2019

    How big are the servers to save all this information of the world? 10 Petabyte? 100Petabyte? 1000? A Billion?

  20. J. Bond
    J. Bond July 12, 2019

    Yea, and whose the one who gave our plutonium away?

  21. Doudou Mouri
    Doudou Mouri July 12, 2019

    They were probably watching u while u were doing the video πŸ˜‚

  22. Kelli Clark
    Kelli Clark July 12, 2019

    It'd not even the government who's messing with people, but average people from various walks of life who do it just because they can. It's called remote neural monitoring and this shit needs to stop. People have the right to their privacy and to be left alone by some perverted random strangers.

  23. Kelli Clark
    Kelli Clark July 12, 2019

    I turn off my phone and leave it in my car, also unplug my computer at night or else as I'm waking up I see these ugly fuckers staring at me and smiling in a disgusting way in my head as I'm waking up. I wish somebody would find where these perverted men are and shoot them. They are psychos and voyeurs who need their toys taken away. when I unplug, I don't see the faces. Blocking and banishing spells and even curses when the harassment gets bad enough help too. So do protective stones around your room and under your pillow, and salt around your bed. Tinfoil don't do shit. I also yell threats at them to get out and stay out and mentally punch/stab/burn/spit at them if their faces show up.

  24. Rick James
    Rick James July 12, 2019


  25. Aleana Welch
    Aleana Welch July 12, 2019

    The government knows about your "secret" my little pony fetish…

    Shit. JUST KIDDING JK JK Lmao! πŸ˜‚

  26. Jimmy
    Jimmy July 12, 2019

    1000 governments disliked video

  27. Sal Z
    Sal Z July 12, 2019

    Nooooooo the government found my secret my little pony stash. Ummmmmmmm I mean my call of duty game ya.

  28. Lydia
    Lydia July 12, 2019

    Using tor wtf that's the deep web

  29. Anthony Ojeda
    Anthony Ojeda July 12, 2019

    I feel bad for people with iphones they cant remove the battery lol i can

    STA VANNN July 12, 2019


  31. Christian 3018
    Christian 3018 July 12, 2019

    The government are creeps spying on what we search and talk about (>_<)

  32. Cyndi Roach
    Cyndi Roach July 12, 2019

    Trump actually signed away our privacy on the internet. If your connected, they know what you are doing. All they do is ask your ISP

  33. Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez July 12, 2019

    You've been hit by you've been struck by a smooth criminal

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