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🇮🇳 India elections: What’s at stake? | Al Jazeera English

India will fight as one. India will win as one. India home to the world’s biggest election. 1.3 billion people people 900 million eligible voters were
voting lasts for more than a month and happens at more than a million polling
stations across the country. The scale of what’s happening is huge. But why does it matter? What’s at stake? And who might be the next leader of one of the most important nuclear powers in the world? India is a republic that means everyone
gets a vote it has a parliament that means the
political party that wins the most seats picks a prime minister who runs the
country there are literally thousands of political parties but to get a sense of
who might be the next prime minister in 2019 we’ll looking at the two
frontrunners the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party is the Bharatiya
Janta Party or the BJP the guy with the best chance of pushing him out is the
leader of the Indian National Congress or a Congress party Rahul Gandhi no
relation to Mahatma if the BJP has been politically divisive the Congress party
is campaigning on the idea of bringing everyone back together but we have to
start with Modi he’s been in charge for five years with a majority in parliament
Modi came to power promising to stamp out corruption create jobs and boost the
economy but he’s come up a little short India’s economy hasn’t stopped growing
but it hasn’t met expectations that people had of candidate Modi in 2014 and
Prime Minister Modi has done a few things that could cost him votes this
time a few years after he took over Modi demonetised the Indian rupee a
government scheme to take big bills 500 and 1000 rupee notes out of circulation
it was a plan to stop bribery corruption and counterfeiting but the timeline was
so tight and the process so unplanned that not everyone got to swap out their
notes at the bank overall analysts say the whole thing
actually hurt the economy and caused more unemployment. In the economic domain
I think one of his big initiatives which is called monetisation
has also led to a lot of turbulence and particularly those at the lowest end of
the socio-economic ladder were hit very badly. Farming an industry that employs more than half of the country’s workforce was hit hardest this
year that could mean a lot of angry voters unemployment is a big problem too
especially among young people the government is trying to keep a lid on
official numbers but some reports suggest that India’s unemployment jumped
in the last few years to more than 6 percent that’s the highest it’s been in
45 years the BJP has promised to invest nearly 1.5 trillion dollars on
infrastructure projects something Modi says will help create jobs for millions
of young people in the years to come now you can’t talk about Modi without
talking about Hindutva a nationalist ideology that puts Hindus at the top of
the pecking order in India nearly 80% of the country is Hindu and even though
minorities account for hundreds of millions of people the BJP has
emboldened Hindu nationalists and given oxygen to some of the most extreme
viewpoints in the country and minority communities have often paid the price
for it some with their lives I think mr. Modi made no bones about the
fact, or the BJP has made absolutely no bones about the fact that
this is a party of Hindus this is a Hindutva to our party and and therefore
there’s a sort of tried everything in order to make sure that this particular
ideology the Hindutva ideology is mainstreamed in the Indian political
discourse and this has implications for India’s minorities Muslims in particular. It has to be said violence against minorities has gone up on Modi’s watch
the government’s own data shows that communal violence went up 28 percent in
the years immediately after Modi was elected one of the ways that’s played
out on the street is so-called cow lynchings Hindus consider cows to be
sacred and their slaughter is forbidden in most of the country vigilante mobs
have viciously attacked and even beaten people to death on suspicion of dealing
in cow meat victims are mostly Muslims or Dalits, lower caste Hindus.
According to Human Rights Watch report between May 2015 and December 2018 at least
44 people 36 of them Muslims were killed across 12 Indian states hundreds of
people have also been injured in dozens of incidents across the country now Modi
himself has condemned cow lynchings but according to Human Rights Watch
political leaders of Hindu nationalist groups including elected BJP officials
defended the assaults. I would say that those people who have engaged in such acts have interpreted this as the equivalent of the tacit approval of the
political leadership in India and therefore the impunity the index of
impunity has increased. Demonetisation, unemployment, communal violence these things might hurt Modi’s party at the polls but what might help is his tough
take on you guessed it security when in doubt the best friend of any leader in
trouble is to play the tough guy card and that’s exactly what Modi did when a
suicide attack killed 42 paramilitary troops in indian-administered Kashmir in
February India blamed Pakistani back fighters tensions went up at the border
yet again between two nuclear rivals India carried out an airstrike on
Pakistani territory Pakistan shot down an Indian plane an Indian pilot was
taken prisoner and then returned all this in the space of a few days both
sides spun the story their own way but for Modi it was high stakes military and
political drama and he made a meal of it. Modi has also announced that if reelected his
government would strip special rights from the residents of
Indian-administered Kashmir this includes giving non-residents the
ability to buy property there that could change the demographics of the region
and sparked further unrest. Modi’s Kashmir policy and being tough on
Pakistan plays perfectly to his base but it might be a perception versus reality
thing because experts say if the goal of security is to stabilise
Modi hasn’t actually done so well. The Indian part of Jammu and Kashmir the
violence if you look at the trends in violence since 2014 when he took
charge of the prime ministership in Delhi
it has spiked drastically in many ways you’re also looking at ceasefire
violations between India and Pakistan having gone up so drastically in the
last four and a half years. In the end all that might not matter just looking tough might be enough to get Modi re-elected and if Narendra Modi is the
man with everything to lose in this election his main rival Rahul Gandhi has
everything to gain Gandhi is the son grandson and great-grandson of Indian
Prime Ministers the scion of a political dynasty the leader of a progressive
party controlled by one family the last time Congress party won his mother was
leader and hand-picked the prime minister so Gandhi is banking on the
language of inclusiveness to help him get his party back on top Gandhi is promising jobs, healthcare, justice for hate crimes, gender equality even more military spending but demilitarising Indian-administered Kashmir focusing
instead on dialogue as a pathway to stability the list goes on all to sell
the idea that the Congress’ ideology of celebrating India secularism and
diversity instead of demonising minorities is what the country is all about. The Congress party has released at least
its manifesto and it’s a very very progressive forward-looking manifesto I must say. But will voters buy what Gandhi is selling? The Congress as a party has
not been able to infuse that kind of enthusiasm and confidence in the Indian
voter that they are a credible alternative. If Congress does manage to
win they’ll be inheriting a country primed for more sectarian violence
after all Hindu nationalism has enjoyed half a decade on the main stage
celebrated by a party that leaned into the things that made Indians different
if Modi and the BJP come back to power it will likely reinforce Hindu
nationalists who’ll have the chance to push their ideology for another five years
but at the end of the day this election is probably going to come down to the
same thing that elections all over the world always come down to the economy if
you think about it millions of people living in the world’s biggest democracy
can’t find jobs can’t feed their families can’t see a bright future
millions are staring down the road seeing nothing but abject poverty for
generations to come so those folks are probably going to be thinking at the
voting booths which one of these guys is going to help me put food on the table
and money in the bank


  1. Madhav Lalwala
    Madhav Lalwala May 4, 2019

    How much did Congress pay you guys?

  2. Varis Sharma
    Varis Sharma May 4, 2019

    Pushing propaganda is what AJ does. The manner in which INC’s manifesto was portrayed in this video seems like this party can make India a superpower within the next 5 years but the reality is very different. It’s a party filled with crook politicians and is a breeding ground for corruption. Congress is not promoting secularism but minority appeasement.

  3. Shreyas Naidu
    Shreyas Naidu May 4, 2019

    Aljazeera always …..doing wrong and fake propegenda.

  4. Zaki Uddin
    Zaki Uddin May 4, 2019

    We want modi to win, the damage that he can do to India no one can, Lol

  5. Anshul Saini
    Anshul Saini May 4, 2019

    Young people want to leave sharia ruled country.

  6. Harsh John
    Harsh John May 4, 2019

    Ohhhh look Modi bhakts criticising international media for their critical points and questions…
    Come on dumb heads , that's what the real work of media is.

  7. Alok Ranjan
    Alok Ranjan May 4, 2019

    India is fastest to eradicate proverty highest ever in the history. Check out some facts before you present it.

  8. piby 180
    piby 180 May 4, 2019

    In Modi's government, although the watermelon farmer has ample electricity and water, sufficient credit lines, ownership of land, fair value markets, happy family but oh look there is a pest on one watermelon. HOW BAD MODI HOW BAD

    On the other hand, in Congress givernment, the watermelon farmer has almost no electricity and has to use diesel, no ownership of land, high interest rate, rotten watermelon crop, suicide of his neighbour for not repaying bank loan, no fair prices in market but hey there was no pest in the crop.EVERYONE PRAISE CONGRESS

    To the non Indians who watch this video to get to know about India, please do us Indians a favor and delete whatever the toxic you have seen in this video and just google. Pretty please. We deserve better. Thank you.

  9. Veracious films
    Veracious films May 4, 2019

    Ya allah Kareem don’t let modi or bjp win this 🙏🙏

  10. Neil Waghela
    Neil Waghela May 4, 2019

    I wonder if the quoted unemployment rate includes all the goons, shell company workers, fake NGOs, money laundering people etc etc

  11. tarun singh
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  12. Deep Patel
    Deep Patel May 5, 2019

    Modi is the greatest leader on earth

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    Deep Patel May 5, 2019

    Your countries have shariah law and monocracies you can’t speak about Democracy

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    Deep Patel May 5, 2019

    Everyone report this video for being misleading

  15. Jigar Shah
    Jigar Shah May 5, 2019

    I really wonder why are they so anti Hindus? They really don't know ground reality. Tell us one policy decision which was pro hindu or anti Muslim.

  16. Sheru Khan
    Sheru Khan May 5, 2019

    Butthurt comments please🙂

  17. Karan Bidani
    Karan Bidani May 5, 2019

    Terrorist news channel preaching secularism and democracy.
    Ok tell me how democratic is Saudi Arabia?
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  18. Jaikishan Gianani
    Jaikishan Gianani May 5, 2019

    The biggest irony is that Al Jazeera is preaching democracy and secularism. Look at your own house first.

  19. laxit shah
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  20. black
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    Al Jazeera the terrorists supporter

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  22. sitanshuz
    sitanshuz May 6, 2019

    very Poor research. the Video dose not cover any major issues or demographics. it tries to polarise the viewers on topics they feel is apt. poor journalism.

  23. abhishek tiwari
    abhishek tiwari May 6, 2019

    Chutiye, rahul gandhi is the grandson of mahatma Gandhi's adopted son.

    NITIN KUMAR May 6, 2019

    The world is now trying to teach tolerance to the most tolerant religion in the world. Shame Al Jazeera, you are going to lost thousands of subscribers.

  25. Vishvajit Kumar
    Vishvajit Kumar May 6, 2019

    hi Al Jazeera! can your bias media tell us about 10 years government of congress. how many scam happen in indian? Satyam Scam,Commonwealth Games Scam, 2G scam, Indian Coal Allocation Scam.

    There is no big another leader in congress for PM. Rahul Gandhi is a joke. he is a 5 year old kid. thats why Modi will win 2019 election.

  26. Ashish Tiwari
    Ashish Tiwari May 6, 2019

    We don't need opinion from the ISIS mouthpiece !!

  27. Punit Kumar Pal
    Punit Kumar Pal May 6, 2019

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    Kashyap Astro May 6, 2019

    Actually I liked your channel at first, but your research ability is going bad. This video is total bullshit! Rahul Gandhi is not even close to what you say here, he is a complete looser, who gives only false promises,…I am a citizen here and I don't approve your message… Really shame on your fake journalism!!!

  30. sebin Mathew
    sebin Mathew May 6, 2019

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  32. Kabir O
    Kabir O May 7, 2019

    Both parties are one and the same, if you want to know more , research about the RSS which keeps these parties on leash and these parties act accordingly.
    They are just pets of the RSS.

  33. Vedant Pal
    Vedant Pal May 7, 2019

    When you gotta blabber negative….. you take 7min out of your 9:44
    This is a pure example of negative journalism.
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    Studied in Delhi college.
    Then doon college,dehradoon,even studied in famous Harvard university…in 1994 got BA from Rolins college,florida..completed MPHIL in developmental studies.. worked in a company for 3 years ..started his own company after that and was director of that company for so long..he is a licneced piolt…and have blackbelt in Akitow..he is a trained sharp shooter..he got entry into st stephan college  in sports quota….

    He do have this much qualities..and still godi media is calling him pappu..why?only because he is more eligible and powerfull than modi in all ways and wont feed medias like bjp does..modi is nothing compared to the power and energy of rahul gandhi…
    Rahul gandhi is the real many of this qualifications are there for modi..check for yourself…dont fall again for the jumla

    "Modi is the only Indian prime minister to have never held a press conference in his own country. That way, he can never be questioned about his controversies. It’s like posting on Instagram, but disabling comments.”
    – Hasan Minhaj

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    Jai Hind Jai Bharat Maa.

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