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உச்சக்கட்ட கோபத்தில் சூர்யா : Surya Blast Speech About National Education Policy

in the calbeck cool cave under put the quarry monomer her India will come who put the quarry monomer Laura Cal via let make her wish iam I'm Laura got a tap at e-mart revision other party pollution one day I'm not a hot dog ability Pitino no like the particular solution with the game army pista campus the MS Lang guard on the Nicole may be another other kind of either the love story ever doing undercover monetary arm which is so Mina either y el arco boise aerodrome a bigger cargo to marry upon the Marilyn on each market neither can i you do when you pop on the Cape on a solo de Poissy a room I'll bring it over corrupt now you know their game so in your Mina Allah Torah would go over Allah to Roberto Allah tourism in Anna Maria Maryam there were targeted terrible no lay the theater is a lyrical at governor da Romana some Aman Aman of relic Agha say a parable like having her period to torch a trucker summer monitor Amana shall be a coup comma a prettily on Amana running at the Poppaea a pre other popping him somehow monitor monocle vehicle to come here Italian Romano rumor turns the propagate pretty no levity over like number to negate Gorham salute imodium grassroot level or Croatia tappity a prick on a meal America Marino put him on a real potty pace rebbi shimon a pre in a time limit up Rihanna narrow Mila put on a paniyaram at the end up in undetected yeah incra attend a permissible like a bringers on the period where Tamar D now we re mark Allah you know on different replacement commune are you Andy Murray oppress meets Cal be on a real are near linearity you computed memory array a priori look another kaga and I'm pretty lucky on the in the Juniper on day lingered on the Julie McDonald yeah I recovered but yeah Mon overflow Oscar hello Peter he's better than a military lab because what do period we are today either down on the future utility may motherhood and I'm not a big like recording order education of multiple a law school young Allah and the school learning a portal is the material and the College of origin amar theorem I want to cash to put a particular Montgomery party Kappa raga Lama live a decapitare reported uppity rely on aperture of enormous Olli data for a very modest you depends from a supportive other kind of it will come out so now III missile um Ramona soul a coma dark uberta MA darker grab properly uncle ami one doin over here I'm gonna worry to Michael Sutton who could have ever married chinny-chin Rwanda grandma put up Mana Party conundrum 18-inch in a political movement which is kind of gramma Polly girl mana or two-particle America even the army capital hunger Groot 11 Amarillo the Korea through casting an hour telomeric illumined were last year alack teapot to come Corrigan Amano to the decrepit legal on the more the bottom of Minnesota Ginga Pavan had the monitoring a great Kudo young girl said he anatomically leo and there was legally over the city panama other muna Gras Mangala telegram wanna be martyr chrome bus so the grand mogul or D and the paper recruit three 'mon dieu money Eric Carles theory are you on the to a party to come here I will occur on diversity or asleep Illuminati Erica are the lotty monitoring an in the pearly I'm being horribly piranha up oh but Chia mattress Rick represent a city will do personal Apogee LOM neutral SC Braga Malibu dinner um kilogram of color coming home load of algae and I'm gonna well you are about multi why okay and now I put a bigger door period career now sort of the last area tower on underpinning a thirty trigger like a kata wishing around enough or being apathetic everybody in the Mary on the video or grammar proper legal conduit very clearly Korea Erica posit coming in a man or look I'm Jana RC rubric rapper legal no the motor problem ably into him so litigator IRT eight note in opposite to Pali Hill Drucker he's a loving mood of put him so drama he the mood of Patna in now on Romano you would be really gentle sweet Akane hyperkalemia so nobody would pay a Jonah guy India lives in the villages India's soul is from the villages and solo now I regret the murli manohar separately monopod ignited that a 60 percent of the schools education students when they're all from government school students Epona clear 350 person turning around but with three me Milan during another government schooler but mostly are about the subtly the monitor are super Lila Navarra mono is a alarm when they are Selina even do a German area on the gamma girl of Doraemon ordered all order in the Mariana or basic armor poly or diamond okay Lydia Martin oh yeah hilarious on Amar'e more wisely and moondru body colour even the Tanika put the political Vienna a bringer doodle they leave a llama record to cara cara llama I am Italian Aria I'm not okay you look at particularly you easier you record a bigger the canal who do tell you and the young lady Donna anger eagle on the moon American summer color but your and on oh yeah my in a camp or no come on the moon are the more easily could have a lark a pre were wrong a students only a pretty school clover on a pretty pretty partner will hear a scream upon a muzzle telomere mana rely in their garden a prereq um I didn't Iike Berta yep either yes Somali comprar a mighty ironing or not Ning I allowed me I'm ready earning enough he's a thinning of madam my little he'd a multi-term a looter hold on do it okay to throw a moon is they are macaparana wanna be sly armature to the weight in your second poo-pooed Hana Munna do public exam and just loaded public exam a toddler public exam oh yes or no Mary Mary Mary Underwood sorry on our terrible a little muddled up sandy Cumberland ah one day I'll break up or to Curie given the school route a boy on an area mainly varlyn an article of under a toddler he come wandering of allah the early line the mariana on the fishing line people in the Mallory Timmy Parker the 95% of those percentage to occur at a 95 percent when them are my policy on Admiral student population Allah don't know TI in the police are you don't get the tone they are mobility are on Anna 11 to 12 to program or the 10th or 11th book Moses theorem important she wasn't a Mariana greater enough for the person to come along here drop boots school karate Korea not amravati Muslim materials may see it written on here that has six point five crore our pulley I'm the Cody monorail on the pearly Kapurthala 40 percent on the drop of serum theater in our bring bata Naga meridiem agar Toro who Tom Selleck okanagan 10 years of Pawnee to contain years of our to Kampala Guillermo NOLA ostrich Locker canal untidy 100 what the word Shama Mar never put the person he poo mother in order to keep Umar the trip but torch my Izumi Marla put the person man or girl I see you really love a particular column open the kimono look at Burnett a very bright iguana in the in the part of the Krynica Osceola a sweet lovin the Parthenon participant guide to koala third P person Hoople person man or woman there are three la alarma 12 standard exam or drama I'm learning every meter also living here FBI of semester of the so living here idiot it is honest recording a harshly roll a llama in the Mariana the Arabic world / Leela introduced upon Rangel no-legged theorem Ning even the moon of Laura examine Angelou examine a tile or examine Oprah on the semesters over on the 1230 cotton a semesters after a Kelly Tyrell after my little girl after nine months after attention applause facility Andy is Allah my to keep order sorry I'm sorry he's about to keep order hooray werethere were elevated over on the war theater other than our top knee and the degree another poem for you Nita condo pleasantly parting here need to go depressing along a path on first to introduce one of Modi government school students from the greater than 1 lakh ate his own students negative comments abbs Illidan Agra other than the worry was shortened down the need past Manoj are separately linen to affirm our government and private theater minor disturbance he put in the worship idea pochamma Allah I think Amon Amarth wrong he passed mana in the were sham need Rama government school students image for his parting enough are about the percent one hour simplest to marshana are the component option plus to marry Shauna Moroney or private sector say they were coaching centers in the neater deposit are either somewhat look at Simon la a particle cannot be another body kisser people need to Mattamy Obinna but the ELA course Commodore pose a poor carpenter Lila capital Madhuri other a bream re coaching centre Samara bosom school club they were wrong have needed the school path but is the inbuilt coaching centre a copy into classroom program up da coaching centers club no longer carlier the sign the Noricum okay to the durian money or it can be plain area school on the morning 7:00 to evening 7:00 Englander classes here we have facilities morning or during a coaching Center setting of OCAD the party planning on the 10th Allah Allah promised and around in your curriculum syllabus reckoning are the political happenings repeated I'm sorry Anna in the coaching centers if bummer to me you did line in Arabic Arabic community a coaching centre soda in the in the number not like a turnover wonder here that I am Corinne Saranga 5,000 crows just in the coaching centre soda thrown over other of our mana yet towel is name on the IAT k j ee k utter traditional cap article to get not only on the coaching centers stay put is it our super Limon over girls now and is not a base in Surya – I'm not either golems ready to go in the mana really pretty petty pong yeah you blow it blow no labor terrible didn't do the not only in the boy Marie Pawnee and number no he's a pretty a1 did a Priora Mikado put a little on the motor Americana city students of party Martin down on the ground America a bigger than it looked at either I'll be done in the back row at the mono he put items number I get a cone 11 do O'Donnell of my eye you know Pony on do or let your while at you want to lecture ah this could rescue location una Tierra Caliente la sombra manga/anime Turkish Ally no Malibu know who Mario a chaos are the triple anima societele Ipoh public examine introduce one of mosey some stuff on a mother school a particular Berta Berta the coaching centers turn away turn away no Collin mother in rem Monica Potter sowcarpet almari we room coaching Santa sambar a poder colleges skirted a 907 university so catheter through pitocin Plus colleges and vehicle we colleges Saddam whatever Indian political are there a PDA non nirupa Mamata parameter V Ramon and I am college is motive now i recoup all and a solder marker the vasila sorry i love the quality level on up departure gate 50,000 plus look at a college is seventy twelve thousand college is some math opera ana 50% Kemal on day number on a mono Rhonda we're color even do can tip on oh my god 2035 love under 50% Amata poor on our big era or were Connie no revision on the cam grammar channel on the 51% Ramallah 35% Amara prompting around Europe usually when the 81% when they call is sure he's pretty groggy so 2035 low in the erotic Oh Anna I'm Blair I'm College on the parent iron college I'm Mario is another theory the Marui diem grab arugula arugula crap illegal calary girl um and the border Purdum I'm gonna go in tomorrow diem sorry that I that I that I turaida English is longer Maria entrance exams Maria wishing LaRocco are now party Booker colleges on do but see here could more the create the N on my art me one do the cake imparting Ontario morning oh yeah Monday to put another pie America Martin really pure sheer come article up because America would be or Calicut even do political any answer Marie to Camilla no couple number on the night la broke this one until a co-participant early but it is out the Agora will aircraft and Apertura we're pretty bleep are down the marina moon wake up you don't do record today 80 lat teaches they're gonna know some that ran I mean you look at rate deluxe teachers Akana on away were Austria I may want to know though I'm going to present the undercover they marry very good monobrow Mohammed own do I'm going to present here day I won't be taking mortem K to pan around three ever do it again in the Mariana regime on the Nakada opening her down Mario 3 or jlbarker so please please be aware another corrupting article the alarms and Kali Allah army Eric I really would I can go the drawer Monica you pre-ground prep only look buddy come on over Luca crew crew crew we got poorer some done by attend a pyramid when you really the kind of marked angle on the rocker so lucky you got a mantra in London on the categorical a sort of Murray now my cap a suit at all under could run the Bachmann I'm a la rumba seen it general clinician kutiman animal 31 in the voice there you know me now attend appear mmm and July 30 I thought yet on the car seat theater so you can have your website in a way to dot my Geo V dot education took a license on the website for you article on the dates in jeopardy wouldn't it this is about our children's future our generations future which human Arianna lavishing will recur Anna buy a pair of the comb or a chunk or grammarian area fishing alone do unique albacore gala Park amorita so our son a Torah in engine over a support order even Anna Matranga grandmother one area come on ovum will it turned upon the wall at the Agora Mohamed Salah not supported in the Niram Coutinho Kalam prominent ring you


  1. Antony Antony
    Antony Antony July 14, 2019

    surya sir; seeman annan tharamana kalviyai patty anega medaikalil pesi irukkirar appodu yaarume avarukku support cheiyyavillai

  2. Nithyasri V
    Nithyasri V July 14, 2019

    Yarumey neet Ku apply pannavum koodadhu, eludhavum koodadhu. Aprm evanuinga enna pannuvainga???🤔🤔🤔

  3. periya samy
    periya samy July 14, 2019


  4. Gopinath A
    Gopinath A July 14, 2019

    What is that web site. Cam anybody help us

  5. Thumppapuraja T
    Thumppapuraja T July 14, 2019

    அரசியல் கட்சி ஆரம்பித்த நடிகர்கள் கூட பேசாத சமூக சிந்தனை சூர்யாவின் பேச்சு வாழ்த்துக்கள். இங்குள்ள அரசியல் கட்சிகள் தேர்தல் சிந்தன்னை, ஜெயித்த பிறகு ஊழல் பின்பு அடுத்த தேர்தல் சிந்தனை இதை தவிர வேற எதுவும் செய்வதில்லை. மக்கள் சமூக சிந்தனை உள்ள புதிய தலைமையை ஏற்கும் வரை நிலைமை மோசமாகி தான் போகும்.

  6. Top 5 Softwares
    Top 5 Softwares July 14, 2019

    மிக சிறப்பான பேச்சு

  7. arun arun
    arun arun July 14, 2019

    ஏன் இதனைப்பற்றி யாரும் பேசவில்லையென்றால் பேசாதவர்கள் அனைவரும் அறிவாளிகள் அதனால்தான் பேசவில்லை , அதற்காக உன்னை முட்டாள் என்று சொல்லவில்லை ,,,,,

  8. Jagaraj Gnanapragasam
    Jagaraj Gnanapragasam July 14, 2019

    Kaavigalin villaiyaatu. Dravida thirudatgallauku ellumbai pottu vittu, naatai sooraitaadum kavi kootam.

  9. muthu krishna
    muthu krishna July 14, 2019

    சகோதரரே நன்றி

  10. Anu Ganesh
    Anu Ganesh July 14, 2019

    Please watch full and share more tq sir for your love

  11. Deva *DMS*
    Deva *DMS* July 14, 2019

    Surya sir great but ithellam maarananumna gvt schools la unga pillagalaium serthu athavathu ungala ponra actress sons @ daughters kalaiyum gvt school la serthu padikka vachu paarunga appo gvtea alarum bcz nalla quality yana education and gvt ku fear irukkum nalla education ah kuduppanga bcz question kpingala , kiramathu pilaikal avanga petros edho padicha pothum nu ninaippanga bcz avanga kastam …. first pvt school's and colleges ungala ponra actress and gvt employees firstly prepares kudukkuranaala tha gvt school and colleges la kooda entha gvt m gvt schools and colleges ku mukkiyathuvam kudurathu illa …..

  12. Perumalraj Raj
    Perumalraj Raj July 14, 2019

    nan tamilan entru cinemala dialogue pesura Vijay entha mathiry para vendiyathune.jathiya vachu tamilanu pesatha. Evan thanda unmaiya tamilan

  13. Dharma Raj
    Dharma Raj July 14, 2019

    I T Raid க்கு பயப்படும் ரஜினி போன்ற கோழைகள் இருக்கும் தமிழ்நாட்டில்.நீங்கள் உண்மையை உணர்ந்து தைரியமாக பேசியதற்க்கு நன்றி! தமிழனுக்கு தானே தெரியும் இன்னொரு தமிழனின் கஷ்டம்.வந்தேரி நாய்க்கு எப்படி தெரியும்…..

  14. rengaraju
    rengaraju July 14, 2019

    தமிழனிடம் உள்ள ஒரு நல்ல குணமே எவளவு அடிச்சிஆளும் தான்கிகுவன் கடைசியில் விதி என்று போய்விடுவான் அந்தளவுக்கு சூடு சொனை இல்லாமல் போய்விட்டான்

  15. Nijanthan Sankar
    Nijanthan Sankar July 14, 2019

    Thanks for your support against neet exam

  16. Ragu Ragu
    Ragu Ragu July 14, 2019


  17. Babu Jani
    Babu Jani July 14, 2019


  18. thunivae thunai
    thunivae thunai July 14, 2019

    Superb Suriya!!!

  19. Villavan Kothai
    Villavan Kothai July 14, 2019

    திக பெரியார், திமுக அறிஞர் அண்ணா, கலைஞர் கருணாநிதி, கொண்டுவந்த சமசீர் கல்வி கொள்கையை புறகனித்த மக்கள் சிந்திக்கவேண்டும்,….

  20. Gopi Thamilselvan
    Gopi Thamilselvan July 14, 2019

    சரியான பேச்சு சூர்யா … நன்றிகள்.

  21. heera aathi
    heera aathi July 14, 2019

    Oneday speech cannot change anything. U hv media focus. So speek abt this everyday and everywhere u go. People need to be educated or motivated about this.

  22. Sathish Srinivasan Yadav
    Sathish Srinivasan Yadav July 14, 2019

    அட குல்ல பையா

  23. Sampath N
    Sampath N July 14, 2019

    முதலில் 2019 கொள்கையின் முக்கிய அம்சங்களை வரிசைப்படுத்தவும் அதன்பின் எந்த பாயிண்ட் எதிர்க்கிறார்களோ அதை விரித்து எதிர்க்கவும்

    நடிகர்களுக்கு நடிப்பது எளிது ஆனால் 100 பக்க டாகுமெண்ட்டை நீ படித்து இருக்க மாட்டாய் எனக்குத் தெரியும்

  24. beenachandran2008
    beenachandran2008 July 14, 2019

    Maattram namma kita erundhu start akanum yevanavadhum pannatumnu eruka venamnu ennoda opinion if anyone agree you can give like…

  25. beenachandran2008
    beenachandran2008 July 14, 2019

    All are correct …I’m crazy fan of you Surya….namma kolandhainga and Unga pasanga government school la padilurangla ??????

  26. Antony Deso
    Antony Deso July 14, 2019

    Unmaiyai urakka solluyom

  27. JITHU G
    JITHU G July 14, 2019

    National education policy recommended by justice kasthuri Rangan committee 🤔by the way 😁 don't know what these idiots want 🤔 ppl should be poor uneducated and should be emotionally triggerable 👌

  28. Shanmugapandi R
    Shanmugapandi R July 14, 2019

    மி்க்க நன்றி நாம்தமிழர்

  29. Vasanth Raj
    Vasanth Raj July 14, 2019

    Anna nenka kuruvathu mutrilum unmai

  30. Sri Krishna Printers
    Sri Krishna Printers July 14, 2019

    Pls bring qualifications test for political party for modi also

  31. ramesh a
    ramesh a July 14, 2019

    Panam irunthaaa mattum tha eni life

  32. ss s
    ss s July 14, 2019

    தேசிய கல்வி கொள்கை 2019 பற்றிய சிறந்த தெளிவான உண்மையான விளக்கம் சூர்யா👌👍

  33. Abraham Abraham
    Abraham Abraham July 14, 2019

    கல்வி வணிகமயமாக்கலுக்கு அரசு துணை போவதென்பது கூனிக்குறுகவேண்டிய வெட்கக்கேடு…

    மனுதர்ம ஆட்சிக்கான அடிகோல்..

    மக்களுக்கான உரிமைகள் பறிபோவதற்கான தொடக்கம்…

    நல்லது போன்ற நஞ்சு…

    பயிற்சி பட்டறைகளை பணம்கொழிக்கும் வணிகமாக மாற்ற, மக்களிடம் கட்டணம் என்ற பெயரில் கொள்ளையிட….
    இந்திய(குறிப்பாக தமிழக)பெற்றோர்கள் தங்களின் குழந்தைகளுக்காக எதையும் அர்பணிக்கும் மனங்கொண்டவர்கள்…

    இதை வணிகமாக்க (பெற்றோரகளின் செல்வத்தை தனிபயிற்சியின் பெயரால் சூறையாட) அரசு துணை…..

    இவை மக்களுக்கான அரசுகளா…???
    ஆம், என்றால்….
    எது மாதிரியான மக்களுக்கு..???

    மக்களே, மாணவர்களே, பெற்றோர்களே மற்றும் ஆசிரியர்களே…
    தாமதியாதீர். முடிவெடுங்கள்..

  34. vijaya kumar
    vijaya kumar July 14, 2019

    Super na very good message

  35. Joseph Raja
    Joseph Raja July 14, 2019

    சீமான் இதை பற்றி நிறைய பேசுகிறாரே சூர்யா.நீங்கள் கேட்கவில்லை என்றே தோன்றுகிறது.

  36. srikanth kollepalle
    srikanth kollepalle July 14, 2019

    Tamil Nadu education is controlled by big people and 80% of them are in politicians. Then how come you expect change. Patents also want put the kids in those schools. Bring one education system in India. But again all Tamil saviours are against this system. Who is going to bell the cat…

  37. dasan kj
    dasan kj July 14, 2019

    Oru satharana manithan solvathai than intha arasangam kaathu koduthu ketpathillai.. Oru nadikaro cricket player oh sona arasangam kaathu kuduthu kekukum.. Neenga nadigar sangathuku poratam vaikura mari. Yen adithattu makkal kum anaivarukum tharamana kalvi yum, tharamana school m kedaikanum nu poratam panna koodathu.. Athuku ethachum vaippu iruntha pannunga sir… Ungala mari cini actr nala than makkal ku ena visayam solanum solla koodathunu theria vaikuriga. Cinema la pesuratha korachutu konjam velila vanthu pesunga apo than governmnt kum payam varum.

  38. tamil raj
    tamil raj July 14, 2019

    இந்த மயிருக்கு என்ன தெரியும் பேசுறான்

  39. Devedran Swamy
    Devedran Swamy July 14, 2019


  40. Ganeshkumar P
    Ganeshkumar P July 14, 2019

    Always you are great 😎 sir.

  41. Alli Reena
    Alli Reena July 14, 2019

    Unlike poda naaikala ………….. Podanum

  42. MUTHU
    MUTHU July 14, 2019

    கல்வி தானே அரசுக்கு வருமானம் . கோபம் தா வருது சூர்யா சார்

  43. senthil senthil
    senthil senthil July 14, 2019

    Anna Unga Kovam Correct
    Ur a Role Model for Youngsters..
    Dai Politicians Intha Video a parunga da

  44. rubanpro
    rubanpro July 14, 2019

    Real Hero.,

  45. Geeth Willy
    Geeth Willy July 14, 2019

    Brave Speech

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